Trans Thought-Where Nihilism and the Nonsensical Meet

This link was recently sent to me by an outraged reader. While I generally do not spend much time on trans males, since they get plenty of attention from others, in typical male fashion. Given that this deals specifically with women's issues, I thought it important to bring it to your attention.

The article comes to us from a run of the mill white male privileged autogynephile who misogynistically has the audacity to profess that an autogynephile wanting access to female hormones in order to further his hard on is the same as a woman's right to abortion!

From the article:.. "women being denied rights as we speak were assigned male at birth, could it? That trans women within much of the cis feminist movement are regarded as honourary women at best, our childhoods erased, our bodies essentialised as not female, and assertiveness shamed away, surely has nothing to do with this utterly weak commitment by feminists who claim to fight for a woman's right to choose, but whose actions imply support only for a cis woman's right to choose".

Pause for a moment, then reread the line I bolded. This is the nonsense being screamed at feminist from the trans community, the nonsense feminists are being threatened with, with fits of anger and shaking fists, this is also the nihilism of language through which politically could lead to the nihilism of "woman" as we know her. Because men, specifically autogynephilic men cannot occupy the fabric of female, they are politically trying to annihilate female in name!

If we women sit by silently and allow this to happen, a whole new level of misogyny of the likes NEVER seen before will be leashed upon us. Because when men can legally occupy "woman", what little rights women gained through feminist pursuits will not only be lost, they will be raped and massacred. It will give men, especially politically conservative men a whole other credence on which to repeal and cease and desist abortion and birth control rights and access. Because these legal "women" will never need an abortion or need birth control, why then does any woman if all women are alike under the law?

And that will be just the tip of the iceberg...

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Transmen, Childbirth and a New Baby-Boom?

According to some in trans health fields, we are on the verge of a trans baby boom. Meaning more and more trans females are giving or seeking to give birth. While there were a handful of trans females who had given birth before Ms. Beatie became ignorantly known as the "pregnant man", it was after her fifteen minutes of fame that other trans females seeking a similar fame got themselves pregnant. I suspect this potential trans baby boom is a combination of attention seeking trans females and trans females who have in their warped trans minds convinced themselves that after giving birth they can further validate their manhood by being viewed as fathers.

In and of itself you might think, as women, besides the obvious feminist issues this disorder and its cruel treatment evoke, trans females having children really has little to nothing to do with me. Wrong. Because this specific function, the ability to create a life within and give birth to that life, is wholly a female experience. And as such, herein lies the problem when it comes to trans thinking, if only female humans have the ability to give birth, and a trans female (transman) gives birth, is the birth experience no longer a female experience?

From a recent article: Within the needs of trans people in pregnancy and birth is the challenge of addressing what seems like an obvious connection: between pregnancy and femaleness. Trans people are often neglected in the arena of pregnancy and birth because of the strongly-held notion that only female-identified people experience pregnancy and birth. While not all trans people, whether they were assigned female at birth or not, can experience pregnancy (because of infertility or hysterectomy), some can and do, prompting the need for our pregnancy and birth providers to accommodate.

Feminists have long fought against trans males (autogynephiles) aggressively co-opting female spaces, calling into question the female experience and currently calling into question the very notion of female. This in hopes that by undermining female legitimacy they can linguistically slip their maleness into the newly hollowed female in some Silence of the Lambs like way, giving trans males the female legitimacy they lack as men. Add this insanity to trans females whom are legally (visually) recognized as men having babies and now combining their efforts with the efforts of autogynephiles, further destabilizing not merely the semantics of female BUT the very NATURE of female!

I am the first to scream that female needs to be released from the Gender Straight Jacket that continues to bind and gag her, but subverting the nature of female and the female experience is clearly no way to go about it! Female doesnt simply have a her-story, she has an undeniable biology that nothing can weaken, no amount of drugs to her system, no removal of any healthy body part or parts and certainly no post modern semantics! These are indisputable truths sealed in the seeds of nature, but the laws of man unfortunately do not comply with the laws of nature. And in a civilized society we're conditioned to eschew the laws of nature for the laws of man (patriarchy). It is these laws, man's laws that have the potential to bankrupt female, thereby fostering a greater misogyny creating more self hating females and the circle goes 'round and 'round.

I'll save the harmful effects testosterone use (short and long term) have and can have on a growing fetus and button my lips on the high number of autistic children born to trans females already and avoid making any comparisons to trans baby boom babies being the thalidomide babies of the 21st century.

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You Cant Fool Mother Nature

I am in utter veneration of Patti Smith's new album Banga. She is in her mid 60's now and this record stands firmly with anything that has went before it, if not surpassing some. By the end of the album, in a pool a tears, I couldn't help but be struck profoundly by the concluding song, a remake of Neil Young's After the Gold Rush, recorded live with her daughter Jesse on piano and her son Jackson on guitar. Not merely her cover of this song, (which is beautiful) but her closing additional lyrics "look at Mother Nature on the run/in the 21st century". 

That addition or amendment, captures fully, the very heart of this blog, which in the folds of the fabric that is the evolution of my life wouldnt exist if Patti Smith didn't or if I wouldn't have known of her existence, nor in all likelihood, would I.

Look at Mother Nature on the run/in the 21st century...

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Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning (age 20) (age 22) (20) (age 19) (21) (17) (age 16) (age 16) (age 16)

It is striking how much these Trans Trenders resemble early transitioners, the autogynephiles (hetero-white white males who fetishize the patriarchal notion of "woman"). In the early days of transition there was a kind of underground railroad amongst autogynephiles. It was through this snail mail underground that autogynesphiles in transition communicated to their fellow autogynephiles wanting to transition, just what to tell the Harry Benjamins doling out hormones and surgeries. The tick box list making sure to specify the autogynephile in question had from his earliest memories thought himself a girl, played/dressed (when he could) with/in girls toys/clothes, was attracted to boys/men (homosexual) and most importantly didnt get erections from wearing womens clothing.

Sites like Youtube fuction in a very similar manner to the old underground snail mail railroad. It is only a fragment of female transitioners who actually suffer from any level of dysphoria, let alone a level debilitating them to their core. There is a psychosomatic/Stockholm Syndromeness that takes place, after viewing copious amounts of trans videos. This mass trans narrative is injecting itself in the minds of our (primarily) lesbian youth like a shot of testosterone in the blood. And with each video viewed these young womens minds are metastasized towards believing they really were born-in-the-wrong-body. As insane, dangerous and deadly as the Male Medical Machine's treatment for the trans social disorder, what has become more flagitious, is this mass trans narrative being loud speakered from every available media outlet heat seeking a vulnerable ear like a missile. And leaving in its wake an unrecognizable mental landscape littered with ashes of its former self.

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How do you feel about them?

How have they made you feel post puberty?

Did you ever do anything drastic (eating disorder) to try and change them?

How do you feel about them as an adult?



Would you describe this body as "masculine"? If NO, why? If YES, why?


On this day in 1953 the US government Murdered Ethel Rosenberg (three times)

Remembering and mourning Ethel Rosenberg, murdered by the US government in equal parts for her Jewishness and femaleness.

Adrienne Rich-For Ethel Rosenberg


Transmen, Testosterone and Sex with Men

From a popular trans bio-femalelist:
More talk of testosterone treatments altering trans bio-female lesbian behavior. This change in sexual behavior (diminishing sexual attractions to women, desiring sex/rough sex/BDSM sex with men), isnt merely creating a further identity crisis in trans bio-females, it is putting them on the fast track to HIV and other STDs. See further info below:

Some trans men who use testosterone have reported increased sex drive and increased interest in sex with non-trans men after beginning hormone use and have cited these factors as contributing to their willingness to take sexual risks (Clements et al., 1999). Previous studies have found that a majority of trans MSM have reported not using condoms consistently during receptive anal and/or vaginal sex with non-trans male partners (Clements-Nolle et al., 2001) and low rates of HIV testing and perception of risk (Kenagy, 2002; Namaste, 1999). In urban areas where HIV prevalence rates among non-trans MSM have been estimated to be 17–40% (Catania et al., 2001; Koblin et al., 2003; Schwarcz et al., 2007) and STI rates are increasing (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 2008), trans MSM who engage in risky receptive anal and/or vaginal intercourse with non-trans MSM may be especially vulnerable to HIV and STI acquisition.

Interview participants elaborated on how they experienced their sexual orientation and whether or not that experience remained consistent throughout their transition. Many participants commented on the general sense in the community that many trans MSM experience a shift in their sexual orientation after initiating testosterone use.

One has to wonder what the male medical machine's response to this "risky" and potentially life threatening behavior created by testosterone treatment is? Crickets? If the supposed cure for body/gender dysphoria is dying from AIDS, is it really a cure?

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Would a Lesbian date a Transman?

Since this question leads many to this space, I'll deign to definitively answer: No we dont!

But it is not because trans bio-females are not women.

Not even because trans bio-females work to visually drug and mutilate all traces of their womanhood from their bodies.

It is because trans bio-females do not love the woman that they are and remain, no matter how much they direct their family's/society's/church's and patriarchy's hatred towards their once perfect bodies.

Fight misogyny. Love your body. Love other women. And learn to let other women love you, all of you, soul AND body.


Childhood Sexual Abuse, Rape and Transmale Behavior (a Speculation)

Since facts are so difficult to come by with regards to anything trans related, lets speculate a bit on the known facts. I have be notified/written about close to a dozen cases of trans bio-females who have either raped another woman, deceived under age girls into (statutory rape) sex and one that demanded her female partner act out her sexual abuse as a child with the trans bio-female playing the adult male molester. In each and every case it came to light that these trans bio-females were either molested as children by an adult male or raped by an adult male at some point before transition.

My questions to you are: Do you feel in these cases or those like them, that the feelings of female shame and female inferiority (both real and imagined) helped to produce the trans disorder? And do you feel once under the dangerous influence of testosterone, coupled with societal notions of rape as something (real) men do to females, that in a warped sense these trans bio-females were/are trying to over come what was done to them by depicting their superiority by doing the same thing to another female?

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Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning (age 19) (age 19) (age 17) (age 19) (age 17) (age 15) (age 14) (age 15) (age 18)

From our earliest historical records, including biblical, hetero-patriarchal society has unashamedly, even violently and ruthlessly sought to change lesbians and gays. The most important element that came out of the Stonewall Rebellion was the very public stand that gays and lesbians were NOT going to change, instead we were going to change society! And several years later through collectively marching, protesting and politicizing we did just that, beginning with homosexuality being removed as a mental disorder from the DSM.

For the next several decades we continued in this same unapologetic mode, sometimes taking a few steps forward and sometimes falling a few steps back, but none the less we kept marching on. And we did so because we KNEW we deserved to exist just as we are, NOT how hetero-patriarchal society said we should be! Even those gays and lesbians who bore societies shame to the bone, knew (intellectually) that their deep shame was a result of a society that ignored, rejected and invisibilized them! This knowledge while not helping to alleviate that deep shame in the immediate, did urge those gay and lesbian sufferers of dysphoria to embrace their differences till relief and pride came around.

The backlash against feminist gains and the very notion of feminism that began with Reagan's election and culminated with Post modernism birthing Queer Theory laid the foundation gay and lesbian youths are stumbling upon today. Gone is the anger to change a still very homophobic society and instead is an internal anger to change the self! None of these girls we see here week after week, year after year once mention in their videos questioning society, questioning that something is wrong with society. Instead all their hatred, anger, violence is directed solely at themselves! Selves they believe are wrong. Wrong because all the sign posts that hetero-patriarchal society and the Gender Straight Jacket has impaled in every conceivable space and direction signifies it is they who are wrong and they who need changing.

Sadly we are currently living in a society that urges us to narcissistically focus all our attention on ourselves rather than the ills of society. Unfortunately the ageist, sexist, racist and homophobic male medical machine that has long colluded with hetero-patriarchal society, for a price, can change what we're too fearful to question and have become too afraid to change.


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Ira Gray-Another FTM Rapist?

Earlier I was sent a message about a supposed trans bio-female (ira gray) serial rapist and "trans community leader" from AZ. From what I gather, it seems a handful of various women (both trans bio-females and females) have come forward accusing this Ira Gray of RAPE. Being ignorant of the flurry of tumbr activity regarding these rape accusations, I simply went straight to the horses mouth to see what this Ira gal had to say for herself, if anything.

From Ira's own lips/computer:
Ira begins her response to these rape charges by charging her rape accusers with accusing her of rape simply because she (as a female who passes as male) now has male privilege. Ira infers that these accusers are angry and jealous over her T acquired male privilege and therefore must be using these rape allegations as a means to knock her back to her female peg . She then tries to utilize the old I'm-not-a-racist-because-I-have-black-friends card by claiming she too has been a victim of sexual abuse herself, so therefore there is no way she could possibly be a rapist.

Next comes what I can only call a very serious rapist excuse for rapist behavior. She lays claim that if she misreads or ignores clear NO's or signals for No's, it isnt her fault, she has perception issues.

She goes on with the worst possible excuse I think I have ever heard/read in my entire fucking life! And I quote: "THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS 100% GOOD CONSENT". Talk about a misogynist's mantra for lawful rape! She sickeningly continues with blaming her failed understanding of consent with the poor teachings of "workshops" and books she's read. I dont know about you, but personally I have never attended a workshop on consent nor read copious amounts of books on consent, nor to my knowledge have any of the men and women in my life, and yet neither they nor I have ever raped or been accused of rape! You?

She concludes with admitting to "perpetuating" rape and misogyny, yet closes with "I am not a rapist though". That though speaks volumes doesnt it?

I myself will conclude with this, despite not having read any first hand accounts by accusers or spoken to them personally, based solely on Ira's own account, one thing is clear, she at the very least has the mental landscape that has paved the road to all rapes.

And to those in the gay and lesbian community, specifically in AZ, this is a person who works closely with our gay and lesbian youth. Something to think about.


Edit to add this link.

Lesbians and an Angry Fearful Trans Community

As a lesbian, why do you feel any time without fail, when lesbians even mention centering our time, money and efforts on issues specific to us, we get attacked on varying levels from those who deem themselves trans? If we look at others under the queer umbrella: gay men, the Intersexed (as they too have been dragged under), the supposed bisexuals and those claiming to "question" (question what I have no idea), none have ever batted an eyelash when lesbians talk of removing ourselves from the queer soup mix.

We've witnessed it here repeatedly and aside from a mostly lesbian readership, most other readers are trans bio-females. If as they claim, to have been "born trans", meaning either straight men or gay men all along, why on earth would they worry so much about what lesbians do? Why get so angry and up in arms? They either partner with straight women, have sex with gay men or partner with each other. Again, lesbians do not even enter into to it.

Lesbian Opinions?

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Removing the L from the Queer Alphabet

As a lesbian, what do you think is the best way to remove ourselves from the queer ever growing alphabet?

How do you think regrouping and a sincere lesbian focus will help our lesbian youth? And the future of the lesbian community?

How has being drowned by the queer tide harmed us?


The Lesbian Community

What would you as a lesbian like to see changed about the current lesbian community and lesbian politic?


Missing Person Kristin Snyder: Lost in a Sea of Myths Pt 2

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