Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

JJ-Age 21

thatgraykidd-Age 16

HM-Age 18

Eli-Age 17

TogetherWeAreQueer-Age 18

RR-Age (teen)

SK-Age 19

DL-Age 17

blazebear2012-Age 14

Is the crisis
Can't you see
Identity identity
When you look in the mirror
Do you see yourself

Do you see yourself
On the t.v. screen
Do you see yourself
In the magazine

When you see yourself
Does it make you scream
When you look in the mirror
Do you smash it quick
Do you take the glass
And slash your wrists
Did you do it for fame
Did you do it in a fit
Did you do it before
You read about it

Poly Styrene wrote these lyrics at an age similar to the young women seen here. At a time when our (still) white male media was on the verge of dictating globally via pop culture, what women ARE based on what women look like according to the Male Gaze. Poly, as a multi ethnic young woman on the cusp of what we know now to be the ultimate backlash against feminism (pop culture) looked out at all the media screens available to her at the time and realized, she didnt exist. But unlike our Trans Trending females with little or no feminist role models within reach, Poly had many in the late 70's. Female icons and role model to lift her above the narrow IDEA of woman and challenge her to challenge us!

Dysphoria has about as much to do with GID/GI as hysteria had to do with penis envy However what penis envy and GID/GI have in common is identity and hysteria/dysphoria both desire/seek alternative routes to Identity! Specifically Male Identity! MORE specifically the privileges and infinite possibilities accessible to a male identity! One of those most notable privileges is also a basic human need and human right, to feel at home in one's own body. 
Something that has perhaps never been a right, a possibility and most certainly not a privilege EVER afforded to females. It is through witnessing this most base form of male privilege through a disadvantaged female lens that set the stage for the future performances like hysteria/dysphoria, where the leading roles have ALWAYS been played by females!

Poly Styrene sang in her song Identity, of Identity Crisis, identity crisis taking hold of female youths who could not squeeze themselves into Male media's thin pretty perfect plastic image. Poly would retort in another song Oh Bondage, UP YOURS! A big FUCK YOU to the thin pretty perfect plastic IMPOSSIBLE idea! 

Before feminism, females struggled to climb the rough, jagged mountain in their path for humanness, some falling to their deaths in the process. After feminism, our female youths are somewhere between walking away from the mountain in pouty defeat or leaping from it to their premature deaths, both in pursuit of an invalid identity. I'm sure were Poly alive today, her first question to them would be, "did you do it before you read about it?"



  1. What I'm really worried about is these kids' horrible taste in music. When I was 17 , I hung out in record stores and pilfered my parents record collection for all the good shit. I dug deep. The unbelievably cheesy crap these guys put with their transition timeline videos makes me fear for the future of the planet.

  2. The pressure for young women and girls to appeal to the male gaze is increasing. With every advancement in cosmetic surgery, the wealthier become more beautiful. Good looks and attraction have become commodities, only available to those who can afford the keratin hair straightening, professional blond hair coloring with monthly touch ups, perfectly tinted contact lenses, nose jobs, ear pinning, braces on teeth, dermatologists for smooth, clear skin, professional makeup application classes, breast augmentation, healthy whole foods, dance class, cheer camp, country club tennis courts and family gym memberships to trim off waistlines, liposuction for the lazy, laser hair removal, spider vein treatment, and professional manicures and pedicures, household help for the chores which might mare the skin, break the nails, build unsightly arm muscles. All of this happens before you add the "surface" commercialization of beauty: the clothing, accessories and shoes.

    Being attractive used to be a genetic wildcard. It was something everyone could celebrate at witnessing what nature could achieve in the human species.

    Now beauty is a commodity, a status symbol - if you aren't born beautiful, Daddy has a big job and can buy you the beauty. How our daughters look become an extension of her fathers' male power and privilege.

    That beauty might be worn by the kid in high school, but it is owned by her father. Bought and paid for.

    How close to incest is this?

  3. It's so sad to see 16 year old girls torture themselves with breast binders.

  4. Yes, this is a trend and it's spreading everywhere thanks to a "wonderful" thing called "the Internet". I know, I'm from Barcelona and I've seen lots of "1 year on T" videos and such, and my peers, butches and aspies like me, are starting to indentify with those people from very far away who "Bear The Truth". I was about to fall into the trap when I posted a comment about going to visit some spacialists and then I was thankfully warned by Dirt and pantypopo. Posts from Dirt, GenderTrender and Heath Atom Russell did the trick, and my brain cells went back to the sanity path. We have to save these people but, how? I'll try to do something at my University's LGBT group, but I'm afraid I will be a one person minority. Please, continue showing how horrible "treatments" are and how many people go into the "T world" blindfolded.
    Thank you,

  5. This FTM/MTF "trend" or illness is getting scary. So many young people who get ideas from these youtubers that get validation that just feeds their illness.


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