Jay Ralko-Bipolar Disorder and the Suicidal Dangers of Testosterone

Jay Ralko, a trans female went missing earlier this month, tragically she was found dead in her vehicle in a store parking lot a few days ago of apparent suicide, she was only 22.

Ralko according to her family was suffering from bipolar disorder and taking medication to treat that disorder. Ralko was also suffering from gender dysphoria disorder (transgender) and being treated for that disorder with testosterone as can be seen in recent pictures.
I have no information as to what medication Ralko was taking for her bipolar disorder, but clearly any doctor treating her trans issues with testosterone should be sued and their license removed! There is countless evidence illustrating the dangers of mixing any form of testosterone (even in eye drops) and bipolar disorder with or without bipolar medications.
Even high doses of steroidal drugs (120mg) affect bipolar brains. According to a well know site for trans females, trans females regularly inject even greater doses of testosterone. "An average injectable dose is about 200-250 mg every two weeks, though many trans men inject 100 mg every week or every 10 days, or other variations depending on their own bodies' needs and sensitivities. Again, the exact dosage required will vary from person to person, and health and well-being should be carefully monitored while determining an individual's ideal dose."

How does this level of testosterone affect a bipolar trans female? There is additional information/studies pointing to testosterone's suicidal effects of bipolar sufferers.

In article after article on Ralko's disappearance and suicide, I saw many pictures of her lovingly with her dog Xena (someone was a Xena fan). Even relatives and friends commented how devoted she was to her dog, as was indicated in her last communication with the world.

Clearly Ralko was a young confused woman in pain, clear also is how her love for her dog, despite that pain and suffering comforted her and help her to live through difficult times. So why kill herself now? How could she leave Xena? Her BEST friend! Ralko didnt leave Xena on her own accord, she left her beloved pet, friends and family because the medical community was more invested in straightening out her lesbianism, even if that treatment (testosterone) combined with her bipolar disorder might (and in this case DID) kill her.




  2. The fact that you are using feminine pronouns to talk about a transman is pretty disgusting.

  3. I think it is pretty disgusting that a mentally ill individual is dead and suffered a lot, and the first two commenters seem to think the biggest problem here is a pronoun. Did you ever consider trying to do some real good in the world?

  4. You mean "do good" like dirt or something, radish? It's pretty fucked up to disrespect the dead, so I'm glad people are standing up for HIM.

  5. Pronouns are a big deal when you're a transgender male and dirt claims he was a lesbian. Clearly dirt is ignorant of how insulting this can be to a trans man. It's like claiming a trans woman is a gay man when in actuality she has always been a woman. This blogger is clearly uneducated about the transgender community, therefore has no business writing about it or giving an opinion. Ultimately this is a trans phobic blog that is taking advantage of a MANs death.

  6. Well, Anon, now that this so-called "man" is dead, HER bones will forever tell the story of a person with a wide pelvis, narrow shoulders, and XX female DNA. There's nothing "male" about the body that was found, nor will there ever be.

    1. Oh goody. A TERF in the wild. Fascinating!

    2. My question to you is what do you call men with Kleinfelters syndrome which is XXY chromosomes. My son was born with this defect and only has some learning delays and is prone to other illnesses. After seeing this I have no comments on genetics

  7. First and foremost, this entire post is disrespectful and ignorant in every way. HE was a man. His bones and DNA will never take that away from him. I'm truly outragged at the ignorance of this post and the comments. If you do not know or understand something, don't comment. I myself am a transman and I suffered from severe depression pre-testosterone. Since I've started testosterone, my depression has begun to disappear and I am truly happy. Unfortunately, not everybody can surpass depression or any other mental illness so easily. His death was not a result of testosterone, it was a result of his mental illness. Do some serious research that isn't biased to your conservative believes and you might learn a thing or two about what it actually means to be a human being that had to battle the demons of their mind and the opinons of a close minded society.

  8. What a toxic blog! You completely disrespected the dead, dishonoring him by purposefully misgendering him. You are truly ignorant of transsexualism and have no business commenting on the matter. It may be one of the youngest medical fields but so many studies PROVE the validity of a transsexual's identity. Here's a direct link to one of many lists of journal articles (peer reviewed) and there's so much evidence and with continuing research science is proving that legitimate cases of transsexualism are in a way intersex.


    It's people like you who add to the stress and trauma for those dealing with this medical condition! This is a MAN you are talking about. Have some respect! TRANSSEXUALISM IS A PROVEN MEDICAL CONDITIONAL. Deal with it.

    1. XX chromosoms and Dna is allways female and XY chromosoms and Dna always male, that you nerver can get rid off. But your dress code can be want you like to play

    2. My chromosomes are XY but a genetic defect left me with a female body. Clearly you need to read up on human biology.

  9. Well, I guess this woman needs some serious help. Posting attention seeking things on her transphobic blog. I don't think people will actually change, just because you want it. Please... Do you really think posting shit about trans MEN will stop them? I think you and your followers needs to think about what they post here. It can really hurt some trans guys. It doesn't hurt me to be honest. I'm just laughing about it and see this blog as a joke.
    I think you're doing this for attention ;)

  10. wooow...is this for real?!!!
    i really don't get you,i tried but i just can't!

    you obviously have some major issues with trans guys,at least enough to write about them and dedicate your entire blog/time/words on everything trans related-why on earth would you do something like that when you obviously have nothing but hate for trans individuals?

    you must be one sad and miserable individual and it probably sucks to be you or in your skin (maybe you actually do get what it's like to be trans but it's so much easier to act like a total douche and write bullshit about people who went through hell just so they could be themselves)!

    if you have any respect for the dead(known or unknown)and if you take the liberty to write about them then please use the correct pronouns,put your hate on the side and show some frigging dignity!!!

  11. When are you radfems gonna get a fucking grip and show some respect to the trans community honestly this poor man suffered and died and the flagrant disrespect of him from this whole article is absolutely gut wrenchingly sickening.

  12. Your theory - that transmen are repressed lesbians is so utterly false I have to laugh. I'm interested what you'd write about my death if I fell in her arms. Those feminine pronouns would be less hilarious to use - I'm your average pre-T individual, my ID contains an F and a group of people finds it funny to refer to me as female - it makes their day brighter somehow.
    But you'd have to change your reasoning. I'm definitely not trying to straighten any lesbianism - trying to label my sexuality would be ridiculous, therefore I never do it - but you could call me a pan-gray-a saphioromantic or whatever I guess. If you are intelligent, read good books and have interesting hobbies, odds are I like you. Bi/pan men are not as accepted as bi/pan women (closeted gay!) and explaining to someone that you'd rather read a book and maybe jack off than have a one-night-stand is impossible.
    My dear blogger, WHY FOR THE SAKE OF GOD AM I TRANSITIONING? Help me, Godess of wisdom about gender and sexualities. And please have mercy on my gay trans friends who could have been straight as women but are rather gay men. What were their reasons?
    (If you were educated in psychology you could argue with people wanting some degree of suffering in their lives - from our childhood we have love connected with control and judgement - and we are not used to be happy. We seek a number of flaws in our partners because really, we don't want happiness - we want to stay in our comfort zone. But trying to explain psychology on this level to you would be hopeless - you don't even understand transgenderism.)
    But nothing, nothing explains a bi/pan person like me transitioning expect - wait for it - the freaking fact I'm a man in my head, I have severe GID and I just don't like female body. If this as a female-bodied individual offends you - I have nothing against female bodies. I love them - not as objects but as people who are inside. I believe that a person of any sex and gender identity can have any interests and talents - you are a bunch woman, so be it! I like women like you - as long as you are not a radfem with, excuse me, retarded and ignorant reasoning. But you have to accept other people - people with similar interests who are however, not you - transmen and women and people who are completely different - for example me, a transman that loves books, languages, drinking with a straw and small cuddly animals.
    The world will never never be as you want it. Your thoughts will never be thoughts of anyone. And there is a big, never-ending darkness at the end of this maybe seventy-years-long flash of light called "your lifetime". I never managed to get any extremist like you to open their mind - never. But I don't give up trying - wouldn't it be nice if you could spend some time without writing about your hatred for transportation people (you probably just don't understand?). We rebel as much as you.
    And now, since after reading this I feel like bathing in ignorance, let me excuse myself for my poor English and quote some intelligent thing about personal freedom.

    "The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion."

    -Albert Camus

    PS: Albert Camus also wrote an amazing thing about suicide and sense of life - The Myth of Sisyphus - I recommend it to anyone, it's awesome work of a great philosopher.

  13. I'm sorry for my autocorrect. Of course I meant "a butch woman" and at the end "transgender people". It's hard to proof-read on such a small screen.

  14. This is such a sad story. My heart goes out to Jay's family, who had to wait so long to find out what happened to their child. And my thoughts are for Xena, too, because a dog's heart can also break.

    Some very confused women (and/or teenage girls) are descending on this blog right now in anger against Dirt. But Jay was, of course, female. And all Dirt is doing is telling the truth in the face of truly bizarre denials of material reality.

    Telling lies about who Jay was (i.e., calling her a man) may make people feel as if they are being respectful. But, it is in fact dishonourable to her memory to impose such twisted, confused thinking to a life that ended prematurely, at least in part, due to the very same kind of toxic confusion that's on display in these comments.


    1. If gender is a performance, why do you believe you get to police who performs it.

      Man is what this poor dead person was, no matter what was between his legs.

    2. Sex is immutable, unchangeable biology. Gender is a performance and an identity. Trans people should be told that it's okay for your gender to not match your sex, and to accept themselves as who they truly are. Not encouraged to obtain futile mutilations, and to self-righteously fight for everyone else to use the right pronouns, as though it's the most important thing in the world. Talk about first world problems.

      Trans are the ones conforming to gender norms, to the point where if their body doesn't match their personality, they want to amputate their genitals, and encourage similar-minded people -even children- to do the same. You also police everyone's use of language, and demand that the whole world participates in propping up your pathetic, deluded self-identities.

  15. Rest in peace Jay.

    Thank you for telling her story Dirt, and for remembering her love for her dog Xena. Jay's note is absolutely heartbreaking. What a tragedy.

  16. @Leo-Thats isnt my "theory" whatsoever.


  17. The fact that you are using feminine pronouns to talk about a transman is pretty disgusting.

    I think it is pretty disgusting that a mentally ill individual is dead and suffered a lot, and the first two commenters seem to think the biggest problem here is a pronoun. Did you ever consider trying to do some real good in the world?

    I agree, but they get upset when we point it out. They really, really are sensitive about pronouns. They force their view of reality on us, and we just have to accept it.

    First of all, I'm very sorry about the loss of this female. It truly is a tragedy.

    Nothing that anyone does will ever erase the fact that a FEMALE died. Adult females are called women, thus female pronouns.

    (1.) Her bone structure is female. Trained forensic experts can distinguish between males and females by looking at the skeleton.

    (2.) Her reproductive system is female. I'm sure the coroner knows what ovaries and a uterus looks like.

    (3.) Her DNA is female.

    None of this will ever change.

    At any rate, these are my questions.

    (1.) I thought people had to be relatively emotionally stable to "transition". How can people with bipolar mental illness be emotionally stable enough to transition?

    (2.) What medications for bipolar disorder was she taking?

    (3.) Is it safe to inject testosterone while taking medication for bipolar disorder.

  18. @December 29, 2014 at 2:43 AM

    His death was not a result of testosterone, it was a result of his mental illness.

    Apparently, injecting testosterone didn't help the mental illness, and might have exacerbated extreme mood swings. Or, we just don't know how well testosterone works with mediation used for bipolar disorder. I guess it's "transphobic" to point this out.

    As to mood swings, all we have to do is look at males with high levels of testosterone.


    Impulsivity describes a tendency to do things without thinking about them first. Men with high testosterone levels may act without thought of the consequences involved.


    Uncontrollable anger goes hand in hand with high levels of testosterone. It is harder for men to control their emotions, especially anger, when the hormones are imbalanced.

    Mood Swings

    Mood swings are severe ups and downs in mood. A man with high testosterone levels could be happy one minute and depressed or furious the next. There is usually no trigger for these mood swings; however, any emotions displayed will be over-reactive if there is a trigger.


    Everyone is supposed to keep their mouths shut and just drink the Kool Aid.

  19. This blogger is clearly uneducated about the transgender community, therefore has no business writing about it or giving an opinion.

    Why didn't the transgender community help this seriously emotionally fragile person? No answer because it's all dirt's fault.

    Why aren't doctors who give testosterone to mentally fragile women ever questioned? We aren't allowed to even ask these kinds of questions. Keep our collective mouths shut, or risk being called "transphobic".

    In reality, the transgender community didn't do diddly squat for Nancy/Nathan Verhelst who felt so depressed after botched SRS that she begged a doctor to euthanize her. Why isn't the transgender community going after doctors who push "T" on mentally ill girls and women?

  20. Very much hope that when their grief becomes manageable, her parents sue the doctor and everyone else involved. This is medical negligence. Also, it's terribly that the women here who imagine themselves to be male are more concerned about legitimizing their "identities" than they are about the death of one of their own. Pay attention, "guys." Read up on what happened to the East German female athletes who were administered testosterone. The long term effects are well-known, and they are horrifying. And you know what? They didn't magically transform even one woman into a man.

    1. It's not like these people that are depressed announce it to the entire world. Most people with depressuon hide it. And as far as the little experiment with the athletic females, just because they were injected with testosterone, doesn't mean they'll magically transition. Studies have PROVEN that trans individuals have brains almost identical to the gender they claim to be, rather than the physical gender they were born with. It's a birth defect. Why is this so hard for people to understand. Not anyone can just come out and decide to transition. And there is a ton of crap they have to go through before getting prescribed hrt. The majority of doctors refuse to prescribe anything if their patient hasn't had at least 1 year therapy, still in therapy, and blood tests run by an endocrinologist. And

    2. Lol, nothing was proven by examining the brains of dead trans people who had ALDREAY HAD hormone treatment. Neither is anything proven by examining the brains of non human animals. There is no credible evidence to support the political myth of brain-in-the-wrong-sex-body being true. It is just a lie to sanitise the truth, that transgender people are mentally ill, and most of the natal men additionally have a sexual fetish for wanting to be seen as a sexy woman (hence why most trans "women" will never consider removing their dicks - because they couldn't get pleasure any more, and they don't want to risk losing their fetish).

  21. What a tragedy. It's too late to help this lesbian woman, who was so betrayed by a medical system that sought to "fix" her oppression by pretending they could turn her into a man, using a treatment - testosterone - that worsened or perhaps caused her depression.

    I hope that Dirt's blog continues to reach women who are still alive and who believe that following this path will bring them happiness, and that they will not have to suffer and die the way this woman did.

    1. He had a male brain, and male chromosome. You're so accepting of calling him a lesbian, why is it so hard to accept that his entire being was male. Simple, narrow minded bigots. He killed himself because of personal life issues. Nobody, not even his parents know exactly why. Just because a person who is trans kills themselves, doesn't mean it was BECAUSE they are trans. A lot of people suffer from depression just because of the way the world is, filled with ignorant people like you and Dirt and all the rest who are completely clueless to real life issues and who refuse to accept anything different than what they believe. Open your eyes and do some research. Bet you had no idea that transgenders have been studied for hundreds of years and surgical procedures were performed on those the doctors believed were trans, and it was mostly children. There is a countless amount of facts out there and you people just go with what you think is "right".

  22. You're correct, dirt. That is not your theory. Actually there really is no theory about trans males.

    The theory you're using is the theory of Kurt Freund and was updated and popularized to some extent by Raymond Blanchard and Michael Bailey. Of course those two also appear to believe, with Paul McHugh, an ardent Catholic who advises priests charged with sexual abuse of children on how to defend themselves from prosecution and conviction.

    Of course they also propound theories that deny women have any sort of sexuality at all. Oops, betcha never saw that coming, did ya?

    Fact is that you seem disposed to the notion that the enemy of your enemy is your friend. That often doesn't work out so well in practice. McHugh would condemn you as well as condemning your so-called radfem friends.

  23. Okay. This is ridiculous people.
    This is for one thing twisted and another, disrespectful.

    Firstly, this person identified as MALE. That means that you should refer to him as male. Dead or alive, it's basic respect. If someone identifies as male, use male pronouns. Please.

    On the other hand, yes, they had mental illness. But that is taking a specific person and generalizing. This is how stereo types are created, and untrue. Sure, trans men can have mental illness. But if they had an illness which steroids would help, would they take them? Yes.

    It's their choices, please respect them.

  24. Oh my god, I heard about you when you first started spewing your transphobic filth. Now my friend tells me about this?! YOU ARE SMEARING A DEAD MAN!

    I'm a transguy, I've known others that have attempted suicide, others that have succeded, and do you know why it fucking happens? Because ignorant ass people like you think our lives are meaningless and deranged.

    Let me tell you, I grew up around almost entirely butch lesbians, and they all love me. They are my family, most of my morality comes from them, and you put them to shame. You use the same tactics the homophobes that say gays should be jailed do. And you are the one perpetuating the hatred faced by so many trans people today.

    And BTW the term "Boi" is a term mainly used by queer transmen, so why not come outta the damn closet already? Its like the gay hating politician that gets caught with a twink hooker, the wheel that squeaks wants to be greased.

  25. Perhaps this information could be used to save other lives.

    People with mental illness might not be best candidates for hormone treatments.

    Shouldn't more care be given to underlying psychological issues such as depression, bipolar and histories of Adverse Childhood Experiences be explored before dangerous therapies advocated?

  26. "If gender is a performance, why do you believe you get to police who performs it."

    Gender isn't a "performance." How shallow. It's an oppressive system created by males. And it's a system based on biological sex, which subjugates females.

    Put your Judith Butler away for a little while, take a look around the world you live in, and try to face reality.

  27. It amazes me how transwomen ape men, swinging their imaginary dicks,and telling other women what to think, what to ignore, how to breathe in their exalted presence.

    Fuck off hive mind. And get the fuck out of the lesbian community. You hang on like parasites while attacking all that don't buy into your charade.

  28. "I grew up around almost entirely butch lesbians, and they all love me."

    Yeah, 'cause butch lesbians are famous for loving men...

  29. Hormones and surgery are temporary solutions to a temporary problem. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I'm sorry for this young person's family.

  30. They are individualistic "solutions" to a class problem. Don't like being a slave? Become a slave-owner. Don't like being a worker? Become a boss. Hip, hooray, the American way...

  31. Tack så mycket, Nike

  32. Its a silent crime what the medical community is doing to these women, what a tragic history.

  33. you stupid fucking cunt.

  34. December 30, 2014 at 9:41 AM

    "Perhaps this information could be used to save other lives.

    People with mental illness might not be best candidates for hormone treatments.

    Shouldn't more care be given to underlying psychological issues such as depression, bipolar and histories of Adverse Childhood Experiences be explored before dangerous therapies advocated?"

    I agree, but people are called horrid, "transphobic" bigots for pointing out the obvious.

    May these deeply depressed, beautiful person rest in peace.

  35. How do you live with your hateful self? So much energy spent just to be disrespectful and hateful, and for what exactly? Maybe get a hobby or try to give back to the world in a manner that validates people and doesn't tear them down. Honestly, there has to be something going on with your own gender/self image/sexuality/mental state for you to devote so much time and energy tearing down transMEN. I real feel sorry for You and I hope that one day you find your true self.

  36. RIP Jay. It's a sad story. :(

    I always wonder how many F2T's have a metal illness. I hear it so often, why is that?
    Dirt warns for a combo of some medications and testosterone, who doesn't want to learn more about that? Since when is it rude to warn people?

    I read no disrepesct in Dirt's post about Jay. But still a bunch of F2T's come in and jump on her. Dirt didn't use the right pronouns, oh dear.
    The only disrespect I see is from these F2T's.

  37. I see trans use the "wrong pronouns" consistantly amongst one another when insulting each other online. Its not a sacred breach, then.

  38. Anonymous bitch fuck you you must be a mad sad bitch who can't live your life in the skin your in your pathetic and weak as fuck every dog has its day J was a man probably not the man u are or hope to be and if your a chick I hope you choke on a aids infested ass dick bitch you always downing others to make yourself feel good no one made you talk about theses people you must envy them Cuz I'll tell you this flat out if u was here where I'm from I'd beat the shit out if you and yo Lil hoe ass crew nah bitch holla at a real man

  39. Oh my gosh I've been Bad Biebered.

  40. How did the ancient doctors come to believe a particular child needed surgical procedures?

    I am aware of the castrati, and the creation of eunuchs but need enlightenment on the age old practice of surgery on children done therapeutically to correct mismatched brain/body.

    Please cite sources and how did such cases work out, anyways?


  41. Studies have PROVEN that trans individuals have brains almost identical to the gender they claim to be, rather than the physical gender they were born with. It's a birth defect.

    Studies do NOT prove that "trans individuals have brains almost identical to the gender they claim to be". Despite what they say, this cannot be proven one way or another. If we rule out disorders of sexual development (the vast majority of trans identified persons have no intersex medical condition), before they "transition", there is no physical difference between trans identified persons and non-trans identified persons.

    (1.) There have been some brilliant research by respected scientists who state that the so-called differences between male brains and female brains is largely culturally based. If the differences between male brains and female brains aren't as great as we once thought, what does this say about the so-called "trans brain" theories. Read research by Dr. Cordelia Fine, "Delusions of Gender".

    (2.) If there are slight differences between so-called "trans brains" and other brains, we don't know if these differences exist in people who don't identify as transgender. I know a lot of butch women who are far more gender non-conforming than many pre-"T" transmen. Being gender non-conforming, or different doesn't automatically make one transgender.

    (3.) I'm aware of studies that point to androgens in fetal development that predispose one to certain behaviors (risk taking, rough and tumble play, etc.). If it were just androgens in fetal development, all CAH females would claim that they are male. This is not the case, and they can identify as trans or non-trans. It's not like they come out of the womb saying they are "boys".

    (4.) People can and do change their "gender identity". What happened to the "trans brain"? He no longer identifies as a girl. How can a "trans brain" magically undo itself? Actual brain disorders don't magically change by themselves.

    I was born a boy, became a girl, and now I want to be a boy again': Britain’s youngest sex swap patient to reverse her sex change treatment

    October 29, 2012


  42. (4.) How can a brain disorder magically chang itself continued...

    Below is a link to a MTV video of a young man who identified as a girl and now wants to return to being a man. Also, in the MTV video, a young woman who once identified as a boy changed her mind and returned to being a girl. The young man who appears to be in his early twenties discusses having his breast implants removed. In the same MTV video, the young woman who looks like she could be in her mid-twenties is shown undergoing laser treatments to remove the facial hair that was caused by earlier testosterone use.


    Detransitioning stories are easy to run across on the internet. Transitioning essentially means the process whereby one changes his or her outward appearance to match or coincide with how one identifies or feels internally. Transitioning usually involves cross-gender hormones and surgery. Detransitioning is the opposite of transitioning, and there are numerous examples of people stopping cross-gender hormones. Testosterone is commonly referred to as “T” and FTM means female to male.



    “I am a 22 year old woman who lived as male for 3 years and took testosterone for a year and a half. I am currently 8 months into detransition.”


    “Anonymous asked: I’ve been off T for 5 months now. My hormones are still balancing themselves out, and as that happens I find myself discovering more and more of my inner world that I didn’t even realize I lost while on T. It’s a beautiful thing. I feel like my mental self is re-awakening and growing again. I’m so happy to re-discover the real Me that I love.”


    “My name is -name redacted-, im 25 and i am a former FTM, also detransitioning and having a rough time through the post traumatic stress after being on testosterone, my body, my face, my feelings went all wrong on T and know im fighting to come back..”



    Adults who identify as transgender, or say they “feel trapped in the wrong body” also change their minds and revert back to the sex they were born into.

    I’m a guy again! ABC newsman who switched genders wants to switch back

    August 6, 2013

    “He thought he was a woman trapped in a man’s body — but it turns out he’s “just another boring straight guy.”

    ABC News editor Don Ennis strolled into the newsroom in May wearing a little black dress and an auburn wig and announced he was transgender and splitting from his wife. He wanted to be called Dawn.

    But now he says he suffered from a two-day bout of amnesia that has made him realize he wants to live his life again as Don”.


  43. And there is a ton of crap they have to go through before getting prescribed hrt. The majority of doctors refuse to prescribe anything if their patient hasn't had at least 1 year therapy, still in therapy, and blood tests run by an endocrinologist.


    There are people who brag about how easy it is to get hormones...

  44. @January 5, 2015 at 12:12 PM

    I see trans use the "wrong pronouns" consistantly amongst one another when insulting each other online. Its not a sacred breach, then.

    Yes, we are supposed to pretend that every single person in this poor depressed individual's world dutifully used the "proper pronouns". They are so very touchy about "mis-gendering". In the real world where most of us live, calling a female "she" is something that teachers, parents, brothers, sisters, and strangers on the street do automatically.

    For all we know, there could have been people in this individual's life who on occassion referred to this female (she still is female) as "her" or "she".

    The real issue that people refuse to talk about is whether or not females with a bipolar mood disorder, or a history of depression should be taking "T". It was my understanding that people had to undergo therapy and be somewhat emotionally stable before "transitioning". There is also the issue of taking "T" (testosterone) with psych medications.


    I truly feel sorry for the loss of this individual, but I seriously doubt that the coroner lists the sex as "male". They could tell that this individual is female by the bone structure alone not to mention the female reproductive system. Then, there is DNA.

  46. Dear Anonymous at January 6, 2015 at 7:04 AM:

    You wrote, "He had a male brain, and male chromosome" and make other fantastical claims about sex surgeries performed on children hundreds of years ago because doctors "believed they were trans."

    I'm shocked, appalled, and sorry that you've been so poorly and improperly educated. About, for instance, simple sex chromosomes. That's not your fault.

    But it IS your fault if you don't try to inform yourself about some basic biological facts and some history before you try to take on someone, like Dirt, with whom you disagree.

    I don't mean to be condescending, but it can't be helped, because you are not at all ready to join in discussions about feminist and trans politics when your handle on the basic facts of life is so shaky.

    You could start here: a female, who calls herself a man and who takes testosterone, still has XX chromosomes. A male, on the other hand, has XY. There are some exceptions to this, but these exceptions have nothing to do with transsexuality.

    -- Morag

  47. Once I danced with a girl who said I moved like a boy. I don't remember her name.

    Another time I danced with a woman who said I moved like an animal.

    I'm still with her!

  48. This individual was FEMALE. In one of the videos that is linked, it says that Ralko was 5' tall and 120 lbs. There seems to be no doubt that this individual was bipolar, or had serious issues with depression. Think about this carefully. So, we have a 5' 120 lb. biological female with bipolar disorder wandering God know where. We don't know what happened to this person while she (I say she because of biological sex) went missing for days. We are all supposed to play this politically correct B.S. game, but it was a female who went missing. I've known homeless mentally ill women who have PTSD because they were physically attacked on the streets. How in the heck is a 5' 120 lb. female with bipolar supposed to protect herself on the street? None of this matters because it's all about not "mis-gendering" anyone.

  49. Firstly, this person identified as MALE. That means that you should refer to him as male. Dead or alive, it's basic respect. If someone identifies as male, use male pronouns. Please.

    I could "identify" as a horse or tree, but it doesn't mean I am one. No one can force me to believe something that I don't believe is true, nor can they force me to live in their fantasy world. I hate to break this to the p.c. obsessed thought police, but deep down in their hearts, most rational people secretly don't believe that females are male simply because they say they are. If anything, they just play along with the game because they don't want to upset anyone. Well, some of us don't like playing b.s., politically correct games.

  50. "My chromosomes are XY but a genetic defect left me with a female body. Clearly you need to read up on human biology."
    January 6, 2015 at 2:40 AM

    That is Androgen Insensitivity, an intersex or (depending on one's terminology) pseudo-intersex condition. It is an entirely separate issue from transsexual "transition".

  51. "And there is a ton of crap they have to go through before getting prescribed hrt."

    "HRT" stands for "hormone replacement therapy". It is correctly used to speak of the administration of estrogen to females to compensate for a sudden drop in hormone levels in menopause, or of testosterone to males to correct abnormally low levels, whatever their cause.

    The administration of estrogen to men or androgens to women, whether to treat, e.g., prostate cancer or endometriosis, or as part of "transition", cannot correctly be described as "HRT", because the hormone is not being "replaced" but rather newly introduced into the body.

  52. This is the problem. Major physiological and biochemical effects being implemented on young people that are not companioned by adequate, accurate information.

    Its chilling.

  53. I'm surprised nobody has ever offered to kill you you reject of society he was a boy have a little bit of of respect for the people who once accepted you

  54. Dirt. Appropriate name for a shit-slinging hatemonkey like yourself. Please sit on a cactus and spin. OR maybe you could just educate yourself. If you weren't so ignorant, you might have something less revolting to offer the world.
    This article speaks to your poor character, not to the life of this poor boy.

  55. I would put my name to this, but that would require signing up for things I have no interest in... Also, your point of view is reprehensible and no better than that of a misogynist.
    That said, I can't help but wonder why YOU think people don't have the right to do as they like with their bodies?
    I understand why a patriarchal society allows people to get larger breasts much more easily than it allows people to have them removed. And why such a society would be threatened by transmen and women. What I don't understand is why YOU are threatened by this, as well...
    Transpeople and genderqueers, like myself, don't want or need your permission to be ourselves, but why do you hate us? And if you don't hate us, what the hell do you think you are doing?!
    You and your ilk make me disappointed in the queer community...

    You should know better.

  56. 6:43 anon you and "your ilk" dishonor Jay by blocking out the potentiality that transitioning itself, including biochemical incompatibility factored into Jays suicide. Denial is the ultimate dishonor to Jay and all the future Jays.

  57. You have no right you piece of shit. How can you live with yourself? How.

  58. You can hate dirt for whatever reason you want, but she is doing nothing but right here. Raising awareness of what your precious body aging, cancer producer "T" does to an unstable female organism: you end up crazy.

    In another note, I have something for these people who rage for her being "misgendered".
    Usually, when a man gets killed on the streets or murdered (most of the time by other man) or kill himself, no one seems to care. We instead, see uncensored pictures of such men corpses on news papers and websites for the pleasure of blood lusting men. But why when a f2t dies, you cry, ask for coverage and make of them heroines. Instead of being forgotten rotten and shown off like every other man? I mean, if she was a man as you pretend, why not play by the same rules men do? Oh wait, because she wasn't.

  59. Testosterone is not inherently contraindicated with all medications designed to treat diagnoses of Bipolar I or Bipolar II, though a lot of people are reasonably confused on this point. One of the main questions to consider regarding potential interactions is how each medication/substance is metabolized by the body. For example, the medication I take for Bipolar I (Lithium Carbonate) is processed primarily through the kidneys while the testosterone I inject, sub-q, is processed primarily through the liver. Technically I need to be vigilant about drinking enough water, keeping alcohol to a minimum, and avoiding certain OTC medications more than I've ever had to look out for an adverse reaction from testosterone. Also, in my case, as in many others, though of course not all, testosterone has seemed to have a stabilizing effect on my mood. All of this said, I consulted with doctors and had the relevant bloodwork done prior to starting testosterone. The Gender Health Center in Sacramento was a great resource for me. If you need to ask a question of a doctor, try e-mailing them. In writing this, I send my great respect to Ray.


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