Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fear and Self Loathing in the Transgender Nation

Yesterday while at work this blog received half dozen or so anon comments that were nearly the same, so did my yahoo email, youtube account and gmail account. This is the gmail message:
The Yahoo message:

After the non topic comments were removed she commented this using the Blogger account Kevin to comment this:
The Blogger account has only this blog post:
Using her Gmail IP, I quickly matched it to her activity on this blog as well as noting her lack of sleep due to that activity!
Jake/Kevin/Aleksi/Don/Jason's obsessive attempt at a smear campaign instigated this message from what seems to be another trans female:
To both women: You can hate me to the ends of the earth, but we all know who you really hate is yourself, even more so when years of drugs and brutal disfiguring surgeries still didnt change you magically into a man and you remain adult women. Something else that is as clear and transparent as your femaleness, is neither of you or your trans female sisters are going to do a fucking thing to silence this blog.


Edit to add-

Another look at the pathology of a female brain swathed in testosterone.


  1. Wow.

    Kevin posted before and was never hostile. I'm shocked by the very rude comments of Kevin.
    Apperently, nothing is what it seems.

    It's good to expose this, Dirt. Nobody should think they can threathen and be anonymous on the internet.

  2. The venom you receive, dirt, needs an antidote, and your blog is the truth serum needed to confront deluded dysphoric and dangerous lies of transgenderists.

    Wow, all that spew of name calling. Ageist, sexist and disgusting, Kevin.

    Testosterone poisoning, much?

  3. Yup, what they're saying is clearly their own insecurities and feelings about themselves, projected onto you. Its a terrible thing, lying to yourself.

  4. What is really, really sad is that post-transitioners have such a high rate of suicide.

    I am so glad my dyke friend stopped the testosterone in the late 1960's at university, and rejected their next step of double mastectomy. She saw through the very early transition BS....and as a 450 lb Inuit with a flattop and Harley she was bingo spot on on how threatening she was as a full on butch dyke. She thought they were much more threatened by her butch breasts (and all the amazing lovely women she attracted) and refused to take their "cure".

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  5. The venom you receive is well deserved.

  6. “Even death is not to be feared by one who has lived wisely.”- Buddha