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EJ-Age Teen

Imagine for a moment that the American Psychiatric Association was about to compile a new edition of its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. But instead of 2013, imagine, just for fun, that the year is 1880.

Transported to the world of the late 19th century, the psychiatric body would have virtually no choice but to include hysteria in the pages of its new volume. Women by the tens of thousands, after all, displayed the distinctive signs: convulsive fits, facial tics, spinal irritation, sensitivity to touch, and leg paralysis. Not a doctor in the Western world at the time would have failed to recognize the presentation. “The illness of our age is hysteria,” a French journalist wrote. “Everywhere one rubs elbows with it.”

There were no reliable medical tests to distinguish hysteria from other illnesses then; the same is true of the disorders listed in the DSM-5 today. Practically speaking, the criteria by which something is declared a mental illness are virtually the same now as they were over a hundred years ago.

The resounding lesson of the history of mental illness is that psychiatric theories and diagnostic categories shape the symptoms of patients.

Never have we read a more truer statement than the one above with regard to transgenderism! This has been the case from the earliest patients diagnosed with transgenderism. In order to receive "sex change" drugs and surgeries, (male) patients would lie to FIT the medical sex change criteria. Straight men then and even today will give a gay male narrative to doctors in order to be diagnosed as trans. This gay male narrative was used in an underground railroad kinda way pre internet age among female fetishizers, today we routinely see it on trans sites and forums all over the world. There is a script that female fetishizers use to get their GID or GI diagnosis so they can continue to pursue their fetish. That the script remains a gay male narrative (by and large) only reinforces the original homophobia behind the Male Medical Machine's criteria for sex change.

The script for female transitioners isnt so different, it can be heard from the mouths trans trender after trans trender. It stems from a Butch/butch lesbian narrative that also began mid last century and little about it has changed. This script has been posted on thousands of trans female websites and can be found in some form on any trans female video ever made. Females are told by these website exactly what to say to gender specialists or gender therapists, the right script which will get them their "script"!

And that isnt to say that something wrong didnt lead these girls/women to where they would find this perfect trans narrative. But being vulnerable, feeling pain or uncomfortable with the "girl box" doesnt mean or lead to a "boy box", or at least it shouldnt. But the Gender Straight Jacket coupled with a misogynistic homophobic medical community will and has lead to just that! Lesbians whose own narratives have been and are being used against them to establish a script that fits the criteria for transition. And like any actor, if you read the script over enough, it becomes a part of you, you lose where you begin and the script ends.

Hysterics werent hysterics because they were hysterics. They were hysterics because they were TOLD they were hysterics based on behaviours labeled hysterical, by the Male Medical Machine!


The Trans Politic hoping to use/abuse UK Child Neglect Law

The British Association of Social Workers (BASW) have given their support for today’s debate overhaul of the UK’s 80-year-old child neglect law, which does not even include the Government’s own definition of neglect. Updating an 80 year old child neglect law would seem to be a very positive move by government for children who are neglected or whose neglect slips through far too many cracks, cracks that this "overhaul" might just be able to catch.

But positivity soon sours when in the gullet of the Trans Politic who according to several major trans forums/sites and YouTubes are hoping to use the child neglect updates to prosecute "neglectful" parents of "trans kids". Neglect in these cases being parents who would not administer dangerous hormone blocking drugs, agree to brutal trans surgeries that damage the healthy bodies of their child for life and even parents who do not she their toddler son who enjoys playing with his sister's doll or he their young daughter who wants to play baseball like her old brother!

While I dont see this going anywhere beyond the wishful thinking of some very disturbed minds, it certainly must give supporters of the Trans Politic some serious pause! Who in their right mind would compare a child regularly battered, regularly hungry, regularly unwashed, regularly raped etc etc etc to a child who wants to wear pants but who's parents only buys her dresses? And having known plenty of lesbians who HATED wearing dresses, none would ever dare say their parents neglected them by putting them in dresses. In fact this uncomfortableness with "girls" clothes gave them later, a greater insight into the workings of the Gender Straight Jacket for which they as adults are grateful!

Its interesting to hear so often from gay and lesbian adults who were "nancy boys" or "tomboys", whose personal narratives rival any trans narrative out there by a mile! Boys who when playing house ALWAYS played the "mom" and girls who used "boy" names when they referred to themselves at preschool ages. Gays and Lesbians who are thankful they didnt grow up in this pro-homophobic-pro-transition age, because had they, they believe they would have been propelled toward transition, by parents, by society, by the medical community, by the trans trend itself. And instead of discovering who they really were as individuals, they would have been consumed by transition to cover up their true individual selves.

But we arent talking about gays or lesbians, we are talking about straight white male female fetishizers who are more concerned with their dick/phallus that they will blindly use and abuse anyone regardless of age or need to justify their sick, vile, pornographically filled female fetishes. And as this move makes perfectly clear, even to the detriment of truly neglected and abused children.


The Trans Politic Against UK Porn Crack Down

Britain has made a very clear deliberate move against internet pornography. In the very near future there will be a porn filter that every internet user in Britain will have to select if they choose to view internet porn. A little of what this anti internet porn move will entail:

• The possession of "extreme pornography", which includes scenes of simulated rape, is to be outlawed.

• The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) is to draw up a blacklist of "abhorrent" internet search terms to identify and prevent paedophiles searching for illegal material.

• All police forces will work with a single secure database of illegal images of children to help "close the net on paedophiles".

All good moves one would think upon reading, but apparently the Trans Politic is up in arms over the "search terms" item in this porn crack down. According to many trans websites and forums discussing this issue, they (female fetishizers) are worried terms like "she males" might be blocked! Their reason for this concern? Oh the children of course! Not worries of protecting the children, as these new laws are designed to do, BUT worries curious "trans children" will be blocked from looking up terms like "she male"!  

It never fails to amaze me in disgust the low levels female fetishizers will sink to. Using children to throw a wrench into this positive move against the sexual violence against women and children because fetishizing pornography terms like "she male" might be fucking blocked from sick porn pigs!!! 

I'm curious myself, what are the statistics of "trans children" say age 5 or 10 or 15 googling terms like "she males" because they are trying to find info on transgenderism???? Lets compare those ZERO stats to the millions of porn pigs googling "she male" because they their dick is hard!

Same shit different day with these female fetishizers, whether lying about the REAL reason they want into women's toilets or lying about children's google habits, it all boils down to a big sick fucking boil on the ass of the gay and lesbian community that needs to be permanently fucking removed! And NOT soon enough I WILL add!


Transmen HATE Women-Tell us Something we Dont Know

The above is an unpublished comment from a few days ago.

For all this trans female's honesty with her comment, there is also dishonesty. What she doesnt tell us is she hates herself for BEING a woman, a dyke woman. The external always informs the internal, thats the perpetual trouble for females under patriarchy.

No female transitions who does not HATE women, NONE! Although you will hear quite the opposite from trans females everywhere. How they "love" women, they just dont want to BE women. How they will open doors, admire how women put make up on, how sexy women look in heels, protect them even! These are the messages they have internalized, messages that spell out M I S O G Y N Y. Messages that are at the very least keeping women from reaching that ever elusive HUMAN status and at worse, killing them/us in droves.

If you hate your female body, it feels ugly, gross, uncomfortable, alien, it isnt because you have a "man" trapped somewhere in there, it is because you have been systematically taught from before birth the female body outside of sexually pleasing men is ugly, gross, messy, smelly, too fat, too skinny, no tits, pimply, sweaty, fishy. That natural female functions like pissing, shitting, farting, burping arent "lady like." That bleeding once a month is gross, smells, is messy, clotty, and unnatural because the less evolved male body only knows how to destroy life, not create it. That women are emotional, over emotional, too emotional, excessively emotional, because males again due to their (sad) hormonal make up cannot achieve the heights, the universal range of emotions that women can.

We've all heard story after story right from the mouths of trans females themselves about how post "T", they are now "much calmer" and can now think "more logically" etc. Meaning now that those messy girl emotions have been shut down or contained by the manly emotionally sterile testosterone, life is so much better! Better not because of feeling better, because they feel less, better because they can other themselves away from their hate object, women!

Unless we were taught to hate ourselves as female, we wouldnt. And we are taught to hate ourselves as female, by being taught that woman is something to be detested. You cannot hate your femaleness UNLESS you hate female as a nature. You cannot be uncomfortable within your femaleness UNLESS you hate female as a nature. You cannot try to change your female nature, without hating female nature first.


I Would Rather DIE than be Female-But I'm NOT a Misogynist!

The above is from a short conversation with what I presume to be a young woman regarding misogyny.

I do not see her desperate desire to opt out of womanhood as something she has or is doing wrong. I see it as something WE as feminist have and are doing wrong!!!

Today the fog of misogyny in the air is so thick, females of all ages, but especially our youth are fucking choking to death on it. I'm reminded of an early Plath line "Father this thick air is murderous/I would breathe water." But Trans Trending females are not just breathing water, they injecting it into their bloodstreams in hopes of removing any and all traces of visible femaleness, physically AND mentally. They are dying as women in hopes and dreams of reliving as men!

For more than 20 years now feminists/radfems have agreed that postmodernism's bastard baby Queer Theory is a direct backlash against early feminist gains. But the community most devastated by QT was, is and continues to be the Lesbian Community! There are whole lesbian sub communities that basically no longer exist due to QT's assistance with the media packaging of The Gender Straight Jacket. A hyper feminine jacket so constrictive and ugly, many lesbians have not be able to exist within its confines with any sense of comfort or belonging. But while hyper femininity was making its home among us, most feminist remained silent, till hyper femininity became the new female norm!

And while it created uber females suffering from eating disorders, bipolar disorders, borderline personality disorders, depression and on and on and on, it has been LESBIANS labeled as suffering from gender identity disorder and then treated with transition as the DSM cure! Trans Trending is the AIDS crisis of the lesbian community, and the same homophobic silence that caused the deaths of tens of thousands of gay men is in the 80's, is causing the transition of lesbians today!

I do not think it is a coincidence that feminist ignore the lesbian genocide that continues taking place right in front of them. I think if their lezbophobia does not out right support it, at the least it quietly looks in a different direction so they do not have to see it!

Well I see it every day, in fact read the above, I'm fucking emailed it! But even were it not in my direct gaze, as a lesbian and a feminist I have a duty to the present and future lesbians to try and stop it. And stopping it doesnt include wasting thousands of hours arguing with autogynephiles or each other. Stopping it demands feminist examples, lesbian feminist examples and the action to put those examples in front of lesbian youth or more importantly in the HANDS of lesbian youth.

I repeat: Trans Trending is the AIDS crisis of the lesbian community today! 

What are YOU doing to stop it?


French Study on Transmen and Barbaric Bottom Surgery

The info bellow is from a small French study on bottom surgery. Some things to keep in mind while reading the study results:

  • France has national health care.
  • When diagnosed with the trans disorder, tax payers foot the bill for transition.
  • Life time hormone usage and surgeries/revisions etc are covered.
  • Hospital stays are low or no costs to the patient.
  • If time is needed off from work, an allotted amount of income is provided to the patient.
  • France also has and demands top notch doctors/surgeons. 
Now onto the study:

We analysed retrospectively 56 (female) transsexuals who had a phalloplasty using a radial forearm free-flap in our department from 1986 to 2002.

The mean follow up was 110 months; 53 of the 56 patients (95%) currently have a neophallus, after a mean of six surgical procedures.

There were flap complications in 14 patients.
Three flaps were lost, with one each due to early haematoma, cellulitis and late arterial thrombosis

There were prosthesis complications in 11 of 38 patients.

Seven of 19 patients who had a urethroplasty presented with complex strictures and fistulae that led to perineal urethrostomy.

Our study shows that phalloplasty with a forearm free-flap leads to good results in term of flap survival and patient satisfaction. However, there was a high rate of complications. Patients must be clearly informed that the procedure can seldom be achieved in one stage.

The mean (range) follow up was 110 (11–204) months; one patient died at 120 months from acute myocardial infarction. The mean hospital stay was 20.2 days and the mean number of procedures per patient was 6 (2–24), which included implantation of the penile prosthesis as well as surgical management of complications (e.g. urethral strictures dilatation) under local or general anaesthesia. The complications are detailed in Table 1. We separately assessed flap complications and urethral or prosthesis complications. The flap survival rate was 95%, as two flaps were lost soon after surgery (one compressive haematoma and one cellulitis) and one was lost 7 weeks after surgery, secondary to venous thrombosis. There was also one cephalic vein thrombosis treated with heparin, antiplatelet adhesion drugs and leeches, and one arterial thrombosis which required a repeat anastomosis using the contralateral inferior epigastric artery.

 Among the 19 patients who had a urethroplasty because they wished it, seven (37%) had a subsequent urinary fistula, with unsuccessful conservative treatment, that finally required a perineal urethrostomy, a mean of 72 months after phalloplasty. Eight (42%) other patients with a urinary fistula were treated conservatively, either surgically or with prolonged catheterization. The four (21%) remaining patients only had auto-dilatation of the urethra to improve their voiding condition, in the first months after the initial surgery.

Only five (9%) had obvious erogenous sensitivity when touching their phalloplasty.

Despite the high morbidity there was a high (90%) satisfaction rate in the present study. These apparently contradictory results might be explained by the strong motivation of the patients.

That is the study in a nutshell, see link for complete results.

Besides the minute number of patients in the study, I also find lacking any mention of the brutal destruction and scarring of the forearm. That aside, it is clear from this study that these women are so ashamed of their sex, so ashamed of their vagina's that they are willing to endure multiple savage surgeries with horrific results, results they are willing to be satisfied with so long as they hide their true female anatomy.
Women have LONG been expected to be satisfied with their/our horribly circumscribed, raped, battered, abused, unhappy and unfulfilled lives. The results in this study have been made from centuries of misogyny, misogyny so extreme and female self hatred so bloody internalized, the above can be self viewed as satisfying.


Trans Kids-The Old New Abuse of Gay/Lesbian Children

Before, During and After the Male Medical Machine quantified homosexuality as "abnormal" in their DSM bible, teens suspected of being Gay or Lesbian or teens who declared themselves Gay or Lesbian faced the possibility of Conversion Therapies by homophobic parents and an equally homophobic society and medical community. Therapies that include/d rape, castration, clitoral removel, alcohol, drugs, shock treatment, pornography, prostitutes, to name just a few.

Despite the removal (actually it wasnt really removed just neatly tucked out of sight) of homosexuality from the DSM in 1973 and despite the overwhelming evidence that homosexuality isnt a mental disease, conversion therapy and many of its tortures still persist today. But in much smaller numbers, and many of its sick straightening out practices are considered by many in the Male Medical Machine as abuse and torture. I have yet to hear it said though that the parents motives and course of action be declared child abuse. But thats how homophobia works, even when those in authority claim to be against it, they conveniently turn a blind eye when it comes to negative/abusive parental treatment of gay and lesbian youth.

What if a parent caught or suspected their son or daughter of smoking pot and the parents instigated the removal of their son's testicles or the rape of their daughter in order to get them to cease smoking pot? If found out by authorities, these parents would be arrested, tried and every other person in the country would want to see them fry! BUT, if it is a parent doing the very same thing to save their child from a life of homosexuality? Well those tortures are not only worth it, but completely understandable and medically stamp approved!

It is from this very homo/lezbo-phobic structure that the door for parents to transition their children (some as young as 2) has swung wide open and only silence is heard from these clear cut cases of child abuse! Young, innocent and highly trusting and impressionable minds are being brain washed that their abnormal behaviour (behaviour not in accord with the Gender Straight Jacket) is because they were "born in the wrong body" rather than the reality which is BORN IN THE WRONG SOCIETY! A society so homophobically sick it either fully agrees with transitioning children, lethal hormone blockers and all or it shrinks from legally and ethically calling out of the child abuses being done to children suspected of being gay or lesbian by parents and doKtors!

Encouraging likes and dislikes is a positive in a child's life, but sexing those likes and dislike including any behaviour behind them to the point of pathology IS child abuse!


Transman Poisons Girlfriend Secretly with Testosterone

My stats picked up this sick gem recently, clearly a trans female is poisoning her partner by "secretly" applying topical testosterone to her clitoris. While it is a low grade form of testosterone poisoning (illegal and sick none the less), what is the chance this trans female knows her partner and her partner's family cancer/health history?? Does cancer run on both sides of this woman's family? One side? Was she a DES baby?

We can only speculate on this trans female's sick selfish motives, but the result lines up with rape and attempted murder in my book!

I wager before this trans female took "T" herself, such sick fucking idea's wouldnt have entered into her un-testosteroned brain.


Why I HAVEN'T Transitioned by Jane Doe

I haven't transitioned because I am 4'11" tall.

At least that was what prevented me when I was 18. I tried to pass as
a man but I could only pass as a young boy. Not what I wanted.

I knew since I was 5 that something was wrong. I didn't hate my body
then, but I saw what females were FOR and that was clearly not what I
was about. I figured I would grow up to be a man someday. As the years
went by, I got more and more anxious about gender. (We called it "sex
roles" back then.)

When I was 20, I took acid. Then came the revelation. IT'S NOT ME.
There's nothing wrong with me. Gender is a trap, an illusion, a
falsehood. There are two boxes. I don't fit in a box.

It was a relief to realize I don't have to mutilate myself. That I can
be a strong butch (well, mini-butch) woman. I can love myself as I am.
I don't have to shave, pluck, dye, use makeup, high heels, tight
skirts or any of that. I don't have to pack, posture, take hormones,
or get surgery.


-- Jane Doe

California Transgender Bill AB1266 Passes/Heads Toward Law

Bill AB1266 in California which would allow legal access to sex segregated spaces and sports by any student claiming he or she is trans heads toward becoming a law. This is regardless of the sex on any birth certificate or drivers license. Meaning, if a male student claims that he is trans he will have access to female bathrooms, female locker rooms and be free to shower with girl students. I really hope Gay and Lesbian rights groups are following this closely because THIS is where the hard earned money of gays and lesbians who donate to glbT rights groups is going!

I remember when I was in junior high and high school, hearing males dreaming up ways to access the girls locker/shower areas. Now we have laws being put into place to make the dreams of many young males come true! Remember the movie Porky's? Per wiki "In a subplot, the boys also peep on female students in their locker room shower. After (apparently) several unsuccessful attempts, Tommy, Billy and Pee Wee finally see several girls showering." And given the rise in rape culture, the rise in anti-feminism, the rise in the objectification and sexualization of females, the rise in male privileges, should we really expect that young males have changed so much today that they are now treating females as humans? I could answer that in a word and say NO, but instead I'll simply say Steubenville.

And what of the confused young lesbian students who society and possibly their parents have persuaded via the Gender Straight Jacket to internalize their lesbianism, their behaviour etc? Girls thinking they are REALLY boys. Boys who now can now empty their bladders in the boys bathroom, boys who can now change in the boys locker rooms and boys who can now shower with the boys in the boys shower rooms. This really is a dream come true for every heterosexual hormone hard on male youth, girls showering with them! And any woman alive knows what will happen to those girls, because it may be 2013 but women dressed from head to toe are STILL asked what they were wearing/doing when raped! Because no matter what, females are still suspected of "asking for it"! And in a patriarchal rapist fucking culture, who more could ask for it than a girl showing in a boys locker room!!! In this culture, thats BEGGING for it!

While this bill may be the dream of many a young straight male, it is the making of the Trans Politic which consists of adult Female Fetishizing males! Males who not only are DICKtating bills and laws to suit their fetishes, but doing so from the gay and lesbian platform! Adult women, feminist have managed to keep these men out of our spaces, but what chance do young girls have? What right does she have to say no, as adult male laws are raping their way into her private area?

I'll leave my readers to contemplate how this bill could/will affect girls sports.


Promoting the Transition of Children and Gay/Lesbian Genocide

From a recent Huff article:

Since my medical school years, not only have the numbers of successful social and medical transitions skyrocketed in America and around the globe...Today all our medical associations, from the broad-based American Medical Association (AMA) to the brain-related mental health organizations, such as the American Psychological Association (APA) and the American Psychiatric Association (APA), recognize the trans experience as a normal...So today we have professional medical acceptance of adult trans persons and increasing acceptance of trans adolescents. Gender clinics are flourishing in Boston (including the Gender Management Service Clinic, which was founded by Dr. Norman Spack), Los Angeles and Chicago, with new ones in development in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and elsewhere. The controversy in the profession is now focused on children, particularly gender-variant children...Let me make it clear: There is no surgical intervention done in this country before the age of consent, at 18. And hormonal treatment, with puberty-blocking hormones, a completely reversible (a complete lie) process, is not prescribed until the onset of puberty....We are left with a mental health profession that has made great strides but is still blind to the pain of gender incongruence, which they exacerbate when they deny transition.

Where does one even begin with the deep level of Gender Straight Jacketed ignorance, misogyny, homophobia and anti-feminism in this piece? The only thing this author has right is post queer theory-post feminist backlash the trans concept/practice trending globally out of control. And in less than TWO months part of that out of control-ness being leveled at children labeled " gender-variant." 

Gender Variant, meaning any child who does not conform to narrow patriarchal definitions of the sexes. Say a boy who may want to grow up to be a nurse rather than a doctor or a young girl who wants to grow up to be a doctor rather than a nurse, gender variants. A girl who plays sports, gender variant. A boy who enjoys cooking with mom, gender variant. A boy who loves pink, gender variant. A girl who likes her hair short, gender variant. A boy who plays with "girl toys/dolls", gender variant. A girl who plays army with the boys, gender variant. A girl who wants to grow up a marry another girl, gender variant. A boy who has a crush on another boy, gender variant. You get the picture?

Gender Variant while harmful to both sexes, sets back feminism to the caveman age or perhaps before! It dictates that behavior is based solely on sex. And if your behavior doesnt match your sex, something is amiss with you that needs serious fucking fixing! Gender Variant indeed!

Gender Variant is  Bettisia Gozzadini

Gender Variant is Christine de Pizan
Gender Variant is Laura Cereta
Gender Variant is Jane Anger
Gender Variant is Aphra Behn
Gender Variant is Mary Shelley
Gender Variant is Sojourner Truth
Gender Variant is Mary Wollstonecraft
Gender Variant is Susan Brownell Anthony
Gender Variant is Margaret Fuller
Gender Variant is Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Gender Variant is Emma Goldman
Gender Variant is Rosa Luxemburg
Gender Variant is Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Gender Variant is Lucy Stone
Gender Variant is Victoria Claflin Woodhull
Gender Variant is Hélène Cixous
Gender Variant is Mary Daly
Gender Variant is Norah Elam
Gender Variant is Germaine Greer
Gender Variant is Luce Irigaray
Gender Variant is Audre Lorde
Gender Variant is Alice Stokes Paul
Gender Variant is Adrienne Cecile Rich
Gender Variant is Virginia Woolf
Gender Variant is Carol Ann Duffy
Gender Variant is bell hooks
Gender Variant is Karla Jay
Gender Variant is Julia Kristeva
Gender Variant is Irshad Manji
Gender Variant is Monique Wittig
Gender Variant is every woman who dared to even dream she was more than a fuck hole for a hard cock or a baby/sandwich making machine. Today, she is being transitioned right out of the crib if she shows any signs of being anything else.


Why I HAVEN'T Transitioned & other Stories

In recent years, we in or around any aspect of the queer alphabet soup have been inundated with accounts of why folks are or have transitioned. From journal accounts, blogs, forums, emails, new groups, documentaries and thousands of videos. I would like to begin countering this misogynistic landslide by posting accounts of Why I HAVENT Transitioned. Since misogyny is the foundation for the trans disorder AND hyper femininity, I would like to open up these post to include stories of why females havent hyper feminized as well. By that I mean, share why you carry female differently than the sexualized image of "woman" that the male masturbatory media portrays to us over and over and over in efforts to convince females that this plastic unattainable patriarchal idea is normal.

I will post each piece I receive and keep a link of those posts in a widget on the side of the blog. I dont care if english isnt your mother tongue, I dont care if your spelling and grammar isnt perfect, I only care that you write from your heart's experience.

Email Why I HAVEN'T Transitioned & other Stories to me at


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