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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

More Transition Cancer Victims

Seems Albert Bornstein aka Kate, is suffering from cancer yet again. Apparently he had a brief remission with a bout of lung cancer last year, only for it to return recently. According to this piece, his cancer is complicated because he has been suffering from yet another form of cancer, CCL for over 15 years. A cancer that usually affects adults in their 70's, Albert clearly developed this cancer over 20 years prior to that and is still living with it. Interestingly there has been zero discussion regarding the role the long term use transition drugs have played in all forms of the cancers Albert is suffering from. A big hush from him and an even bigger hush from the Trans community. I wager had money not been an issue for Albert and his fight for life against cancer, we wouldnt even have learned that he had been suffering from lung cancer.

We know we arent going to hear of all those on transition drugs who develop and/or die of various forms of cancers as a result, but I strongly suspect we are on the tip of an avalanche of new trans cancer patients who have been in transition between 10-20 years.

You heard it here first. And as someone who has lost those closest to them from this horrific disease, there is NO satisfaction in being right. 




  1. Dirt, I'm a regular blogger, and I agree with about 90 to 95% of what you have to say. However, no one can say for sure why this individual has cancer.

    This person is struggling with cancer, and I don't know if it's right to post something that says the transition drugs are to blame, or partly to blame. Perhaps they are. We just don't know for sure.

    Dirt, you posted this person's photograph, and this person is struggling with cancer. The photos of the teenagers "transitioning" are one thing, but this person is fighting for his life. I really think you are pushing the envelope on some things.

  2. First, the above pic has been circulated all over the net to raise money for Albert's cancer treatments (as can be seen in said pic). Having a large readership and a good portion of that readership being "trans", some no doubt are likely to at the least pass this info on or at most donate themselves. So I'm completely confused as to why you would be against Albert reaching his cancer goals???

    Second, we already know the long term affects of artificial "female" hormones on women themselves. It would be completely foolish to think much worse results would not occur in a male taking high quantities of those same hormones over years.


  3. I have one question for you, Dirt. I do understand where you are coming from in some regards – I do not like the misogynistic and patriarchal ways of our society. But despite that, I have a question for you – and I was hoping you could answer it, plain and simple – just a yes or no question.

    Do you think that people should respect your identity as a butch woman/lesbian?

    Yes or no, that is all. No more, no less.

  4. My biology isnt dependent upon other peoples "respect". Nor is biology an "identity", it is a sex, no more, no less. In 42 of my 45 years that biology has rarely accurately been addressed, but again, my biology isnt dependent upon how strangers view me.


  5. Kate Bornstein has been a hugely public figure in the trans and queer 'women's' community, and has books under Kate's belt...that have influenced the whole trans thing in SF and it's not like she's a closet case nobody knows. So it's big news Kate has come down with Cancer, and I absolutely agree with Dirt that taking these artificial powerful sex hormones will have longterm effects on males and females of all ages that are on them, whether it's women on HRT, or the droves of young 'queer' folks feeling they MUST have them and NEED them to conform to social expectations, even within 'queer' community, which of course doesn't support Lesbians OR Butch Dykes anymore! because we are truthsayers to all the delusion, and just how patriarchal these movements are....


  6. Your comment was answered Anon, cant say it any clearer. And you seem confused about the purpose of this blog, it is to disseminate truthful info regarding the effects of the Gender Straight Jacket/misogyny, "respectful dialogue" doesnt even enter into it.


  7. I am sorry to hear of this person's cancer. Albert aka Kate is far too young and it is a tragedy that the medical establishment failed to warn him of the risks of hormonal use and the butchery of his body.

    These folks, many of whom are nice and talented people, are victims of medical malpractice and I do wish that he finds himself a good attorney.

    Very sad, any way you see it.
    My hope: that one day someone who 'transitioned' and now regrets is or has fallen ill due to it becomes an anti-transition activist.

    Kate aka Albert, you have a good heart, that I can tell. I hope you do recover, live to tell about it, and entertain us all with your great humor and insight.

  8. @Anon March 28 this activist exists. Here you go:

    He has exactly the logical views for such an activist.

  9. Straight women who stay on HRT for long periods of time also get various types of cancer--Judy Blume, beloved author, was diagnosed with breast cancer (she'd already had cervical cancer) and had been on estrogen for 18 years. Don't mess around with your hormones!


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