Butch Lesbians and Upcoming Posts

In lieu of the responses I received from both Butches and especially Femmes over the Passive Femme posts here and here I'm going to do a series of posts on Butch lesbians over the next week or two. I'm going to list the post's titles here with a brief description of each. If you are a Butch and would like to share experiences you have had that you feel relate to any/all of these posts, email me at thedirtfromdirt@yahoo.com and I might include some excerpts from them. With permissions of course.

1) Butch-The Colour Pink-Dolls, Dress and Dichotomy: This post will explore Butch feelings/experiences in early childhood/childhood and the duality of living a girl-boy-hood. Also how that duality sets up young Butches to develop female shame/dysphoria when they reach puberty.

2) Butch-Puberty-Dysphoria and Depression: In this post I'll explore how puberty (development of breasts/hips and beginnings of periods) slam young Butches into a wall of femaleness we had hoped/prayed would elude us and how that shame seeps into everything.

3) Butch-Butch Sexuality-Stoneness: This post will explore with brutal ashamed and unashamed honesty, Butch lesbian sexuality. How Butch lesbians feel about various types of sex/touching. How Butch lesbians get to different plateaus of sexual intimacy. And what in Butch lesbian experience/psychology informed these sexual plateaus of sex/intimacy. Can all Butch lesbians get to the top plateau?

Again to Butch readers or those who might pass this on to a Butch lesbian, if you want to share something that pertains to any of the posts described above, email me by next week Friday. 



  1. Hey dirt.
    I just thought that maybe U might want to give the transguys a break for one post and comment on this news story, because its WAY more important than transguys, its just downright absurd and wrong. And it could happen to any Butch kid.


    Shockin stuff.

  2. I am really looking forward to these posts.

  3. It's great to see you blog about alternatives voor F4T, it such a possitive vibe.

  4. Not only do we have so called "Christians" going after the LGBT community but now we others in the LGBT community going after eachother?! And exactly what makes you think you know every individual person to stereotype them?? How do you know how the act or what they like? Anymore all we have is eachother until we get ignorant people like you that think you know it all! It's already bad enough that we have people already labeling the LGBT community in negative ways and oh here come "intelligent lesbian" to say the day with there labels and bullcrap!!! Maybe you should just stop where you are and save yourself from looking any worse!!!

  5. I know who I am and I know the labels that describe me, Femme, lesbian, only dates butch lesbian. I got critiszed today because apparently knowing my labels means I don't know there are other types of people. Make any sense? It doesn't to me. People like this in the LGBT community don't even know what they are arguing or why they are arguing.. They 'think' they do.. They are robotic. In goes commands, out comes noise... They are not even THINKING. It's input - output. No thought in-between. Thank goodness for intelligent lesbians such as Dirt, who

    1. ....actually use their brains.

  6. Somewhat off-topic, but this is a good rant about beauty standards, especially het beauty standards:


    It is by a trans woman, if that is an issue.


  7. "Anonymous Samantha said...
    I know who I am and I know the labels that describe me"

    Labels are for sticking on baggage.


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