SheWired's Anti Lesbian LESBIAN Sex Survey

The above is a screencap of the second and third question from a LESBIAN sex survey by SheWired,
a supposed LESBIAN website. I do not know what I am more appalled with, that a site and survey claiming to be about LESBIANS would unashamedly include male/trans as possible "genders" not to mention anything other than LESBIAN as a sexual orientation on a fucking LESBIAN sex survey!!!! Then to go that extra fucking kick in the cunt and actually put (female) next to LESBIAN. The very nature of lesbianism IS FEMALE!!! A FEMALE romantically/emotionally/sexually attracted to other FEMALES who are romantically/emotionally/sexually attracted to other FEMALES!!! Or more appalled at the complete silence from lesbians not calling this clearly NON-LESBIAN site/survey out!

Has the autogynephilic threat become so great that lesbians are so fearful of insulting the almighty  frocked male that they are willingly allowing biological men to co-opt there/our so beautiful, precious identity??



  1. I completed it and it seemed more like a general sex survey rather than a lesbian specific one. The questions about waxing & shaving were pretty funny.

  2. It seems indeed to be a genral survey. No big deal.


  3. It is a VERY big deal when lesbian sites are pimping it out. VERY BIG indeed. Where it merely general it wouldnt be called a LESBIAN sex survey now would it?


  4. From what I've gathered and read, She Wired is run by the Advocate which is essentially a gay men's and transgender magazine. Every now and then they throw in a token story or two about lesbians, but everyone knows the magazine is primarily for gay men. I've yet to see the Advocate say anything that is the least bit critical of transgender issues. The Advocate is also the magazine who wrote the article about Izzie the little "transgender" girl whose mother had diagnosed at age one or two. The Advocate bought this hook, line, and sinker, even the part about the puberty suppressing drugs given to this kid.

    This is what I did. I took their lesbian phobic, misogynistic survey, but I DIDN'T answer any questions. There are spaces where people can fill in their own comments. I typed in my comments in the blank areas meant for individual comment and it went through. So, I did this instead of taking the survey. They didn't get any answers out of me. Instead, they got a lot of comments saying that lesbians are female not male. Also, if you scroll down, people can leave comments in their blog section.

  5. It seems indeed to be a genral survey. No big deal.

    The co-option of the word lesbian by males feels like the rape of lesbian identity and the rape of my lesbian soul.

    This is the most lesbian phobic "sex survey" that I've ever had the misfortune of reading. Lesbians are females who are emotionally, spiritually, and sexually attracted to other females. I noticed that this lesbian phobic, misogynistic "Lesbian Sex Survey" asks for gender (Female, Male, or Transgender). Also, it gets stranger in that one can be a female lesbian or "male lesbian".

    Under the "Gender" section, the choices are:

    (1.) Female
    (2.) Male
    (3.) Transgender

    Since when can a lesbian have a penis? The transgender community has shamelessly co-opted the word lesbian, and the Advocate goes along with it. Apparently, lesbians can have a penis because men say they can. Is this how it works? Males who happen to wear skirts or makeup say that this is the way things will be.

    Everyone knows that the Advocate is a gay men's and transgender magazine that only throws in a token article about lesbians every now and then to make it appear as if they really care what actual lesbians think. As a lesbian, the Advocate is the last magazine I would every read. If there were only two magazines or websites in the entire world, I would choose the option of reading nothing at all instead of reading the Advocate.

    The Advocate does not represent my interests at all.

    "Last year’s survey was such a success with several thousand women sharing their down-and-dirty details that we decided to poll our readers again to find out just what the girls are up to in—or out—of the bedroom this year."

    I am a woman not a "girl". I suppose it could be worse in that they didn't call women "fish" which is a common word that male transgender call females.


    It is a VERY big deal when lesbian sites are pimping it out. VERY BIG indeed.

    Dirt, She-Wired is NOT a lesbian site. It's run and/or owned by the Advocate which is a gay man's/transgender magazine.

    This sex survey says that it is by She-Wired editors. For all we know, it's a bunch of transgender males and gay guys (maybe a token lesbian) sitting around thinking up some survey. Since She-Wired is run and/or owned by the Advocate, the Advocate gets to decide what is important. Or, in essence, men telling women what they need, and what they need to know.

  6. It says "Take Our Lesbian Sex Survey"

    The transgender community has shamelessly co-opted the identity of lesbian, and the Advocate/She-Wired sees no problem with it. There are MTFs who call themselves lesbians. They rarely did this twenty years ago, but since the transgender community has run rough shod over everything and everyone for so long, they feel entitled to re-define the word lesbian. They even have "Overcoming the Cotton Ceiling Workshop: Breaking Down Sexual Barriers for Queer Transwomen" (which excluded lesbians) to teach lesbians to love the penis. The Advocate has to make nice with the "lesbians" who have penis. See, it has always been this way, but we all have to pretend it's not lesbian phobic and misogynistic. Men (including one's who are trans) get to decide and define everything. This also includes who is and isn't a woman, and who is and isn't a lesbian.

  7. Take Our Lesbian Sex Survey

    The raping of lesbian identity continued....

    From the "Lesbian Sex Survey"


    (1.) Female
    (2.) Male
    (3.) Transgender


    (1.) Lesbian (female)
    (2.) Bisexual
    (3.) Questioning
    (4.) Gay (male)
    (5.) Straight (female)
    (6.) Straight (male)

    Since when are straight males lesbian? Take our "Lesbian Sex Survey" if you are a straight male. If it weren't so twisted, contrived, and lesbian phobic, it would be hilarious.

    Issue One:

    Because the biology and anatomy of females and males are so different, how can any male possibly say that he knows how females feel when they are sexually aroused? I would not insult gay men, or men in general by saying that I know how men feel when they ejaculate. Males, and this includes males who have had their testicles cut off, CAN NEVER TRULY KNOW HOW WOMEN FEEL WHEN THEY ARE SEXUALLY AROUSED. So, why do males need to take a "Lesbian Sex Survey"? Biological males who undergo sex reassignment surgery might have external genitalia that resemble female genitalia, but skin taken from the penis that is shoved into an artificially created hole or cavity in the human body is not going to respond to stimulus exactly the way biological females respond. In essence, it might take on the outwardly physical appearance of female genitals, but does stripped skin from the penis that is pushed into a surgically created cavity respond exactly the way biological females do? THE ANSWER IS NO.

  8. Below is a link to a video of sex reassignment surgery on a biological male. The video is graphic and we see the testicles cut off, the skin from the penis peeled away, and a man-made cavity surgically created. When all this is done, is this going to feel, taste, smell, and react exactly like a biological female? The answer is NO.

    A vagina is an actual organ that is attached to the rest of the female reproductive system whereas a "neovagina" is essentially a man-made cavity surgically created for the sole purpose of penetration. Because the human body has a tendency to close any gashing wound which is what a “neovagina” is, a neovagina has to be dilated on a regular basis basically for the life time of the person.

    Is a neovagina exactly like a vagina? If we are having a “Lesbian Sex Survey”, this sounds like a fair question. There are numerous ways in which a neovagina is nothing like a vagina. For example, women aren't "hairy as a bear inside". This is just one example of how biological males with neovaginas are different than females. Scrotal skin is used to create the opening of the neovagina. Below is transwomen discussing their neovagina.

    "Nonsense? Okay, ask Marci Bowers, Dr McGinn, Meltzer or any other SRS-surgeon you wish about it, and you will learn that most surgeons will indeed recommend doing Electrolysis before Vaginoplasty, as, after all and whether you like it or not, your Vagina is made of Cock-tissue, which in some males will also have a lot of hair growing on that tissue. Some surgeons, even in regards of the older SRS-techiques, carefully scraped the hairfollicles of the skin before lining the vaginal walls with it, while others, however, did not do so at all, which not seldomly resulted in the patient ending up with a vagina that was hairy as a bear on the inside. In time, such hair has the habit of getting twisted up in each other and may form a pad of hair, where bacterias and dead skincells gets stuck, which, not the least, may also feel very unfortumtable for the person having these problems."

    Also, a neovagina isn't self-cleaning, and it isn't self-lubricating. Only the recto-sigmoid colon neovagina is self-lubricating. Instead of using inverted penis skin, a section of the recto-sigmoid colon is used to form the neovagina. Unlike a vagina which is lubricated when it should be lubricated, a recto-sigmoid colon neovagina is lubricated all the time. Some complications with recto-sigmoid colon include: abundant mucus discharge, continuous dripping even after six months; an undesirable stink, and future colon complications as infections or pain in the adhesion scars; and the "C" section scar. In summation, the neovagina is made either from inverted penis skin or part of one’s rectum. The former requires constant dilation and lubrication, and the later, although it at least lubricates, lubricates all the time and has been known to smell like feces.

    “Well, not only because of the Semen, but simply because some Post-op Vaginas still builds up stuff like Smegma and dead skin cells inside, something that a Neo-Vagina is not as good as discharging as a Bio-Vagina is.”

  9. A vagina will not completely close up if it isn’t used. It might shrink some, but because it’s not a man-made, surgical gash in the human body, it won’t naturally try to repair itself, constrict because of surgical scar tissue, and completely close.

    "Any technique of vaginoplasty performed will require vaginal dilation of the patient for the rest of her life with a set of vaginal stents. This is due to the surrounding tissues, including the PC muscle, trying to move back to their original positions, forcing the neovagina closed…Scar tissue will form at any place that two pieces of tissue (in the form of grafts) are joined together in this manner. Scar tissue has very different properties than the rest of the skin. The two most important differences are that as it heals it becomes much less elastic and it contracts as it heals.”

    What is the purpose of having a "Lesbian Sex Survey" when biological males who "transition" are still not exactly like females, have their own unique set of issues to deal with, and are incapable of responding sexually in the same way females do? They might say they "feel like a woman", but do they really know how women feel, even after extensive plastic surgery to their genitals? Common sense, biology, anatomy, and logic tell us they do not.

    Some researchers even did a study to see whether or not males post SRS responded similarly to females. This study just tells us what most people instinctively knew already, but were too afraid to say.

    "Men's sexual arousal patterns are category-specific: Men typically display significantly greater physiological responses to sexual stimuli depicting members of their preferred gender category. Category-specific patterns of sexual arousal have not been consistently reported in natal women. We used vaginal photoplethysmography to examine patterns of sexual arousal in 11 male-to-female (MtF) transsexuals following sex reassignment surgery (SRS) and in 72 natal women. Subjective arousal was measured with a continuous response lever. Video clips depicting sexual activity between two males, two females, or one male and one female were used as erotic stimuli. All transsexual participants displayed category-specific sexual arousal. Five homosexual transsexual participants (attracted exclusively to males before sex reassignment) showed greater genital and subjective responses to male than to female stimuli, while six nonhomosexual transsexual participants showed the opposite pattern. Vaginal pulse amplitude (VPA) was lower in transsexual participants than in natal women. The mean correlation between VPA and subjective responses was high in nonhomosexual transsexuals, but was significantly lower in homosexual transsexuals and in natal women. One transsexual participant who reported a change in sexual orientation following sex reassignment displayed VPA and subjective responses consistent with her pre-reassignment sexual orientation. We conclude that male-to-female transsexuals display male-typical category-specific sexual arousal following SRS, and that vaginal photoplethysmography is a promising methodology for studying patterns of sexual arousal in postoperative transsexuals.

  10. ISSUE TWO:

    I'm especially offended at the appropriation of the word lesbian. To me, the shameless appropriation of lesbian identity feels like a form of rape. It’s like stealing a part of my soul. We all know that men get to define basically everything in the world. Now, males get to define who is and isn’t a lesbian. Why are they right and I’m wrong? Why aren’t women and lesbians allowed to define ourselves? I say males can never be women, or lesbians.

  11. The very nature of lesbianism IS FEMALE!!!

    When lesbians make love, they experience the awe-inspiring female sexual response in another female. We see ourselves through the eyes of other women. This is why we are lesbian. It's a celebration of everything that is female.

    Males will never be able to experience this the way we do.

  12. I referred this questionnaire to an ex-colleague who works at Eurostat. She told me surveys often include such (apparently absurd) questions right at the start to "weed out" irrelevant responses from the compiled figures.
    Nevertheless, when I made her look at it more closely (i.e. actually fill it in), her opinion was that it is a "very unprofessional" questionnaire, from which "no useful statistical information" can be gleaned.
    A dry response, maybe or maybe not useful?

  13. i agree with 10:32-10:35

    why can't we have ourselves to ourselves? why must they barge in and demand that we give ourselves to them? they can play pretend with other i denial idiots, im not participating in the loon fest.

  14. I believe it was smart for them to include those options because it lets them weed out the answers of those who are following the site but don't fit their demographic.

    For example if a site about people who transition from female to male had a survey, it might be good for them to include other gender options in case they need to exclude certain people's answers for some questions, such as 'are you currently taking hormones'.

    Seventeen magazine (a magazine for girls) also asks gender on their surveys, possibly to avoid factoring in 'I want to see more about relationships and sex and less about hair and makeup' when people answer which articles they are most and least interested in.


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