Different Women Doing Woman Different: Diana Nyad

Diana Nyad (b. 1949) is a journalist, motivational speaker, child sexual abuse survivor and long-distance swimmer, she is also a bad ass lesbian sister!

Nyad began seriously competing in swimming competitions in junior high and held Olympic hopes for the summer of 1968 until a serious heart infection put an end to her dreams that year. Nyad later was encouraged to try marathon swimming whereby the has excelled beyond records and recently even belief. 

 1974: In June 1974, Nyad set a women's record of 8 hours, 11 minutes in the 22-mile (35 km) Bay of Naples race.
  • 1975: At age 26, Nyad made national headlines by swimming 28 miles (45 km) around the island of Manhattan (New York City) in just under 8 hours (7 hours 57 minutes.) An account of her swim, published the next day, stated Nyad was 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 m) tall (1.7 m) and weighed 128 pounds (58 kg).[18]
  • 1978: At age 28 she first attempted to swim from Havana, Cuba to Key West, one year after the Kennedy-era travel restrictions were lifted. Diving into the ocean at 2PM on Sunday August 13 from Ortegosa Beach (50 miles; 80 km west of Havana), she swam inside a 20-by-40-foot (6.1 m × 12.2 m) steel shark cage for nearly 42 hours, before team doctors removed her during the 7 o'clock hour on the morning of Tuesday August 15 due to strong Westerly winds and 8-foot (2.4 m) swells that were slamming her against the cage and pushing her off-course towards Texas. She had covered about 76 miles (122 km), but not in a straight line.
  • 1979: In what was to be her last "competitive" swim on her 30th birthday (August 21–22, 1979), she set a world record for distance swimming (both men and women) over open water by swimming 102 miles (164 km) from North Bimini Island, Bahamas, to Juno Beach, Florida (without the use of protective shark cage). Thanks to favorable winds and a following sea she averaged 3.7 miles per hour (6.0 kilometres per hour) and completed the swim in 27 and one-half hours.[19]

In 2013 at the tender age of 63, Diana Nyad swam from Havana, Cuba to Florida, a distance of about 110 miles (180 km), accompanied by a 35-person support team, swimming without a shark cage[31] but protected from jellyfish by a silicone mask, a full bodysuit, gloves and booties.[32] Before reaching Florida, Nyad broke Penny Palfrey's 2012 distance record for the Cuba to Florida swim,[discuss] putting Nyad closer to Key West than anyone swimming without a shark cage.[33] At approximately 1:55 pm EDT on September 2, 2013, Nyad reached the beach in Key West, about 53 hours after she began her journey.[4][32]

Diana Nyad has showed us woman can be done differently at ANY age!



  1. I've always admired her, but it really takes self-confidence for a woman her age to show nude photos. Her lived in body has more personality than any fashion model.

  2. This is not related to the post, but Dirt, you really need to see this: http://www.advocate.com/commentary/2014/05/11/op-ed-what-my-transgender-child-taught-me-about-motherhood

    1. Oh, and I meant to say that this is a case of child abuse. Some girls don't like dresses and like "boy things" like trucks and dinosaurs and their is nothing wrong with that!!!

  3. Anon,

    I'll check it out and either write something on it or post it separately to begin a discussion on it.


  4. @May 11, 2014 at 11:45 AM

    This is the story of my trans-species five year old brother.

    When I my little brother was five years old, he thought he was Spider Man. He ran and jumped around, and couldn't stay off the furniture or high cabinets. Being ignorant of trans-species, I didn't see the earliest warning signs that he was different.

    "As early as 12-18 months of age, Alia gravitated to “all things boy’s” picking out cars, trucks, and dinosaurs over dolls or anything pink or sequined."

    Three year old kids are very articulate and are able to communicate on an adult level. That is, "trans" three year olds. All other kids that age can barely think past what is for breakfast.

    "By the time Alia was 3 years old, she continually said, in the adorable way pleading children speak, “Mommy, I want to be a boy.” Alia was clear and articulate in communicating this demand, but my loving response, “honey, you can be anything you want,” was a shortfall in understanding what she was truly saying."


    The one and a half year old girl liked the blue blanket, cars, and dinosaurs. This means she is absolutely, no questions asked 100,000,000% TRANSGENDER.

    Tip for Parents: The color pink is always a dead give away.

    "One afternoon clicking through television channels, I stumbled on Katie Couric’s show, when she had an episode on transgender children. As I watched, I immediately phoned my parents in Colorado who coincidentally were watching the same show. That segment, for the first time, introduced me to the word “transgender” and made me think that maybe this is part of Alia’s story"

    Everything parents see on t.v. is 1000% accurate.


    "Today, Alia is Alex. Ty is more supportive than ever, fondly calling him son and engaging in NERF gun adventures and Lego building block competitions. At four-and-a-half years old, I am in awe of this magical child who is so confident in his gender. “That’s a dress, mommy, and I am a boy and boys don’t wear dresses,” he’ll tell me. Alex will frequently remind his grandparents of his new name and has even offered his old name to a new baby should we ever have a new baby girl in our family."

    If parents really wanted a son, they can just start calling their four year old daughter "he". It's so trendy and cool...

    Trans is the next cool thing. When the kid starts puberty, the parents can sterilize the kid with GnRH agonists followed by cross gender hormones. The stupid people who say really dumb things like sterilizing kids is a human rights abuse don't know what they are talking about. What did you say? We don't know the long term side effects of GnRH agnonists. Who the heck cares because my daughter is my "son" now. Who cares about a life time of testosterone either.

    Someone needs to tell this mother that three year old kids rarely know who or what they are. Moreover, a female child will never be fully male. Even if the parents make their child infertile through GnRH agonists and cross gender hormones, she will still be genetically a female, and will still have a female reproductive system unless it's mutilated and surgically removed.

  5. @May 11, 2014 at 11:45 AM

    I would like to follow up on the five year old "transgender" girl whose parents knew the girl's behavior at 18 months of age meant she was transgender.

    "In 2009, my husband, Ty, and I welcomed a baby girl into the world. We named her Alia. But Alia had other plans. As early as 12-18 months of age, Alia gravitated to “all things boy’s” picking out cars, trucks, and dinosaurs over dolls or anything pink or sequined."


    If twenty and thirty year old people can detransition, what does this say about the behavior of 18 month old kids and how their parents characterize these behaviors in such young children?

    Below are some links to detransition blogs.






    I was born a boy, became a girl, and now I want to be a boy again’: Britain’s youngest sex swap patient to reverse her sex change treatment

    October 29, 2012


    Below is a link to a MTV video of a young man who identified as a girl and now wants to return to being a man. Also, in the MTV video, a young woman who once identified as a boy changed her mind and returned to being a girl. The young man who appears to be in his early twenties discusses having his breast implants removed. In the same MTV video, the young woman who looks like she could be in her mid-twenties is shown undergoing laser treatments to remove the facial hair that was caused by earlier testosterone use.


  6. Nyad's website:


    KEY WEST, Fla. -- Looking dazed and sunburned, U.S. endurance swimmer Diana Nyad walked ashore Monday, becoming the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without the help of a shark cage.

    The 64-year-old Nyad swam up to the beach just before 2 p.m. ET, about 53 hours after starting her journey from Havana on Saturday. As she approached, spectators waded into waist-high water and surrounded her, taking pictures and cheering her on.


  7. Below are some things to consider regarding the Advocate article.


    There are several problems with slapping a label of "transgender" on a four or five year old little girl and constantly referring to her as "he" or "him".

    (1.) Are rational people really supposed to believe that 18 month old children really know the difference between "boy toys" and "girl toys", or are these children just inquisitive? Do one year old girls really believe they are "boys" because they prefer trucks instead of pink sequined dresses?

    (2.) Why aren't we allowed to look at the family dynamics? Perhaps some parents are just uncomfortable with four year old children who don't adhere to strict sex stereotypes. Is it really "gender dysphoria" in a four year old girl, or parental attitudes about what is and isn't considered appropriate behavior. That is, girls act one way and boys act another way.

    (3.) If parents continually tell a five year old girl that she is "he", sooner or later she is going to believe it. In essence, the parents could be reinforcing the "gender identity" by their own behavior.

    (4.) How can people clearly distinguish between "gender dysphoria" in a four or five year old child and attitudes and beliefs that the parents might hold? Parents see something on t.v. or read something online and they are convinced that their four year old girl is really "transgender".

    (5.) What happens when the girl starts puberty? After all, this is a biological female. This is going to be a very confusing time for the child.

    (6.) If the parents have the money and go with GnRH agonists at the start of puberty and follow it up with cross gender hormones at age 16, they are essentially sterilizing their own children. Don't tell me that there aren't ethical issues involved with parents deliberately choosing to make their children infertile. Besides, do we know the long term effects of GnRH agonists on developing adolescent bodies.

    (7.) Do parents realize that female children are never going to be male. Testosterone doesn't make females male. Females can grow a beard and develop muscles, but they still aren't male, and they have to take testosterone for life. Parents who label their four year old daughter "transgender" are basically setting her up for a life time of testosterone and surgery. There is an issue of PCOS in women who take testosterone for long periods of time and still have their ovaries and uterus. So, should the ovaries and uterus be removed?

    (8.) FTMs don't have male genitalia (penis, testicles) or a male reproductive system. "Bottom surgery" is very expensive. This is more surgery.


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