Squeezing our Children into the ill Fitting Gender Straight Jacket at Deadly Costs

A reader recently sent me this horrifying article Transgender kids get puberty-blocking drugs, sex-changing hormones; MDs say numbers are rising.

From the article: A small but growing number of teens and even younger children who think they were born the wrong sex are getting support from parents and from doctors who give them sex-changing treatments, according to reports in the medical journal Pediatrics.

The notion of transition began as a means to heterosexualize the homosexual, and despite what the male medical machine claims to the contrary now days, transition is clearly still being utilized to conform gays and lesbians to the hetero status quo. So called trans experts have themselves stated that most children who would be deemed trans are merely gay and lesbian youths. As Trans Trending continues to spread, and as homophobia continues among parents, societies, states and countries, gay and lesbian children are being diagnosed as trans and slated through mind and body altering drugs and mutilative surgeries for gay and lesbian termination!

It is more important now than it ever was for gay and lesbian political leaders to say NO to transitioning our gay and lesbian youth and once and for all remove the T that is blotting out members of our community.  Transgenderism remains a treatment for the mental distress of GID. So long as homosexuality and lesbianism remain in the close proximity of transgenderism, we will continue being viewed as mentally ill regardless of DSM revisions.



  1. Actually by allowing transition of children who desperately need it, we are ridding our world of the straight jacket.
    This is because we are accepting ALL forms of gender fluidity, and know that just because our bodies are wrong does not mean they are in control.

    The beautiful fact about human beings is that we are known for our brains. That is our signature mark that makes our species unique.

    Any genetic mutations in the DNA that rupture our natural being make a demand for change.

    And sometimes, that change means transition.
    It is blatantly clear that you are not transgender, for you would have gone insane by now by your own self-hatred.
    And it is clear you don't have self hatred, all the more proving you are NOT trans.
    In fact, I'd say your over confidence is a type of selfish cis-gender nationalism, and if annoying is forcing a gender straight jacket it is you.

  2. Born a girl, the child announced at 18 months, "I a boy" and has stuck with that belief.

    This never happened. Toddlers do not have that kind of awareness of self or gender. My two-year-old nephew can work a DVD player and navigate his away through a few Kindle screens, but he doesn't speak in these terms at all. "I want Mommy" or "Watch Caillou" is the extent of his self-expression at this age.

  3. In my opinion, this is a form of child abuse. Some kids are “diagnosed” with gender dysphoria as early as eight years of age. Puberty blocking drugs have been used to temporarily halt precocious or early puberty in some children, but the use of such drugs for “gender dysphoria” is a fairly recent development. It is happening in the U.S., Canada, and the UK. Little twelve year old tomboys can’t be allowed to grow breasts because, according to trans literature, this makes later transitioning easier. Simply google, "puberty blockers" and transgender. Upon closer scrutiny, the parent’s homophobia is often one deciding factor.

    In an article from the Canadian magazine Macleans, one psychologist speaks candidly about this issue: “Psychologist Kenneth Zucker, who heads Toronto’s Gender Identity Service in the Child, Youth, and Family Program at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, leans toward counseling to get his patients—especially the younger ones—to accept their birth sex. He worries that the Internet, which has opened up a world of information for children and teens confused about sexual orientation, may be making “transgenderism fashionable: it’s kind of cool to be transgender, as opposed to being gay or lesbian,” says Zucker, who sees at least 50 new GID cases a year, a “quadrupling compared to 30 years ago.” To illustrate his point, Zucker describes one 15-year-old female patient as a “tomboy” who is attracted to other girls—but interprets the attraction as transgenderism. Such “internalized homophobia” can emerge in homes or cultures that oppose homosexuality, Zucker says. The teen thinks, “It would be easier if I were a boy attracted to girls, because then I wouldn’t be teased for being a lesbian.” (source: http://www2.macleans.ca/2011/08/12/when-boys-would-rather-not-be-boys)/

    In the UK, the NHS pays for this. According to an article in the Daily Mail UK, “Six children in Britain will be given jabs to delay the puberty on the NHS because they are convinced they were born the wrong sex. The injections - to be administered monthly - will postpone the physical changes of adolescence giving them more time to make decisions about their identity. Amy, 11, who renamed herself Charlie, is one of the children who has been accepted on the groundbreaking trial. According to her parents Kathy and Jamie from Amy, 11, who renamed herself Charlie, is one of the children who has been accepted on the groundbreaking trial.” (source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2090193/NHS-pays-children-controversial-puberty-delaying-drugs-aid-sex-changes-later-life.html?ito=feeds-newsxml)

    THESE ARE SOME OF THE PUBERTY BLOCKING DRUGS GIVEN TO CHILDREN: Males: Spironolactone, Androcur (more common in Europe) or Finasteride may sometimes be selected (Flutamide is also an option but is considered by some to be a bit more experimental). Females: GnRH agonists (Lupron, Zoladex or Suprefact) or GnRH antagonists (Plenaxis, Cetrotide or Antagon) most recommended.

    One transgender clinic in Canada states, “Something that is sometimes forgotten in this process is that if the child will want to one day have biological children, it will be necessary to obtain and freeze ova or sperm before cross-gender hormone therapy commences.” So, these people are being sterilized. Moreover, much to their parents delight, they never grow up to be gay or lesbian. God forbide, if that ever happens! After all, who wants a gay son or a lesbian daughter?

    Homophobia is so deeply entrenched in some cultures that parents will do just about anything to keep their children from becoming homosexual. In countries like Iran, homosexuals are put to death, but the government will pay for sex reassignment surgery.


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