Sex Changing NOT Changing Sex

Thiswas emailed to me yesterday, from a faggot I have been having a little friendly back and forth with. I was very struck by his main point, why arent females unlearning what it is to be "women" rather than crash coursing on how to be men and why arent more of us teaching them?



  1. How wonderful that you can still use the word "faggot." Nowadays, people are so quick to lynch people for using certain words, even though the context makes it okay, that I find myself not using words like that except around people who are certified cool.

    As for his question, why haven't women changed our culture enough to empower young women, I'll tell you what I see, from real life and the feminist areas of the internet. The same political correctness that makes "faggot" off limits to everyone, has wrecked the feminist movement. There is so much infighting, how can we teach young women anything at all, when the feminists are all policing each other over who is more anti racist, who is this and that.

    It seems to me that feminism now means anti-white, anti business, anti free speech, anti individualism. Throw in some anti-zionism and anti-Americanism for extra credit.

    I can teach young people one on one, but there is no longer any women's culture that is safe for any individual, so they learn from the wrong people.

  2. I agree, feminism has become a term most people stay away form. It doesn't have the possitive sound and feel what it should have.
    I used to call myself a feminist back in the 80's, but not anymore. I stepped away form it because of the fighting and claining like stated above me.
    It wasn't only fighting among themselves, it was also bashing males in a way that solves nothing.

    Women do better then centuries ago in our Western world, but it's still far from good enough. Our society is still dominated by males. Men still earn moren then women on the same jobs and have better chances. Many men still feel they're better the women.

    Unlearning to be a woman, it sound good but how do women do that?
    Maybe it's what I did, but I never learned to be woman.
    If you unlearn something, there gotta be something you learn instead. What's that? Speak your mind? Dominate your own life? Show power?

  3. Dirt, I usually agree with you, but why did you call this male a faggot? Does he object to the use of the term? In my opinion, the use of this particular word is sort of like using the "N" word in that one should be careful in how it's used. I'm a lesbian, and I would never use the word "faggot" in referrence to a gay man unless I knew for sure that he was cool with it. I call gay males gay, dudes, gay guys, or just men. I've never called a gay man a faggot in my life because it's a word that has a history.

    I noticed that he referred to his female friend about to undergo "top surgery" as a "butch dyke".

    Gay men are not my enemy, but I've noticed that they can be as insensitive and sexist as any man.

    As much as I agree with most of the things you say, sometimes I think you fail to think before you speak. You lose credibility when you do this, and you only hurt what you are trying to accomplish.

  4. So its not ok to call a faggot a faggot but its ok to call a transman a she and her your a hypocrite!

  5. Biological females who "transition" are still female even though they opt for elective mastectomies and an external source of hormones. They are still genetically female and they are born into this world as female. Most transgender females keep their ovaries and uterus, and these are female organs not male orgnas. Indeed, some "transmen" even get pregnant which is most assuredely female. For example, Thomas Beatie gave birth to three children AFTER she legally changed her sex to male. Unfortunately for her, the judge in Arizona essentially ruled that men don't get pregnant, especially three times, and denied the divorce. A lot of people aren't buying into the transgender fantasy world.

  6. Thanks Dirt men have been so cruel to me I hate them gay or straight and I know its ok to use the word faggot sometimes when they are hateful often gay males bullied me and put me down for my looks in school.


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