Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Unicorn Project: Rachel Pepper, Kellen A Bennett, Kellen R Grayson

Further suspiciously strange information on the owners/operators of the Unicorn Project:

As stated in the previous post, Dr Kellen Grayson and Rachel Pepper (a trans female/female couple?) began the UP and both run/oversee/maintain said project.

Ex bookstore owner/Curve Mag contributor Rachel Pepper:
Rachel is a licensed MFT intern working at Bennett Psych Services:

 Hmm what is Bennett Psych Services exactly?
Oh look, Rachel's trans female partner Kellen Bennett owns/operates Bennett Psych Services. Hmmm is that ethically legal to do your internship at your partner's business which you also have a financial stake in? Wait a minute, that picture of Kellen Bennett looks like Rachel's Unicorn Project partner Kellen Grayson. Weird. And they have the same first name and both are MFT's.

Hmmm, looks like Kellen Bennett and Dr Kellen Grayson ARE the same person.
Okay, this is getting weird! Kellen changed names and the names of her business's and under her current incarnation of Kellen R Grayson, even though she is licensed under Kellen A Bennett (LMFT50074) she hasnt transferred her licensing. Hmm and why the name change? Who is Kellen Bennett then? Whats this??? Kellen Bennett sues her university????

Oddly Kellen didnt know/couldnt remember everyone she was suing...
Having thoroughly read the full court case, it seems Kellen cried transphobia/homphobia (and a load of other false complaints which can be read in link above) when her MFT license didnt over shadow her sloppy work ethic/lazy code of conduct and most importantly her ability to determine an accurate diagnosis when working with children/adults. All of which can clearly be read between the court record complaint lines here:
Kellen took her story to many media outlets and social media sites including her public Facebook page. How did this media storm discrimination case pan out for Kellen?

The case was dismissed WITH prejudiced, meaning Kellen can NEVER waste the courts time again with the for profit only case. Kellen is also responsible for all incurred court costs.
Clearly due to Kellen Bennett's own slanted media promotion of her lawsuit, an (based on her CV) ongoing list of professional start/stops and failures, Kellen did what she does best. Kellen started again with a new name (Kellen Grayson) and a new business venture (the Unicorn Project). Using a different name Kellen can distance and deceive prospective adults/parents whom might seek out her services for themselves or their child. She can also profit from that deception in hopes of paying off all those ugly costly court costs. The more children Kellen can diagnose as gender variant/transgender the quicker those court fees can be paid and the sooner she/Rachel Pepper can turn a profit. Someone has to pay for all those tropical vacations!

I wonder how the Unicorn Project is doing? Hmmm looks like the project is looking for donations through a gofundme account to pay for their services:
I wonder how their first official opening day went? Lets see:
According to their web page, this project was supposed to be for children 4-12. Unicorns, princesses and dress up, personally as someone who would be strapped with the gender variant label today, doesnt exactly sounds like ANYTHING in ANY realm of the universe as something that I as a baby Butch would have wanted to do nor imagine any other baby Butch/dyke wanting. Thats the VERY same Gender Straight Jacket enforcing this project claims to be moving away from, rather than whole heartily embracing/promoting! But what better way to slap a baby Butch with a transgender label than pointing out to the parents how their daughter seems BEYOND uncomfortable (pathologically) with playing princess! And with that label, Kellen/Rachel can begin private costly services with that kid and their parents insurance company.

The Unicorn Project was birthed from the mind of a charlatan, invested in recouping financial loses (at the expense of gay/lesbian children) due to their own laziness/ignorance and identity insecurities that 14 years into transition still they suffers with today.



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  2. Yes, great investigation

  3. "Oh look, Rachel's trans female partner Kellen Bennett owns/operates Bennett Psych Services. Hmmm is that ethically legal to do your internship at your partner's business which you also have a financial stake in?"

    There was something fishy about this from the start. Rachel is partnered with a FTM? Doing the internship at her partner's business sure seems unethical to me.

  4. Bennett/Grayson is FTM. There was something about the photograph, and in the court documents it says female to male transsexual.

    I really have problems with Rachel completing the internship at her partner's business. It sounds so unethical to me.

    Why did Bennett change her last name to Grayson?


    I inquired about the licensing of Family and Marriage Therapists in Cali and got this opaque response when I questioned the Unicorn Project legitimacy and I think someone could make a formal complaint about a paid intern in a for-profit biz being unethical for vulnerable populations of children.

    Good Afternoon Ms. -----,

    In order for the Board to review your concerns to determine the appropriate course of action, you would need to file a complaint. If you would like to file a complaint, you can do so online at the following link:

    Enforcement Unit - 148

  6. Great research and article!

  7. Just one thing regarding legal language - when naming defendants, it is customary for attorneys to include the phrase "DOES 1-n", n being variable. It's classic CYA language used by attorneys in the event not all possible defendants are known at the time of filing. You will find that phrase in every civil complaint filed in every court in the USA. That is, unless the filing attorney is incompetent. That's all. Your site is highly interesting.

  8. A Psy. d, is a docdorate degree in psychology, so yea he is a doctor, and is he a licensed marriage and family therapist. And as long as he was directly supervising his partner, it's not unethical.

  9. the article didnt say SHE didnt have HER doctorate. It said SHE isnt a licensed psychologist, and she isnt. Also HER current incarnation Kellen Grayson isnt licensed legally. And doing an internship through a partner in CA and most other states is cheating.

    And if you cannot properly use pronouns, any/all future comments WILL be removed.


  10. Linda A Florida?

    If you cannot properly use biologically appropriate pronouns/terminology your comments will continue to be removed. If you cannot comment on the actual content rather than your subjective interpretations, your comments will continue to be removed.


  11. “You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger.” - Buddha

  12. As someone who identifies as a “baby butch,” which is part of the LGBTQ community, it’s amazing how you don’t know the proper gender pronoun for a trans-man. HE is a MAN. The hate thats weaved throughout your idiotic and accusatory post is an embarrassment and insult to the very community of which you say you are a part. I know Dr Kellen Grayson as a MAN with integrity, who contributes largely to the social justice and LGBTQ communities. Thanks for your “input” on something you apparently don’t know much about, but we already have enough hate in the world. Maybe you could benefit from a psychoanalysis to help you uncover the anger you carry.

    1. You arent Butch and are likely not a Lesbian. If you dont like to read reality, dont read this blog. If you wanna continue to whine and cry, call your mama.