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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Unicorn Project-The Trans Approach to Using/Abusing Gay/Lesbian Children

This "project" to promote child transition and behaviour issues in gay and lesbian youth recently came to my attention. A little about this project and the two people behind it:
Interestingly, like your nearest drug dealer, this project begins free of charge. Parents/insurance companies, once a child has been assessed/labeled with a DSM insurance supported disorder, the project will then proceed to bleed parents/insurances for their anti-feminist-homo/lezbo-phobic services.This project claims to be a "chance for gender independent and transgender children to meet others like themselves, interact socially, and normalize their experience..." They do not define what a gender independent child or transgender child is or why their experiences outside the project are abnormal. I suspect any kid who is outside the Gender Straight Jacket to ANY degree not in accord with what the two people behind the project defines as normal, is abnormal! And given they have used such Gender Straight Jacketed ideas/concepts like gender independent or transgender illustrates both parties are themselves products and perpetrators of the GSJ! 

A little about those behind the project:
Dr. Grayson is nothing more than a part time adjunct professor/therapist who specializes in (hetero-patriarchal) marriage/family counseling, zero skills/expertise in gay and lesbian children/adults. While she did do her "doctoral thesis on the stages of transgender development" (based on HER own subjective interpretation/transition), it is clear from that statement alone, she may have succeeded in receiving her doctorate, but she FAILED at understanding the MEDICALLY created homophobic practice of transition which SHE herself fell prey too. Now onto Dr. Greyson's queer girlfriend/partner former lesbian:
Therapist Rachel Pepper (still awaiting licensing despite completing her clinicals) is partnered with a trans female promoting/supporting child transition. Therefore Rachel too promotes/supports all things trans, in partners AND children, specifically YOUR children. 

Two people so heavily invested (personally/politically/professionally) in transition and in normalizing behaviours both view through a trans lens as abnormal based on sex stereotypes, should NOT and I repeat NOT be running, supervising or assessing anything whatsoever to do with children!

The Unicorn Project targets children between ages 4-12. More precisely, it will be gay/lesbian children between 4-12 who will be caught up in the trans demographic net they are casting. I state this for several reasons: 1) Trans males aka female fetishizers in the majority do not develop their sexual fetishes until nearing/at puberty. Even those whom might begin puberty early 11 or 12 lets say, hide or can hide their sexual fetishes and exhibit behaviours that would go unnoticed even by our dynamic duo. Ironically it would be those visible behaviours young female fetishizers display that this duo would label as normal boy behaviour! 2) A fraction of gay/lesbian children DO demonstrate behaviours some parents/authority figures and most certainly this two crew would flag as abnormal for their sex. Typifying Kellen/Rachel's clear belief that there are very specific ways of DOING boy/girl and if your child is DOING boy/girl wrong, they just may BE the other sex! 

The dynamo Unicorn Project duo has a dual purpose:
  • The project casts a broad psychiatric net sure to snare large quantities of gay/lesbian children whose nature deviates from the hetero-patriarchal norms our duo surgically/w/drugs so perfectly exemplifies and displays as normal. 
  • Gay/lesbian children can then be view/treated as abnormal which in turn normalizes the abnormal behaviour our duo performs! 
  • A third side purpose is of course to use gay/lesbian youth as cash cows, or rather their parents medical insurances.
 The Unicorn Project like so much hype/politics and commerce oozing from trans ideology, helps to set the Gay and Lesbian Movement back decades. The very same proselytizing gays and lesbians have long been accused of by religious rights groups, the trans politic/community is doing to the most vulnerable among us, gay and lesbian children! Steer clear of THIS proselytizing business where gay and lesbian children are nothing more than fodder for trans pockets and the promotion of trans ideology. 




  1. Thanks for letting me know about this. I'm going to go donate to them right now.

  2. The group will be open to all children ages 4-12 who express a strong cross-gender identification,and will be led by Rachel Pepper, MFT Intern, and Dr. Kellen Grayson, two therapists who specialize in transgender identity development in young people.

    Are rational people really supposed to believe that 4 year old children know that they are "transgender"? What exactly is "transgender identity development" in 4 year old children"?

  3. Thanks for letting me know about this. I'm going to go donate to them right now.

    These people should be charged with child abuse.

  4. "Treatment of extremely gender variant children will continue to remain controversial since some underlying assumptions of the clinicians are a matter of opinion rather than of empirical data and empirical studies (e.g., clinical trials with random treatment assignment) are neither feasible nor ethical. I wish to conclude by raising some points for the clinicians treating these children to consider:

    1. There is no empirical evidence (i.e., controlled study) demonstrating that discouraging childhood cross-gender interests reduces the frequency of persistence into adolescence and adulthood.

    2. Since no clinician can accurately predict the future gender identity of any particular child, efforts to discourage cross-gender identifications may be experienced as hurtful and possibly even traumatic by children who do persist into adolescence and adulthood.

    3. There is no empirical evidence demonstrating that a prepubescent child who is permitted to transition gender role but then desists can simply and harmlessly transition back to the natal gender.

    4. Since no clinician can accurately predict the future gender identity of any particular child, efforts to encourage public early childhood cross-gender roles may be experienced as hurtful and possibly even traumatic by children who do not persist into adolescence and adulthood."

    Does this sound confusing? Who can we make heads or tails of it? Persisters, or children who don’t outgrow gender dysphoria, might experience hurtful feelings and trauma if people try to change cross-gender behaviors. On the other hand, desisters, or children who outgrow their gender dysphoria, might be traumatized by efforts to encourage public early childhood cross-gender roles. That is, a male child who was referred to as “she” for years is now confused and hurt once he goes back to identifying as a boy. Moreover, there is no empirical evidence that says that transitioning back to the sex one is born into is easy and doesn’t come with its own challenges. How will the six or seven year old boy who has been labeled "transgender" feel when he is eighteen? No one knows for sure.

  5. "Most children with gender dysphoria will not remain gender dysphoric after puberty. Children with persistent GID are characterized by more extreme gender dysphoria in childhood than children with desisting gender dysphoria. With regard to sexual orientation, the most likely outcome of childhood GID is homosexuality or bisexuality."

    We do know that sex reassignment surgery has been used as a form of social control, specifically the erasing gay and lesbian identity. People on this blog have made several posts about the situation in Iran in which gay men and lesbians are routinely coerced into sex reassignment surgery. Why would the government of Iran, one of the most oppressive countries on earth, pay for sex reassignment surgery yet execute homosexuals? I believe it's safe to say that a form of gay and lesbian eugenics is going on in Iran. In western countries, we could be engaging in a more refined and less obvious form of gay and lesbian eugenics. Studies that go back decades clearly shows that childhood gender non-conformity is a fairly good predictor of adult homosexuality.

    A follow-up study of girls with gender identity disorder

    "The rates of GID persistence and bisexual/homosexual sexual orientation were substantially higher than base rates in the general female population derived from epidemiological or survey studies. There was some evidence of a "dosage" effect, with girls who were more cross-sex typed in their childhood behavior more likely to be gender dysphoric at follow-up and more likely to have been classified as bisexual/homosexual in behavior.

    These children who are "transitioned" are never allowed to grow up to be lesbian or gay.

    In addition to the issue of gay and lesbian eugenics, sterilizing children is a often viewed as a human rights abuse. Slapping labels of "transgender" on 4 and 5 year old children is just setting them up for puberty suppression (GnRH agonists) which are often followed by cross gender hormones at age 16. There is an issue of infertility with the GnRH agonists, especially if they are followed by cross gender hormones.

    In summation, these are two very profound moral issues:

    (1.) Gay and lesbian eugenics
    (2.) The ethical implications of sterilizing children

    I might add child abuse because 4 and 5 year old children are just 4and 5 year old children. Children this age shouldn't be labelled anything. They should be left alone to grow and explore their world without labels placed on them by adults. In reality, when adults place a label of "transgender" or "gender variant" on a 4 year old child, the parents are just projecting their own views of "gender" onto their young children. For all practical purposes, "gender" is a socially/culturally constructed term for a set of characteristics and attributes that society says is proper "femininity" and "masculinity".

  6. Gender enforcement for children is child abuse. No difference in male and female brains, only social conditioning, see this article:

    "Forget the theory that men are from Mars and women from Venus – our brains are the same, an expert insists.

    Neuroscientist Professor Gina Rippon says the sexes are not ‘hardwired’ in different ways and there is no evidence that men are innately better at reading maps or that women are better at multi-tasking.

    Any difference is due to society’s idea of gender, not to biology, and is deterring a generation of women from becoming scientists, she warns."

    Read more:

  7. I have looked at the Unicorn Project and they are located at the "Oakland Center of Behavioral Health" at 725 Washington St. Suite 213, Oakland, CA 94607.

    The only staffers there are Grayson and Ms. Pepper.

    I'm not in California, but who oversees the psychological services industry?

    I'd like to know if this center has a Board of Directors. I'd like to know if they are affiliated with a university. I'd like to know if any academic institution with whom they are affiliated has an Institutional Review Board who approves research and activities with vulnerable populations (children).,

    This looks like a For Profit and only 2 staffers.

    I'll let you know what I find out. Anybody else in Cali with first hand experience in the licensing of behavioral health facilities?

  8. ohmigod, you're hilarious. I can't believe you're not dead yet. How's your love life, dirt? Do you have any time to be a woman-loving woman when you spend every day obsessing about transpeople?

  9. "ohmigod, you're hilarious. I can't believe you're not dead yet. How's your love life, dirt? Do you have any time to be a woman-loving woman when you spend every day obsessing about transpeople?"

    Taking a break from spreading the trans hivemind, I see.

  10. “You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger.” - Buddha

  11. Ah, I see you are not open to intelligent discourse. All the more reason to dismiss you. Don't think you are convincing anyone. You aren't. If I prayed, I would pray for you.

  12. Miss Florida, theres nothing to discuss. Perhaps if you can ever muster pulling your head from the ass cavity of the Gender Straight Jacket unlike your misogynistic homophobic friends, we might have something to discuss.

    You can email me privately if you are interested in understanding the brutal suffocating depths of the Gender Straight Jacket and how its clearly swallowed you whole. I can even help you to get your head above its putrid waters if you ask nicely.



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