Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

beaastin-Age 16

INFJandFTM-Age 18

brookstransition-Age 20

AlexTransguys-Age 18

lithequ33rdo-Age 16

ImThomasDude-Age (kiddish)

CarrotOverlord-Age (young)

Caidin Zappa-Age 18

Shane-Age (young)

For all the transness coming out of the Trans community and the Trans Politic, there has been and remains little to none in the way of actual transparency. Instead, what we have is a collective rehearsed, acted and edited Reality TV based version of transition. We dont see the pain, the bruised or broken ribs from female breast binding. We dont see the constant fear, shame and worry of what others might think, the fear that after passing someone might still clock you. The horrible emotional pain of losing family and friends, and the second guessing of family and friends who do claim to accept you. The lingering pain and/or numbness from various trans related surgeries. Permanent scarring and shame that those scars will out you. Shame and suicidal thoughts because hormones and surgery didnt live up to your trans expectations. Serious depressions from short and long term use of hormones like synthetic testosterone.

I know this slivered list cannot begin to cover the serious emotional and physical realities of transition. But it certainly isnt a reality performed for a self indulgent camera, whose sole aim is to keep up appearances! It is a small reminder that the current "treatment" for some social diseases (GID) being just one, doesnt work. There is no pot O gold at the end of the queer rainbow and as you listen closely to the young trans female below, you'll hear there isn even a rainbow.


Must See Bonus Vid-(a little reality of T poisoning)

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  1. FTM Transition: Am I Losing My Mind?

    I don't recall this person in the video saying she was on "T", but in the video, it is definitely apparent that she seems very depressed. I'm not a therapist, but I hope she gets some help with the depression.

    I just want to hug this person because she seems so sad. She seems like an intelligent and thoughtful woman, and I could almost sense as if she was trying to convince herself that "transitioning" was right for her, or that it would get better. At any rate, I heart goes out to her.

    Beautiful don't have to "transition" to anything because you are perfect just the way you are.


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