Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

CS-Age 15

CT-Age 20



KB-Age 21

RD-Age 20


TBV-Age 13

KH-Age (youth)

What is horribly sad about trans female videos is whether it is their first video or a 10 year anniversary video, the underlying deep sadness present in the first videos remains in all future videos.

"The vase reconstructed/houses the elusive rose." Sylvia Plath



  1. That 13 year old girl looks so young....

    Very sad...

  2. How do 13 and 14 year old girls know that they are "trans"? I had no idea what I wanted when I was that age, and I'm sure neither do these girls.

    Someone should tell these girls that they will NEVER be completely male, and there are better things that a life time of injecting testosterone.


  3. I know a parent that has a daughter who is maybe 9 yrs old, and thinks she's trans. So she wears batman shirts and a faux hawk- as if girls can't wear that stuff????

    I was talking to some 15yr old girls (Im almost 40) and they all know about trans. Their school just made Prom court "gender free". They are tired of hearing this crap, both said gender isn't real, thats it's bad for girls- so theres hope yet.

  4. and uh, your purpose in announcing everyone who is starting to transition is...??

  5. i knew i was trans when i was 11 years old, thats when i first started talking with my therapist about transitioning

  6. i knew i was trans when i was 11 years old, thats when i first started talking with my therapist about transitioning

    "Gender" and "transitioning" are a cash cow for therapists, doctors who prescribe hormones, plastic surgeons, etc. There is no money to be made in not "transitioning".

    Despite what people say, there is no way to predict with certainty how an eleven year old kid will feel when he or she is eighteen years of age or thirty.

    I was born a boy, became a girl, and now I want to be a boy again': Britain’s youngest sex swap patient to reverse her sex change treatment

    October 29, 2012

    Below is a link to a MTV video of a young man who identified as a girl and now wants to return to being a man. Also, in the MTV video, a young woman who once identified as a boy changed her mind and returned to being a girl. The young man who appears to be in his early twenties discusses having his breast implants removed. In the same MTV video, the young woman who looks like she could be in her mid-twenties is shown undergoing laser treatments to remove the facial hair that was caused by earlier testosterone use.

  7. This is a damn criminal situation at this ppint, with their parents being the first in line who ought to be cuffed! WHAT in the world are the parents of a THIRTEEN year old CHILD even thinking bynletting her consider this, if they are? Shouldnlt the kids videos be enoigh proof for parental neglect/abuse? And how could ANY resppnsible, caring parent trust the doctor who might be encouraging these young kids? I'd change doctors instantly and for good.

    Not to mention these kids fall under the illusion they will make big bucks off their youtube channels if they stubbornly go through the biochemical transition. I wouldnlt be as worried if these were grown women AT least of age 25, because one has a greater sense of self and maturity and can comprehend, in a pragmatic way, what 'the future risks' actually mean and they can weigh them rationally. A young kid or teenager is already a swirling whirlwind of hormones and questions, and now we're going to add 'man making' chemicals into the mix!? It's lunacy.

    If any of them identify as lesbian, it would go a damn site better for themmif there were more, and popular, channels by butch and androgonous lesbians telling their stories and wny they WOMLT EVER transition. At least get some more balanced voices up in that YT site.

    And I say that as someone who's been thinking about it mhself, but I'm not a little greenhorn that just fell off the haywagon yesterday. I do still want to try T. I can't qualify as a butch dyke because, well, I don't even have a girlfriend lol I'd lioe one but I'm shy and donlt know how to go about it. I figured a few rounds of T might give me a confidence boost and if I had guy emotions, then rejection wouldn't bother me as much because I'd be super-player, right?......right????

  8. parents know their own kids better than anyone else....and want them to be i said i knew i was trans when i was 11 and my dad was fully supportive....he knew its what i both needed and wanted...he knew who i was and what i needed to change to be happy and comfortable in my own skin....and i am so grateful to have had his total 100% love and support since i was a kid with this trans dad has been my biggest advocate and supporter by far....he fights the insurance companies to get them to cover my trans hormones and surgeries etc

  9. Are there any groups other than PFLAG for parents whose children announce they are transgender and are planning to transition? For parents who are concerned about medical transition and have grave doubts about their child's chosen identity? For parents who are now terribly distressed about everything we are learning. Our children see our concerns as expressions of bigotry. We feel alone.

    We are not right wing, left wing, Christian, radical feminists, or part of any ideology. We are just parents trying to make sense of what seems senseless.

  10. You are all disgusting for putting these transgender people in danger. It shouldn't matter if they are 11 or 90, this is their choice to transition and I think it is absolutely amazing and empowering that they are transitioning so young. It's sad that as adults or youth you feel the need to bully these people for how they feel and accuse them of not knowing who they are. How do you know how they feel when you're not seeing their perspective? Being a teenager or a tween is a very confusing time for identity and I applaud these young gentlemen for stepping forward and living their life as their true selves.
    Why do you feel the need to announce whose's transitioning? What kind of sick twisted asshole are you to put these kids in danger? Of course the internet is a public place, but to purposely share this and encourage bullying on them is disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself.
    On the other hand, I'm so proud of these transgender people on realizing who they are so early. While you guys keep commenting and bashing these people behind your computer screen, these people are going to change their lives for the better and be themselves whether you like it or not.

  11. Leave these poor people alone. There is absolutely NO REASON for you to be posting these links other than to give those who are trans phobic a place to post hateful remarks. Why do you have so much hate towards trans people? They are just trying to be themselves, there is nothing wrong with them. Just because you don't understand it doesn't mean you get to post bigoted remarks all over this blog. Leave them the hell alone.

  12. Dirt is just jealous because josh is more of a man or woman than it will ever be as well as more of a man or woman than it will ever get.


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