When a Woman Dares to Stand Naked-Trans Hate

Received this hate mail this morning from an obviously trans female or wannabe trans female.

The sheer immaturity of it aside, like so many similar messages and comments received from trans females and males alike, their down on their knees service to patriarchy's Gender Straight Jacket god is astounding! I'm "ugly" because I do not subscribe to patriarchy's hyper feminine masturbatory standards of what a woman should look like, and I "look" like a man (the very thing they destroys their minds and bodies to look like mind you) because I dare to stand naked sans the Gender Straight Jacket!

THIS worship to the Gender Straight Jacket alone should be the criteria for sex changes! If you have had to change your hair length or what clothes you like or what shoes you wear in any great way since you could walk or if you have ever defined your hair or clothes or shoes or colours you love by applying sex to these OBJECTS, those on the trans list should be cut from the list straight away!


ps Should I tell the guy I live with that I "hate men"????
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Transmen skirt Marriage Laws-How Gay and Lesbian Supportive!

While I dont object to these two trans females marrying, I do take issue with the constant harping by the trans politic when referring to the GlBT about "community", "community", "community". But tell me, where is the community when a sect of that community is using their special privileges to skirt laws that gays and lesbians have no recourse against? If we actually were a community, not one couple in that community would marry in states that ALL aspects of that community cannot partake in!

There are a small handful of states that are allowing men and women to merely pay a fee and file the proper papers in order to change their sex. The trans politic is fast at work to create similar laws in other states. In the states that already have such laws on the books and states that will, gays and lesbians need to  utilize this loophole so we too can marry if we so choose. One partner legally changes her sex to Male, that way her and her female partner can legally marry. And unlike states that gays and lesbians can marry but their marriage is illegal in most other states, as a male and female married couple ALL states would be LEGALLY bound to recognize that marriage!

Granted if a number of gays and lesbians took advantage of this loophole, the loophole would be quickly closed. Something for feminists/radfems to think about if we want to rebuild some of the structures that have been torn from the foundation of female. It may be a small step back for gays and lesbians, but it would be a Nijinskian leap for women!

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Lesbian Couple Needs Our Help

A lesbian couple in a state that does NOT have any housing protections laws for gays and lesbians is being harassed into moving:
Any legal eagle readers have any advice on helping this distressed lesbian couple???


Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

http://www.youtube.com/user/FTMRiley94 (age 18)

http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRV3vtZDlQs6j6Zw1uXwTtw (age 15)

http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpeevQdpRPaIqJYAUd3sP2w (age 21)

http://www.youtube.com/user/LovePeaceSkylar (age 16)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-jGDUqS8Yw&feature=plcp (age 18)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rwUd8PtZck (age 17)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1a1k055EPY (age 20)

http://www.youtube.com/user/albinotaco1 (age 23)

http://www.youtube.com/user/JayceAlexander (age 19)

In few recent posts I have discussed violence against lesbians and the silence surrounding that violence by both popular media and queer media alike. The violence in question was gross hatred purely for being lesbian. The Shoah survivor/writer Elie Wiesel said of the Nazi Party that he understood their hatred of the Jews, what he didnt and still cannot comprehend is all those bystanders (who werent anti-semitic) who simple did nothing while their Jewish friends and neighbors were murdered/deported right in front of them.

I have never understood bystanding either. Plath's "peanut crunching crowd" lustily munching to the beat of the big "strip tease" I get, but here eyes are watching silently sans music as lesbians are being brutalized. What is worse, so many of those eyes occupy the so called "community" that is supposed to be behind us. A community that cannot always protect us but one that is suppose to be there to scream when we no longer have a voice, strike out when we're too hurt to fight and sooth us when we feel more alone in the world than we've ever felt! Silence has become the norm in the queer community where lesbians are concerned: lesbian issues, lesbian spaces and yes, even lesbian violence.

But just when you think things cant get worse in our current post-modernistic queered community, things have gotten much worse. Violence against lesbians is being promoted and supported in the queer community under the guise of Transition! And if you think for a moment that female transition isnt violent, think again!

This or something like this is what awaits the nine girls featured above, most of which (if not all) are lesbians. Between the bystanding, the promoting and the supporting of lesbian violence by the queer community alone, we lesbians are in some real fucking trouble! And the ONLY one who is going to save us, is us. Are we worth saving?


Silence Equals Lesbian Violence

This nauseating horror was sent to me earlier from an "avid reader". (thank you btw)

The above was spray painted on the basement wall where three cowardly men sporting masks broke into a home where they bound and brutally assaulted the lesbian in resident. They beat and carved the word dyke across her stomach then left her for dead after dumping gasoline all over the house setting it a flame. By a miracle she got out and hopped to a neighbors for help.

I dont know about you, but had "avid reader" not sent me this article, I would be none the wiser to this hate filled calamity. Lesbian attacks, rapes and murders continue being down played by media if not out right ignored altogether! While hetero-patriarchy is the part of the problem, the misogyny behind it surely is the real culprit. The media has no trouble focusing on some famous gay male who "bravely" leaps from the closet or the latest "trans celeb", but lesbians being brutalized? Oh HELL no!

What I as a lesbian find more repugnant is the "queer" media whom are supposed to represent lesbians and instead primarily keep their focus centered on the almighty male. Whether gay males, male to females or female to males, male figures in there somewhere! So where does that leave lesbians? Lesbian issues? Violence against lesbians??? We are either silently ignored, kept silent or threatened with violence if not silent.

If we as lesbians are going to make any progress in society we first have to challenge the deep seated misogyny within out own queered community. Misogyny that ignores stories like the above or responds to being challenged with messages like this I received this morning:

ps Please send your best lesbian vibes to this traumatize woman, she will need all the good spirits just to get through this lezbophobic attack and a lifetime to learn to live with it.
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Transmale Health and HIV

This link gives a balanced account of what trans females can expect from taking testosterone, from how it can change their sexuality (lesbian to straight), increase or decrease their sex drive to suddenly wanting to have their vagina's penetrated by a penis or wanting to suck a penis. And given the latter, it contains some good info on how trans females can protect themselves against HIV and other STDs that having sex with men they run the risk of contracting.

I also think it gives some good visual representations of various trans females and what females considering transition can expect from dosing themselves with testosterone. Clearly even after years on testosterone, the feminine body remains firmly intact. See images below:


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Female Shame and Dysphoria Has No Age Limit

As females, from our very first moments outside our mother's womb we are swaddled with negative signifiers (pink) that signal to the world that we are less than human because we are not male. From there we are repeatedly assaulted with misogynistic messages aimed at reinforcing that very first message, we arent human, but objects! Objects that should at all times be available to whatever a male needs or wants or desires. In a nut shell, fuck toys with a pulse.

Lesbians are not exempt from these monstrous messages and unless there is a serious (lesbian) feminist intervention to disrupt these constant cerebral onslaughts, we can carry their patriarchal trespasses well into our lives. BUT when the misogynistic onslaught is interrupted and the strangulation of the Gender Straight Jacket loosened just a bit, women can begin for the first time to think and maybe for the first time since we were expelled from our mothers, draw breath.

This from a lesbian whose self hatred was interrupted here just the other day:

A life time of T to the ass has yet to block even one iota of misogyny but a drop of feminism to the brain can eradicate centuries of shame and dysphoria!


Rape-The New Landscape of Video Gaming

Here are two must read articles on the blatant misogyny in the gaming industry:

Lara Croft and Rape Stories

Video Games and the Male gaze (thanks to whoever sent me this)


Julie Bindel Caught in Paris Lees Headlights-the Interview

In case you missed Mr. Paris Lees's interview interrogation of Julie Bindel:

I have read Mr. Lees's full interview with Julie Bindel, which btw according to Julie, she was "misrepresented" in. But for this post I'll focus primarily on what transpired here since the rest of the printed interview just deals with Mr. Lees's angry snark.

It would be easy enough to begin by saying Bindel surely has been dipping into the trans kool aid, but given past comments from her regarding lesbianism being a "political choice" and lesbian sexual desire a "social construct" perhaps she has been guzzling the stuff all along. Is Bindel's trans back peddling due to her realization that she has more in common with the trans politic than not? Bindel states in this interview that by the queered definition of transgender she too could be considered trans. Bindel clearly is no more trans than my little cat sitting next to me as I type this, but she does have common ground with trans co-option of lesbianism. Bindel that is, not my cat!

Both she and they, for their own misguided purposes, work to disrupt and displace the nucleus of lesbianism. She, because she isnt a lesbian and they, because they are either male or lesbians confused into believing they're male. If hetero-feminist want to choose to be with other women as a political stance against patriarchy, fine. Just dont call yourself a lesbian while doing it, this isnt straight male porn, even though the boys may very well be watching. I give props to the feminist Susie Orbach who at least has the respect not to disrespect lesbians by calling herself instead a "post heterosexualist" after she began a relationship with writer Jeanette Winterson.

What I find interesting and confusing is Bindel utilizing "lesbian choice" as a political rifle against patriarchy in one breath, then in another harping on the idea of radfem separatism as ineffectually shooting blanks! Personally I dont see a damn difference, any way you slice it, whether you're a cow cackling like a hen or a heap of hens hiding behind the barn, the pig remains intact!

The next part of the interview consists of Bindel tripping over her own tongue while Mr. Lees bullies her into several corners for the sake of "crystallizing" Bindel's opinion (and mine) that puberty blocking drugs offered up by the Male Medical Machine is "child abuse" not to mention lezbo/homo-phobic. This is followed by Lees whining to Bindel about my Trans Trending posts and the posts I make stripping trans surgeries of their dark room glamour and display them instead in the brutal mutilative light he and others try so arduously to keep dim. Mr. Lees continues going at Bindel, aggressively attacking RadFem blogs in the general and GenderTrender's blog in the particular while trying to intimidate Bindel into contacting us in some manner (guest posts) to straighten us out! As if!!!

I suspect Jule Bindel has burned whatever bridge she may have had with RadFem's and Lesbian Feminist as well as it being a little too little too late to sidled up to a the trans community (specifically trans males like Mr. Lees) as she burned that bridge long ago. As an actual lesbian, one in mind, body and spirit I've never held her in a favourable light. And while I've had my share of disagreements with RadFem's, although there are some I do love dearly as women, I've grown enough to let them do their work even where it differs from mine. In the end, the main goal is a better world for women not yet born. Bindel claims she has "matured" but this interview clearly paints her green.


Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning-Dedicated to Mr. Paris Lees

http://www.youtube.com/user/heysaamm (age 16)

http://www.youtube.com/user/bbout1992 (age 19)

http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMjrAbovym2k28_M12aDSmA (age 19)

http://www.youtube.com/user/mikurulove10 (age 16)

http://www.youtube.com/user/skaterfreek12 (age 17)

http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_NQYfu4uRyXYa7JhsIohSQ (age 22)

http://www.youtube.com/user/ftmklas (age 23)

http://www.youtube.com/user/ftmRen (age ?)

http://www.youtube.com/user/lost4ever888 (age ?)

In the past several weeks I have been regularly corresponding with several trans females who are working to de-transition.  Fortunately beyond taking T for several years, neither have had any mutilative surgeries. But from what I have gathered in speaking with them, their physical changes are only a minor issue in their fears of ceasing and desisting hormone therapy. Their greatest fear is grounded in what those closest to them will think and the shame and embarrassment of telling those closest to them, they have make a serious mistake.

In what has become years of making this particular weekly post, I cannot even hazard a guess as to how many of these Trans Trenders have found themselves caught in this very same dilemma. Whats worse is I cannot bear to contemplate how many of these Trans Trenders realized even before they began hormone therapy of their mistake, but chose to continue with transition simply because of their fears of an I told you so!

Youthful pride!

Pride born out of dramatic familial scenes of screams and cries and poundings on their breasts that they exclaimed to confused parents were hateful to them! Razor blade arms and wrists cut up just to relieve some of the internal pain of a body they have been convinced wasnt really theirs! Depressions and sometimes even feeble suicide attempts till parents and loved ones finally gave in, finally agreed transition must be the answer!!! But the answer to what? Sadly for all involved in transdom this is where they questions stop.

As a heads up to readers, I will be doing a full post on the fears/shames that are arresting trans regret/de-transition quite soon. 


Transition isnt Inevitable when you Obtain the Facts

I received this message yesterday and with the young woman's permission I wanted to share it with you:

While she still speaks from the confines of the Gender Straight Jacket in her use of the term "masculine", her message is clear: listen to the voice within rather than drowned her out it in the noise of unless drugs and mutilative surgeries. And before any self haters scream "she wasnt REALLY trans", of course she wasnt, she didnt go so far as to inject herself with testosterone.

I too am glad you found your way here lost girl, and even more pleased that this blog has been a lifevest for you till you learned to swim yourself.


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Judith "jack" Halberstam and "Butch Dads"-Seriously???

I ran across this interview the other day with Judith Halberstam. She is probably most known for her book Female Masculinity, which by the way is a complete crock as the title alone surely attest to. Halberstam jumped aboard the queer wave early on and has rode it straight into the trans community where after a time (not surprisingly) she began calling herself "jack" and referring to herself with male pronouns.She fancies herself a Butch, but clearly she is your basic garden variety dyke with a severe pathological hatred of females. Given this self hatred and that she has co-opted Butch as a signifier, she evidently doesnt view Butch as something female. 

From this recent interview:

I dont even know where to begin writing about the exorbitant level of female hatred expressed in this short paragraph, let alone its unadulterated ignorance surrounding Butch women and specifically Butch mothers. I find this line particularly frightening: "Sometimes I get really irritated when I’m around other queer couples where one person is kind of clearly butch and the other is clearly less butch, but the butch partner is still called “mom.” I think, what’s that about? Why do you want to be called mom"? It is this cellar thinking (and in Halberstam's case teaching) that continues to keep Butch women othered and viewed as less than female, if female at all. And by doing so reinforces Butch Shame and body dysphoria, hurting Butch women and hurting any possible intimate relationship we might have. As a Butch myself I have to ask, why WOULDNT a Butch parent want to be called some version of mother?

Also from the interview:

"Gender variant dad" vs "Gender normative kids"!!! Halberstam is blatantly saying that Butch women and particularly Butch moms are abnormal! The only thing in variance here is Halberstam's queer sense of reality in conjunction to reality itself! Halberstam's own female self hatred has her fully immersed in the deep end of the Gender Straight Jacket. She has invested her life savings in misogyny where through her queered teachings she has banked on taking plenty of young student minds under the waters with her.

I have nieces under the age of 10 and nieces and nephews in their teens, 20's and 30's and I have ALWAYS been AUNT Lynn to each of them. Being an aunt doesnt unbutch me and when in public with any of my nieces and nephews (especially the young ones) whenever a stranger tries unbutching me by sir-ing me, they are the first to reestablish my femaleness by (usually) yelling "she's a GIRL"!

Any woman who bares a child or is a parent of a child, no matter where she finds herself on nature's boons if she is so ashamed of calling herself a mother, then she doesnt deserve to be one!

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Lesbian Community-What is it like in Your Area

Is there a Lesbian community in your area? If so, what is it like? Is it a strong lesbian community or like we have heard here repeatedly, has it been queerd? Whether you have a lesbian community or not, tell us what you would like in a lesbian community.

(You do not need to specify where you live, just give a description of your lesbian community)

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The Bible and the Transgendered

This is the severe level of desperateness the trans mind will fall in order to legitimize their delusory mental state:
We didnt even have the medical advancement of aspirin until the mid 1800's and this trans female actually is seeking proof of transgender condemnation in biblical times??? This also is what passes for "trans academics", some of which is scarily finding its way into the general pop of academia and the impressionable minds of todays youth. So rather than academia working to dismantle the misogynistic structures that create the trans mind, it is instead treasure hunting for its legitimacy!


Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

http://www.youtube.com/user/EgoRivalry (age 17)

http://www.youtube.com/user/YeaImOnTheInternet (17)

http://www.youtube.com/user/trannieswearprada (age 18)

http://www.youtube.com/user/LumiTalks (age 15)

http://www.youtube.com/user/TheAdv3ntureOfChris (age 21)

http://www.youtube.com/user/BayskiC (age 17)

http://www.youtube.com/user/SiddyBorz (age 17)

http://www.youtube.com/user/newmanjesse27 (age 21)

http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2eB6-IbT8aN0cgEBB1BNGw  (age 15)

When I was a kid, the current trend among teens and young adults was the punk look. Extra piercings, pink or purple hair, safety pins in torn tees, ripped jeans etc. In my teen years, it was New Wave. A cross between punk and goth I suppose. I recall my cousin Tommy and I cutting our hair so that we both had "tails" then. Thats about as trendy as I got, I blame the Til Tuesday video!  All generations have had trends that their youth have rebelliously gone through in efforts to reach a healthy adulthood. But regardless of the trend, once the rebellion was over and maturity began setting in, the hair dye grew out, the piercings were removed and a less malcontented clothing donned.

In adulthood we look back on that surface rebellion and smile or laugh at our silliness. We realize as adults true rebellion, high rebellion, has nothing to do with what we look like, or how we want the world to visually perceive us, in fact little to do with ourselves. High rebellion is working to change long established orders, systems, laws etc. Leaving a mark on the world that wasnt there before we got here.

What marks are our Trans Trenders leaving besides the mutilated marks where beautiful breast once had been? Long unknown effects of testosterone poisoning, a surgically mangled body, and a drug altered brain. These arent things that one is going to outgrow and mature past, they are things that kill. That instead of helping to reach within and find the true self, murders that self before it even has the chance to take its first real breath.

This Trans Trend is teaching our female youth that as young women, their core female self isnt worth discovering and that that first breath uttered from the find, isnt worth the effort. And with no parental society or medical community hindering their self hatred, they're being allowed to murder that self right out from underneath themselves.

NO transition is justifiable. Not one. But transitioning teens and even children not old enough for school is something so reprehensible that I dont believe the likes of Harry Benjamin or John Money could have imagined.


Four Year Old Boy Murdered for "acting" Gay

This story made a scant few headlines because the murderer recently made a deal with prosecutors in order to evade the death penalty. Apparently the crimes (the murder of a four year old boy and his mother) occurred in October of 2010! The reason given for the crimes was that the four year old boy "acted gay" and therefore had to pay the ultimate price, a bullet in the head and stuffed in a garbage bag. His mother was murdered simply because she was a witness, she too was shot in the head and stuffed in a garbage bag.

If you are a male, what exactly does "acting gay" mean? It means acting female. This is why misogyny for me does, and for gays and lesbians should, supersede homophobia. Because misogyny IS the foundation of homophobia. Were there no misogyny, homophobia couldnt exist. This little boy was killed because his behavior was perceived to be feminine. Female/feminine being the ultimate lowest form a human can reach, any male perceived to lower himself to such a patriarchal hell, naturally runs the risk of being murdered!

The Gender Straight Jacket is the culprit that genders behavior. Female and male arent things that we act, they are merely things that we are. The GSJ ascribes behavior to the sexes in order to elevate males above females, thereby ensuring patriarchal order, structure and dominance. When males are perceived as relinquishing those privileges or when females are perceived to reach for them, patriarchy becomes so threatened that the murder of a four year child becomes not only possible, but necessary!

One man didnt murder this little boy, the whole patriarchal structure of society did. And if you participate in those narrow, ignorant and sexist structures or enable them in any capacity, you are equally responsible for this child's death!


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Lesbian Love-STILL the Biggest Threat to Hetero-Patriarchy!

A trans reader has asked me to post about the horrific murder and attempted murder of two young lesbians that occurred in Texas last week. She/he had personally known a lesbian in this area who was brutally raped and murdered some years back and whose murderer has never been caught, bringing this current savagery very close to her/his heart.

As cruel and absolutely reprehensible as these crimes are, I find it nearly as fucking deplorable that the police arent even pursuing these lezbophobic assaults as Hate Crimes! When the fucking law is so threatened by two young girls in love, girls who dared to eschew hetero-patriarchy, girls whose very lesbian natures is viewed as a slap in the face to all men, I'm surprised there arent more lesbians murdered. But, perhaps there are, and like this horror story, so few give a flying fuck that there are a few less dykes in the world the media cant be bothered to care either!

A sweet poignant look at what some guy found so fucking threatening he felt compelled to put a bullet into both their heads. If that isnt HATE, then hate doesnt fucking exist!

I pray for both Mollie Judith Olgin, age 19, right, and Mary Christine Chapa, age18, may there love live on somewhere far removed from the misogyny plaguing our world.


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Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning

http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH2j6wAI06qZWhhUm1jtY8g (age 13)

http://www.youtube.com/user/KaitToGabe (age 15)

http://www.youtube.com/user/BrianSnyder016 (age 15)

http://www.youtube.com/user/JessetheRealBoyftm (age 17)

http://www.youtube.com/user/TransGuyLife (age 16)

http://www.youtube.com/user/TheDavid2702 (age 18)

http://www.youtube.com/user/BayskiC (age 17)

http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaAokQLbsA2TLBKk1wUyPgQ (age 16)

http://www.youtube.com/user/newbornnebulaes (age 18)

Trans cult victims seem to get younger and younger with each Trans Trending post, but children are always the most impressionable and most vulnerable to trends, no matter how dangerous. What I continually ask myself is, where are the adults in these young girls lives? Or are the adults so bound and gagged by the Gender Straight Jacket and misogynistic patriarchal structures creating this trend, enabling these girls trans delusions? Or worse, coercing these young girls into this diseased mental state in order to alleviate their fears that their daughters instead grow into a healthy lesbianism? 

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When the Absence of Feminism Female Pride is Turned on its Head

In the heyday of feminism a crucial part of its campaign was working to develop a unfound pride in the female body. By reclaiming our breast from the masturbatory male gaze, women were able to find a pride in their breast where previously there had only been a dulled shame. Dulled because for centuries breast had only two functions, feeding babies and pleasing men. In tearing down some of these ancient patriarchal structures women became a little more human and a little less object.

So how is it that in the last 30 years we have went from this:
to this:
...with the latter's deep seated breast shame fast becoming the new face of female pride?
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Missing Person Kristin Snyder: Lost in a Sea of Myths Pt 2

The next part in our forensic postmortem of the mockumentary The Lost Women of NXIVM will consist of dissecting the major proponents surrou...