Sunday, August 24, 2014

FTM Shoots Cum?

A recent question that found my blog:
ALL women can ejaculate. Trans females however may lose the ability to ejaculate if they've had any type of bottom surgery that involves their urethra/clitoris/vagina.
Females can ejaculate without G Spot penetration, but ejaculating strictly from clitoral stimulation isnt as common.



  1. How ironic that an unaltered female can ejaculate but the "manly" FTM can't. LOL!

  2. What a great post! I learnt stuff I didn't know. Most of male ejaculate, too, doesn't come from the testes, as commonly imagined, but from sets of glands close to the bladder and urethra, and from the prostate too. The Q&A site you quote talks of women fearing they've "wet the bed": it's a common thing for boys experiencing their first ejaculation (NOT to be confused with their first orgasm) to panic and think they're going to "piss themselves".
    Not sure there's any real point to this comment - similarities and differences? What a luxury it would be for nurds so inclined to investgiate these questions in a world free of sexist assumptions.

  3. It's not ejaculate, it's urine. Scientists have tested it. The vagina and urethra are close enough to one another that it's possible stimulating the vagina will cause contractions in the urethra and there you go, a nice mess on the bed.

    Actual ejaculation is also caused by the prostate gland in men, and of course we don't have one of those.

    Frankly there's no evolutionary need for women to actually ejaculate, since we're not impregnating anyone. I don't understand why some women are so hung up on comparing to men in this way.

    I don't think much of the G spot for that matter. Either it is that area in the vagina that triggers the urethra and in turn the bladder, or it's a place where the "roots" of the clitoris lie close to the vaginal walls--and if it's the latter then a G spot orgasm (minus any urinating) is simply an indirect clitoral orgasm, so can we stop ignoring the clit already?

  4. I cum from clit stimulation all the time and no not urine it's a thick and creamy fluid that drips out my vagina