A Trans Trender Commits Suicide-A Trans Sister Reacts

This post is in response to the above video, please watch video before reading post.

In a very unlikely turn of events, a trans person documented a trans suicide. The Trans community and above all the Trans Politic is always on HIGH alert to quickly cover up the suicide of someone within its cloistered ranks. None the less we are beginning to see studies coming out documenting the high rates of post transition suicides.

I cannot help but feel this trans female's reason for video documentation of the suicide of another young trans female is, while I believe she genuinely does feel sorry for her trans sisters tragic demise, she NEEDED to make this video in effort to convince herself there's reason enough to live. I suppose this, not based solely on this video alone, although this video is compelling enough on its own right.

I do applaud her her honesty. A BIG no no under the Trans Articles of Conduct. Unlike the thousands of trans videos that do little in the way of practicing transparency. Videos that instead, a little too eagerly boast of new improved lives all because of the liquid substance found in a tiny vial. I'm reminded of an AbFab episode where the mother is struggling to lose weight. Her daughter says to her "Look, mum. All you've got to do is eat less and take a bit of exercise." To which the mother responds "Sweetie, if it was that easy, everyone would be doing it." 

I think the post transition suicides, post transition eating disorders, post transition depression, post transition dysphoria, post transition cutting, post transition social anxieties, post transition sexual dysfunction, post transition relationship problems, post transition general unhappiness etc all go to the heft that transition not only isnt not "that easy", but more over that there isnt any gold at the end of the queer rainbow. For far too many, there isnt even fucking rainbow.


Since we're on the subject:

Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

chasersteel12-Age (young adult)

Cal-Age 21

Hayden-Age 15

remytegan93-Age 19

jadenscotty27-Age 16

AlekExterminate-Age (young)

TMYPurpleZebra1992-Age 20

littlebirdie15th-Age 14

queerplatano-Age 20

The suffragette Emily Davison endured some of the cruelest tortures "During her imprisonment, when she and other activists were being force-fed – a process that was agonising and degrading and sometimes involved anal rape with metal tubes – she threw herself down an iron staircase in protest. In retaliation for her refusal to co-operate, the guards put a hosepipe into her cell and slowly filled it with water until she almost drowned" simply for challenging the role patriarchy had slotted out for her as a female. From psychiatry's earliest invention of the asylum, female behaviour has been pathologized and women confined/tortured when their behaviour didnt hold up to the scrutiny of male subjugation.

"Madness is often political. There are situations in which extreme emotional distress is the only rational response to overwhelming circumstance, where “sanity” is little more than the medical term for acquiescence. Women in the early 20th century, a time when female sexual and social freedom was pathologised, frequently went insane, killed themselves or suffered debilitating “nerves”, as documented by writers such as Zelda Fitzgerald and Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Frequently those who rebelled in more tangible ways, by acting out, sleeping around or refusing to submit to men in the home or workplace, were declared insane and sent away to rot in asylums by their spouses and relatives."

Patriarchy has long used psychiatry as a means of branding women with mental illnesses when we didnt act or look in ways that werent stamped or approved by the male establishment or women helping to maintain that establishment. As a feminist I often wonder if the system of psychiatry itself wasnt created more to keep women in their/our "proper place" than actually address true mental illness, i.e. organic. But as Betty Friedan showed us fifty years ago, even women who acquiesce arent exempt from unhappiness and mental distress, they merely suffer in silence rather than rage in the streets. Very much like our trans female sisters today.

Trans females are often viewed as rebelling against female social norms, instead of what they are actually doing, acquiescing. There is little to no difference between a trans female and a hyper feminine female, they both acquiesce to patriarchy's dictation of what a woman can do/be/is, all of which is stamped and approved by men and for men. Trans females are Betty Friedan's miserable, unhappy 1950's housewives with a different kind of "mother's little helper", and the Gender Straight Jacket worn by both, is identical.


Gender Odyssey Family Supports The Gender Straight Jacket

Gender Odyssey Family is an annual conference for families who are working to navigate the day-to-day realities of raising a gender non-conforming or transgender child.

First and foremost there is NO such being (child or otherwise) as "gender non-conforming" and until VERY recently there was no such being as a "transgender child". And until medical intervention takes place there remains no such person as the "transgender child". Conferences such as these are designed to keep narrow sex roles in place, i.e. the Gender Straight Jacket. They are also designed to heterosexualize gay and lesbian children via the transition cure.
Teen PROGRAMMING indeed!

A program, with the help of programmers using the old 1 2 3 method, to give you your very own "gender identity"! 
Wrong, the Gender Straight Jacket created and maintained by Patriarchy tells our "heads and hearts who we are" and those bound and gagged by those misogynistic structures, instruct us at our most vulnerable ages with classes, conferences and programs of compliance when we dare to exist outside patriarchy's confines. And by doing so we are slapped with labels of "gender non conformity" or "transgender", all which reenforce that males do these things and females do those things, keeping the sexes (especially the female sex) in their proper hetero-patriarchal places!

And who is there to field some of these difficult questions pick up many new clients with which to make them LOTS of money? A straight guy who is a "woman" fetishist and a straight guy who has found gold in brutally hacking off the healthy breast of insecure girls/women!

What will it take to wake the Gay and Lesbian Community up? These conferences/reprograms etc are growing at an alarming rate. Alarming if you're actually paying the fuck attention! And who are these reprograms directed at? You know it. I know it. Those running these carbon cut out places know it, most of society fucking knows it! THEY ARE DIRECTED AT OBVIOUS GAY AND LESBIAN CHILDREN/YOUTH! And by obvious I mean, your "sissy boy" and your "tomboy girl", most of which if left unharmed by homophobic parents/doctors etc would grow up to be reasonably healthy gay and lesbian adults!

Where mind altering drugs, lobotomies and behaviour therapy failed to "cure" obvious adult homosexuals, transition is successfully doing so in obvious gay and lesbian children. 


Legal Marriage via Legal Sex Change Equals ANTI GAY!

Bill 1218 is a bill being proposed in the Texas senate which would invalidate legal change of sex. Meaning a male who legally changes his sex to female would no longer be allowed to marry a male or a female legally changing her sex to male could no longer marry a female. In other words, trans people would no longer be able to conveniently skirt same sex marriage laws in Texas, as they do regularly in other states.

Two issues which confuse the hell out of me regarding this: 1) Supposedly we're the glbT? 2) If living in a state/country which does not allow "equal marriage", why on earth would any trans person use their legal sex change to take advantage of something that the whole of the GLBT community clearly cannot? That just doesnt ring of community now does it?

It wasnt too long ago that the Trans Community/Politic was in the biggest uproar when ENDA had its greatest chance of passing since gays and lesbians began legally fighting for it 40+ years ago, IF "gender identity" was removed. History has long bore out that change cometh slowly and usually with increments. We have seen it repeatedly in other countries and within our own, from freeing the slaves, civil rights, rights for women and currently with illegal immigrants.

While there is always going to be a certain amount of in fighting when groups disagree, we general do not see groups throwing the baby out with the bath water! I dont recall ever reading about black women demanding black men give up their right to vote because that right applied only to black men. In fact black men's right to vote encourage all women to fight on till we too got the vote! So why is it that this one small group (trans) within the larger GLBT group had no qualms about an "all or nothing" ENDA bill BUT do not hold the same reasoning for an "all or nothing" marriage law???

Once when Sylvia Plath cut her thumb, she ingeniously imagined in her poem Cut that each escaping red corpuscle was a "red coat". As she watched these "red coats" desert the body in favour of their own plans, she asked herself "whose side are they on"?


Edit to add this prize.

Angelina Jolie, Breast Cancer and the Transgender Community

Like me, I'm sure most of you have recently heard or read about Angelina Jolie's NYT article. Jolie has revealed that due to an 87% chance risk of developing breast cancer, she opted to have her breast removed, plummeting her chances of breast cancer to about 5%. Jolie is a carrier of the BRCA1 gene heavily linked to breast cancer, this gene put Jolie at the 87% risk of breast cancer development.

Some breast cancer gene info:

About 5% to 10% of breast cancers are thought to be hereditary, caused by abnormal genes passed from parent to child.

Most inherited cases of breast cancer are associated with two abnormal genes: BRCA1 (BReast CAncer gene one) and BRCA2 (BReast CAncer gene two).

Abnormal BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes may account for up to 10% of all breast cancers, or 1 out of every 10 cases.

You are substantially more likely to have an abnormal breast cancer gene if:
  • You have blood relatives (grandmothers, mother, sisters, aunts) on either your mother's or father's side of the family who had breast cancer diagnosed before age 50.
  • There is both breast and ovarian cancer in your family, particularly in a single individual.
  • There are other gland-related cancers in your family such as pancreatic, colon, and thyroid cancers.
  • Women in your family have had cancer in both breasts.
  • You are of Ashkenazi Jewish (Eastern European) heritage.
  • You are African American and have been diagnosed with breast cancer at age 35 or younger.
  • A man in your family has had breast cancer.

The average woman in the United States has about a 1 in 8, or a 12-13%, risk of developing breast cancer in her lifetime. Women who have an abnormal BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene (or both) can have up to an 80% risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetimes. Breast cancers associated with an abnormal BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene tend to develop in younger women and occur more often in both breasts than cancers in women without these abnormal genes.

Women with an abnormal BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene also have an increased risk of developing ovarian, colon, pancreatic, and thyroid cancers, as well as melanoma.

  • ATM: The ATM gene helps repair damaged DNA. DNA carries genetic information in cells. Inheriting two abnormal copies of this gene causes the disease ataxia-telangiectasia, a rare disease that affects brain development. Inheriting one abnormal ATM gene has been linked to an increased rate of breast cancer in some families because the abnormal gene stops the cells from repairing damaged DNA.

  • p53 (also called the TP53 gene): The p53 gene provides instructions to the body for making a protein that stops tumor growth. Inheriting an abnormal p53 gene causes Li-Fraumeni syndrome, a disorder that causes people to develop soft tissue cancers at a young age. People with this rare syndrome have a higher-than-average-risk of breast cancer and several other cancers, including leukemia, brain tumors, and sarcomas (cancer of the bones or connective tissue).

  • CHEK2: The CHEK2 gene also provides instructions for making a protein that stops tumor growth. Li-Fraumeni syndrome also can be caused by an inherited abnormal CHEK2 gene. Even when an abnormal CHEK2 gene doesn't cause Li-Fraumeni syndrome, it can double breast cancer risk.

  • PTEN: The PTEN gene helps regulate cell growth. An abnormal PTEN gene causes Cowden syndrome, a rare disorder in which people have a higher risk of both benign (not cancer) and cancerous breast tumors, as well as growths in the digestive tract, thyroid, uterus, and ovaries.

  • CDH1: The CDH1 gene makes a protein that helps cells bind together to form tissue. An abnormal CDH1 gene causes a rare type of stomach cancer at an early age. Women with an abnormal CDH1 gene also have an increased risk of invasive lobular breast cancer.

  • Genetic testing

    There are genetic tests available to determine if someone has an abnormal BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene. A genetic counselor also may order testing for an abnormal ATM, p53, CHEK2, PTEN, or CDH1 gene if it's determined from your personal or family history that these tests are needed.

    Despite a drop in breast cancer in very recent years, due to long term studies that proved hormones raised breast cancer/cancer rates in pre menopausal women using birth control and post menopausal women using HRT (hormone replacement therapy), breast cancer still remains the second leading cause of death in women.

    Given all the facts above, I have yet to see where genetic testing is part of the medical process on females seeking transition BEFORE they are given high doses of cancer cause hormones. Testosterone is the quick, cheap and easy first step in transition. There are countless trans females with breasts intact on testosterone for YEARS because they cannot afford to have the surgery to remove them. How many of these women has the medical community tested for cancer genes??? The answer is NONE. The ONLY exception would be IF a female seeking transition insisted that that be part of her medical care. How many women seeking transition have asked to be tested for cancer genes? NONE! Females seeking transition would be too afraid to request cancer gene testing because they might not get their precious "T script." But it shouldnt be up to them, it should be up to the medical community (FIRST DO NO HARM) claiming care for their well being! Rather than collude with hetero patriarchy in normalizing lesbians (primarily) via transition!

    Even in trans females who have had their breast removed pre testosterone (rare), once they begin using high doses of testosterone, cancer gene or no cancer gene, they still run the risk of breast cancer in the remaining breast tissue left. AND if they do have breast cancer genes, the drop in possible breast cancer risk to 5% from breast removal, immediately goes up with every injection from testosterone therapy, which is ongoing for the rest of the patient's life.

    I have a sickening feeling the female Trans Trender community in 20 years time (or less) will resemble gay male communities in the 80's during the AIDS crisis. And the medical community responsible for the crisis will conveniently exempt itself by saying these women chose to transition.


    Is Michfest Soon Becoming Stripfest?

    Somewhere between Michfest founder's lethargy, political correctness fears and lesbian trans ignorance, Michfest is soon, if not already, slated to become STRIPFEST.

    Michfest's once upon a time, woman safe, idyllic grounds has slowly, post queer movement, become less idyllic and drastically unsafe for lesbians. The queer movement, in line with the hetero patriarchal Trans Politic has invaded Michfest's lush lands, kicking open the door for the Male Gaze that Michfest once kept out. Queer women, i.e. straight women with a slice or two of kink, continue whittling away at all traces of lesbianism Michfest was built by and upon. Paving the way, like a MAN-made highway for more and more male presences on Michfest grounds.

    These women have been so infused with patriarchy and so defeated by their own internalized misogyny, performing for the Male Gaze is second nature and protecting men, regardless of garb, their first! So allowing, NO-correction, demanding, demonstrating that males belong on Michfest's once safe, Male Gaze protected lesbian lands is meaningless to them. Their ears are deaf to lesbian pleas for women only spaces and no Michfest signer can enlighten them to a world where they need not seek male approval for their existence.

    Michfest was created as a safe haven, a shelter from the Male Gaze. Where lesbians could walk hand in hand, bare chested if they so wished. And many did/do. To have the privilege of feeling the sun on their backs or breast without being ogled by males, without the threat of rape and without shame. This privilege is being quickly eroded at Michfest, with queer women leading the pack! Women who ignorantly welcome the Male Gaze because they have nothing else inside. And a wink or a nod or a hoot from a trans male goes a LONG way when your existence depends men. And the trans males raping Michfest grounds with their testosteroned presences are using Michfest as their very own strip club!

    But it is one thing if queer straight women wanna show their tits to men, quite another when unsuspecting lesbians are faced with the Male Gaze at a WOMAN ONLY event. It takes only a single male to carry the whole misogynistic Male Gaze history with him, that gaze is in his every look, glance and step. Lesbian shirtlessness is no longer a Michfest privilege when hundreds of male eyes are upon our bare breast. It is a strip tease without our permission, when Michfest became Stripfest.


    Wondering what Michfest Leaders Think of My Last two Posts?

    Posted both Michfest related posts this morning, you can see how interested/invested Michfest leaders are in addressing the MAN problem. Men's feelings and privileges are much more important than lesbian visibility, lesbian spaces and most of all lesbian safety.


    Open Letter to Lisa Vogel

    A passionate, youthful lesbian pride, a little money, a few close partners who shared a grassroots dream and some good business sense gave birth The Michigan Womyns Music Festival better known now as Michfest. While you may no longer be youthful Lisa, it is obvious that somewhere in the course of losing your youth, you lost your lesbian pride also. In a matter of a few short decades I have witnessed your lesbian pride, wax, wane and worst of all capitulate to the demands of MEN! Yes MEN Lisa! Straight white, middle, class/aged MEN utilizing the threat of political correctness and patriarchy to get their MALE privileged way.

    Men who have been allowed into Michfest by trans sympathizers, men who have used these occasions to expose their hormone shrunken cocks to lesbian fest attendees, some of whom had been raped in the past by MEN, and all whom have grown up facing the threat of rape due to a rapist MALE culture. Men who have used women's fear of rape, fear of violence and hate speech to silence and intimidate lesbians. Men making a sick mockery via demanding, maintaining and imitating hyper-femininity as THE female norm.

    These misogynistic, lezbophobic tactics have been ongoing for the past 25+ years and thus far Lisa, what has your response been to them??? Oh yes Lisa, to create an even BIGGER insult to women/lesbians by skirting the issue via your WBW-womyn-born-womyn policy! REALLY???? Thats the best you could come up with??? Is there really any other way to be a woman??? We both know Lisa that there isnt. So why not just come out and say it, Michfest is a FEMALECENTRIC, FEMALE ONLY event! Is that so bloody difficult???

    And while you're at it Lisa, by publicly locating Michfest as Femalecentric/For Females Only, this updated policy would also bring Michfest into the post queer age of female Trans Trenders who have taken advantage of your WBW policy to invade Michfest, carry out autogynephilic MALE instructed trouble making plans, all the while traipsing around Michfest grounds shirtless, displaying their mutilated chest now bereft of healthy breasts. This a vile woman hating slap in the face of the hundreds of breast cancer survivors who attend 'fest every year. Women whose very spirits sometimes depend on Michfest to keep going, keep fighting for their lives. Michfest breast cancer camaraderie inspiring pride, rather than the shame patriarchy instills for no longer possessing breast. Females who do not embrace their femaleness, are not inspired by the femaleness in other females, females who take no pride in their femaleness we both know Lisa, DO NOT BELONG AT MICHFEST! They, just like the men dying to get in or sneaking in or just plain let in by anti lesbian trans sympathizers can easily drive down the road to Camp Trans and party hardy to their joint pathologies and misogyny.

    And Lisa if you're wondering what brought on this "open letter", it is this. Not Emily Saliers and Amy Ray's over the top liberalism keeping them ignorant of the Gay and Lesbian genocidal aims of the Male Medical Machine and autogynephiles long history of helping them by claiming all along to be "gay". Not Emily and Amy's ignorance of the Male Medical Machine's history of using transition as a cure to homosexuality. Not their ignorance of the Male Medical Machine's using the DSM to continue persecuting gays and lesbians after homosexuality was (not removed/but altered) to then include Gender Identity Disorder as a means of diagnosing homosexuality and then treating it via transition. Not their ignorance in how straight white middle class/age men have created a Trans Politic off the backs of the Gay and Lesbian community in order to continue their "woman" fetish. Or their ignorance of the soon to be published DSM5 which will allow the Male Medical Community to once and for all eradicate Gay and Lesbian children in our youth via a "transgender" diagnosis in childhood based solely on the Gender Straight Jacket!
    No Lisa, the extreme liberal Indigo Girls, unlike you Lisa are not afraid to publicly declare their intention for playing Michfest. They plan to use Michfest's very stages to protest Michfest herself! To use stages once meant to demand lesbian rights, to fill lesbians with lesbian pride, to hold lesbian up when the whole world despised her! Yes Lisa, you remember those stages dont you? Or has it been so long ago that you sold lesbians down the river when you realized that you could make some *ching ching* change by hiring performers who have a name despite their anti lesbian pasts, presents and futures??

    So whats it going to be Lisa? Political Correctness? Money? Or Lesbians?


    Indigo Girls To Protest Michfest's LONG Standing WBW Policy From the Stage!

    The Indigo Girls whose music has enjoyed a long and lustrous span thanks to the support, love and monetary means of LESBIANS have decided their allegiance is better served with heterosexual white men, males who first fetishized and are now defining "woman" via the Trans Politic.

    The Indigo Girls have stated they will protest Michfest's woman-born-woman policy from the very stages of Michfest herself. Clearly these women are more invested in men than they are women and particularly lesbian women. Let Michfest know that this blatant and disgusting display of anti womanism/lesbianism will NOT be tolerated!

    Demand the Indigo Girls be removed from the Michfest line up. And if they are not and you are TRULY committed to woman/lesbian women, let Michfest know you will boycott them!


    A Straight Male's Comment on Trans GENDER ism

    Hi there.

    I am a heterosexual male and I've been reading your blog, honestly from a logical perspective I agree a lot with your views on transsexuality in terms of its preservation of archaic gender roles (males act/look a certain way, females act/look a certain way)...while I do respect the fact that people can do what they want with their bodies as long as it isn't done in violence/hate. I also don't believe that one needs to become the "other" sex (more than two sexes actually exist) in order to feel comfortable in embodying social 'norms' associated with one specific gender.

    Maybe some people truly do feel the need to change their sex (to whatever extent it is actually possible), but I never quite understood the whole thing about "I've always felt like I was a girl/boy" -- how can you feel like a girl/boy if you have never actually been one? I could be wrong, but that seems to me more so someone projecting their own ideas of the 'other' onto that gender. Wearing dresses and make-up and playing with dolls does not make one any more of a woman. Neither does having a certain length of hair or not wearing makeup make you any more of a man. That doesn't make any sense to me.

    I respect the views of my friends, but that in itself is honestly a gripe I have with transsexualism, as gender roles cause a lot of unnecessary harm, pain, friction, segregation, etc. in society. We would be better off without strict, rigid ideas of how one gender is "supposed" to be! I just wanted you to know that not all (heterosexual) men support the culture of enforcing "hyper-femininity" on women. I for one am not attracted to it and I think the world would be a much better place for everyone if people weren't encouraged to fit into a caustic stereotype, ones with histories of brutality and degradation, on both sides, but especially women!

    While the system of this is supported by men, it does not represent the ethics or sexualities of all men, and I support womens' right to not conform to a stupid-ass cartoon of what it means to have a vagina. No, I am not trying to turn anyone straight or infiltrate your culture, I just want to reassure you that some of us men do agree with the things you are saying.

    Why I HAVEN'T Transitioned by Petre

    I came out when I was 16. That was in 1972, when “coming out” didn't mean mumbling a choked confidence to your best friend's Mom: it meant Costume, Lights, Music, I'm ready for my close-up now Mister Demille. I enjoyed being a camp spectacle at my boys' boarding school, but at any boarding school the most precious commodity is privacy.
    My private privacy was to imagine that underneath my camp exterior and my male body, I was “really” a girl (young woman, I would have said). I walked around proud in my fantasy that inside my pants were a clit and cunt, not a cock and balls. I felt enormously superior to the jocks around me: this is mine, you don't get to know about it, let alone to touch it.
    I'm not stupid, I know that in real life the least powerful thing in the world would be to be a girl in that situation. But what can I say? I know that psychologically /mythologically / whatchamatologically it made me feel stronger.
    I sometimes imagined what would happen if, magically, I woke up tomorrow transformed into a woman. Of course, I would have no choice but to be a lesbian: so my gayness was stronger than any gender/sex identity. Go figure.
    OF COURSE, when I was a little kid I played with girls, OF COURSE, my best friend turned out to be a dyke, OF COURSE I liked dressing up, OF COURSE all the things that are now cited as a background to “transsexualism” or “transgender” are run-of-the mill gay/lesbian stuff.
    Now that I'm old (outrageous old queen, thank you, not creepy old guy) I get to give advice. Nobody has to take it. Be as butch or as fem (or neither one) as you feel is right for you, and as those around you will tolerate. But DON'T get your cock lopped off or your cunt sewn up: that is self-mutilation, and any “doctor” who does it for you is a RAPIST.

    SheWired's Anti Lesbian LESBIAN Sex Survey

    The above is a screencap of the second and third question from a LESBIAN sex survey by SheWired,
    a supposed LESBIAN website. I do not know what I am more appalled with, that a site and survey claiming to be about LESBIANS would unashamedly include male/trans as possible "genders" not to mention anything other than LESBIAN as a sexual orientation on a fucking LESBIAN sex survey!!!! Then to go that extra fucking kick in the cunt and actually put (female) next to LESBIAN. The very nature of lesbianism IS FEMALE!!! A FEMALE romantically/emotionally/sexually attracted to other FEMALES who are romantically/emotionally/sexually attracted to other FEMALES!!! Or more appalled at the complete silence from lesbians not calling this clearly NON-LESBIAN site/survey out!

    Has the autogynephilic threat become so great that lesbians are so fearful of insulting the almighty  frocked male that they are willingly allowing biological men to co-opt there/our so beautiful, precious identity??


    Missing Person Kristin Snyder: Lost in a Sea of Myths Pt 2

    The next part in our forensic postmortem of the mockumentary The Lost Women of NXIVM will consist of dissecting the major proponents surrou...