Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Trans Nation-Gay/Lesbian Genocide and the Dangers of Political Correctness

Ironically while contemplating writing this post, an interesting thing happened at work. The office has a computer guy who comes in twice a week to deal with any computer/system issues. Thursday, they day he comes in, my computer decided to wig out straight away. He walked into the room right as I was having issues. He went to the managers desk and asked her how things were and she said something like "the lesbian's computer isnt working" while motioning to me. He looked at her and said her name in a tone of disapproval and reproach. She said "what?...she calls me a ho." To which I responded with "I do use 'my' in front of it."

For the sake of context, I work with all women, mostly black women, born, raised and living in the heart of Detroit and the manager who is middle eastern American-all of us pull-yourself-up-by-your-boot-straps working class gals. An average day consists of hearing THOT (that ho over there), nigger, lezbo, lezzie, lesbian, arab/rab, bitch, ho, husbitch and assorted other non PC words, all spoken to convey something specific or for sisterhood.

After the computer guy swapped out my computer and I was working, he came up after fixing something else and asked me very seriously "Are you okay?" I thought he was asking was the PC working properly. So he added "I'm really offended by what ______ said to you." "Its really bothering me." And it was obvious from the look on his face he wasnt kidding. I assured him we joke around with each other and I'm in no way offended. I actually was worried he might go to the company's owner and say something, so I totally stressed every thing was hunky dory. I later inform my manager just in case it escalated. While I did appreciate this man's concern, it raises issues I'll discuss further in this post, particularly part II.

Language is THE primary source of communication, not only with other people but also with ourselves. We think, reason and express ourselves with the gift of words. Language is so important, experts believe there to be an actual cut off with which to acquire language. There is interestingly a Darwinian survival of the fittest among languages. There are roughly 7,000 different languages today, with nearly half of those on the endangered language list and a great many more that are extinct already.

There are varying reasons languages go extinct, most reasons trace back to the colonization of one group over another. For example many Tribal Indian languages were replaced by English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, or Dutch. Along with Tribal Indian customs, language too was forbidden by whites to many Indian tribes. The odd poverty stricken reservation struggling to hold on to some semblance of past Indian culture is all that remains of the Indians in the US and Canada today. Tribal Indian (known better under the white liberal political (PC) correct dictatorship as Native Americans) colonization and co-option by white/Europeans (Americans) sadly is more the rule to why language/cultures disappear rather than the exception.

Along with eradicating a cultures language, dominant groups use language itself in the destruction of chosen groups. Language drained nearly dry of all meaning, then pumped full of artifice deceptively leading humans like lambs to a their slaughter. The Third Reich raised the bar on removing just enough meaning from words then smartly replacing the empty contents with with the blood of death itself. Suddenly words like liquidation, final solution, jewish question, Canada, selection, T4 etc held different meanings for the victims than they did the Nazis. That confusion helped Nazi Germany to systematically murder over 10 million humans.

Civil Rights activist Medgar Evers said "you can kill a man, but you cant kill an idea." Ideas are thought up, shared and enforced by language. Cultures can both be killed by the starvation of their language or killed with it. In the next part to this post I will discuss how Gay/Lesbian history, culture, dialects, sexuality, etc has been/is being colonized, co-opted, eradicated and replaced by the larger Queer sect and how PC Liberals are helping that process.



  1. Good post, Dirt. Looking forward to its sequel.

  2. "There is interestingly a Darwinian survival of the fittest among languages."

    I have to take issue with this statement: taken literally, it implies that languages which survive are somehow inherently better at expressing and communicating thought than those which do not. There is no evidence at all that this is true. The survival or extinction of a language depends almost entirely on the political, military and commercial power wielded by its speakers, as you yourself go on to point out. As Max Weinreich, quoting an anonymous source, succinctly put it:

    "A shprakh iz a dialekt mit an armey un flot." (A language is a dialect with an army and navy.)