Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Trans Hate-Trans Death Wishes and Ugly Trans Truths Toward Lesbians

Unfounded character assassinations and wishful actual assassination hashtags spawned from a terribly sad post about the suicide of a young lesbian trans female.

Revealing the cruel and disgusting abuses from the psychiatric/medical community towards trans males/females doesnt stir anger in the trans community to demand better long term medical studies and treatment, it instead stirs this testosterone poisoned community to attack those revealing those truths. That alone illustrates the clear disruption in basic thinking skills (let alone critical ones) from brains treated with over dosed synthetic hormones.



  1. Yes, testosterone (while necessary for both sexes) is a potentially dangerous hormone for both females and males. But I think you exaggerate its role in shaping these people's thinking. Testosterone by itself cannot "cause" misogyny. Rather, and at the risk of "skating on thin eggshells" (as a male commenter), I suspect that many of them were well-established misogynists before seeking (hyper)masculinization, and certainly male-identified. For "male-identified", see .

    Just as some episcopalian churches (you know the ones) try to be "more Catholic than the Pope", they seek to out-man men. Among other things, this is clearly seen in their frankly fascist intention to have your website taken down because it does not conform to their ideology. As for the suggestion that you should yourself be "taken down" by more direct means, I note, and invite our opponents to note, that you have never permitted a post or comment to appear on your site that calls for physical violence against your adversaries.

    Ah, sweet reason, gift of Athene... And if some of us, despairing, prefer to call down the Furies on them, you hold us in check. But it is curious, as you allude to, that their masculinization seems to have left them bereft of the supposedly male or masculine faculty of logic. My analysis would differ from yours, in that IMHO they were bonkers to begin with, and T has simply enabled them to shout their madness louder.

    Living where I do, I will see 2015 before you, so I could peep over and tell you what the future looks like. Then again, I'll probably be asleep by then, being one of the flabby, bald old men that our friend Big so eloquently (and cruelly) warns nobody to become. My 13th wish-grape is set aside for you (there are only supposed to be 12, but I can be "queer" too).

    A very happy new year to my friends and others!

  2. Wow. Stumbled onto your blog a few days ago, and I'm boggled. You're so certain in your own views of gender and sexuality-- and so completely off base.

    You claim to speak for diversity, but you enforce conformity and biological essentialism. You claim to base your views on science, yet give no weight to the scientific understanding of gender. You claim to speak against misogyny but, like all misogynists, you advance your own definition of womanhood and femininity as the standard against which all other women should be measured. In refusing to acknowledge the lived experiences of transgender people, you reinforce patriarchy more than any transgender person ever could.

    Dirt, you make me happy to be a trans man. Reading your blog, I feel myself to be solidly on the side of feminism.

  3. Anon, Dirt also made me less ashamed to be a trans man after reading this blog. Although she did turn me away from feminism completely.

  4. @ Anonyous, 4:55 p.m.

    You speak of "biological essentialism". If you mean by that the recognition that human beings come in two distinguishable sorts, female and male, then yes, colour me essentialist. If Dirt has advanced some "definition of womanhood and femininity", then that's news to me.
    A transman "solidly on the side of feminism". Hmm...
    but you sound like a nice guy (yes she does, I beat down my own side), so explain that a little.

  5. Dirt, these messages they are sending to you are not just hateful, but horrifying. These are people with such a tenuous grip on reality, with such flimsy ideas about the material world, including about their own minds and bodies, that their only defence is to threaten you (and their other critics) with violence.

    It's not enough for me to say that I'm sorry you have to read such garbage and make judgements about actual levels of physical risk. I'm concerned about the all verbal battery you're dealing with, and hope that you're OK -- or as OK as you can be while still maintaining your blog.

    Please take care of yourself! And Happy New Year to you.

    -- Morag

  6. Morag, with reindeer roasting on a open fire an' all, a good time of year to remind us of the debt we all owe to Dirt. She maintains this blog so we don't have to. Join me in sending her a zillion New Year virtual hugs. She's by no means too "stone" to accept them, oh no, she ain't.

  7. If one 'transitions' from female to male, there already is a boatload of misogyny in operation.

    You don't get to swing your creepy faux dick in my face and tell me what to think.

    Trannies by and large are bitter, hateful and whiney. We will not be silenced.

  8. Hey, dirt. I want to tell you that you are making a difference, you've made a difference for me at the very least. Before you're blog I almost believed I was "transgender". I thought it was an illness. I thought: "Poor me, now it all makes sense. I need to treat my disorder." But now I realize that would have been the stupidest decision I could have ever made. I am not a man nor will I ever be one. I just happen to do woman differently. I hope you remain healthy for the new year to continue spreading the truth. Cheers.

  9. You claim to speak against misogyny but, like all misogynists, you advance your own definition of womanhood and femininity as the standard against which all other women should be measured. In refusing to acknowledge the lived experiences of transgender people, you reinforce patriarchy more than any transgender person ever could.

    I argue that mutilating perfectly healthy female anatomy and radically altering the female reproductive system is misogynistic on its face.

    (1.) The problem with "FTM transitioning" is this. If you are wrong about it, or if it is botched, it does resemble FGM (female genital mutilation). Will future historians view "FTM transitioning" as just another form of female genital mutilation?

    (2.) How is erasing female identity, at least culturally, related to feminism?

    (3.) In females, how is it possible to completely separate internalized misogyny from "gender dysphoria"?

    (4.) Isn't "gender identity" just another expression of culturally based sex stereotypes? Try this experiment. Try explaining "gender identity" to me without resorting to sex stereotypes. It's impossible because "gender" and "gender identity" are so connected to culturally based stereotypes.

    Feminist Guide to All things Trans

  10. @January 1, 2015 at 7:34 AM

    If one 'transitions' from female to male, there already is a boatload of misogyny in operation.



    A transman "solidly on the side of feminism". Hmm...

    Hmmm... is right

    A human being born female from the womb of a woman decides to radically alter, some might say mutilate, her health female anatomy. Then, she willingly gives up her membership in the female sex. This is called "feminism".

  11. You claim to base your views on science, yet give no weight to the scientific understanding of gender.

    The human species is sexually dimorphic and all primates reproduce sexually. Primates cannot change their sex. Please don't bring up rare disorders of sexual development, commonly referred to as intersex, because intersex and transgender are NOT the same. Do disorders of sexual development mean that biological sex doesn't exist? No, because rare intersex conditions arise from sexual reproduction.

    Because "gender" is so intertwined with culture, there really isn't a true "scientific understanding of gender" that can be quantified. For all practical purposes, "gender" and "gender identity" are culturally defined terms.

    I know about research that shows that exposure to androgens in fetal development can prime the brain for certain types of behaviors (rough and tumble play, risk taking, etc.), but even CAH females don't all identify as transgender or call themselves "men". They can identify as heterosexual, bisexual, lesbian, transgender, or non-transgender. If it were just androgens in fetal development, all CAH females would come out of the womb claiming that they are "boys". Something else is going on, and culture plays a role.

    Before they "transition", the vast majority of FTMs are physically no different than other women. Moreover, being different doesn't mean that a girl or woman is a "man". Other than how she self-identifies, there is little difference in terms of actual behavior between butch lesbians and pre-transition FTMs.

    1. CAH, MRKH, and also a trans man. Since my earliest memories, I hated anything "ladylike" . I would rage at even the sight of a doll under the Christmas tree. I was angry when I was told I could never be a major league baseball player because of my sex at age seven (this was before I knew of my two intersex conditions). When I learned that "women have babies" and that I would grow up to be a "woman", I was appalled. Babies seemed disgusting...And when, several years later, I learned about hetero sex, pregnancy, and female puberty, I wanted to die before that happened to me! It was bad enough at the age of ten that my first crush quit playing baseball with me because "boys don't like girls who play baseball".

      There are some of us who are intersex and trans. I'm glad I have the masculinized qualities of CAH even though I was ridiculed as a kid for them, because all my friends became makeup-and-boy obsessed robots when puberty hit. And as far as MRKH goes, the idea of being penetrated or having kids seems nasty to me and has since my earliest memories, so I have no use for a vagina anyway. It's not like most females even come from that part, that's what a clitoris is for.

      Yes, trans men are still females. Just like intersex females are still females.

  12. So, we have another obvious emotionally unstable trans person, or trans supporter, making death threats against the woman who runs this blog.

    The numerous death threats are being screen capped.

    They can't stand it when they can't control what women think or say.

  13. Honestly I don't think the Ralko case was suicide. Ralko left a note implying they would be home eventually, just not that evening, then vanished for *two weeks* before being found dead. That doesn't sound like suicide. That sounds like murder.

    And yet nobody is going to talk about this. The police aren't going to talk about it because it's easier to say WELP DEAD TRANNY than it is to investigate. And we aren't going to talk about it because we're too busy bickering about queer theory and feminism.

    A human being died under some very fucking suspicious circumstances. Why is everyone ignoring that?

  14. No one is ignoring that. Its just that forensic determinations are not done over the internet, remember?

    Im fairly certain the markers for homicide and suicide are well established in crime pathology.

    It is a tragedy and a terrible sadness. If synthetic hormones did play a part, as well other factors inherent to transitioning, which are not discussed on pro trans sites as much as Guy Styling, and DYI binding is, then it needs to be broached somewhere, and it is - Here.

  15. I am the first person I have seen so far saying that this shit looks suspicious. If you've seen a discussion elsewhere, please do point me to it and I'll gladly go there. In the meantime, this seems to be the only place a person can talk critically about the situation.

    Quite frankly, I have zero faith or trust in the police system whatsoever. Why would I, given the track record cops have when it comes to females in specific and human beings in general? I don't trust them to do their jobs, and I DEFINITIVELY don't trust them to protect us, and while I admit I certainly can't do it either, it is profoundly frustrating that it seems like I'm the first one to point out that this situation is suspicious as all hell.

    It is far more likely, IMO, that Ralko's death was caused by the same thing that causes the deaths of so many other females, and transgender people of both sexes, for that matter: a male, or multiple males.

  16. Happy New Year Dirt! I hope you'll keep your blog for a long time.

  17. There is a clear notation on the opening page of this blog that plainly states that if the word "Cis" is used in not in accordance with its proper definition their post not be published, ie deleted.

    A trans individual presented their unpublished post on a trans site complaining that it was deleted.

    Guess what? The word "Cis" was used not in accordance with its proper definition. Quite early on in said post.

    So, although the individual complaining may have deluded themselves into thinking it was because of its piercing insights, political savvy or revelatory critique.. uh,no, that wasn't it.

    It was because they did not read or comprehend the simple notation : Read Before Commenting.

    This is something seen again and again, whether it is unwillingness to actually absorb text, or a lack of impulse control I will not speculate. I don't know but it is a regular feature seen again and again and it greatly wounds the veracity of ones arguments at best and at worse implies a dense unfocused mind under all that catty guy style.

  18. Last I checked rescuing a damsel in distress or putting out a burning building were called Manly Acts Of Bravery.

    However in the Trans ftm world - writing a post on the internet protesting this blog (and then, claiming it was deleted) will loft one up onto the shoulders of cheering peers as being BRAVE TRANS MEN SPEAKING OUT!

    Really? Posting stuff equates an act of bravery? Is that the scale?

    Wow... discourse with lesbians is so daunting that engaging in it is considered An Act Of Bravery.. Even if it didnt happen!

    Its hard to believe a group to whom painstaking stealth and deception is a value.

  19. My boyfriend did a "Manly Act of Bravery" by washing up all the dishes in my sink after our first date. I was SO ungrateful...