Another Frightening Article on Transitioning our (gay/lesbian) Children

See article here.

As we move closer to the next version of the DSM we are seeing more and more media reports of children being transitioned. The next version of the DSM  will contain the addition of diagnosing children as trans as well as those children being treated by parents/family/schools etc by changing the pronouns of said child and then "treating" them as the sex said child perceives himself/herself to be based on external factors. Or worse being treated by the parents as said parents perceives/desires their child to be. After the brainwashing of the child, begins the injection of hormone blockers which stunts growth for starters and as of yet has no studies (short or long term) of what said drugs might do to children in the immediate, mid or later as adults.

Not so dissimilar to misogynistic anti abortion tactics which claim fetus autonomy/rights, there is an early stage trans-political movement suggesting children have a right to do whatever they choose with their tiny bodies, regardless of age. Or at least whatever they choose so long as it is in line with pro trans politics! Keep in mind these are girls who do/play boy things and boys doing/playing girl things, all in the playpen of homophobia of course. What I find most interesting about adults/the male medical machine/the trans community in giving complete liberty to a child as young as two or three years of age with regards to transition is adult women suffering from anorexia having their autonomy stripped from them and are if need be force fed. Just as those who suffer from BIID who believe they should have been "born" without a leg or an arm desire to have said limbs removed and are denied.

Why would parents, the male medical machine and society in general be seemingly okay with drugging and later mutilating a child/teen/adult suffering from the trans disorder, yet hell bent on saving (even against the persons will) those who have an eating disorder or drinking/drug addiction or desire having a healthy body part removed etc? Because most parents, most in the male medical machine and most in our general Gender Straight Jacketed society are hell bent on eradicating gays and lesbians while we're still in fucking diapers!


Transwomen's Continued Efforts to RAPE Vancouver Rape Relief

A dear dear friend and member of the VRR collective sent me this link late yesterday evening. My friend, while upset at this latest escapade by the trans community (primarily hetero male transitioners aka autogynephiles), was angrier at the full arsenal that has long targeted the VRR of which this attack is merely a bullet.

The trans slanted article deceptively highlights a passive scene of male transitioners politely handing out anti-woman "pamphlets" to passers-by, while claiming VRR members were harassing said trans males simply because park authorities were called for unlawful distribution of pamphlet materials and anti women slogans chalked all over park side walks.

The only reason these trans males were there was because the VRR had a walkathon, raising monies for the collective to better help raped/abused women. That these males were more concerned with what they deem their own issues illustrates just how little they care about women. When one truly cares about women, womens issues, making the world a better place for women, one naturally sets aside the personal. These men however are nothing but about the personal, from trying to tear apart the very fabric of woman so they can re-sew woman to fit their ill shapen bodies, to verbally/physically harassing women whenever a woman says NO!

When a woman tells a male NO, no matter the circumstance and that male or men ignore that NO, that too is a form a RAPE!


Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning (age 20) (age 14) (16) (age 14) (14) (age 17) (age 16) (age 18) (age 16)

In the three plus years I have been documenting this horrific misogynistic trend among our young (primarily)  lesbian women, there has been a distinctive change. Age. This social disease when I began posting about it, affected mostly women in their mid to late 20's. As time went on, this changed to their affecting more women in their late teens and early twenties. Today, clearly we are seeing more and more young teen girls being affected. I think it is safe to tragically assume that as this anti feminist/lesbian backlash continues and if the soon to be next version of the DSM (5) goes forward with including transitioning children, we're going to be seeing grade school and perhaps even younger girls here.


A Close look at a Trans Trender

Alexa during her prom/high school days:
Alexa about 6 months ago:
Alex(a) now:

This young woman has never shown any signs of BD whatsoever. But she had foolishly allowed the flirtations of a younger attention seeking straight girl more than get under her skin. In fact for a time, she believed she was in love with said girl. She then moved on to dating other straight girls and soon (VERY soon) afterwards her TRANSformation began. First with shorter hair, then even shorter hair, which lead to completely changing her wardrobe to boys/mens outfits (per the GSJ), to as we can clearly see, binding her breast in this last picture.

Alexa came out to her parents recently, her mother has had a serious issue with her being a lesbian. But unlike past newly out lesbians who were rejected by parental figures, instead of leaving home, creating their own families with other lesbians and gay men while they embraced their new found out and proud lesbianhood. Young lesbians today believe if they transition out of their lesbianism by passing as pseudo men and love women that way (good O compulsory heterosexuality) that they will regain their parents love, support and respect and all will be right with the world! Like the whole notion of trans, this dream scenario too, is a lie!

Even where homophobic parents enable their child's transition, in the long run when all is said and done, that transitioner isnt truly loved, embraced or viewed as the person they are trying to pass themselves off as. And as most readers here know and can attest, lesbians do not date female transitioners anymore than straight females once the novelty wears off, which usually isnt long. Throw into the mix the high percentage of lesbians who transition, whose sexual orientation then alters to straight once on T. How will those homophobic parents like Alexa's mom like it when she's passing as a man having one night stands with any gay man who will fuck her? Then only later on out of sheer loneliness dating other female transitioners just to have a partner?

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Why Gays and Lesbians Need to Separate Ourselves and Our Politics from the Transgendered

Below is where GID, the diagnosis that is required for transition, resides in the current version of the DSM and has done so for nearly the last 20 years:
Look at the other disorders/abnormalities that surround GID and contemplate for a moment what any of that has to do with Homosexuality/Lesbianism. Then contemplate for a few more moments what our (gays and lesbians) proximity (lGBT) to those diagnosed with GID and deemed trans says to the general public. Gays and lesbians fought, some were raped (usually by the police), some beaten, some died in order to not only prove that whom we fall in love with and desire doesnt make us mentally disordered, but we politically banded together to force the hereto-patriarchal male medical machine's hand in removing Homosexuality from the DSM!

In the span of decades that GID (the trans disorder) has been included in the DSM and will be included in the next version which will be published early next year, there has yet to be a single Trans movement political or personal aimed at removing GID from the DSM. In fact there have been small movements within the Trans community, working to KEEP GID in the DSM! Why? Because those whose medical insurance covers their exorbitant surgeries and the life time of drugs needed to maintain their mental delusions of themselves. I have never met, never heard of and never read historically of a single gay or lesbian who needed mutilative surgeries and/or drugs to be or maintain being gay or lesbian. This social disease has NOTHING to do with us politically!

The above is a snippet of the changes that are being made to GID in the next version of the DSM. Instead of being labeled Gender Identity DISORDER, it is being generalized into Gender Dysphoria (more money to be made as it can be easily applied to just about anyone). This is due to some from the political side of the Trans community complaining that they disliked the word "disorder" being imposed on them. Meanwhile Gender Dysphoria's placement in the DSM is fine. Although it makes zero sense to me that the Trans Community would be so angry at having been labeled with a disorder, yet clearly do not mind a different label that continues to be housed in Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)!

There is a whole SIX questions in the soon to be 5th edition of the DSM utilized as the main criteria for determining whether someone has GID/GD. Below is a snippet of number six:
If not to eradicate homosexuals/lesbians through transition, why would the male medical machine be concerned with sexual orientation which has zero to do with GID/GD???

But most importantly why are we as a community, as a political community, colluding with a group that by proximity alone keeps homosexuality solidly between the pages of the bible for mental disorders? Which in turn continues keeping us read by the general public, as sick.

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A Glimpse of the Degree of Ignorance and Arrogance Being Ejaculated From the Trans Community

From a recent message sent to me via here:
Since this is so chock full of ignorance and choking on the GSJ, I'll start at the beginning and work my way through rather than generalize. The ignorance starts in the very first sentence, when he tries telling me that men are masculine and women are feminine, ummm DUH! That my friend is a given. Next he ignorantly attributes Janice Raymond's Transsexual Empire to Greer who is obviously most noted for writing The Female Eunuch! He ignorantly or delusionary or both, claims that he as a biological male is both a lesbian and a feminist. He writes that all women arent feminine and that all men arent masculine, which clearly isnt true. Here again he is showing us just how far he has the GSJ's cock down his throat.

In the next paragraph he ignorantly claims that feminism is all about fluid identities, rather than dismantling the patriarchal structures that created and maintain the inequality among the sexes and quashing misogyny.

Then he whine's about women being able to freely "act masculine" but men cannot freely "act feminine". First, feminine and masculine arent things one can act out, they are merely physical characteristics of the male and female body. With regards to what he is saying under all his ignorance; historically women were not allowed to wear pants, pants tend to complicate easy rape. When small numbers of women began wearing pants, they were hounded, name called, beaten, some raped, and some arrested. Women being the stronger sex, persevered past the bullshit "three articles of "womens clothing" laws, past the arrests and rape by police and past societies harsh judgments. In the last few decades it has become common place to see girls/women in various kinds of pants. However, with the current hyper femininity campaign those harsh judgments and hassles are returning if the pants/tshirts females are sporting do not conform to hyper femininities rigid Gender Straight Jacketed standards per the Male Gaze. The short of it, this guy is angry because he, like most men who would like to freely sport clothes deemed "womens", is too afraid to wear them without claiming he's trans as he fears the consequences of his actions and is obviously too afraid to fight for his and other men's right to wear whatever they want.

Next is the same old bullshit about me "hating" trans people because he is too ignorant to comprehend what this blog is truly about/for. He, like anyone else who considers themselves trans need to hold onto the misogyny I'm working to ease, which is of course the foundation for the trans disorder. Then he ignorantly rewrites the history of Stonewall by attributing its beginnings to a male transitioner! Rather than the Butch lesbian (Marilyn Fowler) who started it and the gay men and lesbians who saw it through. We are seeing this trans revisionism rewriting our gay and lesbian history more and more. This is a critical area where gays and lesbians (whose histories barely exist anyways) need to stand up and set the record straight!

Next up he claims on one hand to want to speak "rationally" while in the same breath using the misogynistic "cis" nonsense! WHA?

Last in typical male privileged fashion he arrogantly presumes he and I want the same thing "love and happiness". When females at ages straight out of the nursery are hating themselves and their little bodies to the point of wanting to opt our of their perfect little female selves due to all the misogyny both graphic and subtle, "love and happiness" is the last fucking thing on my mind!

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Happy Mother's Day

This piece was written a few years ago:

The Mama Bear on the Ceiling

I cant exactly say when I first noticed the mama bear on the ceiling of my parents bedroom. Whether it was when I was really small and occupied that bedroom with them or later when I was just plain small and my mother was dying. Perhaps it was sometime in between. Whichever it was I did notice her, the mama bear on the ceiling.

I think the first time I paid her (the mama bear on the ceiling) any real mind was the first time my ma went into hospital. I didnt know why she went, I was told nothing. I only knew she was gone and I wanted her back. From the first night she was gone, my dad slept on the couch. He couldn't sleep in their bed without her. From the first night she was gone, I slept alone in their bed, because I couldn't sleep anywhere else. Each morning I slept in that bed, I awoke to the mama bear on the ceiling.

She of course wasn't a real bear, she was actually a water spot that my dad had painted over several times, and each time, she bled through refusing to leave. I remember staring and staring at her, wondering what her life was like. I knew she was a mama bear because she looked like a bear, kinda a teddy bear who was standing at a stove cooking, with a small baby bear standing beside her. She also had on an apron, so I knew she couldn't be a daddy bear. My dad always cooked on weekends, when he didnt work, and I never once remember him wearing an apron. I used to love when he made waffles. He made the best waffles ever! To be honest I've never tasted a waffle since. He is dead now too and out of my insane sense of morality I would never even try another waffle since it would be a waffle he didnt make. So yeah, the apron, the baby, the stove, the cooking, she was a mama bear. And because she was cooking for her baby, I knew she was a loving mama bear.

Sometime after my ma got out of hospital and everything was okay again, per usual we went "up north". We had a cabin a few hours north of where I grew up. It was a small red cabin trimmed in white, planted on three lots. My dad put in indoor plumbing so we would have a toilet and running water. When we first got the cabin we had an out house behind the cabin, painted red also and also trimmed in white. We had a water pump in front of the cabin. I have vague memories of enjoying using that old water pump, I thought it was right neato! Much more neat I thought than just turning on the tap. The outhouse however I could have done without! Spiders!!!!!

The cabin was located in this tiny tiny town called Dodge City, which was replicated to look like Dodge City. The small main strip was old western. Even had the places where you could tie your horse up, even though you rarely saw a horse. Our cabin was nearly right across from the main town strip. I loved running over to the local store there, Kernes, and getting candy. They had different candy than the stores I was used to. They also had, down the road from us a fancy gift shop which seemed out of place there. Everything there was rustic, indian, cowboy except this fancy gift shop with the lady owner. I never liked her, could tell straight away she didnt like kids. I remember she wore glasses, I think they made her seem even more brusque.

I went in there the friday we arrived and right off I saw this solid rubber bear! It was her. The mama bear on the ceiling! I wanted to buy it soooo bad! I had a whole dollar. I was quite spoiled then, I usually was given a dollar every day we were at the cabin. A lot of money for a 5 y/o old at the time. The year before that my dad bought me a red mini bike which he fashioned himself with training wheels! But I was five now and could ride it without. My brother had a dirt bike and a BB gun. We were both pretty spoiled. I checked the price of the mama bear, THREE DOLLARS!!! I felt a punch in my stomach, then my mind raced forward to comfort me with the idea that if I dont spend any money I would have enough sunday to buy the bear before we left to go back home. I calmed down. I had a plan.

Sunday came and I drove my little red mini bike down to the fancy gift shop to buy the mama bear. I was so excited and so happy. I took the bear back to our cabin and gave it to my ma. She seemed perplexed for a brief second, then said that it was so nice she was going to put it on the small shadow box that hung in the living room of the cabin along with her antique knickknacks. I felt very proud. We went back to my home town where my mother would die of cancer about six months later.

I dont know whatever became of the mama bear on the ceiling, nor the rubber mama bear I bought my ma. Which btw was the ONLY thing I ever bought my ma. They, like her exist now, only in my mind, except for where they now exist here, on the page.


Breast-The End of a Girls Boyhood

Not until about the age of 12 was I given much if any flack for going shirtless. Shirtless on hot summer days, shirtless when running through summer sprinklers and sometimes shirtless for its own sake. I remember the first sign of breast buds, I also remember lying in bed at night trying to smash those buds back to where ever they came, not understanding or believing that they actually came from me. I wasnt ashamed of those early buds, more annoyed and mad because I knew my shirtless life was over, my boy girlhood was changing and there was nothing I could do to stop it. The shame didnt come till I was forced to wear a bra, bra's were something worn by girls and women, I never fancied myself as either.

What is your early experience with shirtlessness?

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The Endocrine Society and GID

It has come to my attention that the The Endocrine Society is mass mailing this flyer to endocrinologist across the country, seemingly in efforts to increase its revenue rather than actually helping people.

From their flyer:
A young adolescent with GID often considers the physical
changes of puberty to be unbearable. Treating such adolescents
with a medication that suppresses puberty may prevent this
psychological harm.

Very cushy rhetoric for the doling out of puberty blockers to our children who do not or cannot conform to the GSJ. There has yet to be a single long term study of the harmful, life threatening and sometimes mortal effects synthetic hormone treatment has on adult males and females diagnosed with GID. With the recent advent of diagnosing children with GID, some as young as two and three years old, comes the recent treatment of those children with puberty blockers. These drugs interfere with natural bodily development, and as each of us develop differently and at different rates, even if there were studies on these drugs (which of course there is not), there would be no way to predict how these drugs would affect our children's minds and bodies. Yes, MINDS! Something the ES along with the doKtors who are administering these harmful drugs fail to take into account.

Like many Butches and other females who have lived through and blossomed from the early "psychological harm" of puberty sans puberty blockers, opposite sexed hormone treatments or mutilative surgeries, we have to ask why are we treating the "psychological" distress of adult development in children (or adults) with physical alterations to a healthy body?

Also from the flyer:

Female-to-male transsexual persons
Problems that might occur with long-term testosterone therapy
include excessive or cystic acne, excessive weight gain, salt
retention, increases in red blood cells (which can increase the
“thickness of blood” in the circulation), and negative
psychological changes
. The guidelines suggest that FTM
transsexual persons consider surgical removal of the ute,
cervix, and ovaries to prevent the risk of cancer of the
reproductive tract.

This pseudo warning makes it appear as though any negative physical repercussions of GID treatment out weigh the very real possibility of deadly side effects, especially if female GID patients spend the five to ten grand to have their breast and reproductive organs removed. There is also no mention that spending ones entire life on drugs and removing/altering healthy body parts cures said patients of their GID, in fact GID patient after GID patient continues to prove just the contrary!

Interestingly while working on this post, I was watching the movie The Fury where one of the doKtors uttered "what a culture cant assimilate it destroys". Transition both assimilates and destroys in equal measure and now our children's lives are at stake.

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Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning (age 19) (age 20) (age 24) (age unknown) (age unknown) (age 20) (age 15) (age 18) (age unknown)

Week after week of listening to the video's of these trans trending young women it occurs to me that beyond the misogyny fueling their desire to transition is a desire for some kind of right of passage akin to the myriad of passage rights that males from all cultures experience. Female rights of passage are generally confined to either menstruation (which creates both shame and often times dysphoria in most females) or having our "cherry's popped" from our first sexual experience (of which is also usually a shamed based experience).

Male rights of passage whether involving physical tests of pain or endurance or the first sign of facial hair are designed to inspire a sense of pride, power and potency, none of which EVER is applied to females. It is easy enough to say there is no pride in being female, but if we're honest with ourselves, there has never been any pride or any cultural significance designed to inspire pride in females. Clearly our young women are so desperate for what never was they are turning to the promise a handful of whiskers might hold at the very cost of their natural born lives.

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Dysphoria Does NOT Equal Trans-A Reminder

A reminder that the distress of dysphoria has ZERO to do with the idiotic notion of transition. Transition is merely the male medical machines wrongful, harmful, homophobic and brutalizing treatment for dysphoria. Which thus far the men and women who have been subject to this treatment have proven repeatedly that the dysphoria that is supposed to be cured through transition, only returns with each and ever case, and many times to a greater degree than before the male medical machine intervened.

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Squeezing our Children into the ill Fitting Gender Straight Jacket at Deadly Costs

A reader recently sent me this horrifying article Transgender kids get puberty-blocking drugs, sex-changing hormones; MDs say numbers are rising.

From the article: A small but growing number of teens and even younger children who think they were born the wrong sex are getting support from parents and from doctors who give them sex-changing treatments, according to reports in the medical journal Pediatrics.

The notion of transition began as a means to heterosexualize the homosexual, and despite what the male medical machine claims to the contrary now days, transition is clearly still being utilized to conform gays and lesbians to the hetero status quo. So called trans experts have themselves stated that most children who would be deemed trans are merely gay and lesbian youths. As Trans Trending continues to spread, and as homophobia continues among parents, societies, states and countries, gay and lesbian children are being diagnosed as trans and slated through mind and body altering drugs and mutilative surgeries for gay and lesbian termination!

It is more important now than it ever was for gay and lesbian political leaders to say NO to transitioning our gay and lesbian youth and once and for all remove the T that is blotting out members of our community.  Transgenderism remains a treatment for the mental distress of GID. So long as homosexuality and lesbianism remain in the close proximity of transgenderism, we will continue being viewed as mentally ill regardless of DSM revisions.


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