DC 0-3/R Where Infants and Toddlers Meet "Mental Disorder"

DC 0-3 is the Diagnostic Classification of Mental Health and Developmental Disorders of Infancy and Early Childhood 1994 and the DC 0-3R is the revised addition 2005.

The DC 0-3 came about as a result of various incarnations of the DSM including the tick box diagnosis of mental illness the DSM is notorious for. The DC 0-3 uses similar behavioural criteria to diagnose mental disorders from infants to children age three.

Some general info about the DC 0-3 and DC 0-3R:

"The first version, DC: 0-3, was published in 1994 to address the need for a systematic approach to the classification of disorders in the first few years of life".

"Revisions to the DC 0-3 were published in 2005 to account for the evolution of the classification system from the time when it was first published in 1994".

Like the DSM, the DC 0-3 grew in its classifications of mental disorders among infants and small children. Read that again. Given there is no organic criteria for mental disorders, no test that can tell if a brain is producing too much of one thing or not enough of another.
Add to that the pre-verbal state of infants and barely verbal ability of small children, then ask yourself how are clinicians diagnosing mental disorders in 0-3's when they cannot even legitimately diagnose them in adults! Where they are like adults? There are HUGE dividends to be made! Therefore mental disorders grew between the DC 0-3 (1994-2005) and DC 03R! More mental disorders equals more infants/children being diagnosed and more diagnosis equals more money!
Included in the 1994 edition of the DC 0-3:

Were this not so insane, and were we not living in the tightly wrapped/warped Gender Straight Jacket that diagnoses behaviours that deviate from the norm, this nonsense would be laughable. I hope there are lesbians reading this, and I hope you think of how you would feel in twenty years time as a newly out lesbian trying to find the yin to your yang when 99.9% of the yins have been transitioned as infants or toddlers!

Now lets take a quick look at a statement made in the DC 0-3R:
So between 1994 and 2005 it was A okay to diagnose/transition infants/children with GID, BUT in 2005 the board decided " no evidence for its meaningful classification in the early years."

 And YET the DSM 5 clinician team decided in 2013 to reinstate:
Undoubtedly the mega success of Trans Trending among (particularly) lesbian youth, reaching now pre-teen lesbians was enough encouragement for the DSM clinicians to take a new vote to reelect GID back into the DSM (5) under a not so pseudo pseudonym Gender Dysphoria. And yes, you did read that write, VOTED into the DSM:
Pathologising behaviour has been and remains the belly, bones and soul of psychiatry. Gays and particularly lesbians (because we're both female AND lesbian) historically/presently remain a prime targets in psychiatry's sites. But today, there are new weapons for gay/lesbian mass destruction, sniffing us out in our cribs so it can snuff us out before we can even form a complete sentence. Obliterating large portions of future gay/lesbian populations, while today gay men and lesbians busy themselves with the picking out of the right tux or wedding dress that they hope will garner them a seat at the table of hetero-patriarchy. But no seat exists when you were invited in the first place!


Butch Bathroom Blues

There is a general malaise that occurs before, during and sometimes even after a Butch lesbian uses a public "ladies" room. Depending on IF a Butch encounters any women in the bathroom, that malaise can quickly turn from malaise, to intense shame, embarrassment, even anger. That abrupt change is dependent upon how the Butch is viewed by other women in the "ladies" and how those women react to their perception of said Butch. Some women may walk into the "ladies" see a Butch washing her hands, then walk right back out and check the bathroom door symbol making sure she entered the correct bathroom. Some women choose to walk back in, some wait for the Butch to leave, some call security. This in a nutshell is the general experience Butches have when using public toilets.

Today I want to write about a different Butch bathroom experience, one that has yet to be written about publicly, discussed and in most cases even breathe of.

I work with all women, all straight and all well aware that I am not. I have worked there about a year and a half, and outside of a brief "getting to know" me period, get on quite well with everyone in my department. There is another department of mostly women, and via the lunchroom I have got to know them, also on quite friendly terms. Some folks from this other department have the option to leave at 3pm on Fridays. Today one of the younger gals from that department had opted to leave at three and was right in the middle of changing her blouse in the bathroom when I entered.

The young woman was standing in front of the mirror which is kitty corner to the door, as I walked in. For a moment she clearly thought a male had entered and quickly covered her breast in fear. I just as quickly averted my eyes and kinda jokingly said "dont worry I'm not lookin." The threat having been removed when she realized it was only me, regaining her composure she said laughing "Oh I dont care if you look, you have boobs too." Here in lies the greatest horror for Butch lesbians and our bathroom blues, for that brief moment Josie, lets call her, thought I was not merely a male, BUT worse, a male entering the private domain of females, the ladies. In other words, a potential threat/rapist.

The worst part of carrying female the way Butch lesbians do, is passing. Because every time we pass for male, we get lumped in with the creators and maintainers of rape and rape culture, violence and the violence against women and children. It is a thought most Butches put in the farthest corners of our minds, choosing to deal instead with only the immediate issue of passing, invisibility for who/what we really are, women. But we Butches all occasionally see fear in the eyes and even footsteps of other women, when we have to use the public ladies or walk behind a woman on a darkening street. And we get a sick nauseating feeling in the pit of our gut and just want to disappear from all humankind.

This happened a week ago, I hadnt written about it sooner because I have been waiting for that sickening feeling to leave me, but it hasnt yet. And every time this week I saw Josie, I felt even sicker, knowing that I caused another woman to fear being raped. That the way I carry female in a rapist world, has the capacity to align ME with rapist men and all the men whom maintain rape, which is ALL males!

This is one of the gravest issues with Butch Invisibility, because when Butches are not viewed as the women we are, we're viewed as the men we are not. Passing isnt a privilege if you're a woman, it is an unspeakable burden branding Butch women with a big fat PR sign on our foreheads, Potential Rapist.

And before anyone jumps to the aid of males by declaring "women rape too", yes they do, females are good students of male violence and male powers that be. But as the power and authority of humankind, who taught males to rape?


Trans Trending-Lesbian Shame and Shame on the Lesbian Community

Clancy-Age 19

Charles-Age 15

Howie-Age 16

Ren-Age 19

Caden-Age 19

MD-Age 14

Tony-Age 16

Erin-Age (high school)

Nico-Age 18

With the slim exception of the occasional lesbian on TV (allowed visibility ONLY after she is deemed acceptable appearing by straight male TV/viewing standards and her mouth spews ONLY approved of topics) lesbians remain largely invisible in our culture. Once upon a time, lesbian communities had little recourse to help lesbian youth until young lesbians dared to come out and make their way to lesbian bars and other community dyke arenas. There lesbian youth found themselves, in older dykes who gently mentored and mothered them, instilling a lesbian pride that existed only in these small lesbian pockets through out the world.

Fifty years ago, at best the lack of visible lesbian role models created a sense of teenage loneliness, at worst a deep sense of lesbian shame that pushed young lesbians to drink and drug in effort to assuage that shame/loneliness, at the absolute worst, suicide. Today, with the world WIDE web and a thousand and one ways to access it 24/7 at the tips of every finger, lesbian communities around the globe should have already established good VISIBLE lesbian role models and plenty of them. Instead we are more disconnected from one another, just as invisible and promoting lesbian shame and living suicide toward our lesbian youths in the form of transition!

I remembering wearing one of these T-shirts during the AIDS crisis in the late 80's in order to show lesbian support of gay men suffering with HIV and support of preventing those not to get HIV. Within the Gay and Lesbian community, millions across the US alone took a stand with each other and against AIDS and the silence that surrounded AIDS. No gay group or lesbian group railed against other gays or lesbians who spoke out against how those with HIV were being negatively treated, how shitty government funding was for HIV drugs and research or how silence was spreading HIV/AIDS within the gay community. It would have been UNTHINKABLE for a gay or lesbian to ignore the AIDS crisis, to wish AIDS on another gay or lesbian, to wish a gay or lesbian good luck and pat them on their back for getting AIDS!

YET every time the Lesbian community ignores lesbians transitioning, high fives a lesbian and wishes her luck in her transition, promotes programs that transition lesbians this is exactly what she is doing. Today, RIGHT NOW silence in the Lesbian Community doesnt equal death, it equals transition!


Dodgeball-A Butch's Tale

Circa the first few weeks of 4th grade, new school, new kids, new teachers, new rules. I knew right away the gym teacher, Mr. Timney, didn't like me. I just didn't know why and wouldn't until I was an adult. We play Dodgeball on Fridays in gym class, sometimes Mr. Timney plays on a side as well. He's around 33, over 6' and maybe 175-180 pounds, reasonably fit. It’s obvious he prefers females to males, even as a 4th grader I could see that, except for me, he doesn't prefer me. When he plays Dodgeball he lobs the ball at the girls feet in order to try and get them out. If aiming for a boy, he winds the ball up and gives it his all, as if the power he puts behind the ball could not only force the boy out but obliterate him from the planet.

We play Dodgeball with a set of three balls, two larger more difficult to handle balls (especially with our small hands) and a smaller ball (which we can palm/handle). I'm pretty good, quick, agile and I throw hard and accurate. Its maybe a month into 4th grade, Timney is on a team, I'm on the opposite. It comes down to him and I. I have no balls, he gets his hands on the small ball. He looks me dead in the eye and says “If you're going to act like a boy, I'm going to treat you like boy”! Before I can contemplate the meaning of his words, he throws the ball at my head as hard as he can.

This is the ground I grew up on, where I recognize nothing. I'm looking everywhere for me, I look high, I look low, I look out into the mirror of society and like Dracula before me, I see nothing. That’s it then, I'm a vampire. Only instead of filling myself with the blood of others, this burden of invisibility is filled with the blood of myself. That’s where you come in. Amazingly, YOU see me! No one else does, but you do. It is through your eyes, the eyes of Femme that I finally find my reflection! Through your eyes, I learn for the first time, I exist! You give me back to me, and in handfuls and mouthfuls we give each other back. But invisibility is a hungry tireless beast, and when you place your hand in mine and we step together into the world, my invisibility joins with yours, invisiblizing us both.

Oh and by the way, Mr. Timney got his ball caught by a 4th grade girl for the first time and lost the game, I pray it wasn't the last.


Femme Desire-A Topic in Silence

This is a follow up post to the Dangers of a Passive Femme in response to the attempts to disrupt the conversation around Femme LESBIAN desire.

In my vast experience of Butch/Femme online, offline, over the line, under the line, even behind the lines that whenever the subject of Femme lesbian desire comes up and the conversation goes beyond the scope of on her back, bent over or mouth agape the discussion immediately takes a left turn, right turn or abruptly slams into a stop sign full stop! There are several different factions with similar self serving reasons whose barrage of silencing multiplicity has the sole aim to shut down dialogue. The visual image for this would be:
Briefly, here are the prime factions diluting, hampering or stifling the Femme desire conversation and the reasoning behind it-in no particular order:

Queer Femme: Queer femmes are straight women whom for individual reasons have temporarily taken a men-O-pause and whom have with straight privilege intact co-opted queer femme. Queer femmes generally seek out lesbian mates considered by them to be of a "mannish" persuasion. Most often lesbians of a butch variety and of these Butches only those suffering from a deep deep sense of female shame, lesbians who more times than not ID as "male-identified" and/or use male names/pronouns. Queer femmes mate with lesbians whose deep female shame prevents them from being made love to/receiving direct sexual contact in effort to escape any sense of lesbianism within the relationship and will often even encourage female/lesbian shame in their mate. In a word Lezbophobic!

You may be thinking, why would any queer femme give a ratz ass about who Femme lesbians fuck or any conversation to that affect? The reason queer femmes do care and will attempt to derail or close down dialogue whenever Femme desire veers from Pillow Princess to Pussy Pleaser is because it moves Femme squarely into the category of LESBIAN while at the same unearthing queer femme from the lesbian poser platform from which it resides.

On the flip side, are the sexually/emotionally dysfunctional lesbians that queer femmes date/sleep with/emotionally take hostage of. Lesbian mates of queer femmes are invested in shutting down topics of Femme LESBIAN desire with similar reasoning to that of their queer femme constabularies. These lesbians will police Femme desire topics whenever they arise, in order to arrest any Femme desire conversation from escaping into an area where Femme become lesbian. They do this to preserve their hope filled ideas of them NOT being real females/real lesbians by removing lesbianism FROM Femme. For these same mates of queer femmes have, do and desire to partner with Femme lesbians. There are even many whom will get past their female shame and in ways both she and her Femme lover are comfortable with, will allow/desire/beg her Femme lover to make love to her. But publicly will deny to her dying breath that she would EVER allow herself to succumb to a Femme's lesbian limp wristed touch.

When straight women (and in some cases straight men) pose as Femme or certain lesbians remove LESBIAN from Femme, then lesbianism itself becomes questionable beyond that of the mannish looking dyke. When the lovers of Femmes seek to remove LESBIAN from Femme, it doesnt merely undermine Femme as lesbian, it stains the fabric of Femme with the graffiti of Femme as the weaker sex. And in doing so circles right back 'round to strengthen the myth that Femmes are only fuck objects for mannish dykes or worse, spank wank for pornofied males.

There are smaller voices who add to the silencing of Femme as lesbian, but queer femmes and lesbians who partner with queer femmes/Femmes are the primary two. There are even Femmes who add to this silence and denial of Femme as lesbian out of their love for partners whose female shame runs too deep, these Femmes relinquish their owns needs to protect the misogynistic fears of their lovers.

Femme desire goes far beyond being flat on their backs and can quickly move with just a hot breath to putting YOU flat on yours! Femmes ARE lesbians and lesbian desire is Femme desire. A desire I have both feared and revered.


The Dangers of a Passive Femme

 Let me preface this post with this: If you are a Butch and the Femme you are dating doesnt actively take an interest in touching you beyond your clothes, sports bra, boxers or BC, then the person you are dating is NOT a lesbian.

I was recently asked from a reader about my feelings on "Femmes assuming a passive sexual role during sex with Butches." And by passive she didnt meant in a playful role playing kinda way, but either presuming all Butches have no sexual needs/desires (voiced or not) to be touched and/or a horror in touching Butch female bodies sexually. I briefly answered her, but told her I would expound on that answer with a public post.

Undoubtedly if your are an adult Femme you have encountered a Butch or two or three or...along the way whom has suffered from some degree of sexual/female shame. Equally without doubt, some of those Femmes erring on the side of caution have unwittingly harmed both the Butch partner whose feelings they were trying to protect and the healthy relationship they were trying to forge. Femmes new to Butch/Femme relationships and even some Femme veterans of them, whenever intimate expectations werent met and the relationship failed, Femmes often feel (in my best Ricky Ricardo imitation) "Lucy, WOT HOPPEND?"

What happens is the emotional intimacy born out of sexual intimacy within a potentially loving relationship is still born from singular sided sexual relations. And the lesbianism between a Butch lesbian and Femme lesbian empties into a dark cavern of nothingness.

Simply put, most Butches are going to protest to being touched sexually by a Femme no matter how bad they desire it. On the plus side, most Butches after feeling closer to a Femme will allow their Femme lover to make love to them. Sadly other Butches may suffer from female shame to such an extent they will recoil from a Femme's sexual touch and run from any possibility of a healthy intimate relationship, usually into the sterile bed of a straight woman in effort to deny their own womanhood.

But when Femmes do not reach beneath a Butch shirt or boxers seeking the lesbian connection both Butches and Femmes crave, its a rare Butch thats going to ask her to. And that touch both establishes and symbolizes the lesbian that Femmes are, and which is so often invisible in Femme make up. And that Femme touch when used in just the right way gives a Butch great pleasure while reassuring her this Femme hand or tongue cannot and will not UNbutch her.

This may seem to put undue pressure and responsibility onto a Femme, but until society is stripped from the Gender Straight Jacket, Butch lesbians will continue to develop female shame that requires Butch maturity AND a strong Femme hand to soothe.


Different Women Doing Woman Different: Carson McCullers

“Maybe when people longed for a thing that bad the longing made them trust in anything that might give it to them.”
― Carson McCullers, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
Carson McCullers is an American southern writer born 1917 in Columbus, Georgia. She published her first novel The Heart is a Lonely Hunter to critical acclaim, writing much of it while recovering from an illness, when she was only 23 years old.

McCullers used her fiction to give voice to the voiceless and invisible among us, or maybe just like us; the deaf mute, mental retard, poor black, nerd, lonely tomboy and all around freaks of society. McCullers was able to breath life into these characters because she was them, she lived the life of the misfit, the lonely, the perpetual outsider.

Like her character Frankie, who uses her brother's upcoming wedding as a wish fulfillment where she is no longer an outsider but finally part of something, a Member of the Wedding, or Mick Kelly, a lonely, sensitive short haired tomboy who dreams of a musical life beyond her poor simple upbringing and finds solace confiding in the wise deaf mute Mr Singer.

McCullers short life was a canvas of beauty, passion and a powerful sense of write/right, a canvas also painted with broad streaks of loneliness and illness. McCullers died at the age of 50 in 1967.

Carson McCullers went beyond carrying female differently, she created characters that carried female differently and whom continue to do so each and every time they are read anew. Through lonely precocious adolescent tomboys McCullers enabled some of us to feel a little less afraid, a little less lonely and little less alone in a conformist world.


Psychiatry: The Marketing of Madness-Transition NOT an Exception

This documentary is three hours long, if you have to watch it in pieces, do. But above all if you take ANY drug that in some way, shape or form was issued to you or someone you love BY the psychiatric community or been treated by any member of this community, WATCH.

In 2014 there remain absolutely ZERO scientific proof that even a single "disorder" in the current incarnation of the DSM (5) actually exists. And where illness doesnt exist, "treatment" for that illness should NOT exist OR be prescribed!

Real Disease vs. Mental “Disorder”
Psychiatric disorders are not medical diseases. There are no lab tests, brain scans, X-rays or chemical imbalance tests that can verify any mental disorder is a physical condition. This is not to say that people do not get depressed, or that people can’t experience emotional or mental duress, but psychiatry has repackaged these emotions and behaviors as “disease” in order to sell drugs. This is a brilliant marketing campaign, but it is not science.


Young Black Butch (Stud)/Femme Couple Murdered

Lesbian couple murdered and left near dumpster in Texas

I am absolutely gutted and outraged by this! That this young Butch/Femme couple were not merely fucking beaten to death, BUT that their sick fucking insecure assailant had to go the extra step and show the world just what he thinks of lesbians by dumping their limp bodies near a dumpster is ineffable!

If you are a lesbian and you have a lover's hand to hold, hold it just a little tighter tonight and remember these two young lesbian lovers whose lifeless hands will NEVER hold on each other hand again.



Trans FTM Regret-Trans Forgiveness

Searches from the past few days, hitting this blog alone:

There is a deep silent fear blazing among the forest of trans females who have fallen prey to the promise of a trans utopia. A fear that if they stop their transition, they will still find themselves outside the gates of the Lesbian Community and the hope of a lesbian future with a loving lesbian partner.

There is unquestionably aspects of transition that detransition cannot reverse. But even after years on testosterone, in a matter of months many aspects of testosterone changes will erased. Bodies are incredible and their natural instincts resume immediately once allowed. Tragically "top surgery" or hysto changes cannot be revered. Having had their breast removed is a huge fear trans females considering detransition face. The fear being how can a lesbian, a female attracted to the female body, "love me?"

Knowing lesbians who have had their breast removed for legitimate life or death reasons, who have loving lesbian partners who still find them attractive (in ALL aspects) is not only possible, it is a fact!
I cant tell you that every lesbian out there is going to find you attractive, but I cant tell any lesbian that. I can tell you that lesbian attraction is multidimensional. That once your brain and body are free of the influence of synthetic male hormones and you begin getting reacquainted or maybe for you, introduced properly for the first time with your lesbian spirit, you will soon discover the spirit of lesbian empathy and forgiveness, beginning first from within and later from without.

I think what we (the Lesbian Community) are seeing now and what we will see in the near future 10 fold, is akin in a small sense to what the wives and loved ones must surely have witnessed as WWI soldiers came back from the front. Only the enemy our women are fighting is in their minds, and the battle ground they are fighting on is their bodies. As lesbians come back from the Trans Front we need to let them know, they have a place. And when they are strong enough, give them a platform to tell their Trans war stories using their experiences to heal and stop future lesbians from falling for the Trans-Uncle-Sam propaganda of I Want You!

They are now only trickling back from the Trans Front, scruffy faced, aged, scarred with missing body parts, shell shocked....war worn. In the next years, they will come to us as they left us, in droves. But we (the Lesbian Community) have big hearts and strong hands, some of us are already holding out both. 


Different Women Doing Woman Different: Skyler Hero Mars Cooper

It is with great sadness and sorrow that I bring you this news, one of the few known Butches among us, Skyler Cooper is no more.
Skyler has succumbed to the dis/ease currently plaguing our lesbian youth (and a few oldies) world wide, transgenderism. Skyler said in a past interview regarding acting and being different "I had one bad experience that almost turned me away from theater altogether. My first theater coach said to me, 'You know you're going to have to not work out; you're going to have to change your body. You're a little too muscular to do this work.' Because I was old enough and wise enough when I started [acting classes], I knew I should stop seeing her. She was trying to tell me I can't be who I am." Skylar went on to say "If I'm going to do theater, I need to be who I am to see if I even love the craft. If the craft won't let me express myself and bring me and my talent to it, why would I want it in my life? I love this quote from [Russian actor] Stanislavsky: 'Love the art in yourself, not yourself in the art.'"

Whatever former commitment, confidence, integrity and character Skylar had in the past, it has been worn down to a thin nub. As a Butch myself I can certainly appreciate the frustrations Skylar has suffered in the tv/film industry. Having never seen a Butch lesbian in a major film, tv show, billboard or magazine would only be magnified as a Butch struggling to be the first. Even Skylar's Shakespearean regard for acting; an actor-is an actor-is an actor and no part is off limit regardless of sex/race or religion, has opened no doors for her.

It had to chap Skyler's hide, seeing the tidal wave of transgender films, tv and reality shows, flash-in-the-pan seeming successes of geriatric athlete/actors like Bruce Jenner performing porno parodies of constructed (social/medical/surgical) femininity, including murder while breezing down the highway, wind in his hair, singing along to Lady Gaga whilst putting on much too much mascara (eyes on the vanity mirror rather than the road) yet still achieving woMAN of the year and a reality hit show to boot.

Skyler once said "It's hot when a woman is strong — and not imitating a male." Somewhere Cooper stopped believing what she said.
"If I'm doing good work as an African-American butch woman, my peer group is going to see that, and it will bring credibility to a group of people who are often invisible."

Skyler Cooper Butch Lesbian, died recently. She has been replaced with a synthetically constructed prop, Hollywood style. But like all stage props, it is the actors who are remembered, not the gun they wield in their hand, the chair they sit their bum on or the bedspread ripped off and thrown onto the floor for a Lifetime love scene. Props arent invisible, but they are unremembered.

RIP Sklyer Butch Lesbian Woman Cooper


Happy International Women's Day 2014

International Women's Day 2014

From the website....

Women's equality has made positive gains but the world is still unequal. International Women's Day celebrates the social, political and economic achievements of women while focusing world attention on areas requiring further action.
Inspiring Change is the 2014 theme for our internationalwomensday.com global hub and encourages advocacy for women's advancement everywhere in every way. It calls for challenging the status quo for women's equality and vigilance inspiring positive change.
The vast array of communication channels, supportive spokespeople, equality research, campaigns and corporate responsibility initiatives means everyone can be an advocate inspiring change for women's advancement.
Each year International Women's Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8. The first International Women's Day was held in 1911. Thousands of events occur to mark the economic, political and social achievements of women. Organisations, governments, charities, educational institutions, women's groups, corporations and the media celebrate the day.
Some groups select their own International Women's Day theme, specific to their local context. For example, the European Parliament's 2013 theme was "Women's response to the crisis" and their 2012 theme "Equal pay for work of equal value".


Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

 Colton-Age 16

Landen-Age 14

DJ-Age 18

Tyler-Age 17

Sam-Age 18

Chris-Age 18

Trev-Age 20

Alex-Age 21

Jay-Age (teen)

The screencap above is of a few recent searches that found this blog. Clearly a parent who wasnt taking the trans rhetoric at face value and decided to look a little further. At least in this space they found some honest truths about the dangers of transition, including the misogyny and homophobia that is the underbelly of transition both medically and socially. Here's to hoping this too becomes a trend among trends.


FTM Regret-The REALity of Transition

Recently a young woman contacted me via this blog:

I immediately wrote her back asking what she needs/what can I do? Her reply:
I tried to stress to her two main points; that those who love/care for her will always love her, and that trying to squeeze herself into something she wasnt in the hope of feeling comfortable was what got her into this situation. She doesnt need to revisit that, she can carry female in ways that are comfortable for her, bugger the Gender Straight Jacket! And that she just might be surprised to find how differently people respond to her when she finds that comfortable spot. And most certainly that she is definitely NOT alone in this. I also asked her age and transition timeline, her reply:
She had suffered multiple mental struggles requiring hospitalization, and the medical community saw fit to remove her breast and put her on testosterone in a four month span straight from hospitalization! Why she developed anorexia wasnt examined, why she was cutting herself wasnt examined, all was ignorantly clinically PRESUMED to suddenly disappear once her living breast were murdered from her body and her body was pumped full of poisonous life shortening life threatening hormones!

We exchanged a few more emails. She said she felt better, a sense of hope and I believe her. She game me permission to use her brief trans-experience with the hope that it might help other young lesbians from traveling down the road that should NEVER be taken. But one thats been traveled so much in recent times it is now paved, scenic with signs everywhere ensuring the deadly destination be reached.


Missing Person Kristin Snyder: Lost in a Sea of Myths Pt 2

The next part in our forensic postmortem of the mockumentary The Lost Women of NXIVM will consist of dissecting the major proponents surrou...