Our bodies are the Only things of any Consequence

To have no food for our heads no food for our hearts, no food for our activity, is that nothing? If we have no food for the body, how do we cry out, how all the world hears of it, how all the newspapers talk of it, with a paragraph headed in great capital letters, DEATH FROM STARVATION! But suppose one were to put a paragraph in the Times, Death of Thought from Starvation, or Death of Moral Activity from Starvation, how people would stare, how they would laugh and wonder! One would think we had no heads nor hearts, by the total indifference of the public towards them. Our bodies are the only things of any consequence. 

This quote is from an 1852 work by the great feminist, Florence Nightingale.

This is the attitude and male tradition from which every female alive this moment sprang AND from which still fully enslaves EVERY female taking breath today. "Our bodies are the only things of any consequence".  Even that which compliments a female mind or accomplishment is prefaced or concluded with mention of what said female body was wearing or what said female body looks like. Example: She is beautiful AND intelligent or Not only did she win the Nobel Prize for Peace she has a great pair of legs to boot! If you want more examples, just read/remember back to when Hillary Clinton was trying to win the democratic seat for presidency, we were fully made aware of every single outfit she wore, while her politics were hardly mentioned.

How often do we hear when a woman dies, commits a crime or goes off the straight and narrow someway, her partner or husband leaves her, changes her appearance in someway that isnt inline with male tradition etc, we hear the dominant refrain: BUT she was so pretty! "Our bodies are the only things of any consequence".

Whether females are chasing that male tradition or running away from it screaming, it makes no difference, "our bodies are the only things of any consequence" is behind both. Despite the progresses that have put a man on the moon or created weapons of mass destruction, females are STILL no more or less than the sum of their bodies. When our minds are pervaded by thoughts of nothing but our bodies, we have succumbed to the "feminine weakness" which male tradition has always accused us.

Until we can place our MINDS above our bodies, we will never be on par with males and our bodies will remain "the only things of any consequence."



  1. I find the lack of comments surprising, given the importance of the post. Maybe it's because people are primarily focused on transitioning their bodies, instead of transforming their consciousness.

  2. There is no immediate high in transforming your mind, unlike physical changes that can be seen in a mirror. Transforming your mind take time and work, unlike transition which takes only a needle.



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