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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

Dax-Age 17

Cam-Age 18

Kim-Age 17

Dave-Age 15

Jay-Age 20

Beau-Age 18

Tyler-Age 18

Caleb-Age 17

Will-Age 19

None here old enough to legally drink, some not old enough to vote, none with fully developed brains and none in the medical community caring enough to see much beyond the sound of ching ching.




  1. This is the saddest thing going on today. Fifteen year old girls who say they are "trans" because they liked to play with Transformers and toy cars when they were five. Where do they get these ideas? It's coming from zillions of trans blogs and youtube videos.

    In reality, what we are witnessing is just a warmed over version of traditional sex roles being forced on girls. It's covered in a veneer of progressive coolness, but it's sexist to its very core. Girls have two options. They are either "girly girls" dressed in all pink, or they are "trans".

    How many people have heard of the 2007 movie called "The Gendercator"? This film was way ahead of its time. This is exactly what is going on. For males, it's Macho Man, and for females it's Barbie Babe. Boys and girls who don't fit neatly into traditional sex based stereotypes are sent to the "Gendercator" for treatment.

    Spooky and Orwellian has come home to roost. The Gendercator is for real.

    I actually feel sorry for these girls.

  2. The female known as Dax talks about how easy it is to get "T". These are synthetic hormones that are given to a teenage girl.

    What parents would do this to their female child? The "T" will be followed by "top surgery" in which this female will undergo a double mastectomy. A life time of hormones and surgery is better than having a female child who is different.

  3. I'm not sure what's going on with their parents.

    If the teen is 18, the parents can't stop them.

    The parents may not know if the kids are getting hormones illegally.

    I've read some blogs by parents who sounded desperate to me. Their kids were depressed or suicidal or had eating disorders and someone told them transitioning was the solution.

    There's also a lot of pressure on parents to be good, tolerant, and understanding of their kids' identity and go along with this. Nobody is giving them the tools to question it except the conservative right.

  4. How dare you out these kids. It is not your right or place to display them in public. If this is how they choose to live their lives its none of your business. This is considered decimation of character. I don't care who you are or what you think you know its never your entitlement to do this to anoth person. These people go through enough and face enough danger in life without some moron like you blasting them and their lives like this. So what they're young, so what you don't agree with what they choose to do. It sounds to me like you yourself have had issues with wanting to or beginning to transition and were either bashed or led to believe you were wrong for it.

  5. She's not 'outing' anybody; all these girls have posted this genderist bullshit for the world to see!

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  7. I'd be a great butch role model, but for some reason im not famous..

  8. @April 8, 2014 at 9:24 AM

    How dare you out these kids. It is not your right or place to display them in public.

    They are displaying their own self on youtube. Who in his or her right mind thinks that youtube is some kind of special restricted club only open to paid members.

    These kids post youtube video after youtube video, and then they act surprised when people view their video.

    How dare you out these kids. It is not your right or place to display them in public.

    How dare the surgeons who mutilated and then euthanized Nancy/Nathan Verhelst not take responsibility for what they did. How dare transgender activists not take some responsibility for pushing "transitioning" on emotionally fragile people like Verhelst.

    How dare surgeons and trans activists not accept some responsibility for pushing the idea of "top surgery" on women. This is what botched "top surgery" looks like.

    Botched "top surgery"

    If this blog makes one teenage girl think twice before injecting herself with "T" or getting her breasts lopped off and her nipples whittled down to size, then it's worth it.

  9. Coming from one of the people in those videos, I take full responsibility for putting myself out in the open. I put myself out there to help others, and even myself.

    Now, I am not here to spread hate. I have no problem with anyone in the lgbtq community, including lesbians. Nor do the majority of other trans people. So the fact that you all are hating on trans people, it's just a little silly. But everyone has their opinions, as well as the right to express them.. So whatever.

    None of us are asking any of you to change in any way, we are only asking that you call us by different pronouns. All the change that is being done, we must do ourselves. Is that really that bad?

    And as for the lesbian thing, what if the trans man liked boys in the first place? Well, they obviously weren't lesbian in the first place. So that point is null. Sexuality and gender are two different things. Not saying that there aren't some people who may transition due to their sexual preference... But let's be a little honest, it is probably a little harder to come out as trans than it is to come out as lesbian or gay. And as a community as a whole, I don't think anyone should feel the necessity to come out to anyone. It's none of anyone's business. If you're gay, you're gay, you don't need to tell the world.

    As a final word, we are a community, a family... We should try to stick together. Your opinions are your opinions, but let us try to stop the hate. Some of these guys are depressed enough already, and even though they put themselves out there in the first place, you putting them on a site solely for public hate, that's just wrong. I don't care if they are lesbian, gay, straight, trans, cis, whatever... It really is just wrong. There is a difference between them putting their videos on youtube with a good heart, and someone putting them on a website for public hate.

  10. @ Beau

    It's not about hate. Think about it, yes, I'm sure it is much harder to come out as trans than to come out as lesbian. But which is harder to live everyday life as? A heterosexual man, or a gender non-conforming lesbian? Transitioning is the easy way out, an escape from dealing with the pressures of modern society. Tell me something, Beau, what is the difference between a man and a woman, if not genitalia?

  11. If you prefer wearing hoodies and baseball caps to showing off your tits and plucking your eyebrows you're a dude, duh!

  12. @superslayer

    Being a transgender person is not as easy as just turning into a man or a woman. In a general sense, yes. But trust me, it is much harder to live as trans than it is to live as gay or lesbian. And no, I am not saying it is easy to be gay or lesbian, because obviously neither are easy.

    For one, we go everyday doing our best to portray the gender we are, but were not born as. I am sure it is hard to be misgendered for anyone, but for a trans person it is devastating. A gay or lesbian person does not go about their day constantly thinking about who they love, just as a straight person does not. (Unless you are a sex addict or just a perv lol) No, we are not focused on love, we are focused on trying to get people to view us as we are. But to add on to that love subject. We have to deal with possibly falling in love with someone who will outright hate us because we are trans. Maybe a majority of people will accept trans people, but it is more than likely that a majority of people would not actually have a relationship with someone who is trans. That is hard to deal with.

    Secondly, and I am sure there are gays/lesbians that go through this as well, but in some areas we must live with fear. Fear of being outted and then being raped, murdered, etc. And yes, in a general sense, so does everyone else, but as a trans person, there is a lot more hate to deal with. A lot more people who don't understand, who aren't educated, and will react in a much worse way. Boys Don't Cry, a true story, albeit a bit dramatized because it is a movie, is a good example.

    As for the nonconforming lesbian part. Imagine a transgendered male who does not pass well in public. That male will appear to the public as a lesbian dating another woman. So in my eyes being a lesbian is not any harder than being a trans man. For one, it is devastating for a transgendered person to be mistaken for their natural born gender. For two, if he does not pass then he going through the same thing that a lesbian is going through as being seen as a non conforming lesbian.

    Also, as Dirt explained in one of her posts, going to the public bathroom is very hard. I am sure it is tough for some butch lesbians to go into a public restroom. Imagine the fear of a trans male walking into a men's restroom. Again, if outted, they may get beaten up, raped, murdered. It's unsafe because we are not born with the natural muscle that cis males are. Much harder to defend ourselves. On the opposite spectrum, if a trans woman walks into a woman's bathroom and a cis woman reacts poorly, god knows if a group of males will beat the shit out of her, rape her, and then murder her. And then maybe we aren't comfortable yet with going into our preferred gender's restroom because we don't pass well, so we go into our gender born restroom... You can imagine how that feels if you are a butch lesbian who gets mis gendered in a female restroom.

    (Part 1)

  13. @superslayer

    As for an easy way out, I can assure you that transitioning is not an easy way out. Not even close. Being a trans male is not just about being masculine and macho and blah blah blah. It's simply about being a man. Not every man likes to work out, or have short hair, or chase after the ladies, or wear super masculine clothing, or whatever else is gender stereotypical for a male. Not every male is the same, just as not every trans male is the same. And we have to live with that. By being different, and not stereotypical, a trans male has to deal with maybe not passing, getting hate from you all because butch lesbians are "more masculine", and even getting hate within the trans community for not being trans enough. Paying for transitioning is not that cheap either lol. Granted, some are comfortable enough with themselves that they don't need testosterone, or top surgery, or bottom surgery, or maybe nothing at all! (And good for them by the way) But for those of us that do, the amount of doctor's appointments and the amount of money we have to spend is hard to deal with. As far as I know, besides maybe seeking out some counseling, being gay/lesbian does not cost any extra money. And with transitioning comes being seen as a young boy when we are actually much older than we appear. We could be in our 20s and just be hitting "puberty" as a cis male would have gone through puberty years ago. Imagine being a 20 year old male and still having your voice crack...

    Genitalia, genitalia, genitalia... Yes, for close minded people that is the only difference between a man and a woman. I would hope that those interested in the well being of the lgbtq community are worried about things other than just genitalia, and more importantly, are not close minded. Being a man is more than just having balls and a shlong. It's a persona, it's being the man of the house, it's being able to hang out with the guys, it being able to take off my shirt without having to look down and cover up... It is just so much more than genitalia, and honestly it is a little hard to explain these feelings through text and words.

    And the last thing is this. If this is not about hate, then why on earth does she feel the need to put our videos on this blog? What is there to be gained out of that, besides people seeing them and then hating on it.

    (part 2)

  14. Being a man is more than just having balls and a shlong. It's a persona, it's being the man of the house, it's being able to hang out with the guys, it being able to take off my shirt without having to look down and cover up...

  15. Beau Gabriel - I think the point of the videos is to get people thinking about whether or not transition is a good thing. It lets people outside young transitioners know what is going on.

    The people commenting on this site don't say critical or hateful things about the people in the videos. If you've seen anything hateful said about them, what is it?

    I don't fully like it, but I think ultimately if you put a video up on YouTube, you have to be ready for absolutely anyone anywhere to see it and to disagree with you. If you don't want that, it would be best to take your videos down. Actually, I would advise any of you to take your videos down.

  16. @Beau Gabriel again - Lesbians face many of the problems you talk about for transmen, particularly if they are butch lesbians. Transitioning is a process and at the end, people hope to pass as the other gender and not face those problems.

    Many lesbians had to work through some of these issues as they were growing up.

    There are problems trans men face that lesbians don't - health risks, damaging your body, possibly losing your fertility, surgery, etc. If someone can work through some of the stigma of being a lesbian, then they may not need to transition.

  17. "If someone can work through some of the stigma of being a lesbian, then they may not need to transition."
    And not just the stigma of being (or being perceived as) a lesbian, but being any kind female who doesn't 'perform' in the 'proper' way, or really just being female in general!

  18. Good point superslayer...

    Think about it, yes, I'm sure it is much harder to come out as trans than to come out as lesbian. But which is harder to live everyday life as? A heterosexual man, or a gender non-conforming lesbian?

    Beau says,

    "it is much harder to live as trans than it is to live as gay or lesbian"

    No, beau has it backwards. By relinqueshing their membership in the female sex and dumping the Lez or Dyke label, they step up in social standing.

    So, Beau thinks it's far easier to be trans than gay or lesbian.

    In Iran it's much easier to be transsexual (the Iranian government will even pay for sex reassignment surgery). Homosexuals are executed.

    So the fact that you all are hating on trans people, it's just a little silly.

    There isn't enough room in this little blog to list all the ways in which cultures throughout time have oppressed and brutalized women in one form of another.

    Since Beau says, "you all are hating on trans people", the mutilation of healthy female anatomy could be viewed as a form of violence being carried out on the female sex. It's not like there isn't a thousand plus year history of mutilating female bodies in one way or another.


    "By being different, and not stereotypical, a trans male has to deal with maybe not passing, getting hate from you all because butch lesbians are "more masculine", and even getting hate within the trans community for not being trans enough."

    Butch lesbians are not "masculine". They are just butch lesbians. The way that butch lesbians define themselves is entirely different than the way trans people see them. Since trans people are wedded to sex stereotypes, they think that anything outside gender boundaries means people must be "trans". The little girl who has short hair and plays with trucks must be "trans". No, she is just a girl who rejects "femininity" that society forces on girls.

    Beau is afraid that someone might think she is a lesbian when she is seen in public with a woman. Horrific and terrifying thought!

    How horrid to be thought of as a lesbian. They are born female, and no amount of "T" or surgery will completely change a female into a male. Because they are still female even after the surgery, biological females who "transition" will never know how males feel when they are sexually aroused. The anatomy and biology is too different. In their minds, these female convince themselves that they are "men". Since they are "men" (they really aren't men, but they think they are), when they are with another woman, they are "men" as in straight men. Even if they still have a vagina, uterus, and ovaries, they are still "men". They are still females, which would make them lesbian.

    "As for the nonconforming lesbian part. Imagine a transgendered male who does not pass well in public. That male will appear to the public as a lesbian dating another woman. " **I don't want ANYONE to think I'm a lez.

    This is what is really bothering her. If I don't "pass" when I'm with my girlfriend, they might think I'm a damn dyke or something.

  19. "If someone can work through some of the stigma of being a lesbian, then they may not need to transition."

    Good point...

    Something akin to lesbian eugenics has been going on for some time. People know it, but it's an open secret that people refuse to even discuss. We know it's going on, but people prefer not to talk about it. That is, it's places like this blog.

    Even if they "transition", they aren't going to be completely male.

  20. Genitalia, genitalia, genitalia... Yes, for close minded people that is the only difference between a man and a woman

    Gender, Gender, Gender,...Yes, for close minded people that is the only difference between a man an a woman. Now, we get to the good part where they have to define "gender identity", and do this without bringing up the notion of traditional sex roles and what constitutes "femininity" and "masculinity". A girl acts this way, and a boy acts another way.

    A female who rejects traditional sex roles is just that. She is not "trans", or a "boy".

    Gender (sex roles or stereotypes of "masculinity" and "femininity") need to be abolished not artificially propped up.

    "Transitioning" kids who reject traditional sex roles is just another form of reinforcing sex stereotypes.

    Gender is subjective, but biological sex is a reality.

    It's just not genitals. It's DNA, mitochondrial DNA, and the fact that we are primates.

    There is nothing wrong or shameful about the human body. Males and females are different. We are a sexual dimorphic species. All primates, both human and non-human, reproduce sexually. All primates are 90% genetically similar.

    Sex is quantifiable whereas "gender identity" is subjective. Don't bring up rare DSD (disorders of sexual development) because this is NOT the same thing as transgender. The vast majority of trans identified people have to disorder of sexual development.

  21. typo....sorry

    The vast majority of trans identified people have no disorder of sexual development.

  22. "It's a persona, it's being the man of the house, it's being able to hang out with the guys,"

    Being male is a "persona". How does he define persona? Isn't this just a collection of attributes that are socially considered "male". This sounds a lot like another version of what people refer to as sex stereotypes.

  23. Beau, I hope people here haven't been giving you a hard time.

    You are a beautiful young woman, and you don't have to breast bind or mutilate your female body.

  24. Still waiting for any trans advocate to explain what man and woman are. So far I've got "persona" and "man in the house." I don't think 2014 is going to be the year that I finally get an answer out of them.

  25. Wow, so many anons... Before I even start replying to you all, let's just agree that none of you will ever change my mind and I obviously will never change any of your minds. So arguing really is pointless. But since the majority of you did not respond with outright hate, and I do enjoy a nice argumentative conversation, I will continue on.
    And I apologize for the brevity of my replies, but there are too many of you to reply to lol.

    @e: that's not an argument... So...?
    @Anon 1: I already addressed that I put myself out there in the first place, so that's null. And I will not take my videos down just because someone disagrees with my lifestyle. I realize that it will be a rare occasion when I do something that absolutely everyone will agree with.
    @Anon 2: I mentioned how lesbians deal with many of the same problems, so that also null. And it's not the stigma of being lesbian that makes us want to transition. We transition because we feel male, not because of our sexual preference. That goes back to me saying that some trans men prefer males before and after they transition.
    @Anon 3: that's the same argument as the last, so same response to you.
    @Anon 4: stepping up in the social standing doesn't make it easy. I am not in Iran, and something tells me that neither are you. My government does not pay for my transition. And no, we are not mutilating every female body, only doing to OUR bodies what we want.
    There was a comment in either this blog or that last where a butch lesbian made the argument about butches and masculinity. So address her on that thought process. I fully admit that I have no idea how butch lesbians view themselves. I have never identified as a lesbian.
    I don't care if someone thinks I am a lesbian. Many people have asked me if I am a lesbian, and not once was I offended, I only answered with a simple no. I have never had a girlfriend, so being seen in public with one is null. And it's not being seen in public as a lesbian... Never has been that. I just want to be seen as male.. That's all. It's not that bad. Has nothing to do with lesbians.
    Transitioning is not all about how males experience sexual pleasure. And in any case, pleasure is pleasure in my opinion.
    And for the second time, it's not about being seen as lesbian or dyke, it's about being misgendered in general.
    @Anon 5: don't really need to argue with you.
    @Anon 6: not how it works, and I have already said that. Not every male acts the same, nor does every female.
    "Gender is subjective, but biological sex is reality." I agree. But no where does it say that we can't change our bodies.
    @Anon 7: I define persona as how I present myself to others, or how they perceive me. My persona does not need to be gender stereotypical. But in a lot of cases, males do come off differently than a female.
    @Anon 8: even though I sense a hint of sarcasm... If they are trying to give me a hard time, they aren't. I know none of these people, and I enjoy a nice argument, as long as points are valid and not just blind hate. And I bind because it makes me more comfortable with myself. I can be beautiful in any way that I choose.
    @Alignon: man- an adult human male. Woman- an adult human female. Happy? Man and woman describe gender. As one of "your" advocates said earlier, gender is subjective. That's how I view it.

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  28. 'Persona'
    Latin, literally ‘mask, character played by an actor.’
    Maybe you should drop it and free yourself.
    The whole notion of transgenderism is sufficating.

  29. Hi Beau,

    It's good to see how polite and well spoken you are, you seem to be a cool person.
    We don't hate FTM's, we just worry about young people making life changing dicisions in a stage in life when they don't view things as they really are.
    I was young once and OMG, I can't believe the things I thought at that time. And I was so convinced!
    I'm 52 now and learned a lot in life. My view on things has changed more then once.

    If I was your age now, I bet I would have been an FTM. IIt's tempting and YouTube makes you believe that there's a loving community around. It almost looks normal and the right thing to do when you don't feel feminine.
    But now at this age, I know that it wouldn't have worked out. I can rebel against traditional sex roles and be who I wanna be. I do probably all the things you do (skateboarding/riding a motorbike/wearing man's clothes/gaming/etc), but I do it as a woman. And that's a cool thing to do, because I learned to be me. Healthy and in a undamaged body.

    That trans community / family what you described will dron you in an instant if you decide to detranstition. They will even hate you for it. All good friend: poof, gone in a sec.
    Google Heath Atom Russell and view her interview about it. It's for a reason that she's a feminist now.

    I try to be the man in the house too. But my girlfriend doesn't let me. LOL

  30. @Kate Eats: Lol, well it is not like I can just go out and get a girlfriend lol. It is rare that I get close to anyone, or let them get close enough to me personally that I would date them. I don't know why, that's just how I have always been. And I appreciate you thinking I am cute as I am, but like I said early, I can try to be attractive in any way I choose. And I realize that there will be parts of my body that will still be female, but I don't have to view it that way. I just have to have a positive outlook on how I view myself. I am my own man.
    @Anon: I am not having an argument about gender/sexuality over the word persona.
    @Big: Thank you. Like I said, I am not here to spread or influence hate.
    So if an older and more wise person, who has had plenty of time to think about it, decides to transition, would you be ok about it then?
    And I am happy for you, that you have become comfortable with yourself. That is important for everyone, no matter who/what you are or how you identify. Seriously, I wish I could be as comfortable as you are you with yourself as a female, but regrettably I am not. It just doesn't feel right to me, and it has nothing to do with sexuality or being seen as lesbian. I just always think of myself as a man. I remember as a young teen growing up, and even at younger ages, I would catch myself thinking about myself and already thinking I was a boy, until the reality hit me of course lol. And after catching myself thinking these things, I would always be hurt and confused.. so transitioning for me really is a no brainer. Whether or not I get testosterone or any surgeries, being viewed as a male is much more natural and comfortable for me. I have to try to be viewed as a female, being male just comes to me, as it always has.
    And yes, I realize that there is hate within the trans community. There will be hate everywhere, and no matter how hard anyone tries, that will never change.
    And LOL, about your girlfriend... In a way, they always will somewhat be the man of the house, because women are always right lol.

  31. So if an older and more wise person, who has had plenty of time to think about it, decides to transition, would you be ok about it then?

    Yes, that would be okay with me. As a grown up you're more capable to make a life changing decision.
    You're so young, Beau. You even have to ask your mom for a short haircut.

    Many of us older lesbians wanted to be boys at a young age, we know how it's like. But we learned that it's not the biological malesness we wanted, but the things boys do. Our society gives girls/women a hard time when forcing feminine roles upon us we don't want.

    Have you read the Why I Haven't Transition stories on this blog? They're in the upper right, can't hurt to read them. ;)

  32. @Big: Lol, no, I did not have to ask her to get a short haircut. Under my current circumstances, which you can probably find in one of my videos, I do not have a lot of money. So for one, I was asking her to give me some money for a haircut, which at first she wouldn't do. Secondly, also due to my current circumstances, tensions are very high with my parents and I. (nothing gender related) I did not want to get my hair cut short and raise any unnecessary tension. Asking her if I could get one was kind of my way to see how they would react... which they still didn't react well, lol. But that is besides the point. Point is that I have tried to suppress these feelings that I get of being in the wrong body, for many, many years. But my feelings have never changed, and it has really only left me unhappy. The happiest I have ever been is right now, because like you, I have accepted who I am. I no longer feel shame in acting like a male, and even better, passing as one.

    And no, I have not read any from this blog specifically. However, I have watched/read about some trans men who still identify as male, but did not go through a physical transition. But I am open to many things, so I may just read a couple.

    And believe me, I understand that I do not know everything. As young as I am, I will never make all of the right choices. But I am also mature beyond my years, as well as responsible. Not to toot my own horn or anything, lol. In my 18 years, not once have I taken a sip of alcohol nor done any drugs. Not once have I been in trouble with the law, or any higher authority for that matter. At the age of 17, I moved away from my home and attended the United States Military Academy at West Point... granted, I am on a medical leave due to suicidal/depression issues. The point is, I am very wary to make any huge life changing decisions, and I try to always do the right thing. And like I said, never will I always make the right choice. But this is something that I have considered long and hard about. But nothing in my life has ever been more clear than this decision here, to begin my transition.

  33. from what I've seen, suicidal & depressive feelings are not remedied by 'gender reassignment;' in fact they oftentimes seem to increase during a lifetime of having to pretend...
    from someone who would definitely be diagnosed with gender crap if she'd been born 20 years later (age 40, still mistaken for young male regularly and amused not offended by it) ('transmen' my age are already plump and bald so beware)

  34. Ah, that explains the haircut! LOL

    I'm sorry to hear about your medical leave due to suicidal/depression issues, that must be hard for you. I can't imagine what it's like. I hope you feel better soon. Big hugs for you.

    I hear so many FTM's about depressions and simular complaints. I always wondered about it, do people get these complaints when they transition, or do people who suffer from it fall for the transition trap sooner?

    I'm glad you're wary about your choices. Going on the trans path is a very dangerous one. There aren't enough studies about women on synthetic testosterone on the long term, but we do know that it causes cancer and heart/blood problems.
    As an FTM you have to take testosterone for the rest of your life and that's very risky and dangerous, Beau.

  35. You people are so fucking full of shit. Testosterone does not "cause" cancer and lesbians have a bigtime obesity problem. Like, don't even fucking try to make a point if you can't acknowlege other incontrovertible truths which fly in the face of your viewpoint.

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  37. @e: my suicidal ideations and depression are hardly caused by how I feel about my body/gender. How I feel about my body/gender adds minimal stress/suicidal ideation. My point in mentioning that my mental status has improved since accepting who I am, was just that. Accepting who I am has helped me tremendously, not made me worse. And we don't live a life of "pretend". We are only being who we want, and not thinking twice about it.
    @Big: Thank you for your concerns and get wells. But like I told the last person, my depression/suicidal ideations are not caused by being transgender or wanting to transition.
    And sure, a simple google search could tell you about any harms or possible side effects from taking Testosterone, but there are risks with everything. And when something is that important to you, well, you may just have to deal with the risks.
    @Kate Eats: Yes, I am aware of the risks. Refer to my last answer on how I feel about it. As for the law suits.. lol, people will try to bring up law suits about anything to get money these days. Ambien has many law suits right now, but I still take it because without it I will go all night without a minute of sleep. Baldness, skin acne, and weight gain is something that everyday people deal with... I deal with pretty bad acne as it is lol. had horrible acne in the early teen years... yea, it sucked, but it not a life ender. And once again, I don't just get a gf to get a gf.. I take my relationships seriously. I will not get in a relationship just to see if I am ok with being a lesbian.

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  39. Thanks for talking, Beau.
    Like you stated earlier, both of us will not change how we think and that's okay.
    It's always good to hear other view points too then the ones we want to hear. I wish you all the best. :)


  41. Superslayer, how odd is that?
    That's pure dinial. Like it's a bad thing to be called a dyke.

  42. Beau Gabriel:
    "Being a man is more than just having balls and a shlong. It's a persona, it's being the man of the house, it's being able to hang out with the guys..."

    But Beau, it's precisely that "man of the house" thing, and "hanging out with the guys" (putting down women - 'cos that's what they do when they "hang out"), that's so offensive about men, not the overgrown clit that dangles between their legs.

    I was born male and accept it, but I refuse to call myself a man, precisely because of all the sociological connotations that you seem to embrace. Do you WANT to subjugate and oppress women: that's what being a "man" is all about.

    I know I'll be crossing all kinds of lines, and it shouldn't be me, a male person, who says it, and I'm also conscious that you're young enough to be my grandchild, God forgive me, BUT I honestly find it difficult to distinguish between a woman who really wants to be a man and a Jew who wants to be a Nazi.
    There, I've said it. Now I wait for the shit to be flung from all sides.

  43. Whoever posted this I just want everyone to know that I'm not even Transitioning. For your information. I'm old enough to drink and vote. Because I live in new Zealand and you shouldn't post things about people who you don't know. I'm reporting this to the police. So take this blog down. Now!

  44. Woooo! The police are gonna be sooooo mad at you dirt! Aw dayuuumm

  45. hope you like this haters! <

  46. Beau,
    Wow, you're my new hero. I'm at least ten years older than you and you have loads more courage than I do. It was nice to see an actual mature and (mostly) respectful conversation on here for once. Tolerance or acceptance can never happen unless we have these difficult conversations.

  47. superslayer, obviously someone hasnt done her research on the Fair Use Act!

    And Bo my dear, when I peer into my own little personal black obsidian within, it tells me that beyond you being a self hating dyke, you wont last more than 2 years on T before detransitioning. Like many female transitioners before you Bo, you will quietly, shamefully remove yourself from all things trans, but not before (sadly before) your body havssuffered permanent damages.

    But as I have written in a recent post here Bo, when you come to terms with your lesbianism, and you will. There is still a place for you at our table. I'll be sure to keep your seat warm.



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