Monday, March 4, 2013

Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

twiigstiick-Age 19

Masonslabratory-Age 18

Liam-Age 15

Caitlin-Age 18

Alec P-Age 15

raysdumbvlog-Age 20

Matty-Age 16

armancarter1-Age 22

Cam-Age 17

StephJenner-Age 16

I see a daily barrage of posts, Tweets, news articles and other media coverage regarding the perpetual Violence Against Women. Gang rape, domestic abuses, stranger rape, family rape, war rape, incest, sex slavery, sex trade, prostitution, public gropings, public rubbings, oglings, hootings, workplace harassment and far too many others to list here.

There has long been a War on Women, but since advancements made post the Industrial Revolution, that War has taken on unprecedented epidemic systematic proportions. The vomitous putrefied hatred for the female human seems impossible to escape, and were it not for the same technological advancements progressing female hatred, escape by the way of transition would be inconceivable. What transition is now offering females goes far beyond "feeling comfortable" in their bodies. It promises that for the price of embracing direct violence against their female body via drugs/deforming surgeries they can suspend any future form of female violence and female oppression.

Each fresh faced young woman you see above, believes in exchange for her womanhood she will remove the Male Gaze and all the multitudinous oppressions and violence that goes with. But can a woman truly escape male violence by using male violence as a form of escape???



  1. Alec is a cute fifteen year old kid, but it's almost surreal how she seems so utterly indoctrinated.

    Alec and "Gender vs. Sex vs. Sexuality".....

    Maybe the bio teacher isn't wrong after all. I thought all my teachers were wrong too, but when I grew up I realized that they weren't as dumb as I originally thought.

    Where in the heck do fifteen year old girls hear about "cis gendered". I don't think fifteen year old girls know what the heck "cis gendered" is other than what the transgender/gender queer theorists tell them. AT THIS AGE, THESE TEENAGE GIRLS DO NOT HAVE THE CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON. When a fifteen year old girl blurts out "cis gendered" as if it's something that actually exists rather than being a theory or way of looking at the world, it's almost surreal to me. Queer theory is just that. IT IS THEORY AND NOTHING MORE.

    I guess it goes like this. If fifteen year old Alec doesn't like dresses, does this automatically mean that she is "transgender". No, she is just a girl who doesn't like dresses. Masculinity and femininity are socially constructed words. My heart does out to this sweet fifteen year old girl, but she has been brainwashed. MTF means "you felt like a woman inside" and FTM means "you feel like a man inside". It's far more complicated than this.

    ALSO, TEENAGE GIRLS REALLY SHOULDN'T BE BINDING THEIR BREASTS AT ALL. IT'S NOT A GOOD HABIT TO GET INTO. It's true what Alec heard about ace bandages, but it's possible to get a deformed rib cage from binders too. Girls don't have to bind their breasts or get them surgically removed. No, there are other alternatives besides what the transgender community has brain washing these kids with.

    ***I urge all the girls to think for themselves and to love their female bodies***

  2. The most interesting that I've discovered about transgender is that it tries to portray a rebel like, progressive image, but upon carefully scrutiny it's so regressive that it's frightening. It's surreal how it manages to pull this off, at least on some people who just take it at face value and never dig deeper into what is actually happening. The mutilation of female bodies has a thousand year history. These teenage girls are binding their female breasts out of shame of female anatomy as if it's actually revolutionary. At age sixteen they are already talking about "T" (testosterone) and "top surgery". "Top surgery" which essentially amounts to elective mastectomies with the surgical whittling down of areolas and nipples looks eerily like a form of violence being carried out against the female sex. We are teaching girls that it's cool to totally disconnect from their bodies. It's no coincidence that FTM "transitioning" increased at a time when second wave feminism was in decline. We went from "Our Bodies Ourselves" which taught girls and women that their female bodies were to be cherished to "T", breast binding, and elective mastectomies. I see hyper-femininity/pornography and FTM (female to male) "transitioning" as just the flip side of the same coin. One cannot exist without the other, and they thrive best in the absence of feminism.

  3. For a long time I have not agreed with Dirt but more and more I am seeing the trans machine work it's "magic" on people of all ages. I know that if this information was out there when I was young I would have transitioned. In fact I thought about transition for a long time, if I wasn't weighing the pros and cons of transition with an experienced mind I would have dived right into medical transition without a second thought to it and I can only speak from my personal experience and I can say without any doubt medically transitioning would have been the biggest mistake of my life.

  4. Soo you think transitioning is a trend what makes you think how somebody feels is a trend. tell me your reasons.

  5. Im just gonna go ahead and report this for using their faces without their consent. kbye

  6. My heart goes out to all these girls because they are being brain washed....

    "Soo you think transitioning is a trend what makes you think how somebody feels is a trend. tell me your reasons."

    The mutilation of female bodies in one form or another has always existed. Indeed, it is thousands of years old, and never seems to completely go out of style. FTM "transitioning" is just one form of it.

    "Im just gonna go ahead and report this for using their faces without their consent. kbye

    The transgender community promotes breast binding even though it knows full well that it can deform the rib cage in addition to possibly cause other health problems. It also promotes "T" (testosterone) and "top surgery". Where in the heck do people think these 14, 15, and 16 year old girls hear about binders and the magical "T" that they can't stop talking about. There are transgender websites that give away free used binders to women under the age of 21.

    In my opinion, the transgender community should be held accountable for this.