Kelsey-Seybold Clinic Seeking Transition Info? Here? You betcha!

Thought this was interesting and worth sharing. Someone, presumably a medical person at a Kelsey-Seybold Clinic was seeking information, presumably for an (ftm) patient on detransition. The interesting thing being...1) a medical person used the internet to find medical information. 2) Said medical person sought answers for their detransition inquiries right here!


Different Women Doing Woman Different: I-Enjoy-Being-a-Girl Phranc!

When I was 19, I was in a record store flipping through some used records hoping to find a find. Flipping quickly through hundreds of records, in the P section I was stopped dead in my tracks by this:
Phranc. I stood in the record store staring, I couldnt stop looking. It was the first time in my life I had seen a women that I immediate thought "god I'd love to look like her!" The flat top, the soft heavy eyelids, the powerful strong jaw line, the emotion outlining her lips and the fierce sensitively wrapping her whole face. Of course I bought the record!

I think the first song I listened to that I liked was Amazons.

This song itself is completely inline with the Different Women Doing Woman Different posts. I suggest listening to this song and if you arent familiar with any of the women Phranc sings of, you should take some time and learn a little about each.

Phranc's cover of Bob Dylan's The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll
literally puts me in tears every time I hear it, her cover is by far the best EVER!

Phranc has long fancied herself as the All-American Jewish Lesbian Folksinger. While her Butch visibility was largely limited to the lesbian scene, she comfortably sang about Butch lesbian issues like the dreaded Butch bathroom problems in her song Bulldagger Swagger:

I went to the ladies room I had to pee
Why was everybody starrin’ at me?
A little girl giggled
A lady gasped
One woman almost had a heart attack

Phranc was the first and to my knowledge the last out spoken Butch singer to give voice to some of the difficulties Butch lesbians face, and even to jest about them in a shrug of just being herself, what else can you do.

Phranc was one of the few visible lesbians who showed other Butch women that being Butch didnt mean you werent a woman, but that you were a woman who carried female differently. And that being a woman, being female, wasnt at all something to be ashamed of. It was something that had its own strengths, beauty and power.

If anyone ever asks you whats the difference between a Butch and a dude, send them this pic! Butches, ALL woman ALL the time!

Thank you Phranc for showing me that!


The Trans Politic and the Rape of the Intersex Community

The Intersexed, those born with an assortment of interior/exterior and chromosomal mixing and matching-ness of male/female. They are not freaks, but routinely treated like freaks, beginning soon after delivery. The Intersex are wholly human, they are not breathing experiments born "unfinished" so that egomaniacal doKtors can take surgical pleasure in "finishing" them. Anymore than they are species of parental shame to be surgically assaulted in order to assuage parental embarrassment. No matter how their wholly human mix/match of male/female takes shape, rest assured the Intersex will carry themselves as mostly one sex or the other, IF left to grow into their NATURAL being. If THEY later choose to have surgeries it is their choice, not the choice of their parents and most certainly NOT the choice of some doKtor!

The Intersex has also shamelessly been, along with women, lesbians, gays and a growing assortment of other bodies, hijacked by the Trans Politic/community. By hijacking the Intersexed, trans political groups are reinforcing the idiotic notion that being Intersexed is a birth defect that needs correcting. In the handful of decades it has taken the Intersex to bring some small modicum of visibility and voice to their needs to just be who they are sans any hormones or surgeries, in less than a decade the Trans Politic (as they have done with feminist gains) have set the Intersex back to the starting line.

In very much the same way the Trans Politic had pressured the DSM to include diagnosing children with (GI), the green-light to transition, so that young white female fetishizing males might receive hormone blockers thereby (if they live long enough) halting puberty so that later on they may have a potentially better chance to "pass" as the object of their fetish (woman). And with no thought or care of the thousands of gay and lesbian children via this homophobic practice they're taking with them. So to has the Trans Politic disrupted, halted and set back Intersex progress in order to justify their mental fetishizing defect by reintroducing and then reinforcing Intersexism as birth defective!

As the Trans Politic is so fond of surgery, the GLb needs to surgically remove the T from the GLbT and replace it with I for Intersex and together we need to fight this common enemy that is ONLY invested in its masturbatory heights, at the price of our own destruction.


How do they Make Transmen?

Mr. Potato Head needs some help with a searcher's question:
Anyone care to help Mr Potato Head out?


Comments and Topics

Are there any topics that have spun off in the comments from other posts that you think should have a post devoted to them, so the subject doesnt remain buried in the comments of non-related post?



Different Women Doing Woman Different: Monique Wittig

To refuse to be a woman, however, does not mean that one has to become a man. 

Monique Wittig was born in 1935 in Alsace and later educated in Paris, she was a writer and feminist theorist. Wittig published her first novel (L'Opoponax) when she was 28, winning the prestigious Prix Médicis award. 

Les Guérillères was Wittig's next work published five years later. It is a ground breaking work for several reasons; throughout the work Wittig uses the French elles meaning they to refer to the dominant sex of the work which are women. In doing so Wittig empowers the women in her work by elevating them to elles/they, they being inclusive to men. See below:

For Wittig, gender in language is the "fictive sex." Linguistic gender marks social convention, she says in an essay entitled "The Mark of Gender," "cast[ing] sheaves of reality upon the social body, stamping it and violently shaping it." Thus, as women are marked by gender in language (particularly French), so are they marked in the social world, always particular, never universal as is "man." 
Other masculine conventions, such as the power of the phallus, are refused and examined for absurdity: "They do not say that vulvas with their elliptical shape are to be compared to suns, planets, innumerable galaxies.... They do not say that the vulva is the primal form which as such describes the world in all its extent, in all its movement. They do not in their discourses create conventional figures derived from these symbols."

Le Corps lesbien/The Lesbian Body was Wittig's next book, a further extension of Wittig trying to carve female/lesbian out of the by-male-for-male language (which is language itself) and which is all females have to work with still. Wittig has this to say about the construction of The Lesbian Body:

"So let's go back to my literary workshop, where I am with fire between my teeth and still nothing by my blank page. Suddenly giving me a big laugh (for one can laugh even in anguish) two words came in: Lesbian Body. Can you realize how hilarious it was for me? That is how the book started to exist: in irony. The body, a word whose gender is masculine in French with the word lesbian qualifying it. In other words "lesbian" by its proximity to "body" seemed to me to destabilize the general notion of the body....From these two words the whole book The Lesbian Body unraveled. Not in one piece, but little by little as one describes an armour. First the helmet, then the shoulders, then the breastpiece etc. Such was my "Lesbian Body," a kind of paradox but not really, a kind of joke but not really, a kind of impossibility but not really".

In trying to write about the moment by moment raw love between lesbians, Wittig literally stripped language and the body to the bone piece by bloody piece, "staying practical and pragmatic without sentimentality or romanticism". From The Lesbian Body:

"M/y clitoris m/y labia are touched by your hands. Through m/y vagina and m/y uterus you insert yourself breaking the membrane up to m/y intestines. Round your neck you place m/y duodenum pale-pink well-veined with blue. You unwind m/y yellow small intestine. So doing you speak of the odour of m/y damp organs, you speak of their consistence, you speak of their movements, you speak of their temperature. At this point you attempt to wrench out m/y kidneys. They resist you. You touch m/y green gallbladder. I have a deathly chill, I moan, I fall into an abyss, m/y head is awhirl, m/y heart is in m/y mouth, it feels as if m/y blood is all congealed in m/y arteries. You say nevertheless that you receive an enormous quantity of it on your hands. You speak of the colour of m/y organs. I cannot see them. I hear your voice hissing in m/y ears, I concentrate on listening to you. I see m/yself stretched out, all m/y entrails are unwound. I open m/y mouth to sing a cantata to the goddess m/y mother. M/y heart fails in this effort. I open m/y mouth, I admit your lips your tongue your palate, I prepare to die by your side adored monster while you cry incessantly about m./y ears".

In our current post modern age of (trans) Identity Politics, feminist groups routinely state that gender (woman) is a social construction. Wittig however was one of the first feminists to state the obvious and then go a step further by taking that obvious to its logical conclusion when she declared in her essay One is not Born a Women that "lesbians are NOT women."

Wittig died of a heart attack on January 3, 2003, she is survived by her partner and collaborator, Sande Zeig.

Wittig worked to escape the social constructs of femininity/woman in her writing transforming her life and the lives of lesbians from the bowels of the garbage heap man relegated them centuries ago to the heights of the beautiful the powerful and the unique. Wittig did woman differently because she realized she wasnt a woman, but a Lesbian.


Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

 Chris-Age 19

Jade-Age 22


Lewis-Age 15

Colin-Age 22

Adrian-Age (youth)

Theo-Age 16

Jesse-Age (youth)

Chuck-Age 18

Skye-Age 13

From an earlier google search today that found this blog:
Rarely, if ever even spoke about, let alone discussed and if even realized by females who transition is the Brobdingnagian level that the Male Gaze informs their desire to transition. Even those trans females who have voiced how shameful, disgusting and objectifying the Male Gaze or worse, male sexual violence made them feel, like the rest of their trans sisters, they too believed transition was a manly mask that would hide/shelter their femaleness forever. Instead, no matter how testosterone and surgeries has bent, distorted or perverted their femaleness, the Male Gaze merely twists their trans femaleness into another masturbatory consumerist fetish. 

Many who daily find their way to this blog do so via searching trans female pornography in some form. And in the last few years, I have seen those searches increase in frequency as well as vileness.

I just Googled "ftM porn" and here's what came out...

...over a million different possible results. Female transitioning isnt an escape from the Male Gaze into a more comfortable body space and place of being, its merely a more-things-change-the-more-things-stay-the-same for objectifying the female body no matter what shape it is carved into.With testosterone making performing for that Male Gaze more palatable to the females injecting it.


FTM Regret and the regret continues...

Blog searches from earlier today...
Going to try and be more diligent with documenting these searches, in effort and hope female transitioners wanting to stop their transition will know it is okay to stop, they are not alone and the road back to themselves is still visible.


Different Women Doing Woman Different: Renee Vivien

You for whom I wrote, O beautiful young women!
You alone whom I loved, will you reread my verse...?
Will you say, 'This woman had the ardor which eludes me ..
Why is she not alive? She would have loved me
Renee Vivien was born Pauline Mary Tarn in England on 1877. Pauline was educated in Paris, where when she turned nine, her father died and her mother forced her back to England, while also trying to declare Pauline insane in effort to collect Pauline's inheritance left to her from her father. She was made a ward of the state until the age of 21 when she legally came into her inheritance. Her youth was difficult and lonely and Pauline soothed her grief and loneliness with literature and poetry, in the reading and the writing of both.
Pauline moved back to Paris at age 21 and soon changed her name to Renee Vivien. She quickly met up with a childhood friend Violet Shillito who introduced Vivien to the American heiress Natalie Clifford Barney  who ran what would become a very famous salon for lesbians/artists of the day such as Colette, Joyce, Edna St Vincent Millay, Gertrude and Alice, TS Eliot, Isadora Duncan, Ezra Pound, Nancy Cunard, and Peggy Guggenheim, as well as Adrienne Monnier and Sylvia Beach, F Scott Fitzgerald, Caresse and Harry Crosby, Sinclair Lewis, and Janet Flanner. 

Vivien and Barney soon fell in love and had a very passionate affair. Renee however ended it due to Barney's affirmed open door policy to relationships, although she did pursue Vivien multiple times trying to get her back. Somewhere between the ups and downs of the relationship, Vivien's dear friend Violet died, forever leaving Vivien with intense feelings of guilt for being rapped up in Barney rather than the health of her friend. All this coincided with the publication of Vivien's first book of poems Études et Préludes.

Vivien continued to have very intense passionate affairs with women whom always let her down or left her. Perhaps Vivien sought these kinds of relationships out because they replayed over and over the losing of her father when she was nine, grief and loss being something Vivien knew intimately and maybe through revisiting intimately hoped one day to change the outcome. Sadly that day never came for Vivien, but these intense loves and losses did produced lasting beauty through the art of both Vivien's prose and poetry. Where Vivien's art failed to heal her broken heart, she self medicated with chloral hydrate and alcohol, both of which caused Vivien stomach issues. At the young age of 32, weak from not eating she contracted pneumonia and died in 1909. 

Despite the many emotional trials Vivien suffered, she produced 17 volumes of poetry and 16 volumes of prose. Vivien wore woman differently in several very pertinent ways, she was a poet when women werent poets, she was an out lesbian when even today in our time it still isnt safe and she outly and proudly wrote of her love for women. All of which has went to inspire future lesbians, to write to love and to hope in the absence of light. 


The Trans Politic and the Eradication of Biology

A comment from a few days ago...

First, any parent consenting to any aspect of transition, isnt a show of support, it is an acknowledgment of homophobia/lezbophobia, even if the child is straight.

Second and more to the point I wish to address, science worked diligently both morally and immorally for many centuries to arrive at and document the very basics of the sexed genetics of male/female. When the eugenic homophobic practice of transition in its infancy began in the 1930's, attempting to transition a masculine intersexed person into resembling a Gender Straight Jacketed female of the day (whom died from botched surgeries btw) it piqued the twisted cock response of female fetishizers far and wide.

In less than two decades female fetishizers employed society's/the medical community's homophobic fears/anxieties utilizing all three as it inched toward new masturbatory highs via transition. As these white straight men played the system, fabricating their homosexual natures, small numbers of actual gays and lesbians were being caught in flourishing transition bear traps. For the next twenty years female fetishizers used under ground snail mail groups and similar means to reach each other with the homosexual blueprint to medical transition.

Thence came the Stonewall rebellion that birthed an angry powerful we're-mad-as-hell-and-not-going-to-take-it anymore Gay and Lesbian Movement. And in less than four short years that movement forced the medical community to remove homosexuality from the DSMIII as a mental illness. The Gay and Lesbian Movement proved itself worthy of normality and some basic human rights. Gay and Lesbian money, work, blood, sweat and tears continued to pave the way for visibility and hopes of tolerance and equality. Our voices grew louder and female fetishizing groups took notice. In less than ten years from Stonewall, female fetishizing groups pressured larger gay and lesbian groups to add them to their/our movement. Siting those few gays and lesbians the transition nets captured while transitioning horny female fetishizers as a link to our "common" needs/goals etc.

Thirty some odd years later, not only have gay and lesbian needs been subsumed into the Trans Politic, but that Politic has rewritten common sense biology to such extremes that our gay and especially lesbian youths believe man can be bought off a shelf for the right price. The Trans Politic aka female fetishizers had no voice, masturbated in girls or women's clothes in the dark and in last century went largely unheard.

In the short time they latched onto the Gay and Lesbian Movement they have bullied gays and lesbians from the political arena, forced their way into lesbian spaces, encouraged gays and lesbians to transition in order to justify their own disordered thinking, put their cock issues over basic human rights and the needs of gays and lesbians, helped to pass the legal transitioning of gay and lesbian children, in some Nietzsche-like way declared BIOLOGY IS DEAD, and continue to legally bulldoze the legal system with erections of laws based on dangerous Gender Straight Jacketed behaviour aimed at giving these fetishizing males full masturbatory access to whatever few private female spaces there are left. Because once biology is legally struck down, expect soon to be sharing a public shower with a male stranger, dick optional.

Something to think the Twilight Zone.


When the Public Ladies Room Doesnt See You

While I have written on this subject a bit in the past, because it affects so many of us daily and deeply I will try to devote more time to it.

The public ladies restroom. What for most women is nothing more than a place to relieve themselves or check their make up can be a nightmare for others. Sometimes resulting in mere dirty looks, coerced embarrassed proof from called managers or physically being thrown from the ladies by doormen. All and all being treated as anything BUT a lady/human.

My first encounter and shame with the public ladies (girls) was kindergarten. The teacher (Miss Spencer) directed us to stand in a girl's line and a boy's line so as to use the girls/boys bathrooms. I clearly remember the deep embarrassment when some of the boys told me to get in their line, which I did, then the teacher corrected them/me by saying I was a girl and belonged in the girls line and had to use the girls bathroom. Leading both the girls and the boys to eye me with a confused suspicion, both in and out of the bathroom. From then on out I did my absolute best not to have to use the school bathrooms, sometimes ashamedly asking for the hall pass so I could go while classes were in session and the bathroom would be empty, other times running home as soon as school let out cuz I coulnt hold it much longer.

Little could I have guessed, later as an adult female, I would (and do) still do my best to avoid public bathrooms, and even in certain geographical areas have for my own safety (disgustingly) used the mens. If out with family, at a bar or a restaurant one of my nieces will always accompany me to the bathroom or one of their children "go with aunt lynn to the bathroom." One of my niece's daughters has on occasion yelled at other women in the bathroom when I've been given dirty/strange looks "SHE'S A GIRL!" Sometimes when alone I've yelled it myself when its caught me in a bad mood, when all I wanna do is get in and piss and get out and yet cannot. 

Some days it can really hurt you, other days, I dont give a fuck. And that by declaring "I'm a girl" hope to make some women think twice in the future before calling a manager in. Because honestly, I get the fear/threat of a potential man being in the ladies, but I also know if they looked just a little closer they would see the female I am and not the man they fear.

To my female readers who have trouble with the ladies, what are some of your experiences and how did/do they make you feel?


Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

Kay-Age 18

elliotstunes-Age 18

Alex-Age 18

Dean-Age 19

JeydonSkyler-Age 17

Mason-Age 20

Rev-Age (young)

Ben-Age 18

Dak-Age 18

When statistics are being grafted in the future about these times and the noticeable plunge in the lesbian population is noticed, it will be posts like these verifying that lesbians were still be made, by their parents, but then being UNmade by science to fit their gendered formulas.


Different Women Doing Woman Different: Radclyffe Hall

Radclyffe Hall British writer/poet (1880-1943). Hall is most noted for two things, that she was a lesbian and that she authored The Well of Loneliness. And somewhere between the two, Hall not only carried female differently, she tried through her work to convey both.

Hall was born in Bournemouth, England to wealthy angry unhappy and neglectful parents. Where she was neglected with love, she received instead in a good education, in both England and Germany. It was in Germany that a young adult Hall met the much older married with children/grand-children, Mabel Batten and fell in love. Batten encouraged Hall's writing, insisted on Hall dressing "masculine" and renamed Hall "John." Whether Batten's hardcore Catholicism kept her internalized lezbophobia (Sapphophobia) in check and man-making Hall was her way to deal with it. Or whether Batten's heterosexualism required Batten to man-make Hall so she could stomach the lesbianism of the relationship. Either way, it couldnt have been emotionally healthy for Hall who already suffered from an emotionally unhealthy relationship with her mother from the time she was born.

After a period of years in an unstable relationship with Batten, Hall fell in love with Batten's cousin Una Troubridge and after Batten's death in 1916, Hall and Una lived together and remained together until Hall's death, despite Hall cheating. Hall considered herself a congenital (sexual) invert, a condition derived from Krafft-Ebing and Havelock Ellis that likely came to Hall's attention when she was in Germany. Meaning a masculine brain inside a female body with masculine traits that is attracted to women. True inverts according to Krafft-Ebing/Ellis could only exist in females IF females held what they considered a certain internal/external masculinity. In simple terms, true inverts were women similar to yours truly! What they called "feminine" inverts, werent true inverts, their inversion (lesbianism) occurred due to external factors, as in they werent born lezzies! Umm yeah, the more things change the more things stay the same!

Hall used inversion to create the novel she is most remembered for, The Well of Loneliness. The main character Stephen is likely modeled after Hall herself. Hall utilized the novel to both assuage some of her own lesbian shame by justifying her attractions to women and in the hope of showing society that homosexuality wasnt a choice but something one is born and should be forgiven. Only trouble was, Hall filtered her understanding of herself and other lesbians she associated with through the homophobic lens of Krafft-Ebing/Ellis. Her main character hates herself, is unhappy, alien and even when she finds loves, pushes it away. The Well leaves the reader to think the sexual invert shouldnt be hated because her condition isnt her fault, but also her condition is so accursed nothing good, healthy or loving can ever come from it. For all its issues, the Well did something worth having the novel banned, burned and Hall put on trial for obscenity, Hall dared to write when referring to Stephen and Mary that "that night, they were not divided."

Radclyffe Hall carried female differently and she struggled to make some sense and understanding of why. Sadly her conclusions were drawn from straight men in power positions whose authority over rode her common sense, but not her bravery.


Missing Person Kristin Snyder: Lost in a Sea of Myths Pt 2

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