Saturday, December 13, 2014

DSM 5 Gender SPECIAL Committee

Your Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders Work Group for the DSM 5:

Kenneth Zucker, Ph.D., C.Psych., University of Toronto
Ray Blanchard, Ph.D., University of Toronto
Martin Kafka, M.D., McLean Hospital
Irving M. Binik, Ph.D., McGill University
Lori Brotto, Ph.D., University of British Columbia
Peggy T. Cohen-Kettenis, Ph.D., Free University, The Netherlands
Cynthia Graham, Ph.D., University of Southampton, UK
Richard B. Krueger, M.D., Columbia University
Niklas Langstrom, M.D., Ph.D., Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
Heino F.L. Meyer-Bahlburg, Dr. Rer. Nat., Columbia University
Friedemann Pfaefflin, M.D., Ulm, Germany
Robert Taylor Segraves, M.D., Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University
This is the group who subjectively voted in/on who/what consists of as gender variant/gender dysphoric, garnering subjects the transgender label and transition treatment. None a single member of this committee ever 
  • Suffered from extreme or any dysphoria.
  • Questioned/treated dysphoria beyond simple minded out dated theory/means.
  • Question/challenged the Gender Straight Jacket.
  • Question/actively challenged misogyny.
  • Actively question/challenged hetero-patriarchy.
  • Actively question/challenged homophobia.
  • Actively question/challenged lezbophobia.
  • Question/challenged traditional models of hetero-patriarchal modes of misogynistic psychiatric symptoms/theories/diagnosis (dating back to the 18th century and earlier).
  • Critically analyzed how misogyny informs the Gender Straight Jacket and how that warped information can warp internal thinking/feelings about the self.
  • Critically analyzed/questioned/challenged the Gender Identity theories of the pedophile John Money despite those theories continually proven false, inefficient and unsuccessful.
This gender identity disorder committee isnt free of subjective feelings/emotions, isnt more intelligent than the garden variety college (self) educated person in the street (educated in fact by teachers/professors whom the above list could also be applied). They are in fact anybodies whose personal experiences and politics is dictating tragic futures for anyone caught in a spider's web woven before our great great great great grand parents were even born.

They may not question or challenge the status quo, they never have. BUT we must if there is a snow balls chance in hell for a future where difference is aspired to rather than diagnosed and wiped out forever.



  1. (1.) Out of the 12 so-called experts on all things "gender", only three are women. Perhaps this is why they are so reluctant to view gender as a binary instead of a hierarchy, and to dismiss any critical analysis of the class oppression of women.

    It's called gender dysphoria now, but it's still the same old bullsh**.

    "In the upcoming fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), people whose gender at birth is contrary to the one they identify with will be diagnosed with gender dysphoria. This diagnosis is a revision of DSM-IV’s criteria for gender identity disorder and is intended to better characterize the experiences of affected children, adolescents, and adults."

    Gender dysphoria will have its own chapter in DSM-5 and will be separated from Sexual Dysfunctions and Paraphilic Disorders."

    (2.) Autogynephilia is a dirty little secret they don't want to acknowledge. In adult males (paraphilias are more common in males), sometimes it's difficult to separate the autogynephilia or transvestic fetishism from the "gender dysphoria". Isn't transvestic fetishism still a paraphilia?

  2. And of course the group is blindingly white. No chance of other cultural perspectives even being taken into consideration.

  3. This is one example which illustrates why I hesitated for way too long before getting my teen daughter professional counseling. About a year ago at age 15, not too long after going on her first date ever with a boy (she had a huge crush on this boy for two years), she starts telling me she is really a boy and is trans. She insists nothing physical happened during this date, and I know for a fact the two of them were never alone or even in a car together -- they met up at a high school sports game and sat together. Yet, one date with a boy, and now she is no longer a girl. She is a boy.

    When she was younger, she was always a tomboy and not the girliest girl, but never, ever acted in a stereotypically boy manner. She was never into sports or trucks or aggressive play, like my son, and never wanted boys' clothes. She never liked pink or baby dolls, but did love sparkly clothes and kittens, played house, My Little Pony, etc., and 90% of her friends were girls. She never once said she was a boy or wanted to be a boy until she was 15. She has now cut her long hair super short and wears heavy, baggy, masculine clothes to hide her figure.

    She is depressed and having trouble with her grades, and wants to be on Tumblr 24/7 -- Tumblr is like an addiction for her. She needs counseling for her gender issues as well as the depression, and also because of the tremendous amount of academic pressure she is under. I hesitated to get her the help she needs because I feared she would be fast-tracked to taking testosterone and having her breasts removed. The thought of her undergoing these things worries me to no end. I believe she very well may be a lesbian but I do not believe for one minute she is someone who would be happy transitioned to a "man."

    I found a counselor who assures me she will not steer my daughter in that direction, but still I fear it will be the eventual result. I'm afraid she'll be told that transitioning is the only cure and her only hope for being happy, and she'll come to view my husband and me as the enemies for not allowing it, further alienating her from us.

    Surely she is a classic case of transtrender. In a year and a half she will be 18 and able to make her own medical decisions. When that time comes, I hope she does not alter her body in a harmful, dangerous or permanent way only to regret it later.

    I can't find any advice or support for parents online, other than sites which encourage the transitioning of children and tell me I must accept her male identity, and blogs written by parents who happily agree to transition their children. I feel like I am the only parent who doesn't believe that transition is the proper treatment for their child. I am amazed and saddened by the large number of minors I see online who are having such drastic things done to their bodies by medical professionals, presumably with their parents' blessing.

    Thanks for this blog; reading it has been my only source of support. Thank you for getting the word out and for letting me know I'm not the only one who thinks that transitioning is not the automatic best answer in every case, especially for these young, confused girls who are just getting started at trying to find their way in the world. I thought it would be easy to go online and find advice and support from like-minded parents who question the wisdom of transitioning children -- especially with the apparently very large number of teen girls who are jumping on the transwagon for social/political reasons rather than psychological reasons. Wow, was I wrong.

    Sorry this is so long but it has been bottled up in me for almost a year.

  4. Dude, in order for your categorical statements to be true, you would have to be familiar with the publication histories of a dozen academics worldwide. “Familiar with” means you’d have read countless academic papers. You aren’t and you haven’t. (I know what a task that latter one is because I’ve done it myself.)

    So quit talking shit about actually accomplished people.

  5. @Anon December 14, 2014 at 2:49 AM
    Dirt's blog is a very good and valuable resource, and it is one of many. I'd encourage you to reach out to Moira at She is a detransitioned female (like myself) and has been reaching out specifically to parents who are concerned about the trans* path that their children are following in order to help provide some perspective from the other side. I no longer blog, as I found tumblr to be far too toxic to my own psychological well-being, but I am open to talk and answer questions as well. You can email me at at any time. I was socially transitioned for 4 years without medical intervention and then physically transitioned for one year before ceasing entirely, and in the four years since I have come to a much better understanding of what female is and can be. I am happy to talk. There are people out there that can help without any pushing towards transition.

    I wish you and your daughter the best.

  6. Joe Clark, what you say is true, but I found out what I could about all these people, and with the POSSIBLE exception of Cynthia Graham, they are all IMHO deranged psychiatrists who want to project their lunacy onto the rest of the world.

    None of them, as far as I have been able to discover, acknowledge any political dimension to their "objective" psychiatric or psychological research.

  7. P.S. While your point, in itself, was a sound one, what do you add to it by addressing Dirt as "dude"?

  8. @anon December 14, 2014 at 2:49 AM,

    I hear you and wish there were good supportgroups for parents. Good to see that the Zombie offers helps and points in a direction.
    You're a smart and loving parent, I wish all parents were like you on this subject. These kids talk each other deeper and deeper in the trans trap. They make it look like a warm online community, but in real life it brings them nowhere. It's so sad.
    I wish you and you're daugher all the best and you can talk to us on this blog anytime.

  9. @December 14, 2014 at 1:16 AMAnd of course the group is blindingly white. No chance of other cultural perspectives even being taken into consideration.

    Good point December 14, 2014 at 1:16 AM...

  10. @December 14, 2014 at 2:49 AM

    Thank you for your personal and well written post. I don't know what to say except trust your gut instincts and be very patient and loving with your daughter. Get her involved in school activities and other events.

    Your daughter sounds like me when I was her age.

    Below is a link from a young woman who started "T" (testosterone), and had to stop taking it because of side effects. She eventually learned to love and cherish her female body.

    Below is part of her advice to parents.

    "For me, I first really discovered F2T transition on the internet. I made lots of trans friends through the internet. I learned about F2T "passing guides" on the internet. I bought my first chest binder on the internet. I got lots of positive feedback loops from other transitioning adolescents on the internet (including them saying things like "your parents just don't understand/don't support you, you can sue them if they don't give in" etc). I saw my first dose of F2T pornography on the internet. I found a doctor that I could go see to give me hormone treatment on the internet.

    Are you seeing a pattern here? I spent a lot of time on the internet, and the internet was paramount for delving me further into transition knowledge, in fact, that's the first thing that transitioners will tell you (on the internet) is to do as much research about transitioning and transgenderism on the internet."

  11. December 13, 2014 at 5:50 PM Sorry for the typo,

    Should have typed...

    Perhaps this is why they are so reluctant to view gender as a hierarchy, and to dismiss any critical analysis of the class oppression of women.

    At any rate, it's a panel of 9 white men and three women who are "experts" on "gender". No bias here...

  12. @Joe Clark,

    So quit talking shit about actually accomplished people.

    All we have to do is closely examine history to see what ghastly social experiments and medical procedures "actually accomplished people" have done. I certainly hope "experts" are right about the "transitioning" of children. Rational people often view the sterilization of children as a human rights abuse. Infertility is an issue with GnRH agonists (puberty suppression for "transgender" teens), especially if it's followed by cross gender hormones. I hope the "experts" are right about it. The prefrontal cortex of the human brain isn't fully developed until the early to mid twenties. There is a reason why teenagers think they know everything, but make hasty decisions. These children aren't mature enough to vote or take out bank loans, but they supposedly have the reasoning skills and maturity to give informed consent and willingly give up their fertility. The fact that kids feel different, especially teenagers, doesn't mean they are mature enough to rational decisions about their health care. Despite what trans* activists say, there are real ethical issues involved in "transitioning" children.

  13. "For a person to be diagnosed with gender dysphoria, there must be a marked difference between the individual’s expressed/experienced gender and the gender others would assign him or her, and it must continue for at least six months.(*Six whole months, Wow!) In children, the desire to be of the other gender must be present and verbalized. (*Kids as young as 5 and 6 years old have been told that they are trans). This condition causes clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning.
    Gender dysphoria is manifested in a variety of ways, including strong desires to be treated as the other gender or to be rid of one’s sex characteristics, or a strong conviction that one has feelings and reactions typical of the other gender." (feelings and reactions typical of the other gender sounds like sex stereotypes to me)

  14. "feelings and reactions typical of the other gender" ?

    Straightforward gender policing, no?

  15. @petre,

    "feelings and reactions typical of the other gender" ?

    Straightforward gender policing, no?


    It's also sexist on its face to claim that certain behaviors are "feminine" and others are "masculine".

  16. @petre,

    "feelings and reactions typical of the other gender" ?

    Straightforward gender policing, no?


    It's also sexist on its face to claim that certain behaviors are "feminine" and others are "masculine".

  17. To define transvestitism as paraphilia or autoginephilia, might be true in some cases, but couldn't it be just assuming in other cases? One might be just gender non conforming or out of gener straight jacket, and it might be beyond trying to be a woman, but maybe just finding typical "male clothes" boring or that a bit of makeup can be creative and some fancier outfits might enhance the beauty regardless of gender. And that a more "austere" wardrobe, might be a matter of preference, see a straight or lesbian tomboy for an example. It becomes sexist in the moment it conveys the typical message "a man is essential and has better to think of" which is straightoff gender police, actually a very western and relatively recent notion.
    To reps out there, no I have nothing against western culture, or any other culture, because a culture is a very vast concept and in any case criticizing a culture I don't criticize individuals :).

  18. I assume, then, you have read these researchers’ peer-reviewed papers, and that is the sole basis for what is almost but not quite an actually legally defamatory diatribe against them?

    Pro tip: You might be surprised at what Blanchard in particular has written.

  19. Trans activists love this committee and the "scientific" legitimacy it gives them while constantly screeching that Blanchard's theories on autogynephilia are the work of a discredited transphobe. Which is it? So confusing.