Why I HAVEN'T Transitioned & other Stories

In recent years, we in or around any aspect of the queer alphabet soup have been inundated with accounts of why folks are or have transitioned. From journal accounts, blogs, forums, emails, new groups, documentaries and thousands of videos. I would like to begin countering this misogynistic landslide by posting accounts of Why I HAVENT Transitioned. Since misogyny is the foundation for the trans disorder AND hyper femininity, I would like to open up these post to include stories of why females havent hyper feminized as well. By that I mean, share why you carry female differently than the sexualized image of "woman" that the male masturbatory media portrays to us over and over and over in efforts to convince females that this plastic unattainable patriarchal idea is normal.

I will post each piece I receive and keep a link of those posts in a widget on the side of the blog. I dont care if english isnt your mother tongue, I dont care if your spelling and grammar isnt perfect, I only care that you write from your heart's experience.

Email Why I HAVEN'T Transitioned & other Stories to me at thedirtfromdirt@yahoo.com



  1. What a great idea, I emailed my story right away. :)


  2. Thank you for your story Big, will be posting it in the next few days.

    Pass along this if you know others who might like to share their stories.



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