Monday, August 25, 2014

Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

DT-Age 15

JH-Age 16

JB-Age 18

BMB-Age 17

JM-Age 18

MM-Age 15

TT-Age 17

K-Age 16

R-Age 14

An angry response to posts just like these:
Ironically while hoping something bad happens to me, she says I'm "supporting" a world that harms children, apparently she's okay with someone/thing harming me. As this is all she wrote, I have no explanation for how according to her I support a terrible world that is hurting kids. I can only surmise she presumes my advocating a non Gender Straight Jacketed world where life's possibilities based on sex, experience NO frontiers! I can only presume that world scares the fuck of her as much as it frightens the fuck out of the rest of the trans community! Because in that world, they wouldnt exist. 



  1. Your “trans man” is not even good at writing in a masculine mode. Who says “I very much hope”? Women and faggots is the answer. A real butch man (and probably a dyke) would just say “I hope”.
    But my English is British, I'm open to correction.

  2. Interesting you notice that Petie. I've been asked many times about do I worry about hate comments or death comments, I tell them those making those comments are women, whom I do not worry at all about.

    When asked how can I tell, I point out what you did. Men do not wish you dead, men threaten to actually MAKE you dead.


  3. I fear they will be reading our dialog, and learning to be better "men". Faggots and women DO kill too, tragically. My observation was purely linguistic (it used to be my job).
    As for death threats, I reckon that anyone who really wanted to kill me wouldn't be daft enough to announce it on the Internet, or if s/he did, would be too incompetent to carry it through.
    But again, I speak as a European, maybe we have a different perspective than vosotras.
    I only recently got my Internet connection back. No doubt you thought you were rid of me, but now I'm ready to start bothering you again (-;

  4. I meant it linguistically. Wishing/hoping you die is quite different than saying I'm going to kill you. Even if nothing comes from the threat, its a pretty safe bet that that threat came from a man.

    I thought about you a few times recently, was kinda of concerned. I appreciate your comments/insights from a gay male perspective. And from someone I just plain like!


  5. I love that you were "kinda of concerned", like you couldn't decide whether to be "kinda concerned" (butch) or "kind of concerned" (more faggoty).
    I'll stop doing that, for your writing, I promise. For other "contributors", it's a good tool to have in reserve.
    Anyway, I missed you too. I'll try not to be too intrusive on your site.

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  7. Buna seara Kate, sau dobr vecer! Acum am vazut ca esti din Moldova!

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  8. These sweet looking 14, 15, and 16 year old girls are just awesome and beautiful girls. They have been brainwashed into believing that because they are different they must be "trans" or boys.

    They don't have to take "T" (testosterone) or bind their breasts. Their bodies are perfect just the way they are.

  9. "When the future did arrive, several decades later in the form of the Women's Liberation Movement, B/F lesbians enlisted in droves at their nearest Women's Lib Orgs ready to fight a war many had long been fighting alone. But were elite Women's Libber as enthused to induct B/F lesbians in their cause? The answer to that is a resounding NO! B/f (working class) Lesbian were quickly discouraged from joining/participating in Women's Lib Orgs by predominately straight classist leaders."

    I'm butch lesbian who is a radical feminist. I came from a working class background. My father drove a fork lift and other heavy machinery. There were times when were hungry. To pay my way through college I worked cleaning apartments and worked along side farm workers in the dusty fields. Apparently, I'm classist.

  10. Hey Petre, glad you're back online! I also wondered about you. You're one popular dude. ;)