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A short list of young women making up today's female malady victims. The female malady merely changes as society/culture changes, sprouting new disorders and offering up new cures with each generation of women/psychiatrists/therapists. Each cure in each generation failing in their curative promises because the focus of the disorder remains on female victims, rather than the society that created them.

Change society, NOT yourself!


Female Transition & Performing for the Male Gaze through Transitioning

There isnt an instrument available to accurately measure the degree with which females are saturated with messages instructing female worth based on Male Gaze performances. Most females are completely unaware of just how much their daily lives (directly/indirectly) revolve around performing for the Male Gaze.

Anything from wearing tight ill fitting blouses/skirts, painfully walking in unhealthy/uncomfortable shoes, dieting, exercising, putting on make up, shaving, plucking, waxing, exfoliating, filing/gluing/polishing/paining nails, smiling, curling, combing, cutting, dyeing hair, bleaching assholes, cleansing or more extreme primping in the form of injections/surgeries such as nose jobs, lip jobs, butt jobs, vagina/labia jobs, boob jobs, cheek jobs, face lifts etc etc etc. Obviously this does not begin to touch on the vast multitudinous subtleties females also employ in effort to gain Male Approval via the Male Gaze, but you get the picture.

Women overtly performing for the MG is so routine that at this point in time one can say, it goes without saying. But what about females seeking to escape the MG through transition? While the MG definitely informs aspects of ALL female transition, does it also continue to inform post transition female behaviour?? Or simply do trans females continue performing for the MG? No matter the conscious or unconscious reasons behind female transition, even post transition females continue performing for the MG. Only, in the case of trans females that MG shifts to a trans(male) gaze, i.e. a gaze from each other.

Constructed femininity was created and is demanded of females by patriarchy, BUT policed and maintained by females themselves. Constructed female masculinity was created by patriarchy and is policed and maintained by trans females themselves in the same way. Nowhere is that more evident than YouTube, trans female introductions number over 58,000 video results alone! Trans females may have avoided the MG through their transition, but they side stepped straight into a TmG. Where trans females dually perform and monitor/police each others performances.

New trans female changes are swiftly put on YouTube in the same way a woman rushes to show off her new high heels to her closest girlfriend. New haircuts, facial hair, muscles, breast removal, body hair etc are shown off as well as fodder for other trans females who criticize trans-manliness when and where it doesnt measure up. Females entrenched in MG performance demands is yet another pillar propping up patriarchy at the expense of all females, where transitioning to male isnt an exit, but another patriarchal suffocating windowless room. 


The dirt from Dirt: Why I HAVEN'T Transitioned & other Stories

The dirt from Dirt: Why I HAVEN'T Transitioned & other Stories: In recent years, we in or around any aspect of the queer alphabet soup have been inundated with accounts of why folks are or have transition...

Basic Facts/Effects of Transition in Transmen

In lieu of far too many common sense facts about trans females, below is a list of some very basic trans female facts for post transition women.
  • Testosterone does NOT make a female body male.
  • Testosterone does NOT create a prostate in a female body.
  • Testosterone will NOT make breast tissue magically disappear.
  • Testosterone may or may not enlarge the clitoris.
  • An enlarged clitoris is NOT a miniscule penis.
  • Testosterone increases some muscle mass, but alone will NOT make you musclebound. 
  • Testosterone will redistribute body fat but will NOT change the essential female/feminine shape.
  • Testosterone will NOT make your ovaries produce sperm.
  • Testosterone may or may NOT stop your monthly periods indefinitely. 
  • A double Mastectomy will NOT mirror a natural male chest. 
  • Testosterone may change your sexual attractions.
  • Testosterone will change the coarseness of your skin and skin sensitivity.
  • Testosterone will dull your emotions into a general calm unless angered or directly after an injection. 
  • Testosterone will increase anger and violence where there is a history of either/both.
  • Testosterone will cause breast cancer with prolonged use.
  • Testosterone will cause ovarian/uterine cancer with prolonged use. 
  • Testosterone will increase blood pressure.
  • Testosterone will increase the risk of heart attacks.
  • Testosterone will cause some/much hair loss.
  • Testosterone will permanently alter the voice.
  • Testosterone will increase body hair.
  • Testosterone may cause repeated yeast infections.
  • Testosterone will change the scent of your vagina, something unpleasantly so.
  • Testosterone will change the scent of your pee.
  • Testosterone will change your body odor, unpleasantly so.
  • Testosterone will cause an increase in acne. 
  • Testosterone will change your brain/thinking/feeling.
  • Testosterone does NOT make a female body male.

Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

 Jay-Age 18

Kev-Age 18

Dust-Age Teen

Eli-Age 16

Jace-Age Teen

RJ-Age 15

A-Age HS Teen

J-Age HS Teen

Jac-Age HS Teen

You know you are living under a patriarchal rock when testosterone is more accessible to women than feminism. Perhaps this fact alone magnifies the fear feminism instills in patriarchy, but more importantly for females, the power feminism wields! Unfortunately, patriarchy craftily conditioned  females to fear power, most especially their own. In the absence of a machinated feminism, women either seek  power through men or through men's hormones provided by a male medical system. Bodies may change, the rules however remain the same. Unless/until we teach our female youth through feminism to challenge and change patriarchal systems, we will continue to lose confused or frightened females to patriarchy.


Portrait of a Transman

I do not consider this "portrait" to be the typical trans female experience/case. I do however consider her treatment by/from the Male Medical Machine to be typical doKtor/female patient experience, historical to present.

The source of information comes to me from someone with verifiable intimate knowledge of the trans female outlined below in this portrait.

For the sake of anonymity I will refer to this trans female simply as A.

In the span of a few short decades prior to transition, A had been diagnosed with a litany of mental disorders (PTSD, Bi-Polar Schizophrenia, Multiple Personality disorder, Chronic Anxiety, Cutter) and prescribed a choir of drugs (Trazdone, Adderall, Seroquil, Xanax, Azor,Symbyax,Valium, Lunesta). A's numerous diagnoses and daily cocktail of drugs did nothing but get her state assistance and cripple her with a slew of ongoing side effects.

It was around this time A stumbled across the outbreak of Trans Trending and decided testosterone would be the next drug to cure her from all her various ills. My source tells me A studied all the female trans forums that give clear instruction on what to say to therapists so that her testosterone prescription would be issued without hitch. After a few visits to a therapist, A received her grand certificate to testosterone access pending seeing an endo doctor and giving blood work. A went outside her own doctor/s fearing her long history with mental illness, her daily cocktail of drugs and especially her high blood pressure would halt her transition and her transition dreams would be quashed.

Blood work was done, processed and A DID receive her tax payer paid for testosterone prescription. Even if doctors didnt test beyond the transitional purposes of A's blood, at the very least A's blood pressure would have been taken, registered as high, according to my source, quite high. Yet none of these poor health roadblocks sent up red flags to the Male Medical Machine or as I suspect the red flags went ignored so long as A's Medicaid pays for the latest addition to A's nearly full medical cabinet.


Euthanasia: The Ultimate in Trans Regret

I recently wrote about Belgium using its legal Euthanasia program to senselessly kill a trans female in regret. The post was written anticipating/fearing future trans regret deaths via state murder, but I had no idea another trans regretter would join Nancy Verhelst so soon. Apparently Nacny's close friend known as "Dora" age 53, a trans male who transitioned 32 years ago has (I'm told) already signed legal papers to be put to death by Belgium's Euthanasia program. The reason given for "Dora's" wanting to die is he is tired of being rejected. Life is full of rejection, and while some are more difficult than others to deal with, they are certainly NOT something a living human being should be put to death over!

Where is the medical community's responsibility, medical ethics and above all motto to "first do no harm" when transgendered men and women regretting their transition/how their transition didnt meet their expectations, are being put to death??? While studies on the suicide deaths of post trans women and men are few, they do indicate that trans deaths from suicide are higher among post transition peoples. There arent however even minute studies of post transitioners whom have attempted suicide, which is likely to be higher than those who actually were successful in their suicide attempt.

Belgium's including trans regret as a valid reason to be executed under the Euthanasia program is opening up a trans flood gate similar to Thailand's once profitable sex change industry before transition became so accessible/profitable everywhere else. I predict Belgium will become the new trans destination hot spot by regretful trans people all over the world seeking death as their next answer, just as they had once sought transition as the answer before that.


Breast Shame-Fear and Sexism in ALL FTM Visuals

The above was recently sent to me after having made the rounds on the trans female tumbr circuit. All I have to say on the cartoon is no one lives happily ever after a double mastectomy. Healthy breast wind up in a hospital incinerator, leaving behind a permanently disfigured body.

This cartoon however does bring up another nefarious trans trend among trans females: Shirtlessness.

Nealy every trans female video made involves some form of shirtlessness, whether shirtless videos made before top surgery, where breast are below camera level or countless shirtless videos after top surgery. You would be hard pressed not to find one or both of these scenario's among pictures or videos of a trans female. This alone should be reason enough to cease and desist a female's transition, because through even this window whats informing the transition is crystal clear. Shame, fear and sexism.

Breast shame and sexism surrounding breast begins before girls even have what society considers boobs. Adults of both sexes point at young pre-verbal girl chests whenever they do not have on a top, while only gently teasing, this VERY early breast shaming sends harmful messages to female children. Made worse if there are male children in the household not receiving the same messages. Even girls allowed to go shirtless around the house or yard, at a certain age will be forced to cover up by parents/authority figures, whereas boys of the same age continue going shirtless whenever the fancy strikes them.

Girls grow up being taught first to hide their breast, then being taught their breast are for the benefit of males, or particularly the Male Gaze. Once upon a time females were taught breast were also made to feed their children with. In civilized societies, breast are no longer for nourishing children, they are solely for male cock pleasure. Breast have systematically become nothing more than consumeristic sexual OBJECTS for men! Women are shamed (or arrested) out of even breast feeding their child in public, NOT because their is anything sexual about a breast or breast feeding BUT because patriarchy has sexualized breast and therefore breast feeding!

So we come to trans females and breast, those who have ingested/pathologised all the shame, fear and sexism about breast to such a degree, these girls/women associate shirtlessness with male only. So in video taping themselves without shirts, pre or post top surgery, in their non feminist minds, they are actually BEING male when doing so! Because ONLY males go shirtless! It is complete male mimicry, NOT males confined within female boobied bodies! Going shirtless in the trans female mind, it surpassing the limits breast place on other women. They as trans females get to do something other women do not, they while still obviously female skirt femaleness and can now tread in male shirtless space.

Where their fear and shame stopped them from challenging patriarchal rules around female breast, they instead medically cower to patriarchy's breast rules. Nothing transgressive occurs via hiding female breast through videoing above naked breast or surgically having healthy female breasts removed. Shirtlessness in trans female videos does one thing, it proves that breast shame, fear and sexism is real and needs to be front and center of our feminist fight!


State Sanctioned Murder of a Transman-Just the Beginning? You Betcha!

A Belgian trans female at the age of only 44 has been murdered by a Belgian government euthanasia program. Was she terminally ill you might ask? No. She was terminally different. A difference she at this point in her trans life couldnt see past and one her country cared not to help her see through.

Her trans feelings like anyone's, developed from an overwhelming Gender Straight Jacket, imposed by both a female hating mother ("...'If only you had been a boy', my mother complained.") and a society that "celebrated" males, usually at the expense of females, just like her mother did. I place no blame on the mother, she merely inhaled the same misogyny her daughter had and in equal degree. We may be conditioned to think that a parent's love is unconditional, but any female growing up in a house where a male or males also existed knows full well that that isnt true.

We are also conditioned to believe a parent's love for us is unconditional, but were that true, parents wouldnt be rushing to have their 3 or 4 year old transitioned because he or she likes the wrong clothes, toys, friends, hair cuts etc! Nor would unconditionally loving parents give medical permission for their teen child to have trans hormones or trans surgeries. That isnt love, that is disgust and shame of their child! And at the end of it that kid, whether 3 or 14 or 40 is still trying to get their parent/s to love/respect/be proud of them, conditionally of course! There isnt a parent alive that would ALLOW their child, regardless of age to transition IF that or those parents loved their child unconditionally! Unconditionally loving parents see their children through difficult times, they DO NOT throw them into the fire! But where parents fail us, mistreat us, abuse us, the state is suppose to step in, pick up the slack, at least some of it, not douse the fire with gasoline till we're extinguished!

Nancy's family failed her, yes, BUT her country KILLED her! Her country, not so different than each of ours, agreed Nancy was a "monster" and so rid itself of a human life that didnt fit its criteria for (female) human, although she DID fit its criteria for extermination! Transition itself was paved by the very same legal and medical systems that murdered Nancy, paved to put those like Nancy on the road to normal, but as Bruce Cockburn sang "the trouble with normal/ is it always gets worse." We have gone in the space of a few decades to transitioning female fetishizers believed to be gay men, to transitioning them along with gay men and lesbians, to transitioning young adult gays and lesbians, to transitioning gay and lesbian youth, to transitioning children under the age of FIVE, to state sanctified murdering of those who have transitioned but could not adapt to their new government issued normal.

The ONLY reason transition has EVER been excepted by larger society is because society too believes in fixing those who arent normal. And if they cannot be fixed, society clearly supports killing (removing the offending object) when medically fixing fails! Transition has NEVER been about curing or easing the distress the "trans person" feels, transition has ONLY and remains ONLY about curing the distress SOCIETY feels whenever faced with someone who meets the Gender Straight Jacket's criteria for different!

Different can be a very hard road, fraught with unknowns. But as X or Y become knowns, we may discover a field, a slice of blue sky, a smile or our own unique image in the eyes of another. Normal is a circle leading nowhere, nothing gets in and nothing gets out-alive. EVER!


An Honest look at Female Transition

This video makes several important points regarding female transition:

  • Reality vs Trans Fantasy/Expectation
  • Short term changes vs Mid/Long term changes
  • Trans Veneer vs Trans Reality/Trans Fear

Reality vs Trans Fantasy/Expectation: There isnt a medical professional dead, alive or not yet born that can definitively say what taking large doses of testosterone for the rest of her life will have on her physically or mentally at any or all stages of that life. If she is this tall and weighs this much, we cannot assume raising her level of testosterone to that of a proportioned male will be the right dosage for her. The RIGHT dosage of testosterone for her body is what it would be at PRE-transition, anything other interferes with her body's natural state at consequences that can only be guessed at!

As such no medical professional can predict that with the "right dose" of testosterone a trans female will: gain muscle, lose weight, become quite hairy or grow relatively little body hair, become bald or keep most her head hair, her voice will become indistinguishable from that of a man's voice, her clitoris will become larger than an average (whats average and who decided it?) female clitoris, sexual attraction will or wont change, sexual morality will or wont change, she will adapt easily to receiving male privileges, she will have no regrets, she will have some regrets, she will regret everything, she live happily ever after, she will cease being depressed, her transition will solved all, some or most of her troubles, at a certain point on testosterone she will "pass" all the time, she will become less angry, more angry, she will be quicker to anger, she will become calm and less emotional, she will feel more rage, if she had dysphoria it will disappear, remain or increase and on and on and on. And at the end of it all, how testosterone affects a female body is a guessing game, because a female body isnt a male body and every single female body has its very own unique genetic history/unlockable code.

Enter the above video, clearly she had a whole host of trans expectations and obviously her hopes and expectations werent met. She has a VERY distinct testosterone affected female voice, she does not "pass" 100% of the time, she isnt muscular, the female bone structure she was hoping to shed or hide is ever present, she is still having periods two plus years on testosterone, emotionally depressed/distressed and highly concerned for what testosterone poisoning has done to her over all health and what it might do going forward.

Short term changes vs Mid/Long term changes: She briefly mentions her excitement (trans highs) at her initial trans changes, but is dissatisfied several years into transition. Trans changes have tapered off or stopped prior to her achieving the results she imagined or was lead to believe transitioning would do for her. Hormone induced changes can be very exciting in the beginning of transitioning and seem quite drastic, but these early seemingly drastic changes are no indication where transition will lead in the end.

Trans Veneer vs Trans Reality/Trans Fear: There is a sincere sad bewilderment in this video, how amid thousands of trans female video's can her transition have gone so horribly wrong? She is someone whom has obviously viewed many female transitioning video's before and during her own transition. Trans female video's, most of which have trans females swinging from chandeliers about the awesomeness of transition. What we dont have and she didnt have is thousands of video's from trans females over the three to five year mark of transition.

There is a HUGE imbalance of short, mid and long term female transition video's, giving a false impression that female transition is the pot O gold at the end of the queer rainbow and remains so through out the life of the trans female. With little or no real health problems from decades of synthetic hormone use, god awful cosmetic surgeries, hosts of mental issues resulting from physical/mental hormone changes advancing outward to social adjustment changes. There is also a HUGE hole in trans dissatisfaction video's, a super HUGE hole in double mastectomy dissatisfaction video's and practically nothing on the often multiple surgeries that "top surgery" requires, all despite the obvious mutilative results  from all "top surgery."

So what we are left with is very lop sided trans female video documentation made by trans cheerleader squads caved from the once healthy bodies of women. This lop sidedness leaves trans females approaching mid/long term transitional states walking blindly and is a complete disservice to any female considering transition.


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