James Darling-Everyone's darling, cuz she's nobody's darling?

In working on the next Trans Trending post, this ditty came into my general trans female intro search.

The video is titled: FTM Porn Star James Darling and Porn's Daddy Allen Silver. I have been documenting the (mostly) lesbian Trans Trending phenomena for over six years. The first half of which, this trend was outright denied by just about everyone, till its actually Googled today by just about everyone, because it has become so common place.  I recently began laying down a few cursory posts on trans female porn trends due to daily searches this blog receives. While I dont know James Darling's sexual orientation before testosterone corroded her brain, it is evident that many of yesterdays lesbians are fast becoming tomorrows patriarchal porn mill fodder post transition
Sadly, what is also evident is that young trans females look a lot younger than young males and their good girl conditioning makes them A LOT more compliant and ready to please male authority in all its forms. Sadder still is gay men, who are oh so willing to use their male privileges and male manipulation over trans (once lesbian) female sisters to please their cocks and the cocks of other gay men and make a buck or two doing it. 
This isnt the face of a man in a sexually equal play position with another man. This is the same old UNEQUAL position females remain in with men today. Females who convince themselves in one way or another how feminist they are by breaking all the rules, how sex positive they are and how porn is their choice. But like any porn that features females or children or animals even, it was created by men about men for men, and in this new trans female porn after lesbianism trend, right down to the man they're injecting into their bloodstreams.



  1. If I may, I'd like to hear your opinion on trans-men who identify as gay. Ones that previously weren't lesbians.

  2. Post queer theory, people CHOOSE to ID as all sorts of things.


  3. Same old, same old. So right, Dirt!! It's all for men, always was.

  4. I wonder how many of these FTMs who are involved in porn end up with HIV or some other disease.

    It's so sad....

    Same old, same old. So right, Dirt!! It's all for men, always was.

    True, women, and this includes FTMs, aren't the top executives in the porn business. The few men at the top who rake in the money could care less about how many abused, diseased, and broken bodies are used and disposed of by the porn producers.

  5. The video really is creepy, especially the older man with the grey beard who looks like a lecherous pervert to me.

    Apparently, the latest thing for creepy porn sick dudes like the one in the video and lonely bisexual or gay men are "bonus holes". Vaginas are called "bonus holes", as in an extra hole for men to poke.

    The older guy in the youtube video does "Daddy Boy" porn. I guess some men like to fantasize about daddies and little boys.

    James Darling looks like a frightened woman to me. She is sitting next to some creepy older guy. In the video, it's clear that the two men are in control of everything. If people can stomach it, watch the youtube video that is linked. People can clearly see who is and isn't in charge just through their body language.

    What happens if a FTM who is working her "bonus hole" gets pregnant? What happens if she gets HIV? She will just be replaced, and they will just find another "bonus hole".

    The youtube video isn't porn itself, but it is promoting pornography. Why is youtube promoting pornography?


    Carefully observe the dazed look on her face. It's not the look of a woman who feels empowered. It's the look of a frightened and insecure woman.

    I feel so sorry for this woman because she is just a "bonus hole" to these men who use and abuse her. It's so sad.

    If people want to known what porn is really about, read Gail Dines "Pornland". These women are just abused and discarded, and the porn just gets more sick and twisted.

    James Darling might think she is in control, but she has no idea what they will do to her body, soul, and spirit. I can see it in her face.

  6. If I may, I'd like to hear your opinion on trans-men who identify as gay. Ones that previously weren't lesbians.

    Every FTM that I've know was into women.

    At to the "bonus hole", FTMs aren't men, and any woman can find some creepy porn sick dude or lonely gay man to screw them. The gay men that I've known, at least the men in long term relationships, were involved with men.

    I didn't know that James Darling identified as a "gay FTM". Does Darling identify as a "gay FTM"? Just because she uses her "bonus hole" to make porn, doesn't mean she actually wants to have sex with any of the men that are fu**ing her in front of a camera. All women in porn are paid to pretend that they like it.

    Watch the youtube video. Does she look like she enjoyed it, or really wants to have sex with the older guy sitting next to her? The creepy "Daddy Boy" porn dude with the grey beard is the only person who seems really into it. A lot of FTMs look like young men, and apparently that is what "Daddy Boy" porn is about. Men fantasizing that they are with a young boy.

    I bet it goes like this. The men who are into "bonus holes" don't know the first thing about satisfying a woman. It's just a hole to them.

  7. For someone who claims to not like this stuff, you spend an awful amount of time searching for FTMs and FTM porn... either you're raging with jealousy or you get off on FTMs...#justsayin


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