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Monday, January 7, 2013

Powerful Pussy's and Top Ta-ta's

There is no shortage of self esteem building, dominant adjectives for the penis: steel, wood, hard, rockets, erect, knife etc. What are some similar adjectives used for breast and the vagina? And which ones do you use to feel strong and powerful about your breast/vag?



  1. Please stop... just stop. So what if men have like a million words to describe their pathetic little piece of flesh? Why emulate them? Why do ANYTHING to emulate them?

  2. mighty magnificent mammaries...MMMs

    all-powerful, almighty, preeminent pussy.....or AAPP...

    enduring celestial creation of earthy delights....ECCED = clitoris

  3. The title should read "Powerful Pussies and Top Ta-tas"

  4. People (especially men) seem to find "domineering" euphemisms for the female anatomy ridiculous. I heard one guy call it a "clopper".


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