FTM Top Surgery-A Tale in Modern Hatshepsut Eradication

King Hatshepsut-"fifth pharaoh of the Eighteenth dynasty of Ancient Egypt"...and said to be "the first great woman in history of whom we are informed." 

Toward the end of the reign of Thutmose III and into the reign of his son, an attempt was made to remove Hatshepsut from certain historical and pharaonic records. This elimination was carried out in the most literal way possible. Her cartouches and images were chiselled off some stone walls, leaving very obvious Hatshepsut-shaped gaps in the artwork.
From Ingeborg Bachmann's The Book of Franza: "Look, she said, but the pharaoh forgot that though he had eradicated her, she was still there. It can still be read, because nothing is there where in fact something should be."

Eradicating visible signs of woman is as old as ancient times, only in the modern technological age instead of chiseling signs of femaleness from stone walls, they're doing so from the female body itself.



  1. Look how they are proud of the fact that they can now show their chest... >_<

    They are really not helping women...

    1. FTM people are men not women. I don't think butch women should be pressured into the FTM label because they don't fit gender stereotypes. THAT BEING SAID it is not constructive to take a giant crap on trans men.

  2. They're not doing it to help women, they're doing it to help themselves feel right in their own bodies. You people need to stop thinking of FTM people as 'females' because they are not - nor are they any of your business.

    Can't you find something else to obsess over instead of blameless trans people who are getting on with their lives? You're not doing the butch image any favours acting like assholes to people who have nothing to do with you.

    Maybe you should try asking the victims of your shitty little hate campaign how they feel about themselves, rather than assuming a pile of crap about them and spreading it around.

  3. Didnt the Amazons cut their right breast so they could be more efficient in battle? Or at least the masculine ones to differentiate themselves from the more traditionally female ones that took on the roles of mother/nurturer etc and not warrior? That's what i read somewhere anyway but the Amazons are more of a myth/legend anyway than a reality...

    Not saying FTM is exactly the same thing but we need to build bridges instead of burning them. Your blog kinda burns them. You paint us as traitors without actually knowing our experience. You grew up in a time when transition wasnt available. How do you know you wouldn't transition had you been a teenager in our times?

    It's been 6 months I have quit the hormones and I am trying to figure out what it is I should do with my life. I still want top surgery. I still pass as a male, use male bathrooms etc, and have used female in the past with lots of trouble, including security being called in and women flipping out etc cuz of my energy/look. I'll admit myself that on hormones/some of the privilege they brought i became everything i used to previously criticize in men but i had to, in order to fit in as a legitimate male, and at first it was cool because I had felt like I was or should've been a male all my life. I still do to be honest, feel like ive a male soul or mind or heart or whatever, but I wonder if I can live without all the physical alterations, or at least some of them...

    Look, that was the main reason I wanted to quit the hormones. Not even the mood swings I got and all I went through physically but I felt like a traitor... I had defended women so much before, I had gotten in fights over being called a dyke or a fag or a tranny or you name it...I was a better person prior to hormones and maybe I will become that again now that I have quit them...

    But you have to bloody understand... I understand your intentions but your method is very alienating. I used to hate you in my hormone injecting days... so much...

    Fuck it, one day we will come together as a group and know what to do about this bloody phenomenon. I plan to write a thing with all my experiences as a lesbian as a trans as a whatever the fuck I am in order to show how gender and sexuality works and my experiences with women...hopefully it works out I don't know...

    Excuse the rant but I've also quit the 3 medications I was on, and ive been in and out of mental hospitals like 4 times, and i've alienated and lost my best friend, a girl from my country whom I deeply loved to the point I would give my life for her, who was straight, whom I thought I could get after becoming a "man". It is so fucked up...I am so angry about it...

  4. But no, love was not the only reason for my transition. I did actually believe i was a male spiritually/mentally in my heart etc and i wanted to bring congruence with my body and soul and how i felt. I didn't achieve the fucking congruence. I still felt wrong. I had legitimate body dysphoria I sill do. I didnt want to hack my breasts off to please others or to take my shirt off but because I can't fucking stand them because they have felt wrong all of my life and I might still hack them off depending on the situation...

    Watch the bloody videos of people that went on testosterone then went off it and the reasons for doing so... so you bloody understand... it isn't fucking easy. You had no choice to make cuz transition wasnt even available in the time you grew up. It is a legitimate experience, just maybe the way society is dealing with it isn't right, or fully a good solution, i don't know... fuck i can't believe i had two crazy rants on your blog making me sound like a fucking maniac

  5. Rant #3: I could've maybe seduced her or convinced her or "converted" her as I had done with other women, without trying. I have slept with more straight women than lesbian or bi, of course odd experiences where they actually wanted to touch me but i wouldn't let them because i felt so fucked up about my body/still do. So it's not their fault per se. But I didn't want to fucking convert her because I had a hard life and I didn't want to be a part of it. I kept my distance, I treated her with respect, she was like a saint in my eyes. Then i fucked everything up by announcing i was trans/male and blurred all the lines, fucking crossed all the boundaries and lost her in the process like...it's been years i can't get over it i've taken every med known to mankind done so much therapy written ten thousand letters to her trying to explain, making myself sound further like a maniac...i deleted my facebook and emails several times out of shame and ive changed names a few times...like wtf am i supposed to do? I don't even have a blog or anything, i've totally isolated myself in every way possible and now i explode like this? Is there forgivance for what feels like crimes? I was a good person. I was good at school and i worked and i minded my own business and girls loved me because i was so brave and i interfeered everytime there was injustice...now i am pretty much ruined, i am depressed, and i dont know what the fuck to do...fuck it man, i promised all the girls that i wouldn't change as a person, that i'd only change my body to match my soul or whatever but i did fucking change...i really changed...now i can't put myself back together...and this goes right up your alley for you people that already think were fucked up and want us to fail so you can prove transitioning is a fucked up thing or whatever...this is just my experience, i know fellow trans men that somehow succeeded through all this and it went well for them...not for me...

  6. I'm pretty sure Dirty White Boi's in her early 40s. Testosterone became available to transgender men in 1939, and the avarage age of transition for trans men is 40. So I really doubt its a case of being too late if that was the issue.

  7. Look how they are proud of the fact that they can now show their chest...

    The mutilation of healthy female bodies is centuries old.

    These females felt proud of their bodies too.


    As did these women. Indeed, it was quite fashionable for years.


    The photographs of female genital mutilation are too graphic to post.

  8. They're not doing it to help women, they're doing it to help themselves feel right in their own bodies. You people need to stop thinking of FTM people as 'females' because they are not - nor are they any of your business

    (1.) If a human is born female, she will always be female, and no amount of hormones or surgery will ever change this fact.

    (2.) What happens to the female sex matters.

    (3.) The mutilation of female bodies in all its myriad of forms has been going on for thousands of years.

    (4.) How can erasing female identity socially not be a feminist issue?

    (5.) How can the radical alteration of healthy female reproductive systems and genitals not be a feminist issue?

    (6.) If we are wrong about FTM (female to male) "transitioning", it does resemble female genital mutilation.

    (7.) FTM surgery can lead to loss of sensation. When surgeons are cutting on or around nipples and female genitalia, the possibility of loss of sensation can't be ruled out. In "top surgery" (elective mastectomies with the surgical trimming down of areolas and nipples), loss of sensation to the nipple area is common. In FTM "bottom surgery", how can we completely rule out the possibility of some loss of sensation when surgeons are cutting around sensitive areas?

    This is what botched "top surgery" looks like.

    Botched "top surgery"

    "Top Surgery" Gone Wrong

    Nancy/Nathan Verlhest expressed concern that the skin flap sewn onto her female pubic area was showing signs of rejection, and she didn't like the way her "chest" looked. If the skin flap from the arm failed, what would they do? Would they carve up another 6 to 8 inches of skin from the other arm and sew it to her female pubic area to fashion a "penis"?

    Why was an emotionally unstable, seriously depressed woman "transitioned".

    You have to be really depressed to ask for euthanasia

  9. @June 22, 2014 at 7:38 PM

    I'm truly sorry that you are going through a lot of problems, and thanks for the honest and candid personal story.

    I don't mean to belittle you, or put you down, or anything. There are aspects of FTM "transitioning" that I see as deeply troubling.

    How did radical surgery and hormones come to be called "transitioning". When people undergo other medical and surgical procedures, it's not called "transitioning".

    One would have to be either a bald face liar or incredibly naïve not to believe that "transitioning" is being promoted by transgender activists, plastic surgeons, "gender therapists", and others who get $$$ from all the hormones and surgery.

    There is something that I don't understand. There has to be zillions of trans blogs that promote "transitioning" (hormones and surgery). Other than to control what people think, why do FTMs come to a blog that people know describes "transitioning" in an entirely different way?

    We are curious people here, and we will not remain silent. This must irritate the heck out of some people.

  10. @June 22, 2014 at 10:00 PM

    It's okay, and I don't see you as a **cked up person. You are a beautiful female who just was spoon fed a bunch of crap that said that "transitioning" would magically cure everything.

    I really don't blame the females (they are still female) who fall for the idea that "transitioning" is always the answer.

    Here is a good link to FTMs who detransition.


    Here is another link, but she sort of stopped posting because she is busy with work.


    This woman detransitioned, and this is her advice. She was on "T", but had to stop because of side effects, etc.

    Really useful practical advice...


    Again, I hope people on this blog didn't give you such a hard time. FTMs constantly troll this blog, and dirt, I, and others have been verbally insulted and harassed so many times that I lost count.

    It's okay to be angry and confused.

  11. When I look at the aftermath of FTM "top surgery", I experience a deep sense of loss. It's hard to explain, but it's similar to how I feel when I look at a clear cut forest.

    1. doesnt mean much now since its 3 years later, but its funny how i get the same feeling! except the feeling is from looking at these transphobic articles, and the feeling is just the intense urge to kill myself.

    2. Same. As if life wasn't hard enough, now you have these aassholes who know nothing about the struggles we face and I just wish I wasn't fucking born.

  12. I refuse to let anyone make a political statement (feminist or otherwise) out of my life, my body or my mind.

    As such, it is my choice to define 'femaleness' as I choose and what does/does not erase it.

    Side note: hypocrite much? How can one always no matter what be female and yet....erase it?

    I will remove, modify, enhance or embrace any parts of my body as I see fit.

    Define me as you like. That is not my concern...but quit treating me like chips at a poker game. I am not something to go back and forth or be won over.

    Biology is not a binary---nature is not fond of black and white. Your social labels are arbitrary and not of my concern.

    Of course no one should be misled or coerced and should be of sound mind and spirit before attempting anything...but some mistakes and tragedies does not make it a wrong choice for all people.

  13. "Side note: hypocrite much? How can one always no matter what be female and yet....erase it? "


    FTMs (biological females) will always be female no matter what they do, so how can they truly be male? We know females can't be fully male. Socially, female identity is being lost. This is my point, and I argue that culturally erasing female identity is a feminist issue. I state this because there is no way of completely separating internalized misogyny from "gender dysphoria". In a world in which there are 163 million missing girls from India and China because female children are devalued, what does it mean to further erode female identity. FTM means "female to male". We know that females can never completely be male, but socially/culturally female identity is being lost. If misogyny was completely erased from all cultures and the female sex as a whole didn't experience thousands of years of brutal sexism. violence, and discrimination, I would be more willing to embrace FTM "transitioning".

    This is what I said.

    (4.) How can erasing female identity socially not be a feminist issue?

    I refuse to let anyone make a political statement (feminist or otherwise) out of my life, my body or my mind.


    (Some Victorian women had deformed rib cages from corsets. FTMs can get deformed rib cages from wearing breast binders. Some transgender websites give away free breast binders to "trans youth".)


    (Female Genital Mutilation. The thing about FTM surgeries is this. If we are wrong about it, and we have seen cases where some women should not have been "transitioned", it does resemble female genital mutilation. Loss of sensation can't be ruled out.))


    (Certain ghastly procedures such as Chinese foot binding was rather popular for centuries)

    I will remove, modify, enhance or embrace any parts of my body as I see fit.

    Women with severe anorexia sometimes starve themselves to death. It has actually happened, and they do it willingly. There is a psychological disorder called body dismorphic disorder in which people feel the urge to amputate a healthy part of their body. Some people have actually carried it out, or obsess on the compulsion


    Why are most anorexics female? Surely there is a cultural influence. Why are most plastic surgery patients female? If scholarly articles can question why women flock to plastic surgeons, why can't we examine the cultural influences behind FTM "transitioning".

    Biology is not a binary---nature is not fond of black and white. Your social labels are arbitrary and not of my concern.

    The human species is sexually dimorphic and all primates reproduce sexually.

    Of course no one should be misled or coerced and should be of sound mind and spirit before attempting anything...but some mistakes and tragedies does not make it a wrong choice for all people.

    FACT: Emotionally fragile and vulnerable people have been "transitioned". Nancy/Nathan Verlhest is one example. From everything that I've read, she experienced a traumatic childhood, and was probably emotionally unstable. She was so distraught after "transitioning" (surgery, etc.) that she begged a doctor to euthanize her.

    FACT: FTM "transitioning" isn't minor surgery. How can elective double mastectomies be minor surgery? How can "bottom surgery" or phalloplasty on female be minor surgery.

  14. @ rant#1-3,

    I feel for you, you seem so confused. I wish I could sit down with you and talk. Listen to your story and reach out to you.
    Women have a hard time in this world and we all respond in different ways, many of us don't want to live a "feminine" life. It's sickening.
    Transition isn't the asnwer as you already found out. Yet, you still say that you're male. I wish you could embrace the woman you are and just do whatever you want with your life. Gender doesn't excist, it's made up by people.

  15. Do you have permission to use any of these pictures? If the answer is no, I strongly advise you to remove them!!!

  16. Fucking gross...can call themselves "men" all they want by cutting their tits off and getting an inflatable prick inplanted or whatnot still just freaks to me I don't understand how society degenerated so much in less than 25yrs that this is acceptable still just freaks to me...

  17. Instead of going through all the expense and pain of surgery why don't they just start calling them Breasticles.

  18. Thank you for this. It's so devastating to see when women do this to themselves — and more, to see how others are supporting them! I know women who've actually needed mastectomies because of cancer and it was traumatic, and these people are glorifying that - even calling it "top surgery" to try to disguise what's actually going on. I made a comment on this on another blog and the blog owner didn't approve my comment because I used the word "mutilate" to refer to what these women were doing to themselves. The word literally means "to inflict a violent or disfiguring injury on." - And, that is exactly what's happening here. Just because the person wants to mutilate themselves doesn't mean that a mutilation isn't happening. It's hard enough seeing women doing this to themselves, but to see all the women supporting them...damn. It breaks my heart. There's nothing uglier and more sad than seeing someone's self-hatred all over their body, right in plain view. Oh, wait...there's the people cheering them on. That's much uglier. I just don't get how they don't see it. I mean telling someone to love being who they're not is the same as telling them to hate being who they are. That's exactly what's happening here. Calling it "progressive" or "tolerant" doesn't make it better, it just disguises what's actually happening.


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