Transition-Violence Against Women

Violence against women. No women need be a feminist to know full well both the collective and individual violence perpetuated against women. Collective violence ranging from the systematic molestation and rape of females world wide resulting in a monumental rape culture to collective harmful media visuals resulting in a host of mental disorders such as eating disorders, depression over body image, cutting and other self harm issues and body hatred affecting individual females. But however poorly constructed or meager, there are laws in place, medical aids and moral/ethical demands at work in place to help/deter the harm against females. Where rape happens, rapists can be tried in court(in first world countries), where a girl starves herself into a shadow, hospitals seek to illuminate her and where a teen girl is cutting her arms with razor blades, therapists remove those blade from her hand.

But where transition exists, there is a dual violence made toward the female body. An internalized violence that begins long before a girl has concrete memory and an external violence that ends in the females participation of her own destruction coupled with the medical community's needle and scalpel.
These are not the images of self fulfillment, happiness and cure, these are the graphic images of centuries of violence against women. Centuries culminating in women now pooling their internalized self hating efforts with the historic institution of misogyny we call the medical community who remains diligently at patriarchy's side working to destroy the very fabric of female! With few, a very few among us, aware enough, caring enough or brave enough to call transition by its rightful name, Violence Against Women!

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Trans Politics-A Bullet Through the Skull of Feminism

As the Trans politic seeks to remove sex from nature by relegating sex to nothing more than legal documents, how adversely are/will women/feminism be affected?


CAH-Lezbophobia and The Male Medical Machine

I'll begin this post using info from this website, then close with my commentary on what is clearly a medical aim toward lesbian genocide.

What is CAH?
Congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) is a serious endocrine disease that occurs in both males and females and typically requires lifelong hormonal management.

What else does CAH involve?
In females, some forms of CAH, including 21-hydroxylase deficiency, increase the likelihood that a girl will be “masculinized.” This means she may be born with atypical genitals (for example, a larger than usual clitoris). Girls with this form of CAH are also more likely to be tomboyish, and studies have shown they are more likely than the general population of females to be lesbian or bisexual and to be interested in traditionally male hobbies and occupations. They also, on average, have less interest in having children.

Why are some doctors interested in using dexamethasone to target these females prenatally (while they are fetuses in their mothers’ wombs)?
Some doctors advise women who are “at risk” for having a girl with 21-hydroxylase deficiency CAH to take dexamethasone prenatally. This intervention does nothing to prevent or cure CAH. The primary goal is to prevent the development of ambiguous genitalia in girls...Some doctors have also suggested that prenatal dex might prevent these girls from being lesbian, tomboyish, male typical in their interests, and disinterested in being wives and mothers. 

Isn’t prevention of ambiguous genitalia a legitimate medical issue?
A big clitoris or a small penis isn’t dangerous physiologically. It makes sense intuitively that having “ambiguous genitalia” might increase psychosocial risk of harm. But studies have not shown that, and indeed the evidence we have from people who have grown up with their atypical genitals intact suggest there is not an increased risk.
 So what are the risks and unknowns of prenatal dex?
The Swedish study group -- the only group to ever study this intervention in a prospective controlled manner -- now reports that approximately 1 in 5 children exposed prenatally have suffered a serious adverse event. In a journal article detailing outcomes on 43 children treated in Sweden and Norway during 1985-1995, when compared to controls,
[i]n general, treated children were born at term and were not small for gestational age. As a group, they did not exhibit teratogenous effects/gross malformations, although eight severe adverse events were noted in the treated group, compared with one in the control group. Three children failed to thrive during the first year of life; in addition, one had developmental delay and hypospadias; one had hydrocephalus; two girls were born small for gestational age, and one of these girls was later diagnosed with mental retardation; and one child had severe mood fluctuations that caused hospital admission. In the control group, only one child was admitted because of Down’s syndrome.

How is it the Americans haven’t found an adverse effect rate of approximately 1 in 5? Probably because they haven’t looked. American physicians, under the guidance of Maria New, have done this intervention outside prospective controlled long-term studies, in spite of all the calls from all the medical groups over the years NOT to do it outside these kinds of studies...Remember that, according to a recent article in Endo Daily reporting on the Task Force that produced the latest consensus to label prenatal dex experimental, dexamethasone “crosses the placental barrier and may affect the fetal hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis. Prenatal use of the drug is associated [with] low birth weight, central nervous system effects, cleft palate, liver enlargement, a decrease in fetal beta cells and other negative outcomes in animals. The human literature suggests that prenatal dexamethasone carries a 1.7 odds ratio for orofacial clefts and decreases birth weight by about 0.5 kg.”

Why is there so little data on outcomes, when thousands of children have likely been exposed to this prenatal intervention?
Of 1,083 studies reviewed by a major medical task force in 2009-2010, only four of those studies were good enough to provide any meaningful scientific data. That is because Dr. Maria New and her collaborators have not been studying this drug use as they should have, in prospective, controlled, long-term clinical trials from start to finish. Instead, they’ve been describing the drug as safe, recruiting hundreds if not thousands of pregnant women with this claim of safety, and then studying mothers and children years later with questionnaires to see if the drug really was safe.

So all these pregnant women in the U.S. really were being used as experimental subjects without being told that?
This use of prenatal dexamethasone for CAH is off-label, which means it has NOT been determined by the FDA to be safe or effective for this use...It appears that nearly all medical experts have agreed that this drug use is experimental and should only be done in controlled clinical trials with IRB oversight. The contrarian in this case has been Dr. Maria New, who has for many years described this use as “safe for mother and child” both at her own website and at the CARES website.

As the media picked up this story, Dr. New apparently denied to reporters that she was interested in preventing homosexuality in the womb. We are not sure how she can deny it. Besides what we quoted from New’s own words in the Bioethics Forum post, Anne Tamar-Mattis has found numerous additional pieces of evidence that some of New's grant applications to the NIH specifically named as an interest seeing whether prenatal dex could reduce "behavioral masculinization" in girls with CAH, including in terms of making them more likely to turn out to be wives (of men) and mothers.

Here are just two of several relevant passages found by Tamar-Mattis in the grants we FOIA’ed:
  1. (a)"The overall objective is to fill the gap of knowledge about the long-term consequences of early-prenatal DEX treatment on childhood development on the one hand, and the success of DEX in suppressing behavioral masculinization in the sub-sample of girls with definitive congenital adrenal hyperplasia on the other." [Scan available here: 12.97 suppressing masculinization.pdf]
(b)"The spectrum of behavioral effects ranges from mild or marked tomboyish behavior of childhood to increased adolescent/adult bisexuality and lesbianism; through full male identification with request for sex reassignment surgery and legal gender change in adolescence or adulthood...In addition, the genital abnormalities and often multiple corrective surgeries needed affect social interaction, self image, romantic and sexual life, and fertility.  As a consequence, many of these patients, and the majority of women with the salt-losing variant, appear to remain childless and single. Preventive prenatal dexamethasone exposure is expected to improve this situation."

Yes, indeed, it’s true: our government (through the NIH) has been supporting grants aimed at seeing whether prenatal dex can “successfully” prevent homosexuality, tomboyism, and so forth.

See the website linked above for more information if need be.

 There is much substantiated evidence that DEX isnt being utilized to help CAH females, because other than potentially (again no long term proof) changing the clitoris size of CAH babies, the only other changes from this drugs use is conforming CAH females to "normal" femaledom. And really, what is a normal clitoris size? A clitoris that doesnt intimidate/offend the male masturbatory gaze? A gaze so perverted by decades of pornographic vagina's not mimicking the Male Medical Machine's constructed designer vagina's used in porn, that most men AND women are completely ignorant as to what constitutes as a normal vagina??? 

But FAR more than just a nice happy sized clitoris, this drug is being used to prevent CAH females from winding up tomboys or worse developing into full fledged LESBIANS! While clearly not every lesbian is a CAH female, that the Male Medical Machine is using drugs in efforts to prevent some females from becoming lesbians, comfortably couples with the DSM's soon to be legalized medical option to transition children whose BEHAVIOR doesnt conform to the Gender Straight Jacket and worse, might lead to a gay or lesbian adult. 

What all this signifies is, if drugs ARE being used right now to prevent lesbianism is some, they will eventually be designed to prevent lesbianism in most and where some lesbians slip through the cracks transition will catch those in early childhood. The future isnt only a nightmare, the future is RIGHT FUCKING NOW!


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Historic Transition

What notable historic females do you think (were transition available at the time) be forced or coerced into transition?


Help for De-Transition

A reader passed this link off to me for women seeking to de-transition or those preferring not to transition but feeling a lot of female self hatred and pressure to transition.

From the site:

Come in from the rain

You can come home. There is always hope. If you are a FTM thinking of detransitioning and living as a woman again, I'm your sister in struggle ready to welcome you home. Been there, done that, have the pain and the scars to show for it. Welcome home, friend.

 Good to see more of these places popping up since the trans community not only frowns on those who de-transition or question whether they should, they often attack those with the slightest doubts.

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Body Dysphoria Issues-Which are you Okay with?

Women suffering from anorexia who have gastric bypass or lapband procedures to more comfortably starve themselves into ultimate thinness so they can feel better about themselves? Would you be okay with this? If not why?

Those suffering from BIID (body integrity identity disorder) having healthy limbs such as an arm/s or leg/s surgically removed so they can feel more comfortable in their body? Would you be okay with this? If not why?

Females suffering from GID (gender identity disorder) having their healthy breast removed and/or vagina's surgically closed/altered in order to feel more comfortably in their body. Would you be okay with this? If not why?

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Co-opting Lesbian

Is there a difference between straight women (radfem and otherwise) co-opting lesbian and men (trans and otherwise) co-opting lesbian? If yes, what is the difference?


Why be a Woman when you can be a Transman?

A regular reader linked me to this horrific misogyny from a trans female who claiming to be a "doctor", fitting given the Male Medical Machine's hatred of women.

The other day one of my school friends contacted me on Facebook and asked why I choose to change sex. I think I muttered the usual cliche about being ‘trapped in the wrong body’ or something. But as far as I can see the real question is ‘Why on earth are you still a woman?’
Because life as a woman was seriously weird. 
Things that were rubbish about being a woman.
  1. Make up.  I tend to cultivate stubble when I’m not at work, but it gets hopelessly itchy after a week. Anyway if you think shaving is bad, try having to slather some weird powdery stuff over your face every day. And get this  – it’s for no apparent purpose.
  2. Periods. Urgh. Why ?
  3. Dying in childbirth. Sorry but any species where 1 in 5 females die in childbirth unless they have medical (or veterinary) help is really seriously badly designed. More evidence that either there is no god or he is a misogynist.
  4. High heels. Again, why? What on earth is the fucking point?
  5. Breasts. Honestly you can’t really wank over your own breasts. Blokes think you can, and often some even think it would be good to have some. But seriously the sheer freakishness of them growing out of your chest  is just weird.
  6. The lack of women willing to have sex with you. 9 out of 10 women are just not willing to have sex with other women, which is really really depressing. When you meet an attractive woman you just don’t bother asking them out because the chances are they aren’t a lesbian.
  7. The feeling that if you have causal sex with strangers you are some sort of bad person. If you are a man that has casual sex with strangers (which lets face it is a perfectly good hobby when you aren’t in a monogamous relationship) you are thought of as ‘lucky’ or ‘a stud’. But if you are a woman you are a ‘slut’. This means if you are a woman you have to get into a relationship just to have a shag.
  8. Black tie events. Ok for men these are easy, just can wear the same outfit you wear for every event. But the bizarre rule for women is that you can’t wear the same outfit twice! How screwed up is that. Oh and when your friends get married you must go out and buy a new outfit. And people look shocked if you tell them it was from Primark. (You probably don’t need to tell them – Mrs Z) but why would you actually spend lots of money on clothes you’re only going to wear once? (One word: Accessories.  You never noticed?  See.  It works – Mrs Z)
  9. Hormones. Men have testosterone, this makes you want to have sex. Simple. Women have a variety of hormones that make you totally irrational at random times. I remember one day seriously wanting to end my life because it all seemed so hopeless. And the next day I had a period (which is repulsive) but then I realised that I hadn’t wanted to kill myself at all – it was all just hormones. There is something seriously weird about having hormones that out of control.
  10. Netball. Who on earth invented a sport where you can’t move with the ball or touch another player? It’s frankly the most boring sport ever. No one watches professional netball games. There’s a reason for that.
  11. Being rubbish at sport – because no one will let you play a proper sport once you turn 10 so you get worse than everyone else and instead expect you to like netball.
  12. The entirely weird relationship with your weight. If you are a fat man then it’s a bit annoying because you are likely to die of heart disease. If you are a fat woman you feel that you are worthless as a human being.
  13. The way that society makes you feel like you are going to be killed if you go out after dark on your own. It’s so nice to be able to go for a run though a deserted dockyard when I finish work at 10pm without people making me feel like I’m committing suicide.
  14. The entirely fucked up nature of societies attitude to child-rearing. Lets face it once you have had a baby you have suffered nine months of hell carrying it to term and then suffered the nightmare that is childbirth. You’d think that the logical approach to this creature that had done this to your body would be to give it to the father and tell him to get on with it.  But no, unless you give up your entire life to raising this creature that has already ruined your body and nearly killed you, you are a BAD PERSON.
  15. You get paid less than a man for doing the same work. Oh and women do more unpaid work in the home.
  16. Men keep trying to have sex with you. Less often if you are obviously a stroppy teenage dyke. Then they tend to go away.
So the real question is – why does anyone put up with being a woman? In this day and age if you are cursed with two X chromosomes you don’t actually have to go through the horror that is being a woman. I mean I’m glad you do – because I much prefer sex with women. But seriously: Why do you girls put up with this crap?

Ridiculously sick and sad all at once and regardless of any pseudo hormones or mutilative surgeries, this trans adult female is still very much a woman. Unfortunately her narrow Gender Straight Jacketed view is the norm for most trans females or females wanting not to be female. But rather than dismantling the Gender Straight Jacket binding them, they instead dismantle themselves. There is such a pathological fear of living as a woman outside the Gender Straight Jacket that the only way some can do so is by living female as a man. Woman is fast becoming the cancer of the huMAN race, and transition the scalpel with which to excise that cancer. 

 Dismember the GSJ and we end females developing the level of self hatred it take to want to transition

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RadFem-The Absence of Feminism-The Presence of Psychosis

...And you sit there and talk revolution
but can you tell me just who's in command?
when you tell me the forces we are fighting
then I'll gladly join and make plans
but for now only our t-shirts cry freedom
and our voices are gagged by our greed
our minds are harnessed by knowledge
by the hill and the will to succeed
and if that's not what you believe
would you just let me know I'm not standing alone
that I'm not just a voice in the crowd...

From Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors by Fish

These lyrics were written in the late 1980's but they could easily apply to the current state of feminism, particularly the sect calling itself Radical Feminism, aka RadFem. Sadly the only revolution existing among RadFems consists mostly of idle chatter, tweets, FB shares and some kindergarten arts and crafts even. And there is a discrepancy regarding who exactly they’re fighting: men, men claiming to be women, men who haven’t had SRS, men who have, women claiming to be men, women who “look” like men, women who “act” like men, the rich, the poor, whites, non white, academics, non academics, feminists, non feminist, lesbians, non lesbians, prostitutes, men who pick up prostitutes, sex slavery, the porn industry…an endless list. And that’s not to say that there isn’t an overwhelming list of issues that feminists/RadFems need to address, there is. But instead of agreeing on a single issue and tackling that issue till it no longer is a threat like some of our suffragettes/feminists of yesteryear, current RadFems are busy at work retweeting and FB sharing articles with each other, along with copious pats on the back for doing so. Meanwhile the only women privy to RadFem tweets and FB shares are the small few who are on each others private lists. The women who truly NEED feminist news, particularly feminist interventions, remain on the outside. For they are either too poor, too black, too non English speaking, too uneducated, too busy selling their bodies to feed their children, too, too, too. And today's RadFems aren't interested in too's.

I recently removed about twenty or so odd RadFems from my FaceBook.  I removed these RadFems because I could no longer stomach the Dworkinesque hypocrisy, ignored mental health troubles, child speak, narcissism, classism, racism, lezbophobia, male hatred, two facedness, misogynists etc. Women claiming lesbian asylum for political reasons. Women working with Trans male clients from 9 to 5 while in their spare time demanding “twanz-women” stay out of women’s spaces. Women making exceptions for Trans males who have had their “penis” altered. Women more invested in getting laid than in making the world a better place for females in the future. Women with slews of mental diagnosis made from the very male medical machine that is now transitioning children in order to eradicate homosexuals, in short, women incapable of revolutionary thought or action. It is these motley crew who are supposed to be some of today’s leading feminist, but you wont find a radical, feminist or otherwise between the lot of them.

One of the most recent retweeting's among radfems is the death of a former radfem, Shulamith Firestone, whom might be remembered for writing The Dialectic of Sex. This supposed feminist ground breaker is clearly indebted to French feminism and her strange futuristic notions of sex and child birth taken straight out of the dystopian novel, whether that be Zamyatin's We, Orwell's 1984 or Huxley's Brave New World, it makes little difference. What I find most striking about Ms. Firestone was her mental illness, which seems to be a necessary component of past and current radfems. Shulamith was hospitalized at various times for "schizophrenia" whereby she became a total recluse. As a female and as a feminist I have to be suspect of her diagnosis, but regardless, she obviously had or developed serious mental issues. And it is these mental issues that seem to be the cornerstone for Radical Feminism as we know it now.

The she-can-do-no-wrong queen bee of Radical Feminism, Andrea Dworkin was a walking billboard for mental illness. Dworkin was grossly over weight and unkempt and she fiercely hated males in the personal, rather than the political system of men i.e. patriarchy. She claims (and I believe her) that she was molested/raped as a girl, and physically abused by her fist husband. I can only assume she never received any help for these deep early wounds and suspect like many female statistical abuse victims, she turned her anger away from her perpetrators towards herself, thereby trying to make herself as unattractive to the male gaze as possible. Rather than seek help and confront the gulf within her fractured psyche, she in hereto-privileged fashion declared herself a "lesbian" further delegitimatizing the existence of lesbians and even going so far as to hold on to lesbian even after she married a man. As her radfem popularity was wanning and just before the publication of a book she conveniently claimed publicly to have been raped in a Paris hotel by two males. Few if anyone (including feminists) believed her, given her years of working with rape victims and for rape crisis centers, she didnt go to a hospital or have a rape kit done. She instead supposedly called her Gyno in the US whom she claimed told her even though she didnt participate in vaginal penetration, that there would be no way to tell two men raped her. Ummm yeah. Her published account of the "rape" reads as contradictory and inane as her claims of alien abduction. All and all a very mentally ill and unstable woman, radfem and all.

Another darling of modern radfems is Valerie Solanas, known as much for shooting Andy Warhol (to make her famous where her talents failed to) as for her SCUM Manifesto. Solanas, like Firestone was a paranoid schizophrenic, and like Dworkin created rape allegations which her actions vehemently denied. Like Dworkin she also had a history of prostitution even after possessing a psychology degree, and claimed she was a lesbian although she had regular romantic relationships with men.

Not surprisingly these radfems and others like them are the shero's of today's radfems, mentally unhealthy/unstable women who hate most, and in some cases all men. They hold men to blame for all their troubles, yet seek refuge in their own private separatist worlds. While misogyny and the patriarchal structures which support misogyny surely can be held accountable for some troubled radfem minds, like the wholly radfem trinity, most of todays radfem's mental issues go above and beyond. It seems a bankrupt mind and a healthy hatred of men to be the two main requirements for modern radfems while feminism lies somewhere out of their sight.

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YouTube-Transgender and Minors

Since children are so impressionable, should YouTube put adult warning labels on all trans video's? Or like porn sites, require proof of legal age before viewing trans video's, such as entering a credit card number? Should YouTube also require similar proof for making video's?


Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning (Age 15) (Age 15) (Age 20) (Age 18) (Age 19) (Age 12) (Age 16) (Age 17) (Age 14)

More young women and girl YT grist heading straight for trans mill, with not so much as a yield sign in sight. What these girls need isnt hormone blockers, what they need are road blockers kiboshing their drive towards the trans promise land. But what this trans-utopia  evinces with every transition is that the perfect happiness anticipated dripping from the day, turns out instead to be a fetid dystopian marsh, that eventually drowns its victims.


FTMISOGYNIST-The Proof is in the Pudding

Why is it that whenever and where ever a feminist points out the gross misogyny behind transitioning females or the gross misogyny spewed straight from the mouths of trans females, instead of calling the female hatred of that particular woman into question, more hate and more misogyny are poured onto the fire? Why is the misogyny vomited from trans females towards women so sacrosanct among other trans females? Why isnt the medical community and Lesbian community rightfully drawing the common sense conclusion from that level of internal misogyny to see with open eyes EXACTLY why these women choose transition as the answer to their troubled lives??? Lives clearly that not only remain troubled, but worse, increase in troubles!!!! Ans why is the mirror feminist like myself holding up to trans females sooooooo bloody frightening to them???

A few things for you to ponder while I head over to my uncle's for a BBQ. As I'll be the only female there, perhaps the trans females who have concluded I "hate men", should tell the men there.

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Missing Person Kristin Snyder: Lost in a Sea of Myths Pt 2

The next part in our forensic postmortem of the mockumentary The Lost Women of NXIVM will consist of dissecting the major proponents surrou...