Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

Jay-Age 16

Levi-Age (youth)

Kon-Age 19

Lee-Age 20
Hawk-Age 21

Jake-Age 18

Miles-Age (youth)

Ryker-Age 20

Sliss-Age (20's)

Another sad area of female transition where hardcore (no pun intended) statistics are lacking is in how many trans females will wind up heavily perusing/purchasing pornography or partaking in it themselves. There are now literally hundreds of thousands of trans female porn related sites:

Just as there are important medical statistics missing on how high doses of medical testosterone over years/decades diseases/kills female organs, we have none on how medical testosterone is dis/easing female brains and decision making. But here are a few:

Some (post T) in this weeks Trans Trending list alone, have already went this female hating route.

This isnt lesbian, this isnt feminist, this ints sex positive, this isnt transgressive, this is the same old patriarchal framework of females sexually performing for the Male Gaze/approval. It makes zero difference how you dress up female, these trans females are looking for an audience, and we all know who that audience will be, a small minority of women donning "men" or the majority being men themselves. Either way you slice it, these trans females are being raped in the worst possible way by patriarchy, raped on a cellular level. Disrupting all sense of female proportion, pride and worse, all sense of female self respect.



  1. Dirt, I find the porn pictures disgusting. Were they necessary?

    What is going on with the porn photographs? Are they just getting back from doing some kind of live demonstration at the Philly Trans Health Conference, or are they just a Buck Angel wanna be?

    Porn Reps at Philly Health Center, Every Year

    Again, I don't appreciate the tacky porn photos.

  2. I'm FTM and find those porn pictures shameful. I'm not a man-whore and don't plan on getting any STDs. Also, I only prefer women.

  3. Christ. Take this down. Why are you even looking this up? You're just as sick as those so-called "ftms".

  4. @May 21, 2014 at 6:30 PM and May 21, 2014 at 6:25 PM

    Yes, it's disgusting.

    Apparently, this person has never heard of FTM porn star (even won an award for most original porn video) Buck Angel. Or, James Darling, Kael T. Block, or Patrick Califia. FTM FUCKER is owned, operated and directed by another "award winning FTM porn" star James Darling.

    I believe that pornography is misogynistic at its core and degrades women. People at the annual Philly Trans Health Conference even have workshops on how to make it in the porn industry. They were there last year and the year before that.

    "Trans Representation in Porn

    Presenter 1 Information

    James Darling

    James Darling is a transsexual male porn performer, director and sex educator based in the Bay Area. His award winning work has been featured in numerous film festivals and university classrooms around the world. James is the owner and director of, a porn site dedicated to trans men. He can be found on twitter and tumblr at jamesdarlingxxx.

    Presenter 2 Information

    Tobi Hill-Myer (a man who thinks he is a woman)

    In 2010 Tobi Hill-Meyer made her film making debut, winning an Award for Emerging Filmmaker of the year and being named #3 in Velvet Park Media's list of the 25 Most Significant Queer Women of 2010. She is a multiracial trans woman with over a decade experience working with feminist and LGBTQ organizations on a local, state, and federal level, having served on several boards and offering support as a strategic consultant. Since receiving her degree in Sociology and Women and Gender Studies, Tobi has turned her focus to media analysis and productions. As a writer, producer, and filmmaker, she is a founding member and major contributor to the media collective, Handbasket Productions. "

    @May 21, 2014 at 6:25 PM

    One thing we can agree upon.

  5. You`re lucky to live in the US (or where ever). Here in Germany you`d already be in so much trouble for using people`s photos and defaming them. (And I don`t mean the porn pictures but the normal ones from the videos.)
    Really, what`s wrong with you? I came across your blog some years ago and today you are still hating and raging against trans guys. I`d really like to understand why you feel so provoked by them.
    You`re totally obsessed with your trans hate and should seek some help. Really. What you`re doing is not normal... Why all the hate?

    Why can`t you stop the hate and destroying people`s and your own life? You don`t believe you`re destroying your own life - I think you are. You are so full of hate and in the end it will come back to you. It`s poisoning you inside. What`s wrong with you?


  6. oy so I started following this girl on youtube, when I was trying to find some intelligent butch women on there.. and now I just discovered she is transitioning! Craaazyyy. To be embracing "butch" for years and then begin to transition.. is this common?

  7. I can't help but feel that you're weakening rather than strengthening (y)our case by focusing on this porn. Of course, pornographers will latch on to any kind of difference and exploit it to the max. Are you just telling us all porn is misogynist? We all knew that already. And how does it help us address our real differences with would-be transsexuals who may be equally disgusted by or indifferent to such porn as ourselves?
    There is something, if not indecent, then at least unkind about including these images in the same post as photos of and links to very young "transitioners".

  8. Petre,

    There is something, if not indecent, then at least unkind about including these images in the same post as photos of and links to very young "transitioners".

    I tend to agree with Petre. I don't like these porn photographs.


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