Transmen and the Fear and Hatred of Women-Women's Bathrooms

A recent comment I wanted to briefly address on its own...

Setting aside the oxymoronic sexism, this has become a regular response from the trans female community whenever the issue of women/lesbian women voice their fears/concerns/female rights to have female only spaces, particularly intimate spaces such as locker rooms and bathrooms free from men/trans men. There are several things I find disturbing/ironic about the above response and all those like them that spew like so much pea soup from the mouths of trans females.

Disturbing because given that statistically a great number of trans females have been molested as little girls and/or raped as young women due to the far reaching astronomical number of sex abuses that occur among the female populous by males. One would expect that regardless of where these abuses took place, there would be a common female understanding and empathy among trans females for women's concerns with males in their intimate spaces. Instead what we find is just the opposite, trans females leveling the pure hated they had/have for their own female vulnerability from male sexual violence toward females whom in their mind remain vulnerable. This vulnerability is held like a knife against the throats of women by trans females rather than common ground with which to work toward change.

Currently there are ZERO trans female groups/collectives that challenge men/male violence against women. This speaks directly to the diametrical message from trans females that their transition had nothing to do with their hatred toward being/looking female or hatred toward female-kind and everything to do with colorizing their true selves. What becomes implicitly clear since there are no collective trans female groups raging against the violence against women, is their own deep identification with males/male perpetrators of violence and the power behind both.

The irony of the above comment (and the like) is this, if what this trans female says is true and "a bathroom is just a bathroom" why did she feel the need to use the men's room before testosterone use and for that matter why would she feel the need to use the men's rooms after testosterone use? That men's rooms signify something VERY important to trans females cannot go unnoticed. The copious amount of posts/comments on the world wide web alone of trans females seeing their using the men's room for the first time as a trans female right of passage into the man-hood has become par for the trans female course.

Women rightly fear trans males in their bathrooms because of centuries of male rape/violence against women. Trans females fear of using women's bathroom has to do with them fearing of their own female nature.

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Lesbian Co-opters and the Pressure to Transition

Somewhere between performing for the Male Gaze and Feminism swirling 'round and 'round the toilet bowl, more and more straight women are co-opting Lesbian identity. Co-opting and then pressuring insecure lesbians into transition in order to relieve their own lezbophobia. Case in point... 

I am not sure what is more disgusting the blatant misogyny from the trans female... “Men get treated like shit,” he says. “I mean, I know women get treated like shit all the time. But like, when you’re a man, people just bump into you all over the place. You have to hold doors, but nobody says thank you. And you don’t get compliments, ever.”
“Yeah,” Sadie chimes in, “girls are always telling each other, ‘oh honey you look great! I love your dress! Did you cut your hair?’”
“Yeah,” says Marco, taking a sip of his beer. “None of that.”
“And the handshake really threw me at first,” he adds. “Women shake each other’s hands like this.”
He stands up to demonstrate and shakes my hand in a calm, casual manner.
“But men,” he continues, “do it like this.” or this... "He had his breasts removed on May 2 of this year, the last outwardly visible sign of his past as Erica. The plan is to have bottom surgery – the final step – in May of 2013.So far, at every step, from cutting his hair off, to the first shot of testosterone, to the legal name change, it was Marco who was nervous beforehand—afraid to take the plunge, while Sadie was calm and supportive. She would hold Marco’s hand, tell him that it was going to be all right, remind him that this is what he wanted and that he would be happy after doing it." ...from the straight woman who claims to be a "failed lesbian" with every lesbian partner she has behind her/beside her having had coincidently transitioned!

Before the straight co-opter got hold of her and pressured her into transitioning.

Queered straight women not unlike the one in this article are becoming more common in lesbian spaces. This, like female transition is yet another harmful product of the backlash against feminism. As the Gender Straight Jacket has tightened and hyper femininity now a patriarchal expectation of females as young as toddlers, male domination both within and without hetero relationships are reigning as if feminism had never occurred.  As a result, hetero female agency has shrank to dust speck leaving hetero females somewhere between a 50's house frau and an over worked, under paid whore. 

But instead of utilizing feminist inspiration to change the men in power and the men in their lives, they are instead using their own straight privilege to occupy lesbian spaces and lesbian women. And the moment the actual lesbianism of their hetero escape sets in, they are planting lezbophobic trans time bombs in the minds of young fragile lesbians, and thus creating men they can have an equal (or greater) power exchange with (precisely because these men are women)! 

While we lesbians can understand their plight, we cannot allow their privilege to harm our community. We must overthrow the PC driven queer alphabet soup from guilting us into the liberal submission it has beaten us into! Because at this late stage in the game it is not just lesbian rights we're fighting for, but the lesbian RIGHT TO LIFE!


Trans Ideology and the Violence Against Women

Transition both medically and socially was born out of patriarchal violence against women. Post Queer Theory, how has the Trans community/Trans Politic manufactured a whole new level of violence against women?


Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning (Age 21) (Age 23) (Age 22) (Age 16) (Age 15) (Age 17) (Age 18) (Age (young) (Age18)

Something I see far far too often when doing this weekly post is the overwhelming amount of these young women/girls who bind. Besides the visual obviousness of their binding, I often see the restricted painful movements limiting their range of motion that the harmful self hating act of binding produces. A radfem friend recently sent me this sad horrific tumbl confession from a young women very much like our Trans Trenders here:
Binding surpasses masking breast shame/hatred and plummets straight into permanent physical hell/harm that can last a life time, binding can also just plain kill. Some binding warnings:

* Bruised and/or Fractured Ribs
* Lung Problems
* Back Problems
* Vessel and tissue damage
* Decreased blood flow to the heart, increasing the risk of a heart attack
* Decreased lung capacity (30-40% capacity)
* Blood Clots
* Costochondritis - Inflammation of the ribs
* Permanent loss of sensation/numbness of the chest area

* Death 


Tabou: Patience-Book 1 by Suzanne Stroh

Tabou: Patience is the first in a series of new lesbian works by the Michigan born writer Suzanne Stroh. I suspect because this novel is a serial work Ms. Stroh begins her book slowly, you will need a bit of patience before the storyline of Patience comes into full view. That isn't to say on the Sunday drive there Ms. Stroh's doesn't punctuate the scene with splashes of exquisite colour. The novel has a Wintersonesque feel in that linear time is replaced with her own special version of String Theory that is reminiscent of Woolf's Orlando. 

Given the difficult economic climate far too many lesbians face today, Patience makes for a short inexpensive trip to the upper crust of wealth and privilege combined with passion, love and machination! Our two main characters Jocelyn Russet and Patience Herrick seem an odd match but Ms. Stroh's manages to weave their many differences into an ardent frenzy of pasts, presents and futures, not necessarily in that order. If you enjoy a slow starting fire, Patience will begin warming you up and end setting you ablaze!

A must read for any lover of lesbian romantic fiction.

 Suzanne Stroh's web site:

Suzanne Stroh's blog:

Suzanne Stroh's Facebook:

Tribute Books Blog Tours Facebook:
Tabou: Patience, Book 1's Summary

Jocelyn Russet and Patience Herrick. Two powerful, British-born American lesbians, fiery heiresses of different generations. Both coming of age at the same time. Are they destined for one another—or starcrossed? Follow their ten-year Odyssey in a sexy romp through the rollicking 1980s and 1990s. Discover how their fate turns on secret histories that bind the Russet and Herrick dynasties in business, politics and espionage. Meet an international cast of supporting characters who must all choose between love and duty in book one of the TABOU quintet.

Suzanne Stroh's Bio:

Suzanne Stroh is a screenwriter and film producer, author of published case studies on family business. She grew up in Michigan where her family brewed Stroh’s beer for five generations. She studied art history at Wellesley College and Newnham College, Cambridge then worked in the New York art world before turning to writing. A mountaineer and field medic, she lives with her family in the Virginia countryside. TABOU is her first novel.

Pages: 463
Publisher: Publish Green
Release: October 11, 2011

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Barnes& Nook buy link: buy link:


A recent comment I wanted to address on its own as it illustrates perfectly the quandary of trans and the Gender Straight Jacket.

First lets get the "suing" nonsense out of the way. Under the Fair Use Act there isnt ANYTHING I cannot utilize on this blog for the purpose of education that I can be "sued" for. Feel free to take me to court if you naively think otherwise.

Second, lets point out how oxymoronic it is to "fuck hate", meaning dispensing with it altogether while calling a woman a "cunt". This only reinforces the internalize misogyny of the female commenter.

Third, as a feminist lesbian it most certainly DOES matter what the misogynistic Male Medical Machine is doing to female mind/bodies and societies homo/lezbo-phobic complacency in the least, collaboration in the most of that misogyny!

Fourth and final, as a biological woman it is impossible for me to be ANY form of man. That you base my trans denial on how I carry myself as a woman exemplifies your complete subscription to the Gender Straight Jacket. Hyper femininity may be the new norm, but females who have the intelligence and strength of character to refrain from being male fuck objects in no way, shape or form relegates them to trans misguidedness. 


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Transition-Where Gender Pro Nouns Equals Violence Against Women

We all use pro nouns in our daily communications, whether written or verbal. In that sentence alone I used three, there use being all quite quotidian. But for the person suffering from the socially/medically created Trans disorder, pro nouns leap off the page from their simplicity and become the embodiment of a full blown woman or man! Usually months and sometimes years before any medical brutality is applied, the trans victim will first switch their pro noun use for themselves and then insist all those around them do as they do where she's suddenly become he's and he's she's.

That the trans victim feels compelled, some times even with threats of violence and rage that their pro noun CHOICE be adhered to illustrates that their disorder goes beyond the medical communities definition of trans, i.e. someone suffering from gender/body dysphoria (GID), and rests firmly in lap misogyny. There is absolutely NO medical cure in the chronicle of medicine that requires a change in pro nouns to precede or accompany that medical cure.

A prime synonym of co-opt is neutralise, meaning to "get rid of (someone who may be a threat) by killing". When trans males co-opt female pro nouns, what they are in fact doing is trying to "kill" the biological nature of female by replacing her with their own patriarchal notions of her. Whenever trans females co-opt male pro nouns they are trying to "kill" their own biological female nature through written/verbal hocus-pocus. And whenever trans males and trans females demand or expect any of us to do the same, and we do, we become the accomplices in the historical systematic violence against women that is the heart, mind and spirit of patriarchy.

The brutal, savage violence against women has become so rote, so bloody common place in our society and those around the world that subtle violences we immediately dismiss. Patriarchy counts on those subtle dismissals because it is through our disregarding of them that makes the fist to the face, the hacked off healthy breast to be incinerated, the hard cock violently against our will shoved into an orifice, the stoning of us to death, the barbarous murder of us and/or our children possible.

Are you a perpetrator in the violence against women or an accomplice?  


Remembering the Violence against Lesbians

The above image is from a recent FB page dedicated to remembering fellow lesbians who have been raped/murdered for their lesbianism.

While there is nothing new in the mortal violence against lesbians, it is rare to see those lesbians who have suffered and died remembered beyond the minute paragraph on the bottom right hand corner of page E5. Within the queer alphabet we are often bombarded with the queer bashings and murders (past and present) of trans males (authogynephiles and gay alike) and gay men, with lesbians who have succumbed to similar or worst violence meagerly mentioned or completely ignored. Ignored too is the misogyny murdering all of the above.

It is that same virulent misogyny that down plays or dismisses the rapes and murders of lesbians both within in the queer alphabet and patently without. This diminutive coverage of violence against lesbians, in and of itself, IS a form of violence against women. Each lesbian rape/murder that we hear little or nothing about is the equivalent of a century of crimson fists toppling down on each and every lesbian, past, present and certainly future!

Minorities have long taken the strength and courage needed to overcome insurmountable obstacles from fallen comrades, comrades whose deaths served both to keep their deaths from being in vain but perhaps more importantly, whose deaths inspired minorities on to victory! When our comrades deaths are ignored, forgotten and we havent them to draw upon, we face a diffident future that just may not include us.


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Missing Person Kristin Snyder: Lost in a Sea of Myths Pt 2

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