Sunday, October 19, 2014

Another Fallen Transman: Karlyn Lotney-Health Woe's & Money Pleas

Like the once popular successful ex lesbian Pat Califia, another seemingly successful ex lesbian now trans female Kinky Karlyn Lotney is also in ill health and seeking donation funds from strangers online for personal financial support.

Lotney was a college graduate, had a book published, spoke and has written about lesbian and trans female sex in many different media (some well known) venues.

Then Lotney began her transition (testosterone injections) around 2001, by 2005 she suffered a cardiac event, a year later breast cancer.

She had a double mastectomy, beating breast cancer and continued with the ongoing process of transition where her mental and physical health continued downhill along with her previous successes.
Now on state assistance, Lotney recently found a doctor who would take her tax paid insurance so that she could receive surgical weight loss surgery for her debilitating obesity.
But like the instant gratification she sought transition for and its failure to deliver, instead mentally/medically compromising her life, the weight loss surgery has nearly killed her as well.

 The latest update was posted two weeks ago:
Sadly in our post queer theory, post Trans Trending lesbian nation, this story of the once successful lesbian ball breaking the glass ceiling who then transitions, only to flounder later on in health, finance and opportunity, is fast becoming the norm. Dare we ask "who's next?" Testosterone not only isnt living up to the long term expectation of trans females, it is killing their past lucrative careers and killing them as well.



  1. I know of a well-known lesbian entertainer who recently fell on hard times and requested support from the community. I say this because women who have dedicated themselves to living outside accepted societal bounds risk poverty as they age,especially if they encounter a major illness.

    We aren't certain what causes cancer. It may be hormones, environmental declination, or passed genetically.

    The purpose of posting the fundraising campaigns transgender folks who have run out of resources seems shaming, cruel and pointless.

  2. Bullshit. What's shaming and cruel is that the government has been used to subsidize her care. This is a mental health issue and I'd gladly pay for some therapy and Thorazine, but I'm pissed that we have to pay for her to murder another lesbian.

  3. I am hoping for a class action suit against the frankendokters who prescribe therapies that have not had adequate clinical trials. These hormone cows and bulls are genetic experiments and should be subject to legal assault.

    Look what that shit did to one formerly great looking, out and proud dyke.

    I hope it's not too late for her to recover, and, I hope younger lesbians get the memo on this crap before it's too late for them.

    I wish this former lesbian would come to a goddess moment and review her entire decision to transition, receive experimental unproven therapies and help prevent this from happening to other lesbians.

    Oh, and about the Kinky - you don't have to fall for that dominance roll either.

    I hope she finds relief from her suffering.

    Will men come to her assistance?

    Or, will it be lesbians once again who support her dying days like in the old AIDS days where the girls took care of the boys, and then the boys gave out their BDSM switcheroos for funsies.

  4. PS: From Anonymous, sorry, I meant to say, "These hormone-created cows and bulls are illegal genetic experiments and their Big Pharma pals and frankendokters should be subject to legal assault.

  5. Califia is a bisexual and always has been.

  6. I wouldn't give this hairy chick a dime. She was always a fat, loud mouthed, gross butch. Too bad about her transition because she acts grosser than most men I know. Women like her want to be Fred Flintstone.

  7. Weight loss surgery is an accepted treatment for diabetes. It is promoted as a way to instantly get diabetes under control. There's nothing shameful about having it.

    From the research, it doesn't look like taking testosterone causes heart problems or cancer in trans men. The studies are totally 100% based on people who were treated by clinics that knew what they were doing, however. People should avoid self-treating with hormones or getting them from doctors who don't know much about cross-sex hormones.

    I don't think they know yet about diabetes. It might be that changing your endocrine system by taking cross-sex hormones affects other systems.

    On the other hand, it may well be that Lotney was pre-diabetic before going on hormones.

    It's important not to be alarmist and turn people off if you're wrong.

    However, I agree with Dirt that there is a huge need for more research on the long-term health effects of cross-sex hormones.

    I think we also need more research on how well transition works at making people happier. Lotney probably saw it as necessary to keep himself from committing suicide, but he was still depressed after transition. Perhaps he needed to transition, but it certainly wasn't a cure.

  8. I do feel sorry for this woman. She was a nice looking woman. Why did she have to "transition".

    The purpose of posting the fundraising campaigns transgender folks who have run out of resources seems shaming, cruel and pointless.

    I tend to agree, but people need to know that "transitioning" will not always make them happier or healthier.

    I do wish this person all the best...

  9. Praying for this person....

  10. @October 20, 2014 at 9:22 AM

    That is cruel ....

  11. Is the photo of the young girl Karlyn when she was a kid?

    She was a cute kid...

  12. Anon 12:55, so true that crossing sexes is far from the golden egg it's hoped to be. Based on the many vlogs/blogs of trans men, they continue to struggle with serious depression,diaspora,etc. As Dirt often points out.

    1. Of course we do. The world hates everyone who is queer in some way, and that goes double if we are queer and aren't born with a penis, so we can't be some "fashionable", "fabulous", tall, skinny gay man who just needs to move to "the city" in order to have tons of boyfriends and arse-kissing "fag hags" (talk about misogyny). I envy former lesbians like Lotney, though. If I ever fancied women, it would have been a lot easier to talk myself out of transitioning. He used "butch" in his name so obviously the identity resonated in him pre transition, while for me only "dominant faggot top" made sense, and butch meant mean tough female bodied person who made their poor high heeled girlfriend cook and clean with a big lipstick smile, i.e. only gay male culture was a respite from heterosexual gender roles.

  13. I know of a well-known lesbian entertainer

    That would most likely be Fallon. She was awesome and I still like her voice.

    Her vice of choice which has destroyed her health is cigarettes and still smoking.

    With the attitudes on transitioning, what is your opinions on smoking induced self harm and the government or insurance paying for it, much less posting a please help me fund?

    Also there is Christina Neuman, who went into hospice yesterday with a please help me fund. She is straight, married, has two children, and chose juicing over traditional treatment. She went to stage 4 and is now untreatable and dying in hospice. Since she made the choice to use holistic measures, do you think she should be banished on this page and people imposing humiliation and a painful death on her?

    I ask these questions, as I have stage iv inoperative breast cancer which has metastisized to my lung, liver, and kidney. It is painful and I have had to reach out. Do I deserve this? Is it my fault because I am overweight (according to some in here).. Do I deserve it because I am old? The cancer I have is incredibly aggressive, is inoperable, and cannot be cured. The most they can offer me is chemo pain relief for the rest of my life. They can offer me maybe a year without treatment and a small maybe of 2 to 4 years with treatment. I had to reach out because of the expenses of going for chemo and tests so often. Am I wrong for that? If so, what would you suggest I do? I have a precursor to this cancer which pretty much was going to happen with or without how I treated myself. I have the HER2 positive receptor. With the ER and PR negative. Now I fear reaching out for help, yet I have no family to turn to and the pain is so bad at this point. I would be curious what the readers and founder of this boards solutions are as to what they think my fate should be. I am numb reading this. I feel lost and afraid...

  14. You're not alone, sister, for I've had breast cancer and understand some of the choices and fear we face. There is a notable lack of attention given to those with stage 4/metastatic cancer...much of the emphasis regarding the disease is fighting and triumph. That isn't always the story,and thank you for your bravery in coming forward.

    As the original poster on this board I stand by my sense that Dirt's post encourages cruelty and judgement. Dirt,you recently had a frightening health experience and was helped by your family which was wonderful. What about those without?

    The safety net and resources for people with catastrophic illnesses has been snipped away over the past decades by those that rail on about entitlements while raiding government funds to lavishly enrich corporations, horrible wars and themselves. People,especially those encountering difficulty, are told to suffer and tough it out. What a grand unbalance.

    I say reach out. There may be local cancer agencies that can help you with living expenses,some aware of philanthropic foundations available to those with metastatic cancer. Most are short term,but worth researching.

    If you feel a crowd funding campaign is the way to go then do it. It seems there are truly way more people willing to help then those that sit in dark rooms of discontent and judgement.

    Love and strength to you sister.

    1. Seconded. I hope this anonymous woman is not suffering as I write.

  15. @October 26, 2014 at 6:34 AM

    I'm really sorry....

  16. Love and strength to you sister.

    Yes, and stay strong

  17. Hey Dirt,

    You're a misogynistic nightmare from hell.

  18. Rather then allow anon 1:19 rue the day with a hateful comment, I again express love to the sister with cancer, and wish you safety and caring thru your journey.