FTM-Testosterone-the Vagina-Yeast Infections and UTI's

This video is from a trans female who primarily (80%) went off testosterone because she could no longer deal with the ongoing vaginal issues testosterone created by changing her vagina's natural state. It is a very honest look at one young woman's personal experience with some of the negative/dangerous effects high dosing testosterone has on the female system/body. From just a short period on testosterone her body aged internally to that of a post menopausal  (50+) woman. She is now being confronted with not merely ceasing "T" BUT having to low dose estrogen in order to get her body back on a healthy track.

She briefly discusses:

1) Testosterone accelerating the aging process

2) Testosterone causing chronic Yeast Infections

3) Testosterone causing chronic Urinary Tract Infections

4) Silence in the trans female community around the negative effects testosterone has on the female  system/body.
5) Silence in the trans female community about the importance estrogen plays in a healthy female system/body.


Stonewall-45 Years Later-From Gay/Lesbian Outrage to Gay/Lesbian Erasure

The Stonewall riots didnt happen in a vacuum. Decades of systematic abuse toward gays and lesbians fueled the spark that would ignite the beginning of a gay and lesbian human rights struggle. It was illegal to make love in ways that drove our desires, lesbians were routinely arrested and raped when we failed to have on less than three articles of women's clothing and just falling in love and wanting to create a life with a same sex partner could get you killed or worse. White hetero patriarchy shamed, bashed, arrested, locked up, strip searched, confined  us to mental institutions, tortured, electro shocked, raped and murdered gays and lesbians till we could no longer take it any more.

Stonewall rebellion 45 years ago:
Straight white males have long been the bane of gay and lesbian livelihood. THEY were the enemy, the majority, those who created the laws against and who held both power and money over us. But on a hot June night in 1969 one black Butch lesbian said NO FUCKING MORE and threw a punch at the police raiding the Stonewall Inn. That punch set off a decade of radical gay and lesbian rights struggles, visibility AND changes! 

Forty-five years after the Stonewall riots, outside of the most minuscule progresses the L and G are drowning in a putrid alphabet stew run by the very same white straight males we fought against June 28th 1969. These men may not be wearing badges, but they are in uniform:

Transmen-Testosterone-Big Clits and Transition

There is a (twisted) dislocated logic that penetrates all trans female communities, websites, YouTubes, tumblrs and in effect-minds. No trans female narrative is complete without her embracing this warped contorted logic leap.

Males, regardless of sexual orientation are obsessed with their penis and every other males penis, particularly the size thereof. This obsession is so overwhelming and prevalent in mainstream society that no one bats an eye when the topic is joked about or (insert throat clearing noise here) comes up.

Along with internalizing misogyny, trans females have also internalized male penis narratives in their effort to realize their own trans/manhood. The only trouble with this narrative is, females do not have a penis. Trans females in their transition usually will seek to have a double mastectomy, rarely (if they can afford not to) will trans females keep their breast. Breasts are associated with femaleness, softness, the female body, babies etc. Given that female self hatred fuels female transition and the desire for trans females to want/have their breast removed, it would be unthinkable for a trans females to have her breast enhanced in any way. Breast/breast enhancement (larger breast) would be considered unmanly, anti male by any trans female. Because to keep or make a female (sexual?) body part larger would kind of defeat the purpose of female transition, or would it?

Females who transition ARE female, and remain female AFTER transition. Females obviously have female bodies, as do trans females pre/post hormones/cosmetic surgery. But in studying, copying, mimicking male penis narratives trans females have had to dislocate logic and common sense. Through high dosing testosterone and using pump devices, trans females have/are enhancing a specific FEMALE sexual body part, their clitoris. This is a HUGE topic of trans female searches and conversation. And ironically, trans females believe the larger their clitoris is the more manly they are, oddly they dont feel the same way about their breast.

And in a strange warped trans twist, trans females have become for millions of straight men, hyper female spank material by creating and showing off their enlarged clitoris's.When doing just one simple search on Google for large clits and porn here's what was found:
Yet another problem with internalizing Gender Straight Jacketed materials of misogyny specified for the opposite sex. Clits arent dicks! And having a bigger clitoris doesnt make a female more like a man, it makes her MUCH more of the woman she already is. And far too often with sexual female excess, it makes you a target for the Male Masturbatory Gaze. And just when you thought through your transition you had escaped it, think again girls/gals.


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FTM Top Surgery-A Tale in Modern Hatshepsut Eradication

King Hatshepsut-"fifth pharaoh of the Eighteenth dynasty of Ancient Egypt"...and said to be "the first great woman in history of whom we are informed." 

Toward the end of the reign of Thutmose III and into the reign of his son, an attempt was made to remove Hatshepsut from certain historical and pharaonic records. This elimination was carried out in the most literal way possible. Her cartouches and images were chiselled off some stone walls, leaving very obvious Hatshepsut-shaped gaps in the artwork.
From Ingeborg Bachmann's The Book of Franza: "Look, she said, but the pharaoh forgot that though he had eradicated her, she was still there. It can still be read, because nothing is there where in fact something should be."

Eradicating visible signs of woman is as old as ancient times, only in the modern technological age instead of chiseling signs of femaleness from stone walls, they're doing so from the female body itself.


Ryland Whittington-A Child USED and ABUSED

Meet the Whittington Team:

I recently wrote about the three most prominent types of parents that transition/will seek to transition their children and why parents doing so ARE committing child abuse. The Whittington parents are the quintessential example of abusive parents. The Whittington parents easily classify as both A and C (hyper-liberal-political-correctness-at-any-cost parents/Munchausen syndrome by proxy parents). Based on even past behaviour against Ryland, the Whittington parents were clearly invested in the pathological attention whoring of Ryland as soon as they were able to strap her with a disability. Ryland (fortunately for them) was born hard of hearing/deaf, but rather than love and accept Ryland as simply a non hearing child who would learn to speak with one of the most unspoken languages in the US (ASL) they made a life altering choice for her (cochlear implants). 

They then, through websites such as this and videos such as this (make particular note of this video) whored Ryland out, pimping her to any hearing media outlet listening to what extraordinary parents they are for doing so! And before anyone pipes in with fixing their child is what good parents do malarkey, being deaf isnt indicative of being broken. Being deaf is merely a different way of interpreting the world and communicating that interpretation via a different language. As an aside, IF the Whittington parents were interested ONLY in correcting a defect, they would have done so and it remained within the family/friends unit. Instead they chose to SCREAM it to the hearing world WE FIXED OUR BROKEN CHILD, WE'RE FUCKING AWESOME PARENTS! 

One thing conspicuously absent from the copious websites/videos regarding Ryland's hearing issues is that there is no mention of her being a BOY trapped in a little girl body. Apparently the Whittington parents used up their Ryland as deaf to cochlear implanted child 15 minutes and had to quickly find something else (or invent) wrong with their daughter to replace it. Whether Ryland had the good sense to turn up her nose at the hyper girly girl pink everything her parents framed and smothered her in as if it were natural and her parents reacted with shame/fear or they simply jumped on the trans kid bandwagon making its current trans circuit. Either way it is a simple enough child's ABC/123 disorder to coach a diagnosis of (which clearly these parent have). No species is born trans, and Ryland is no exception. She wasnt/isnt even your garden variety tomboy parents/teachers and docKtors are all to ready to throw into the trans wood chipper and make proper pink/blue mulch of. The Whittington Real Estate website makes quite clear what Ryland is, a piece of property to be sold to highest bidder till the real estate market comes back from the recession. 


Transition-Where Female Self Hatred and Internalized Lezbophobia Intersect

From an email I received this afternoon:
My response to her and all the young lesbians just like her:

No I dont think its pointless, there is a VERY clear point of conformity at all cost and lives. We live in a patriarchal word/world, created by men/for men. ALL females suffer from degrees of dysphoria, it would be completely impossible for us to exist in THIS world otherwise. Until females learn/understand and change why so much about being female feels wrong, females will continue to be pressured into reproduction, transition, wear uncomfortable clothes, diet themselves to death, get plastic surgery on every conceivable and inconceivable body part, hate themselves, hate their bodies, hurt themselves, hurt their bodies until the day they die or are killed by all of the above!  
You arent an exception, you're a statistic!!! And only YOU can take your name off that dismal infinitesimal list of misogyny!


Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

Luke-Age 19

Gerald-Age 17

Haven-Age 17

Jake-Age 17

Jace-Age 21

Brand-Age 17

Ewan-Age 22

Lysander-Age 21

Theo-Age 18

When I was five, I wanted to be a pirate. I begged and pleaded till my mom bought me the outfit. I looked fantastic! I love it. Till a boy at school said "You dont have a hook, you're not a REAL pirate!" At home later cried.

When I was ten I wanted to be a cowboy. I used all my birthday money. I bought boots, vest, stetson a gun holster and pistols. Boy was I proud! Then my cousin said "you're not a REAL cowboy, you dont have a horse!" Morose, I threw my cowboy self in the back of the closet.

When I was sixteen I wanted to be a boy. I toyed with short hair and boy apparel. I squirreled a diagnosis and got on T. I was going to be the REAL me. To mom's dismay, my breast were flayed, from my body.  She couldnt understand, I was now a man. She said "you arent a REAL man Janis, you dont have a...." She couldnt even say the word, disgusted. Now nothing, will ever be trusted.


The First Time-A Transman's Tale

The first time it was MY fault. I walked to the store alone after dark. I think my jeans were too tight. I had never been so frightened. Blind sided, I didnt see him coming. How was it that I was on top of the world just a moment before? The girl I like in gym class winked when I scored the only goal. He hit me so hard I rolled straight into a deep ditch. At first, I tried to fight. Then I tried to just get away. I was too weak on both counts. It HURT. A mixture of blood and dirt. I was sure I was gonna die. Then suddenly he was gone and I was alone. I made my way back home. The shower was so hot it burned. I could have scolded every inch of my body and still feel dirty. I never told anybody. A week later, I cut my hair, then my wrists.

I screamed from the tops of my lungs I HATE BEING A GIRL!!!

My therapist told my mom I might be transgender. I remember, how my muscles grew. I knew no man would EVER touch me again and live! I was less afraid as I got more comfortable passing. I felt so awesome! Women sometimes even looked at me suspicious. My armor was flawless. All this, I thought in a split second, on the Men's room floor where I lay beaten, between my blood and some drunk's yak. Even as a man, woman was something I couldnt escape. It was the second time I was attacked, but the first time, I called it rape.


Transitioning Kids: Selective Abortion POST Birth

In the last several decades world population statistics estimate that between China and India alone approximately 200 million females are missing from the planet due to sex selective abortions. Before the technological advancement of ultra sounds made knowing the sex of a fetus possible, post birth abortions of female babies existed in varying forms of murder, slightly skewing male/female ratios. But with the advancement of the ultra sound, aborted female fetus's flourished and continue to sky rocket today, primarily in China and India but also in countries all over the world.

The simple yet not so simple reason for these horrifying statistics is misogyny-the systematic hatred of females that has proliferated under all patriarchal structures and is the prime requirement to maintain (hetero) male domination. Misogyny is also the foundation for homophobia. Homosexual nature/behaviours was/is viewed as a subversive act under patriarchy. The stereotypical gay male continues to be portrayed as effeminate/womanly and man loving and the stereotypical lesbian continues to be portrayed as mannish/aggressive and man hating. Both stereotypes threaten hetero patriarchy and both have long been punished and abused in all patriarchal societies. The hatred, punishment and criminalization of homosexuals/homosexual behaviour dates back to biblical times.

Gay and lesbians were among those confined to early mental asylums and later mental institutions receiving extreme forms of punishment and torture to alter or halt homosexual behaviour.
"At Atascadero State Hospital, doctors (I use that term loosely) were permitted under an obscure California law to commit those who practiced sodomy into the hospital. Once admitted, normal men and women were rendered mentally disabled through the torture of castration, lobotomies, forced chemical treatments and experimental treatments. The horrors experienced by hundreds are almost too hard to comprehend in America. 

The most notorious was a Dr. Walter J. Freeman who perfected the ice pick lobotomy. He jammed an ice pick through a homosexual's eyes into the brain and performed a primitive lobotomy. According to records, he treated over 4,000 patients this way around America and it is estimated that nearly 30% to 40% were homosexuals. He believed deeply this was the only way to cure homosexuality". 
But long before Freeman's ice pick, homosexuals were being diagnosed, decriminalized, medicalized and experimented on in effort to cure them of their same sex attractions.

"...noted German physician Karl Westphal (1833-1890), who in 1869 published an article describing the cases of an effeminate male and a masculine female with same-sex attraction. He called the condition "contrary sexual sensation" and claimed it was congenital. As such, he argued, it should come under psychiatric care rather then legal prosecution".

"Westphal's diagnosis was rendered into Italian by forensic expert Arrigo Tamassia as "inversion of the sexual instinct" (1878). The celebrated French neurologist Jean Martin Charcot (1825-1993) rendered it into French in 1882 as "inversion of the genital sense" in an article describing a variety of "sexual perversions" including inversion and fetishism".

It was in 1882 under Charcot that homosexuality and cross dressers/female fetishizers were first joined together by psychiatry and remain siamese twins in all forms of the DSM even today. It is this joining of male cross dressers/trans males with gays and lesbians in the late 1800s that cemented the gay and lesbian genocide future gay and lesbian children are facing now.

"The notion of sexual inversion continued to dominate medical thinking about homosexuality into the twentieth century as biomedical researchers employed the latest techniques to uncover its biological basis. Even before sex hormones were discovered, homosexuals were hypothesized to be neuro-endocrinological hermaphrodites. This was the preferred hypothesis of German sexologist Magnus Hirschfeld (1868-1935)". "Hirschfeld was also a pioneer in writing about transsexualism and transvestism". "Although Hirschfeld did not advocate attempts to cure homosexuality, he was impressed with the research of endocrinologist Eugen Steinach (1861-1944) on altering the sexual characteristics of rats through castration or testes implants".

As can be read here, Harry Benjamin the father of transgenderism as we know it was a disciple of Steinach, only Benjamin decided to experiment on human rats instead. Since homosexual behaviour could not be changed as it IS innate, Benjamin and similar doKtors decided to change the body to fit the brain to fit society's strict hetero behavioural gender codes.

Hetero males who become female fetishizers do not begin fetishizing womens clothing until they are around the age of puberty and so remain safe from being transitioned in early childhood. It is the gays and lesbians who challenge gender norms in early childhood that are the targets for childhood transition.

In the USA there are an estimated 314 million people. Were gay and lesbian children transitioned since mid 20th century here are some educated guesstimates on the number of gays and lesbians aborted post birth via transition:

Ten percent is often used as a guesstimate on how much of any given percent of the population is gay/lesbian. I'm going to use twelve percent for my figures as a more accurate guesstimate to account for those in the closet. Using that 12% tells us about 37.7 million people in the USA are gay/lesbian. Half of that, 18.8 million are gay and 18.8 million are lesbian. Guesstimating that at least 2% of the 18.8 million of gay males are effeminate and 3% of the 18.8 million lesbians are Butch/strongly tomboy. That 2% (380,000 gay males) and that 3% (560,000 lesbians) are those most likely to have been targeted and transitioned. NOT because they were born in the wrong body, BUT because their behaviour transgressed hetero patriarchal gender norms! Even if we low ball the most likely parents who would transition their child to homophobes to a mere 1%, that would still be 9,440‏ gays and lesbians that would have been transitioned to cure them of homosexual behaviour.

Until gays and lesbians can be identified pre birth, efforts to abort them must occur POST birth through recent legitimization of transitioning children. If we use similar math to the statistics above only using current birth rates, that is actually using births of children who may actually be affected by Post birth transition abortion this is what the numbers will look like:

3,952,841 births a year in the USA, 480,000 are gay, 240,000 are gay male, 4,800 at risk, 48 will be transitioned as children-240,000 are lesbian, 7,200 at risk, 72 will be transitioned as children‏.

The mental/medical community has a LONG history of trying to rid the world of gays and lesbians. We have been put into the worst mental asylums simply for falling in love, we have been hated, criminalized, tortured, mutilated, shamed, ostracized and carved into the notion's of what we should be. But none of that has been enough to eradicate us on large scales, until now. The 200 million missing females from China and India took decades to accumulate, but systematic abortive efforts ensured the femicide in those countries. A mere 120 gay and lesbian kids transitioned a year doesnt sound like a huge number. But neither did the first 120 aborted female fetuses that now number over 200 MILLION and growing!

Bear in mind, these number are ONLY from the US, children are being transitioned world wide.


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