French Study on Transmen and Barbaric Bottom Surgery

The info bellow is from a small French study on bottom surgery. Some things to keep in mind while reading the study results:

  • France has national health care.
  • When diagnosed with the trans disorder, tax payers foot the bill for transition.
  • Life time hormone usage and surgeries/revisions etc are covered.
  • Hospital stays are low or no costs to the patient.
  • If time is needed off from work, an allotted amount of income is provided to the patient.
  • France also has and demands top notch doctors/surgeons. 
Now onto the study:

We analysed retrospectively 56 (female) transsexuals who had a phalloplasty using a radial forearm free-flap in our department from 1986 to 2002.

The mean follow up was 110 months; 53 of the 56 patients (95%) currently have a neophallus, after a mean of six surgical procedures.

There were flap complications in 14 patients.
Three flaps were lost, with one each due to early haematoma, cellulitis and late arterial thrombosis

There were prosthesis complications in 11 of 38 patients.

Seven of 19 patients who had a urethroplasty presented with complex strictures and fistulae that led to perineal urethrostomy.

Our study shows that phalloplasty with a forearm free-flap leads to good results in term of flap survival and patient satisfaction. However, there was a high rate of complications. Patients must be clearly informed that the procedure can seldom be achieved in one stage.

The mean (range) follow up was 110 (11–204) months; one patient died at 120 months from acute myocardial infarction. The mean hospital stay was 20.2 days and the mean number of procedures per patient was 6 (2–24), which included implantation of the penile prosthesis as well as surgical management of complications (e.g. urethral strictures dilatation) under local or general anaesthesia. The complications are detailed in Table 1. We separately assessed flap complications and urethral or prosthesis complications. The flap survival rate was 95%, as two flaps were lost soon after surgery (one compressive haematoma and one cellulitis) and one was lost 7 weeks after surgery, secondary to venous thrombosis. There was also one cephalic vein thrombosis treated with heparin, antiplatelet adhesion drugs and leeches, and one arterial thrombosis which required a repeat anastomosis using the contralateral inferior epigastric artery.

 Among the 19 patients who had a urethroplasty because they wished it, seven (37%) had a subsequent urinary fistula, with unsuccessful conservative treatment, that finally required a perineal urethrostomy, a mean of 72 months after phalloplasty. Eight (42%) other patients with a urinary fistula were treated conservatively, either surgically or with prolonged catheterization. The four (21%) remaining patients only had auto-dilatation of the urethra to improve their voiding condition, in the first months after the initial surgery.

Only five (9%) had obvious erogenous sensitivity when touching their phalloplasty.

Despite the high morbidity there was a high (90%) satisfaction rate in the present study. These apparently contradictory results might be explained by the strong motivation of the patients.

That is the study in a nutshell, see link for complete results.

Besides the minute number of patients in the study, I also find lacking any mention of the brutal destruction and scarring of the forearm. That aside, it is clear from this study that these women are so ashamed of their sex, so ashamed of their vagina's that they are willing to endure multiple savage surgeries with horrific results, results they are willing to be satisfied with so long as they hide their true female anatomy.
Women have LONG been expected to be satisfied with their/our horribly circumscribed, raped, battered, abused, unhappy and unfulfilled lives. The results in this study have been made from centuries of misogyny, misogyny so extreme and female self hatred so bloody internalized, the above can be self viewed as satisfying.



  1. "There were flap complications in 14 patients.

    Three flaps were lost, with one each due to early haematoma, cellulitis and late arterial thrombosis"

    Oops, you forgot the rest of it...

    "The other 11 flap complications were all transitory, e.g. infection, haematomas and vascular thrombosis."

    There, fixed it for you.

  2. From the report:

    "Overall, 18 of 56 (32%) patients had satisfactory sexual intercourse with penetration."

    How wonderful is that... for the 32%. The other 68% - over 2/3 - too bad, so sad? I imagine that prior to surgery, 100% of the patients were capable of experiencing not only sex, but also orgasm. But now none of them will ever again be able to experience sex as women, and 2/3 of them won't be able to experience it as pseudo-"men" either.
    I can think of cheaper, easier, and less painful ways to become asexual and non-orgasmic!

  3. I also find that very sad. We all know the message society gives Lesbians – among others, that 2 women can’t even have sex together. So the more labile Lesbians, who go through the process of becoming as close to an approximation of male as possible, have these surgeries which involve primarily mangling their erogenous zones, and so end so up messing up what is actually one of life’s great pleasures.

  4. Frightening. Truly frightening. Thank you Dirt for exposing the reality behind the trans fantasy.

    As a straight woman, I've been with my share of men, and by no means would I consider that a penis or those women to be men.

    It's so damn sad that women have to go to the brink of death to feel "satisfied" with their bodies.

    The world seems to have nothing but contempt for females and it's doubly so for my lesbian sisters who are further punished by society for not wanting men.

    Deeply disgusted.

  5. That's why I'm never having a phalloplasty. Many transmen on FTM groups on Facebook regularly start arguments and get aggro at other FTM's (like myself, but I never got personally involved in any) who stated that phalloplastys are not worth the pain, the risks, and the unsatisfying results.

    'Tis why I've cut myself off from the FTM community, because a huge portion of the guys there will treat you like an outsider/outcast if you are satisfied with your genitals remaining intact, like it's some kind of gross thing to have a vagina and penetrative sex.

    Even when they're told that penetrative sex regularly can get rid of uterine cramping (from having an inactive uterus due to taking T), they snub their nose up at it and talk about how "disgusting" and "wrong" it is to be vaginally penetrated.

    Like okay, whatever, if you don't like being penetrated because of trauma from when you were younger (abuse) or because it just doesn't feel good for you that's fine; but when it's because they're essentially saying it's wrong because men don't get fucked in vaginas I can't help but facepalm.

  6. @Anon 9.05
    I'm glad that many F2T's keep their vagina's. The bottom surgery is so brutal, it freaks me out to look at it.
    The whole trans path is destructive.


  7. Your info as usual isn't totally accurate. There are a lot of FtM's that have very successful phalloplasty surgery. I personally know a few plus I've been to some conferences on Metoidioplasty & Phalloplasty. It's very possible to have successful surgery with the out come being very pleasing to/for your partner(w/erotic feeling) and looking very natural in shower or gym (naked) situations. For anybody who's really interested you can read the book "Hung Jury Testimonies of Genital Surgery by Transsexual Men". You can also go to Youtube and put in "FTM Phalloplasty" by Ashlie Higgins. The surgery has improved a whole lot and due to that is getting a little more popular. The surgical procedure is improving and will continue to do so.

  8. Anon@ 6:35 PM

    While all that is true, and science is progressing rapidly, it is still going to take a very long time before any surgery will be available that will provide a fully functioning penis that doesn't need to be inflated with a pump and is 100% sexually sensitive.

    Imo there is no point trying to convince transmen to get the surgery, regardless of improvements, it just isn't worth it. Even the meta surgery comes with risks.

    I don't see how a phallo would provide you with much more sensitivity than what you have with using a feeldoe (which feels great btw).

    You want to go and get your semi-functioning penis that's your choice, but don't go forcing it on me and on other FTM's and trying to convince us on "how much safer and better it's gotten!!"

  9. I don't have the money for a phallo, and if I did, I'd spend it on a fucking house.

    Besides, I can penetrate WITH intense erotic sensation with what I have already. For anything else, there are plenty of dicks to choose from.

  10. Well, every surgery has its risks and downfalls. Modern medicine is advancing every day. I'm not here to judge how someone should spend their money or their decision in life. It's because it doesn't have any impact on me. FYI, I'm not a FTM.

    1. "One patient died". Where is your concience? You've turned your back on it, named it personal choice. I am now mourning this person. And for the record, whether you think it has any impact on you or not, it does.

  11. Guys and Gals, I don't get why you are talking about money here. As written in the article, surgeries and revisions are fully covered (it is free). This is the French state law to 100% cover the full transition process.
    Besides this, it is shocking to see the failure rate, given it is a best case scenario ever.
    I can't even relate to US FTM who has to pay and re-pay everytime they have a surgery. I just wonder how they would look like if they are lacking the funds in the middle of the process?

  12. I'm not surprised some do decide to wing it and hope for the best, when it's covered by Health insurance. But the fact is, every surgery like this involves cutting nerves and doing other damage where you will never again have the 100% feeling you had to start with.

    I find the meta disturbing as well, and have heard of many sad results where they end up with something infant-sized at best, with all kinds of complications, many still unable to pee standing up,(although God knows why that is such a big deal to them).

  13. I'm glad that a lot of girls who think they're supposed to be boys aren't getting this procedure done, but when they think of their clitorises as miniature penises it lends credibility to the men who pretend to be women and think of (and demand others think of) their penises as large clits (shudder)...

  14. This is the French state law to 100% cover the full transition process.

    First of all, I want to thank the French people for helping us during the Revolutionary War. Also, I want to thank the French people for the Statue of Liberty. I have dead relatives who fought in WWII. I certainly have nothing against France or its people.

    I wish for once people would stop calling medical and surgical procedures that drastically alter healthy breasts, genitals, and reproductive systems "transition". How did this word come about in the first place? It's extensive plastic surgery on otherwise healthy anatomy.

  15. As written in the article, surgeries and revisions are fully covered (it is free)...This is the French state law to 100% cover the full transition process.

    If we screw it up, we will pay to fix it...

    I'm glad that France will even pay for botched surgery and faulty products. Doesn't it make more sense to be cautious about surgery in the first place, and what surgeons decide to do and not do to healthy females.

    The government of France is paying for the removal of defective breast implants that a French manufacturer produced.

    "The issue was with silicone breast implants made by the French company Poly Implant Prothese (PIP).

    The firm's products were banned in 2010 after it emerged industrial grade silicone was being used. Implants should be made from medical grade material that has passed safety tests for use in a human body.

    The implants had double the rupture rate of other implants, but were not found to be toxic or carcinogenic.

    The French government offered to foot the bill for the 30,000 French women affected to have their implants removed. In April 2012 the health safety authorities reported that nearly 15,000 women had had their PIP implants removed. "

  16. Why does sex even have to involve penetration? Ignorant and sad...thanks, patriarchy, for destroying everything real and beautiful...


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