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Like we have witnessed with anorexia, in its early days it affected primarily females in their 20's and 30's, as the Gender Straight Jacket tightened anorexia began to affect teen girls and now affecting even girls in their single digits. When this space began documenting female transitioners it was to establish the Trans Trending occurring among 20 something women on YT. Now we're seeing a similar trend hitting our teenage girls as we have seen 20 years ago with anorexia. And as I have said, anorexia and other eating disorders are now affecting females under the age of 10, I think it is clear as day where if we do not stop it, this Trans Trend is swiftly heading.



  1. More misguided hatred from the ugly butch dyke who knows she'll never be able to be a real man.

  2. no woman will ever be a real man- only the delusional think otherwise
    at least your obvious hatred (for ugly butch dykes) is well-guided
    (seriously i've never seen 'dirt' proclaim any hatred for these girls- it's the trans-believers that come here with nasty comments)

  3. As always, the less a person knows, the more they have to say.

    You can plainly see that almost none of the trans-identified people on YouTube look anything close to "butch". This issue doesn't seem to have anything to do with the butch lesbian community yet you insist on getting involved- why?

  4. I'm not a butch lesbian- not only butch lesbians care about losing so many kids to twisted regressive genderist beliefs

  5. "This issue doesn't seem to have anything to do with the butch lesbian community"

    My ass! I wish that the butches would recognize that it certainly doesn't have anything to do with them (unless it *does* and the ladies doth protest too much!) but the sad fact is that most trans-haters either have gender issues themselves that are unresolved, or are people who date butches and are worried about a smaller dating pool to choose from. Most of those women tend to go beyond merely *liking* butches anyway and treat them like some kind of species going extinct. Who needs that pressure? Butches aren't a species! They are just people.
    Almost *everyone* else is able to see that it's just not about them, because they are not so invested. Sadly I think the physiological fight-or-flight instinct is clouding people's minds. If you could envision a world in which other people's identity posed absolutely zero threat to *yours* and your community, you can imagine what the world could be like and how we could interact on a whole 'nother level. Instead of letting our marginalization drive wedges in between us. That is one reason I LOVE the queer community I have.

    1. (I don't feel 'threatened' by transsexuals, nor am I a part of a community based on my sexual preference) OK time to enjoy my weekend, ladies and pretenders!

  6. My personal belief is that even labelling oneself 'butch' is restrictive- not so much as 'trans' but still.
    I'm sort of androgynous myself but don't spend time cultivating that 'image'

  7. Question for Dirt, I know most of your posts are guided toward ftm people, but what is your opinion on MtFs? Do you have one? I enjoy reading your blog even though it makes me very sad sometimes. At this rate, we're not going to have any females left! It's like every lesbian in the world thinks just because she doesn't like wearing dresses, she's a boy! Crazy crazy crazy.
    Anyways, would like to hear your opinion on men who think they are women (if you have one)

    - Heather

  8. I'm devoted to females, pure and simple. If referring to males, then in future please use males, not "mtf" as there is no such thing. Regarding your question I'm not exactly sure what you are asking me.


  9. Butch lesbians rarely transition as is proved here weekly with these posts. Most Butches work through their Butch Shame with Femme help/love and maturity.


  10. Heather
    the 'Gendertrender' blog has great coverage of the male to Trans

  11. Why are you so narrow-minded? There is such thing as FtM and MtF. First off, sex and gender are different things. In my case, my sex is female (stupid dysphoric chick body [though I have nothing against girls. I just dislike having the physique of one]), and my gender is male (mental sexual identity is dude). After a full surgery, the body becomes completely male, changing the sex to male. How? Simple. All female attributes are gone, from the tubes to the ovaries to the uterus to the cervix, vulva, and large breasts. The clitoris is left intact because a clitoris and head of a penis are actually the same thing. Anyway, all the physical shit becomes 100% male. Then there's the chemical. The body no longer produces female hormones, as the organs that do that are gone. It's all male hormones now. And the cool part about that is that there's plenty of Bio males who have to take hormones because their body doesn't produce it. There are also Bio males with a pseudo phallus. So what is it that makes a post-op not male? We'll leave gender roles out of this, because gender binary is infuriating whether gay, straight, bi, les, trans, pan, or whatever.

    Also, you call it butchery. Women with breast cancer have mastectomies. Is that not butchery? Of course not, it is essential to her life. The same goes for us, or the dysphoria will kill us.

    Not bashing lesbians, I have a lot of lesbian friends whom are supportive of my transition and I'm supportive of their lesbian lives. I'm just defending myself and others like me.

    Though it is becoming a fad for some, it isn't for all. I've been this way since early childhood and no one has ever accepted or encouraged it (until I got my lesbian and gay friends and girlfriend). I didn't even know there was a name for this until very recently.

    Sorry. This is long. I'll wrap it up.

    This doesn't need to be stopped. People just need to understand the differences between lesbian, tomboy/butch/dyke, phases, and trans.

    Peace, love, and freedom.

  12. relying on the medical industry for your identity is no kind of freedom
    questioning the reasons for why you think having a stupid chick body is so stupid should not be discouraged

  13. "After a full surgery, the body becomes completely male, changing the sex to male."

    Some people desperately need a remedial course in biology.

    "All female attributes are gone, from the tubes to the ovaries to the uterus to the cervix, vulva, and large breasts."

    You're still be female, you can't CUT IT OUT that easily, as much as you may hope that you can.

    "The same goes for us, or the dysphoria will kill us." Yep,l heard it all before, give me the surgery or I'll kill myself..........

    "stupid dysphoric chick body [though I have nothing against girls.,...." Except your very choice of language says otherwise -- you HATE the female that is you, which is why you so desperately want to CUT IT OUT, believe that your brain and personality is 'really' male, and that keeping a functioning clitoris doesn't count because it's actually 'the same as' the head of a penis.

    The self-hatred is just so obvious, the desperate BELIEF that you're not really female, that cutting and carving and drugging can takeb the hated female out of you. It can't, it never can, because female is what you are and will always remain, whatever surgery or hormones or mind-games you engage in.

    "Women with breast cancer have mastectomies. Is that not butchery?" Yes, it is in some ways, and certainly NOT the optimum, except (if medical evidence supports it), the best present option in some cases. If treatments were possible that cured the cancer and left the breast, then masectomy would no longer be desirable.

    Except (if you are going to claim medical NEED for surgery), then SRS should go the same way -- ways that this butchery of healthy bodies coule be avoided -- except the trans cult won't support this, because they NEED the removal of the feminine.

    "and my gender is male (mental sexual identity is dude)" Which is just saying you believe in innate gender or innner gender, and 'believe' that yours is male. Except plenty of people out here who DON'T believe in gender, full stop, just SEX (where belief isn't required, just simple biology).

    Remove this obsessive belief in gender, and what is left? Just dysphoria (not saying that is SIMPLE BTW).

    "People just need to understand...." that not everyone believes in your god of gender, and also thinks that such beliefs are harmful to everyone. Not gender roles, not sex roles, just the belief that men and women are (or should be) fundamentally different in the head.

  14. I'm simply uncomfortable as a female. I know I will never be straight-up 100% male, but I can get close to make me comfortable. Relying on medicine is a lack of freedom, but I should have the freedom to choose to do so without being chastised. I do like that you avoided some of my points (such as Bio men having pseudo phallus and requiring hormone supplement). So, what about intersex people and hermaphrodites? Should they not undergo surgery to make themselves more comfortable? Intersex people can resemble a female to the T but have the chromosomes of a male. So, biologically, they're male, literally "trapped" in a female body.

    As for the self hate comment.. No shit, Sherlock. What was your first clue? I hate that I can't be what everyone wants me to be.

  15. "what is it that makes a post-op not male?"

    How they *feel* on an energetic/Spiritual level to me.

    "After a full surgery, the body becomes completely male, changing the sex to male."

    Legally yes and physically, kind of. But relationally it's fake for some of the people who experience you. Kind of like how when I see people with breast implants or bleached teeth, I see fakeness. If these fake parts make people feel better and boosts their self-esteem, then good for them. But it's boundary tramply and unfair of trans people to expect me to perceive them as they perceive themselves because I have my own perceptions which may or may not align with others' self-perceptions. You can't tell people how to experience you, i.e. "I am a man therefore please think of and address me as one".

    That said, I have ftm friends who I perceive more male than others, so male pronouns come more naturally to me then. Some of my ftm friends feel more in the middle to me so it doesn't feel accurate to call them either pronoun. Oy @ the confines of the english language!

    To me, so-called cis-privilege is really about human privilege, with ppl who don't align with trans politics being denied the basic human privilege of independent thought. I guess some trans people just don't care if the people they interact with feel like they're pretending, as long as the "right" pronouns are used?

    I respect trans people who say they are who they are and they don't care what pronouns they are addressed by (I have seen one or two such comments on this blog). This to me is healthy boundaries, self-love and respect for self and others.

  16. "I'm simply uncomfortable as a female...I hate that I can't be what everyone wants me to be."

    I'm sorry you have such discomfort and that you feel pressured to be something you're not. That sounds like a hard way to live. You deserve to be happy, everyone does.

    What is uncomfortable for you about being female? What do you like about maleness?

    "treat[ing] [butches] like some kind of species going extinct. Who needs that pressure? Butches aren't a species! They are just people."

    We are all species, and I think butch women are a unique species that should be respected and encouraged to exist as they are in their natural beauty and awesomeness. It's totally understandable how butch self-hate develops in this culture, but supporting self-hate is not something I can do. I'm sorry that this kind of respect and admiration makes some butches feel pressured. I'm not puttin butches on a pedestal, I'm just respecting them and wanting them to know they MATTER and are VALUED, which needs to be said to counter this culture's oppression, demonization and erasure attempts of them.

  17. i think they must be correlated. i know a lot of trans guys who has had anorexia or bulimia in the past.

  18. "You can't tell people how to experience you, i.e. "I am a man therefore please think of and address me as one"."

    But then I guess you'd have to be okay with people thinking of you as someone who is really trans but just won't transition? I'm not trying to jab, I'm just wondering if this extends all the way out in a fair manner?

    I know I can't control my own thoughts, and I have trans friends that I think of as male and some who are....different. I'm not sure I can quantify it, but what you said rings a bell. I still call them "he" but it feels different.

  19. How could somebody be 'really trans but just won't transition?'- that doesn't even make sense. Because someone isn't performing their assigned 'role' properly? Why would that person be 'trans' if they don't believe in it?

  20. Nice Jewish DykeMay 1, 2012 at 6:21 PM

    @ Anon 2:40:

    I appreciate your non-jabby real talk. :)

    "But then I guess you'd have to be okay with people thinking of you as someone who is really trans but just won't transition?"

    Whether we’re okay with it or not, it’ll happen cuz people will think what they’ll think. And so often behind this thinking is the judeo-christian-islamic trap called judgment, which rules this dis-eased culture and leaves people endlessly treading quicksands of shame, guilt and FEAR. If someone is secure within themselves, they probably won’t care too much what other people think they are or aren’t. I’ve been accused of not being a dyke and my feelings were really hurt because I was insecure and still trying to figure things out at the time. It’s all such a vulnerable process, we should really be more gentle with eachother. Years ago I told a dear friend I thought she was butch (and I said it favorably since I like butch), and the word made her cringe. Today she’s a transguy.

    I know some people think Dirt is a closet tranny, which may or may not be the case. She says she's not so I believe her. Maybe she'll change her mind next month or year, and maybe not, and all of it is a-okay. She’s working her shit out just like the rest of us; I think we are constantly changing and growing into ourselves, and this process should be nurtured and honored.

    @ Anon 5:38:

    “Why would that person be 'trans' if they don't believe in it?” – good point & well said. I think the original question speaks more to what *others* think of someone rather than what one thinks of themselves. So much policing and judging and more policing going on!

    @ Anon 12:27:

    “i think they must be correlated. i know a lot of trans guys who has had anorexia or bulimia in the past.”

    What is correlated?

  21. Anon 12:27, I see what you're saying after re-reading the original post re. anorexia.

    There is a high correlation between sexual abuse and anorexia, bulimia, and other problems with eating, so it's no surprise that females (bio/cis or trans) are impacted by this.

    Radical feminist therapist Bonnie Burstow explains how in the industrial ruling class colonist culture, "woman as Body performs many services for men. Unlike with other oppressions, the principal service appears to be sexual and erotic servicing. Women’s bodies are arranged, maimed, jeopardized, and tailored for the purposes of men-defined eroticism." So for some females, troubled eating and transitioning (I know, strange bedfellows) are two different but sometimes overlapping ways to take back power and control. As Burstow says, “The more Woman as Body is infringed on and the more she feels out of control, the more likely she is to treat food and body as areas over which to exercise control. Hence the relationship between childhood sexual abuse and eating problems.”

    I’m in no way saying that all transgender people have been sexually abused or that everyone who transitions does it for the same reasons as troubled eaters control their bodies , I’m just saying that there are connections and instances because we’re talking about female bodies.

    Weird coincidence: I’ve been chatting with my male coworker between writing this post and he jokingly declared that men should choose women’s clothing. Thanks for proving Burstow’s point re. men-defined eroticism! (His statement was in jest; we got to talking about the resurgence of the stretch pant fad and how is it that women can feel confident walking the streets in this attire within a violent woman-hating culture, and how he would feel uncomfortable asking his partner not to wear this clothing because of his notion of feminism being about women doing whatever they want and not caring about men’s input, which doesn't bode well for heterosexual unions). But I digress.

  22. ugh, Nice Jewish Dyke sounds steeped in Queer Theory


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