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In recent years there has been a flurry of loud and proud gravely needed feminist and radical feminist voices swirling together in a growing hullaballoo. Grave because of the violent systematic backlash that has been steadily striving to bury us ever since we first broke feminist ground. A backlash that has tightened the reigns on an already circumscribed female Gender Straight Jacket. One so brutally extreme that girls and young women just like the ones seen here are suffocating within its paralyzing fibers. This is why feminist and radical feminist voices are so urgently needed. Because feminism is no longer simply about women's need for equal rights at home and in the work force, it is needed to stop a female self hatred that is running so deep, young women are chemically and surgically castrating their femaleness. This female castration hangs squarely between patriarchy and the Trans Politic.

A castration reinforcing patriarchy's power and the Trans Politic's fetishistic identities. The Trans Politic as a branch of patriarchy used to function by silencing the voices of feminists and radical feminists then replacing feminist voices with its own. And it once did so with a certain success. Today however, new feminists and radical feminists are finding each other, we're building our numbers, realizing we are NOT alone and knowing together that nothing is going to silence us hence forth! Our feminist voices are rising, influencing by example and guiding by our strength. The louder our collective voice, the more women we will reach, and the more women we reach, the greater our feminist hand. A hand that if need be can turn into a raging fist fighting for our existence, can just as easily soothe the forehead of a feminist sister.

Our division and silence may have led to female castration via transition, but our growing collective voices will be central to creating an all powerful female pride delivering us from the misogyny that is so desperately trying to erase all traces of us.


Bill C-279 When Trans Rights are Special Rights

A trans reader recently brought this travesty of a Canadian bill to my attention. Bill C-279 would grant unique rights to those who develop the preventable social disease, Gender Identity Disorder by adding "gender identity" and/or "gender expression" to Canadian Human Rights. There are a variety of issues with this codswallop, but several stand out more than all others.

First, a brief on gender identity and gender expression. Gender identity was a term coined by the pro-pedophile Dr. John Money. GI is defined as your interior sex, regardless of the sex you are made. The medical community and the Trans Politic have kept/embraced John Money's anti-feminist homophobic gender identity term and conveniently buried his documented pro-pedophilia leanings under the nearest carpet. Gender Expression, equally misogynistic and homophobic is how you express you inner sex via your body. Together they form the Gender Straight Jacket which continues to dictate the male and female experience. And in the case of females, limits our life experience to such an extent we still have not yet realized what it is to be human.

Now back to bill C-279, GI and GE and why neither belong in a Human Rights Bill. Gender Identity, being simply the interior of a person by its very intangible nature cannot be protected, by a Human Rights Act or any other law for that matter. And Gender Expression, meaning how one wears/performs male or female either per the Gender Straight Jacket or completely naked needs no more protections than say punk rockers from the 70's did. Expressing oneself differently, may not always be popular and occasionally be quite difficult, but rarely is it life threatening to such a number of people that laws beyond state/federal laws would be need to be enacted.

And I say this as someone whose sex has been and remains either questioned or mistaken as the sex it is not. Are things like public restrooms an issue for me? Of course. But that isnt because as a woman who carries her female/feminine body differently needs legal protections when entering the "ladies loo". It isnt even because how I carry my body gets me mistaken for male when entering the "ladies". It is because women live and breathe in a pure rapists culture. So that how I am perceived (male) when seen in the "ladies" immediately broadcasts a silent alarm, whereby a potential rapist is seen first instead of a woman different, which always comes second.

Which leads me to the first serious issue I have with GI/GE being added to a Human Rights Bill. Because we women live in a rapist culture NO male or female identifying as male, belongs in private women's spaces, no matter how they "express" themselves period! The addition of GI/GE not only opens the door for male transitioners (which we've established are primarily men who sexually fetishize the patriarchal idea of woman) but any male who claims he is a female inside. In other words, male predictors would have a free pass into women's/girls locker rooms, bathrooms, showers, changing rooms etc. AND be legally protected in doing so!

The second important issue the addition of GI/GE to Human Rights raises is the serious harm it creates for gays and lesbians. Far Right leaders/groups have long purposefully blurred the rights gays/lesbians continue struggling for with our wanting "special rights". Given there is zero need for GI/GE to be added to a Human Rights Bill AND given it is the Trans Politic fighting to get GI/GE added, the Right can easily prove their original argument. Proven because Trans is now irrevocably linked to the Gay and Lesbian Community. So while it may not be the Gay/Lesbian community campaigning C-279, whether this is passed into the Human Rights Bill or not, every human right that gays and lesbians fight for would and will be suspect going forward.


Violence Against Women Act REAUTHORED to Include Transwomen

The Violence Against Women Act  was enacted in 1994 to provide monies "toward investigation and prosecution of violent crimes against women." Congress renewed the VAWA in both 2000 and 2005, but the act failed to be renewed just this month when gay MEN and lesbians along with "American Indians living in reservations, and illegal immigrants" were added to the protections of VAWA. Nancy Pelosi is currently seeking to reauthorize the bill by including along with gay/lesbian/native Indians and immigrants, "transwomen"!!! Remember ENDA?????

Clearly the addition of gay/lesbian/native Indians and immigrants to the bills protections harmed the its 2012 renewal. The attempted addition of gay men to a bill designed to protect women only goes to illustrate the left's deceptive homophobia. Obviously gay men are STILL viewed, even by Democrats and those claiming to be "gay positive" as nothing more than women in men's skin. Which is precisely why male transitioners (transwomen) are being added to the potential re-introduction of this bill.

The Gender Straight Jacket is alive and strangling the common sense out of the liberals among us. Accept unlike conservatives who are forthright in their misogynistic ignorance, liberals maintain and promote misogyny/homophobia under the guise of progress. But there is nothing new or progressive in thinking/treating men who occupy male space differently as female. A biological male is a biological male is a biological male, period! Male privileges inherently gives all males vantage points that no woman has throughout history obtained or can obtain today. Regardless if those males are gay or mentally troubled by the socially acquired disorder, autogynephilia/transgenderism.

Adding male transitioners to this potential re-introduction of the VAWA will not only sink this bill like the fucking Lusitania,  their addition, like that of gay men is completely unnecessary and in and of itself VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN!


De-sexing the World Around Us

Should all the little externals such as clothings, toys, shampoos, make ups, colours etc be de-sexed? And would this de-sexing lead to the sexes traversing the current rigid Gender Straight Jacket paralyzing females and males?


Transition and Dysphoria

I've been noticing in comments both here and at Twitter, a great deal of confusion surrounding transition and dysphoria.

First and foremost TRANSITION DOES NOT CURE DYSPHORIA!!! Wash, rinse, repeat!!!

The majority of those who transition (straight white males-autogynephiles) have never suffered from dysphoria. Dysphoria doesnt inform their god desire to recreate "woman" in their image, masturbation does.

Males who transition who do suffer from some form of dysphoria are gay males. Males (mostly minority)  whose internalized homophobia leads them to hate their bodies.

Females who transition (mostly lesbian) develop intense dysphoria usually around puberty. There is an extreme feeling as the body develops breast/curves and begins menstruation of the body betraying how the female had grown up thus far, seeing herself.

But ALL women on some level, due to pervading misogyny/sexism, experience some level of dysphoria around their/our bodies.

As mentioned above, dysphoria is not cured by transition. There is a temporary lifting of the extreme dysphoria which led to seeking out transition, but once the early trans high wears off, dysphoria returns. Often times, dysphoria returns with a vengeance!

Because transition seeks to change the healthy body and ignores the unhealthy mind, dysphoria (mental) remains. Using transition to cure dysphoria is akin to force feeding anorexics to cure anorexia.


Silence = Subhuman

I read this morning that GenderTrender's Wordpress account has been frozen and her voice (at least there) has been silenced (for now). I immediately thought, virago. Not the patriarchically revisionist virago either, but virago in her true form- "a woman who demonstrates exemplary and heroic qualities." A word I learned in my teen years when I found the word applied to Ann Lee, a name I learned in those same years from the genius misfit ("the misfit is the one who is true and troubled and filled with shinning blood") Patti Smith.

I've been thinking a lot about Ann Lee today, thinking about how for all the HUGE technological advances, relatively little has changed for women. Virago women that is. For those unfamiliar with Ann Lee, Ann is known for her leadership role in the religious group The Shakers. Under Ann's leadership, the Shakers practiced equality between the sexes and celibacy, regardless of marital status. Both were reasons the Shakers were an attractive group, especially for women. Women could escape the sexual demands made/insisted upon from men, as well as have equal footing with males within the Shaker colony. But women leaving husbands to join the Shaker colony didn't fare so well. In 1774 Ann Lee and other group members left England, sailing to America in hopes of religious freedom.

Instead, what they found in the new land were more threatening, viscous and violent attacks from angry husbands. Husbands who viewed Ann as the pinnacle of all their greatest fears, a strong, proud woman who dared to command an authoritative role! Something regarded as unnatural, a word used to inspire fear in any woman who considered joining the Shakers, in efforts to maintain male supremacy. (Can you see a pattern?) Given the virago that was Ann, she ignored threats to her person and continued granting married women equality and a safe refuge within Shaker spaces. In 1784, at the age 48, Ann succumbed to injuries sustained after she had been kidnapped by an angry male mob, tied to the back of a horse and carriage and drug several miles in roads made of ice and cold.

Ann Lee was removed from the human race because she dared to have a voice, in a world where only men have voices. Having a voice relegates one to the Jesus star status of Human. In other words, Ann, like so many women before and after her, was murdered because she demanded to be Human! This is why our collective female voice is so dangerous, because you see, it doesn't really matter even what we say. We saw that last week, whether we say trans proper or improper, the fact that we spoke at all is the REAL problem! Feminists are not trees falling in the forest, which is precisely why Suzanne Moore, Julie Burchill and now GenderTrender were axed. When they opened their mouths, they committed the ultimate patriarchal sin, they gave rise to their female voice and by doing so demanded to be Human!


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Genocide didn't begin with the systematic murder of millions, it began one human being at a time-not unlike the homosexual "cure" transition. The young women pictured above and all those like them, represent the early stages of the Lesbian genocide already plaguing Lesbian communities the world over. And with each lesbian transitioning, another nail is being driven into our Lesbian coffin.


Not Seeing Lavender-Suzanne Moore and Trans-Political Homophobia

RE: Suzanne Moore/Julie Burchill

Since I am a day late and a dollar short on this I won't go into the particulars, the internet floor is plenty littered with them by now. If in the dark, see both links above.

The fallout came after a remark was taken out of context in a smart feminist article made by Suzanne Moore in a recent NewStateman. While describing today's contrived hyper-feminine creation aka woman, Suzanne juxtaposed the unattainability of the male masturbatory feminine ideal to that of the equally male created artificial trans male model aka transwoman. Suzanne said, and I quote: "We are angry with ourselves for not being happier, not being loved properly and not having the ideal body shape – that of a Brazilian transsexual." This link will take you to a few of the Brazilian transsexual models to whom Suzanne was referring. Interestingly I could not find a single gripe from the Trans politic or anywhere else attacking this paper or demanding the journalist's head on a platter, despite the repeating words "Brazilian transsexual" throughout the piece. Which leads me to ask the question, why is it perfectly acceptable for some to use "Brazilian transsexual" and others (feminist?) to be viciously attacked for it? There are several reasons for this in fact:

1) Because comparing the patriarchacal plastic-medi-made woman born delegitimizes the plastic-medi-made transwoman that males are claiming they were born! If feminists remove the legitimacy of ready-made-women who are female, ready-made-transwomen disappear altogether.

2 a) There is a conspicuous jealously and homophobia by the majority of trans males aka Mtfs whenever reminded of trans males who pass (perform for their own internal male gaze) better than they. Especially males requiring less drugs and surgeries with which to do so. Those males make up the few percent of trans males who are homosexual. Males who seek transition, unlike your 90+ percent of hetero male transitioners who transition seeking the ultimate fetishist's high, transition instead because of his pathological homophobia. These gay males, do not have to lie to their "gender specialists" about their attractions or their feelings of believing they "always felt like girls". Many gay trans males formed close relationships with females their age when young and were allowed into early female spaces, experiences your classic autogynephile wasn't at all privy to.

2 b) Not unlike your typical straight male homophobe, hetero trans males are equally homophobic and then some! But theirs is a homophobia coupled with extreme jealousy. That's not to say they wont use gay trans males for their own political agendas whenever one is beaten or murdered. But outside of that, these men HATE gay men, period! Sadly the gay trans male is usually a minority, he doesn't have the white privilege and power commanded by the white straight Trans politic. He usually has to put himself into danger if he feels compelled to transition. Dangers from prostituting himself to raise monies for transition, including frequenting life threatening Pump Parties.

In short, Suzanne Moore was attacked because she destabilized the plastic-medi-made woman via highlighting the misogyny which underlines it. And because perhaps unbeknownst to her she put a spotlight on the homophobia creating a small number of trans males but moreover the homophobia coursing through the veins like so much synthetic estrogen in nearly all others.


Trans Trending and Hyper Femininity-Where's the Choice?

One of my young nieces (age 13) shared this photo yesterday on her Facebook:
At the time of the "sharing" this photo had well over 9,000 "likes"! Nosing through those who "liked" this photo, most were females in my niece's age range. Five years ago, this kinda of porno-hyper-femininity among young teen girls would be uncommon, today it is rapidly approaching normal. Clearly this look is a product of the billion dollar pornography industry which increasingly has been dictating not only what females do in bed but how they look doing it! And it is those phantasmagorical demands via easy internet access and media normalization thereof that in the past have gone from influencing how women see themselves to demanding today teens/girl's adopt in order to "fit in". A performance for the Male Gaze maintained specifically by other young females policing each other via the new hyper-femininity model. Isnt patriarchy brilliant!

But what happens when you cannot meet this hyper-feminine performative demand or worse refuse outright? The options of what a female may do (for a living) have increased post feminism, BUT the options for what a female can look like post the backlash against feminism have drastically narrowed into unreality.

Enter transition...If your options are to look like the girl above or this:
Many young girls are going to choose the latter. While both images are performances, as both are based on a characterization rather than the real. Unless we as adult women stand up and finally define ourselves outside of male sexual fantasy, thereby setting examples for our female youths, the future of women is at serious stake. Because regardless of indulging in hyper femininity or opting out through transition, neither legitimizes women as human first.


FTM Promotion of Top Surgery

From the FaceBook page of a trans female sex book author...note the charlatan "possible".

Trans females have hotly contested many times here that transition, in all its forms arent promoted in any way by those in or around the FTM community. The above is yet another reckless example of that promotion. Reckless because unlike testosterone which requires a prescription and has less permanent harmful effects, having one's breast hacked off IS permanent and requires only the funds to do so!

We are beginning to see more and more women in the 2-5 year transition phase realizing their mistakes, who are now detransitioning. Fortunately many of these women havent had top surgery because it didnt fit into their financial budgets. There is a deep fear by these women that they wont be accepted back into the lesbian community they so miss. Fears that have kept those that have had their breast removed from detransitioning. As a member of that precious community I can say lesbians arent only loving, we are also forgiving!

But clearly we can understand and sympathize with these very real fears. And the misogynistic promotion of breast removal isnt strictly something coming from inside the gates of the FTM community.

The Male Medical Machine is obviously also taking advantage of the deep female shame ransacking the lesbian community. I suggest we counter this self shaming promotion with our own positive promotion of the female body, specifically the lesbian body. It is not too late to save our lesbian youth from the society's sick homophobic reaction known as transition


Powerful Pussy's and Top Ta-ta's

There is no shortage of self esteem building, dominant adjectives for the penis: steel, wood, hard, rockets, erect, knife etc. What are some similar adjectives used for breast and the vagina? And which ones do you use to feel strong and powerful about your breast/vag?


XX Boys-Rapist-Facebook and 7100+ Supporters

While I and others have written about the serial rapist Kael T Block (a French trans female) in the past, this was recently brought to my attention. Miss Block has a Facebook page dedicated to trans females called XX Boys, where she enjoys a 7100+ following via "likes". Miss Block's rape crimes arent exactly closet crimes, and her escaping prosecution in the US was written about in both feminist AND trans communities across the web. Yet despite her rapist notoriety her trans female FB project has 7100+ supporters including support from well know trans females such as Susan Lee aka buck angel. In other words, leaders from the transmale community are lending support to rapists who are transmen.

Regardless whether thousands of trans females are in support of a transmale rapist because of their own deep seated internalized misogyny which is at the root of their own transition. Or because these women feel their chemically created male privilege now entitles them to ignore and/or perpetuate violence against women, who can say. But what I can and will say is something is VERY wrong and VERY dangerous with this picture, made more dangerous for us given our gay and lesbian community is considered a part of this community. So while the trans community may be in full support of a rapist in their midst, I'm calling on any and every gay or lesbian human reading this to go to the XX Boys FB page and report it for the violence it represents towards (lesbian) women.

thank you for your help!


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