Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

 LD-Age 18

EJ-Age 22

JC-Age 22

SA-Age 15

EL-Age (youth)

NtG-Age 19

SA-Age 22

IJ-Age (youth)

AW-Age 18

Looking at all these young female faces I'm reminded of a candy commercial when I was a kid for the Tootsie Pop sucker, a kid asks a wise old owl "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?" 

I wonder looking at these young women, how many testosterone shots will it take before they stop believing they're men and act like the women that they were conditioned to be all along?

Testosterone doesnt lead females into becoming men, it leads most instead, to the end of a man's dick. Like the anthem to every drug addict whose proclaimed "doing ______ drug wont change ME like that", only to find out one shot leads from this:
to this:

Doing Woman Different: Jeanette Winterson

"To lose someone you love is to alter your life for ever. You don’t get over it because ‘it” is the person you loved. The pain stops, there are new people, but the gap never closes. How could it?"
The British writer Jeanette Winterson's (b. 1959) adoptive mother gave a 16 y/o JW the ultimatum to renounce her lesbianism or leave. As JW walked with packed bag toward the door having made her decision, her mother called her back. JW thinking for a brief moment her mother had changed her mind and decided to accept her, was instead slapped with the question of "why?" The teenager responded simply (because love when stripped of all peripherals IS simple) with because she made JW "happy." Mrs Winterson (as JW refers to her as) questioned further "Why be happy, when you could be normal?"

Winterson was adopted as a baby by Pentecostal parents with a mother who dreamed of Jeanette later becoming a Pentecostal Christian missionary. JW grew up with an overbearing, dominant, religious fanatic, unhealthily large and larger than life mother and a Walter Mitty father sans the rich fantasy life. They lived in Manchester England which was/is a post industrial working class pull-yourself-up-from-the-boot-straps kinda town. Winterson's family devoted a great deal of time to the church as well as her mother animatingly reading regularly for Jeanette and her father from the King James bible. There home was also littered with scripture which her mother posted everywhere including the outhouse, for sitters as well as standers!

Books, except for the bible and a few mostly associated with the bible were forbidden by Mrs Winterson. She did however have a penchant for murder mysteries. JW would be sent to the library to retrieve such books for Mrs Winterson to read. On one occasion, one such book was TS Eliot's Murder in the Cathedral. JW thought the book quite small for a mystery, she opened the book and read...

"This is one moment, / But know that another / Shall pierce you with a sudden painful joy."
JW later wrote after reading that aching truth:

I started to cry.

(…)The unfamiliar and beautiful play made things bearable that day, and the things it made bearable were another failed family—the first one was not my fault, but all adopted children blame themselves. The second failure was definitely my fault.

I was confused about sex and sexuality, and upset about the straightforward practical problems of where to live, what to eat, and how to do my A levels.

I had no one to help me, but the T.S. Eliot helped me.

So when people say that poetry is a luxury, or an option, or for the educated middle classes, or that it shouldn’t be read at school because it is irrelevant, or any of the strange and stupid things that are said about poetry and its place in our lives, I suspect that the people doing the saying have had things pretty easy. A tough life needs a tough language—and that is what poetry is. That is what literature offers—a language powerful enough to say how it is.

It isn’t a hiding place. It is a finding place.” 
Another profound moment, which later married both moments in the form of her first novel, was when Winterson fell in love for the first time, with another girl. But young love even in dangerous times is like an inferno, uncontainable and so JW and her first love were found out, exposed and nearly exorcized by JW's church/her mother. Her g/f was frightened into the cloak of acceptable heterosexuality, while Winterson-like Woolf's Shakespeare's sister Judith-left home in pursuit of her gifts, in the form of first a higher education (Oxford grad) and later (not much) a (successful) writer.

Winterson fictionalized this tender fierce first love in her first highly successful and critically acclaimed novel Oranges are not the Only Fruit:
"I miss God. I miss the company of someone utterly loyal. I still don't think of God as my betrayer. The servants of God, yes, but servants by their very nature betray. I miss God who was my friend. I don't even know if God exists, but I do know that if God is your emotional role model, very few human relationships will match up to it. I have an idea that one day it might be possible, I thought once it had become possible, and that glimpse has set me wandering, trying to find the balance between earth and sky. If the servants hadn't rushed in and parted us, I might have been disappointed, might have snatched off the white samite to find a bowl of soup.

As it is, I can't settle, I want someone who is fierce and will love me until death and know that love is as strong as death, and be on my side for ever and ever. I want someone who will destroy and be destroyed by me. There are many forms of love and affection, some people can spend their whole lives together without knowing each other's names. Naming is a difficult and time-consuming process; it concerns essences, and it means power. But on the wild nights who can call you home? Only the one who knows your name. Romantic love has been diluted into paperback form and has sold thousands and millions of copies. Somewhere it is still in the original, written on tablets of stone. I would cross seas and suffer sunstroke and give away all I have, but not for a man, because they want to be the destroyer and never the destroyed.” 
Jeanette Winterson with the unconditional power of words and a belief in words and their power, helped her to believe in herself and in herself as a writer. Least we mention her daily practice of living the life of a conscious and conscientious human being, all going toward JW becoming a leading writer of the later half of the 20th century and who continues doing so in the beginning of this one.

In her twenty plus years between autobiographical follow up to her first novel Oranges (as its often referred) Winterson said this:
 I told my version – faithful and invented, accurate and misremembered, shuffled in time. I told myself as hero like any shipwreck story. It was a shipwreck, and me thrown on the coastline of humankind, and finding it not altogether human, and rarely kind.
And I suppose that the saddest thing for me, thinking about the cover version that is Oranges, is that I wrote a story I could live with. The other one was too painful. I could not survive it.

I am often asked, in a tick-box kind of way, what is 'true' and what is not 'true' in Oranges. Did I work in a funeral parlour? Did I drive an ice-cream van? Did we have a Gospel Tent? Did Mrs. Winterson build her own CB radio? Did she really stun tomcats with a catapult?

I can't answer these questions. I can say that there is a character in Oranges called Testifying Elsie who looks after the little Jeanette and acts as a soft wall against the hurt(ling) force of Mother.

I wrote her in because I couldn't bear to leave her out. I wrote her in because I really wished it had been that way. When you are a solitary child you find an imaginary friend.

There was no Elsie. There was no one like Elsie. Things were much lonelier than that.”

 Jeanette Winterson did and remains doing woman different, in her fierce pursuit of happiness (recognizing its fleetingness) despite a tough, difficult and at times abusive childhood. Women are conditioned to be selfless, their own (like Mrs Winterson) happiness sacrificed for the world of men and the world men dictate for women, in all its many forms, faces and disguises. Perhaps being a loner Winterson recognized her own agency regardless of her sex, young loners tend to walk through the world with open eyes and closed mouths. Whether born gifted or gifted with the deep impressions words made upon her, Winterson walked the paths words set out for her and created paths of her own through words, never believing as a woman or as a lesbian, that the lands SHE paved the way to, werent worth our seeing. (they are!) Jeanette Winterson did woman different in first believing in a life beyond the narrow woman's life outlined for her/us, second by creating and living that life in words, in body and in spirit.


An Assult on Language Brutalizes us All

Follow up to An Experiment Gone too Far or Child Abuse...

I posted this piece in a few different places and the over all opinion was a majority who felt what these parents did was a form a child abuse, but more than that was almost an anger at how dare these parents and the school subject their child via association to assassination's of linguistic pragmatism. The other dominant, was the question of whether or not the story was true. You tell me:

True or false?

True or false?

True or false?

True or false?

True or false?


An Experiment Gone too Far or Child Abuse?

A US family (both parents psychologists) decided to do a five year social experiment on their first newborn. The parents selected a list of words that they recoded with an incorrect word. Example being; instead of calling themselves mommy and daddy, they used sister and brother, or the family dog became a family cat, a pair of oranges replaced pair of shoes, colours to numbers, numbers to colours and so on and so forth. Not isolating the child at all, the child was regularly exposed to any/all media outlets and friends as well as relatives. Between the child's home life and the external world the child received in some instances very conflicting ideas of linguistic reality or rather collective reality informed by correct and incorrect language.

Despite predicable issues with peer cousins, family friend's children or the occasional adult relative, the child grew and entered Kindergarten on schedule. The parents employed the child's teacher into actively participating in their little experiment. But soon the child's conflicting spoon fed cherry picked vernacular began to bleed into their classmates collective world understanding, confusing all around. These children then brought this confusion home, where baffled and vexed parents confronted the teacher first and the state authorities second.

Needless to say, the child was removed from the home and the parents are now up on child abuse charges.

You feelings/opinions on this case?


Pro Paedophile Transman Patrick Califia Wants your Money

Pat Califia, the long term proponent of S/M, BDSM, NAMBLA, consensual sex between children/adults, pornography without borders etc according to her current trans female lover, has fallen on hard times and needs $20,000 dollars for starters.

According to Califia's lover, she is on the state's dime (SSI), is having life debilitating pain/suffering and her quality of life has greatly diminished due to various issues she/they havent the funds to fix/diminish.
Califia has it seems, painful fibroids on her uterus. Some fibroid facts:
Since Califia is a testosterone injecting female, she obviously isnt going to be having painful heavy flow periods and outside of painful intercourse, pain doesnt figure in. Having had a hysto less than a year ago myself and having had a fibroid nearly the size of a six month pregnancy, as uncomfortable as it was, I wasnt in any pain. Having had one myself, I also know what it cost, mine being on the higher end because laparoscopy wasnt a possibility due to the size of the tumor. Lets see what hysto's cost in FLA:
I know what you're thinking, $8500 is quite a chunk of loot, since Califia is on SSI wouldnt they cover at least some of her medical troubles?
According to FLA ALL Califia's medical needs would be covered under her SSI status. So why is she needing $20,000 grand? What exactly did her lover say again about the hysto? "But trying to find a surgeon in Florida who will give him respectful care is a problem. We are now looking at going out-of-state for treatment." Ah, because she hasnt found a doctor she likes, she wants to go out of state and pay cash, rather than deal with a doctor in FLA where all medical costs will be covered. Does this lack of "respectful" trans female "care" also extend to all FLA dentists and eye doctors? Would a dentist and eye doctor even need to be aware of her trans status? 

 Too bad Califia's lover cant financially help her more, wonder what she does for a living?
WOW! Sounds pretty impressive, Director of Education!Wonder what that pays?
Average is over a $100,000 dollars! Damn impressive! But maybe her lover isnt quite making average, what is the lower rung Education Directors making? $72,000! Thats a pretty fucking penny in my book no matter how you slice it, especially if you add Califia's SSI check to that!
What do we even know about Califia though?
Califia seems to have a long list of money making credentials herself, AND she is trying to put out a new book garnering more monies/royalties.

It isnt my job to tell you where to spend your hard earned money, but as a leadership voice in the Lesbian Community it IS my job to make you aware of the conning specters behind the pearly white veneers we're told need fixing. So besides all the pro porn/S/M/BDSM kink that Califia has made a small fortune flogging for decades to self hating women like herself, what other misogynistic abuses has she commodified?
Ah yes, least we forgot how strongly Califia upheld/defended child/adult sex, child porn/child pornographers and blamed feminists for being responsible for the same child porn/child pornographers she was trying to protect!
One has to wonder how much of this thinking/advocacy for child/adult consensual sex/child porn played in Califia's break up with trans female Matt Rice who bore them an autistic son (Blake-1999) from testosterone damaged eggs? Orgasm ready at six months???!!!! If I recall correctly, after Califia's then trans female lover gave birth, Califia modified her previous blatant support for child/adult sex and said something along the lines of the world wasnt ready for such advanced sexual relationships, she didnt however change her mind about them being normal/healthy.

I do not believe for a minute Califia needs $20,000 grand for health reason's and even if she did, ANYONE who advocates/supports/promotes child sex will NEVER see a slug fucking nickel from me!

Know where your money is going Lesbian Community! You just might be supporting a child abuser.


Fear and Self Loathing in the Transgender Nation

Yesterday while at work this blog received half dozen or so anon comments that were nearly the same, so did my yahoo email, youtube account and gmail account. This is the gmail message:
The Yahoo message:

After the non topic comments were removed she commented this using the Blogger account Kevin to comment this:
The Blogger account has only this blog post:
Using her Gmail IP, I quickly matched it to her activity on this blog as well as noting her lack of sleep due to that activity!
Jake/Kevin/Aleksi/Don/Jason's obsessive attempt at a smear campaign instigated this message from what seems to be another trans female:
To both women: You can hate me to the ends of the earth, but we all know who you really hate is yourself, even more so when years of drugs and brutal disfiguring surgeries still didnt change you magically into a man and you remain adult women. Something else that is as clear and transparent as your femaleness, is neither of you or your trans female sisters are going to do a fucking thing to silence this blog.


Edit to add-

Another look at the pathology of a female brain swathed in testosterone.

Tran Trending-Who is Transitioning

Kim-Age 18

JM-Age 17

CN-Age 17

LN-Age 19

AJ-Age 20

CT-Age 16

JL-Age (young woman)

IB-Age 17

GR-Age (Youth)

When young women (usually lesbian) began transitioning in large numbers (trans trending), our initial concern was the potential seen and unforeseen health issues from long term testosterone use. A handful of years later we find, it wasnt the seen and unforeseen health issues that need worry us most. It wasnt what potential cancers might arise from high doses of testosterone on the female body and female organs. No. It was, IS something else altogether.

James Darling-Everyone's darling, cuz she's nobody's darling?

In working on the next Trans Trending post, this ditty came into my general trans female intro search.

The video is titled: FTM Porn Star James Darling and Porn's Daddy Allen Silver. I have been documenting the (mostly) lesbian Trans Trending phenomena for over six years. The first half of which, this trend was outright denied by just about everyone, till its actually Googled today by just about everyone, because it has become so common place.  I recently began laying down a few cursory posts on trans female porn trends due to daily searches this blog receives. While I dont know James Darling's sexual orientation before testosterone corroded her brain, it is evident that many of yesterdays lesbians are fast becoming tomorrows patriarchal porn mill fodder post transition
Sadly, what is also evident is that young trans females look a lot younger than young males and their good girl conditioning makes them A LOT more compliant and ready to please male authority in all its forms. Sadder still is gay men, who are oh so willing to use their male privileges and male manipulation over trans (once lesbian) female sisters to please their cocks and the cocks of other gay men and make a buck or two doing it. 
This isnt the face of a man in a sexually equal play position with another man. This is the same old UNEQUAL position females remain in with men today. Females who convince themselves in one way or another how feminist they are by breaking all the rules, how sex positive they are and how porn is their choice. But like any porn that features females or children or animals even, it was created by men about men for men, and in this new trans female porn after lesbianism trend, right down to the man they're injecting into their bloodstreams.


The Unicorn Project: Rachel Pepper, Kellen A Bennett, Kellen R Grayson

Further suspiciously strange information on the owners/operators of the Unicorn Project:

As stated in the previous post, Dr Kellen Grayson and Rachel Pepper (a trans female/female couple?) began the UP and both run/oversee/maintain said project.

Ex bookstore owner/Curve Mag contributor Rachel Pepper:
Rachel is a licensed MFT intern working at Bennett Psych Services:

 Hmm what is Bennett Psych Services exactly?
Oh look, Rachel's trans female partner Kellen Bennett owns/operates Bennett Psych Services. Hmmm is that ethically legal to do your internship at your partner's business which you also have a financial stake in? Wait a minute, that picture of Kellen Bennett looks like Rachel's Unicorn Project partner Kellen Grayson. Weird. And they have the same first name and both are MFT's.

Hmmm, looks like Kellen Bennett and Dr Kellen Grayson ARE the same person.
Okay, this is getting weird! Kellen changed names and the names of her business's and under her current incarnation of Kellen R Grayson, even though she is licensed under Kellen A Bennett (LMFT50074) she hasnt transferred her licensing. Hmm and why the name change? Who is Kellen Bennett then? Whats this??? Kellen Bennett sues her university????

Oddly Kellen didnt know/couldnt remember everyone she was suing...
Having thoroughly read the full court case, it seems Kellen cried transphobia/homphobia (and a load of other false complaints which can be read in link above) when her MFT license didnt over shadow her sloppy work ethic/lazy code of conduct and most importantly her ability to determine an accurate diagnosis when working with children/adults. All of which can clearly be read between the court record complaint lines here:
Kellen took her story to many media outlets and social media sites including her public Facebook page. How did this media storm discrimination case pan out for Kellen?

The case was dismissed WITH prejudiced, meaning Kellen can NEVER waste the courts time again with the for profit only case. Kellen is also responsible for all incurred court costs.
Clearly due to Kellen Bennett's own slanted media promotion of her lawsuit, an (based on her CV) ongoing list of professional start/stops and failures, Kellen did what she does best. Kellen started again with a new name (Kellen Grayson) and a new business venture (the Unicorn Project). Using a different name Kellen can distance and deceive prospective adults/parents whom might seek out her services for themselves or their child. She can also profit from that deception in hopes of paying off all those ugly costly court costs. The more children Kellen can diagnose as gender variant/transgender the quicker those court fees can be paid and the sooner she/Rachel Pepper can turn a profit. Someone has to pay for all those tropical vacations!

I wonder how the Unicorn Project is doing? Hmmm looks like the project is looking for donations through a gofundme account to pay for their services:
I wonder how their first official opening day went? Lets see:
According to their web page, this project was supposed to be for children 4-12. Unicorns, princesses and dress up, personally as someone who would be strapped with the gender variant label today, doesnt exactly sounds like ANYTHING in ANY realm of the universe as something that I as a baby Butch would have wanted to do nor imagine any other baby Butch/dyke wanting. Thats the VERY same Gender Straight Jacket enforcing this project claims to be moving away from, rather than whole heartily embracing/promoting! But what better way to slap a baby Butch with a transgender label than pointing out to the parents how their daughter seems BEYOND uncomfortable (pathologically) with playing princess! And with that label, Kellen/Rachel can begin private costly services with that kid and their parents insurance company.

The Unicorn Project was birthed from the mind of a charlatan, invested in recouping financial loses (at the expense of gay/lesbian children) due to their own laziness/ignorance and identity insecurities that 14 years into transition still they suffers with today.


Missing Person Kristin Snyder: Lost in a Sea of Myths Pt 2

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