This arrived in my inbox over last weekend.
Hey Dirt,
I'm an old school butch lesbian living in XXX. For the past few years I have been hating myself for disagreeing with the lesbian community here for it's complete head-up-ass embrace of transgenderism. I just found your blog and would like to extend a debt of gratitude to you. You have brought things right back into perspective for me. THANK YOU! I read the Eugenics paper last night, EXCELLENT! I was going insane because I was not able to go insane with everybody else, ya know? Seriously, you can't take a public shit without running into a linebacker in a dress or get a coffee without ordering it from a lady in a beard. I was really messed up about it and was starting to wonder if there was something wrong with me. Nobody here talks about it, and it's weird as shit. Lesbians here are taking hormones, having cosmetic surgery and then making their children call them "Daddy." My mind is blowing out from it. I'm talking about grown up, middle-aged women that gave birth to their children in a hospital. What kind of selfish, self-hating dork does it take to do this? FUCK! These poor kids. It's embarrassing to be a part of my own culture.  I want to help like you are but can't figure out a way just yet. I will though. Thanks again so much for what you do.