FTM Transmen Get Raped Before AND After Transition

A trans female did a recent search hitting this blog:
A hurt desperate frightened raped trans female seeking some kind of help or information for her special rape circumstance.

I pray she found some help, told the police, a hospital, told a friend or family member.

But is her circumstance special because she is a trans female? A trans female on testosterone? A trans female on testosterone with her breast removed? A trans female on testosterone, breast removed and bottom surgery, maybe even her vagina sewn shut?

The terrible fact is, so long as females are born under patriarchy's violent masculinist misogynistic systems where rape IS a male privilege, ALL biological females of ALL ages living or dead are vulnerable to rape.

  • Passing as a male isnt a shield against male violence or rape and trans females entering male private spaces (men's rooms/locker rooms/public showers/gay only bars/sex clubs) may even be more vulnerable within the den of the lions. 
  • Testosterone along with boosting muscle growth also boosts confidence levels which can give trans females a false sense of security when they are feeling a heightened sense of power. 
  • Trans females generally by their female nature are smaller on all points to that of men. Even trans females who are workout fiends and measure in height similarly to men, will not possess the same muscle pound per pound that men posses due to shorter limbs.
If it is too difficult to think of yourself as female, then in those times your female gut tugs at you, think of yourself as Matthew Shepard who believed his shared maleness with his murderers would keep him safe. But Matthew didnt have the advantage trans females have, we learn from birth we're vulnerable to male physical/sexual violence, NEVER forget it! It doesnt make you weak, it keeps you alive to breath another day.



  1. how dare you broach this subject as someone who advocates removing safe spaces from "transitioned" womyn who have experienced sexual violence, even if they claim their womynhood. For fucking shame.

  2. Anon1, the person who was raped in the instance above is FEMALE. It's yet another reason to keep males, including males who think they're "womyn" out of female spaces.

    The term womyn was coined to indicate lesbian separatists, women who have zero to do with males. No male will ever be a womyn. No male will ever be female.

  3. FreefromsexpozziesOctober 29, 2014 at 4:07 AM

    What is a shame is how OUR space is stolen by trans, who have no care for our safety or our needs as womyn.
    I promise- trans of any type can have all the safe spaces they need. We will not violate those spaces, because unlike trans, we respect oppressed peoples right to be with people like them, without their oppressors.

    Remember, F2T ARE women, so they *can* share female space. We just do not want men (Including M2T) in OUR space. For obvious reasons (aka men are rapists!)

    I hope this woman can find help from people that live her. Rape is terroism.

  4. Im womyn whos been put through a transitional process and ive experienced sexual violence AND exclusion from womyns only spaces in the face of it by butch womyn exclusionists who hate "trans" bodies and they use sites and ideologies like these as justification and its bullshit. I've also had the word womyn taken from my use, im aware of the words origins and its why i use it on principal.

    1. You sound like a real asshole.

  5. I agree rape is terrorism. My "transed" womyn's body doesn't threaten your woman's space. its a woman's body. fuck off.

    1. You mean your XY chromosome male body?

  6. "how dare you broach this subject...."

    Interesting -- the expected how DARE you talk about things. Thou shalt be silent until given permission by the trans advocates.....

    Attempts to shame and silence, threats and ridicule, and a total absence of ideas or arguments. Plus ZERO compassion for females who get raped.

    "butch womyn exclusionists" lesbophobia too - how many boxes ticked so far?

    "ive experienced sexual violence AND exclusion" Yep, exclusion mentioned as if it on a par with sexual violence, another box ticked!

    And still NOTHING about the actual issue, which is the vulnerability of trans females to male violence and rape. Nope, obviously totally unimportant to this poster. ALthough I suppose we should be grateful that they haven't actually claimed yet that this NEVER happens or is a lie......just totally unimportant and not worthy of any discussion, like any other female that gets raped.

  7. @anon 8:37

    this isn't about permission, this is about not reproducing the sexual violence that is perpetuated everyday, against gender subjected people of all expressions, and sexualities, (of which I am one, and a lesbian). I don't think dirt knows shit about how FTMs experience rape dirt is not an FTM nor does Dirt provide safe spaces for them when they are assaulted. As far as I'm concerned as long as its Dirt speaking to this issue the issue hasn't really been brought up because this person is totally ignorant to the many complex components of the issue.

  8. oh, im a butch womyn too.

  9. something being talked about in a violent way (and wanting to disrupt that violence) doesn't equal it not being worthy of discussion. It should still be talked about.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Men rape. I was (orally) raped when I was 19. You don't have to do, or be anything in particular to get raped. It's what they do.
    Not every man is a rapist, but any man you meet could be.
    Dismal news, I guess, from someone who is male himself. As males-not-men, we have to work out our own defence. But, please, defend tooth-and-nail your women-only spaces, even against me.

  12. Men rape and they're flat out getting crazier. And you wonder why women don't want them in our space?

    How misguided, lesbians aping males.

  13. I wish we could "identify" ourselves into safety. So many of us have tried anything and everything to avoid being victimized by men, even to the extent of not wanting to be seen as female. I hope the woman who was raped finds justice and support. If you're reading this, it wasn't your fault. I survived it and you can too.

  14. NO, your MALE body is NOT female!
    If you wanna figure out whether you're a threat to women in their safe spaces, answer these questions-
    1) Were you born and raised as a male?
    2) Do you have the penis you were born with?
    If EITHER of the answers are YES- than you are a male and a threat!
    M2T are so quick to come into our spaces for "safety", because they know the threat they face is MALE. But they are even quicker to disregard our concerns for safety from MALES!

    (if you weren't MEN, you wouldn't even have the power to steal such things!!!)

  15. Ok, this is bullshit right now, I'm not posting to this forum anymore because its violent bs but FUCK men speaking for all male assigned people calling them rapists and fuck separatists like dirt who make distinctions between the state's definition of female and the category of woman without reverence for lived experiences. Fuck old and tired feminist rhetoric that's too tired and stubborn to walk it's butch ass back to the library for some review. Get out of the new road or read a fucking book because here's some feminist news for you:neither youtube nor Blogger.com are locations for generating radical feminist critique. There's some great new shit out there.

  16. that comment was written by a butch woman, before someone starts going on about their own oppressions starts ignoring everyone else's.

  17. " Fuck old and tired feminist rhetoric that's too tired and stubborn to walk it's butch ass back to the library for some review."

    AGAIN, we have the implied ageism, and the phobia against butches!

    Here's to old, stubborn butches who WON'T stop speaking the truth, however passe people try to claim it is.

  18. As a tough butch trapped in a nancy queen's body, yay to that! (-:

  19. Yeah right, old dukes, ancient butchers blah blah blah. And here I am 62, never having pumped poisonous T thru my wonderful bod to conform. And grateful,so ducking grateful for that. Find your own way youngsters. Who gives a fuck.

  20. What the hell is wrong with you people? All men are not rapists. There are plenty of kind and decent men out there. Do none of you hateful "womyn" have fathers or brothers or sons who mean something to you? Simply being born with a penis does not a rapist make. This blog is filled with such venom and ignorance. Viva hate.

  21. Anon 3:26: typical "not all men" response. Nothing is wrong with me. Plenty of men rape. Being a father or a brother doesn't give one an automatic pass. Fathers and brothers rape.

    You seem to be a rape apologist,and hysterical.

  22. @October 31, 2014 at 3:26 AM

    No one is saying all men rape. Having said this, look at the crime statistics. It's over 90% male.

    For example, according Bureau of Justice Statistics on who is actually incarcerated, only 1% or rape was committed by females. Scroll down to Table 9. I don't know how they define rape, or whether or not this includes transwomen (biological males who "transition")


  23. Hey anon 4:09, hope your well thought out response didn't strain you.

  24. " Simply being born with a penis does not a rapist make. This blog is filled with such venom and ignorance. Viva hate."

    Same sorry ole dangerous nonsense. Even according to the published figures for prisoners*, we have 1 'female' rapist for every 97 male rapists in prison. Hence, being born with a penis makes you at least 97 times more likely that you'll be a rapist than being born without.

    .........which is WHY, for perfectly rational reasons of personal safety, women have to treat all presumed penis-owners slightly differently. There's NOTHING wrong with us for pointing out this 97-times increased risk factor, but a lot wrong with whining about it!

    WHY blame women for NOTICING what we all knew anyway, the massively increased risk factor associated with males! Rather than blaming the males who rape (and hence produce the vastly increased risk factor), yet again it is US who are the problem for daring to notice it, rather than PRETENDING that we're at as much risk from women, or not at risk at all, just to make the menz happy yet again!

    * add in that figures for imprisoned convicted rapists are very skewed, and most rapists are never convicted anyway. Female on male rape figure listed as around 0.2%. Lies, damned lies, and rape statistics, as the '40% of rape/sexual assaults carried out by women' fiasco shows!


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