I feel like a Boy

If one is female, what does it mean to feel like a boy?

What does it mean to act like a boy?

What does doing boy things mean?



  1. I don’t feel male. I identify more with the male spectrum than female. I think everyone sits somewhere on the scale between societal deemed “male” and female” behavior. I sit more in the male side. I think my thoughts of feeling male were more to do with identifying with men more than women.
    The reason I transitioned was because of body dysphoria. I am aware you don’t believe in brain gender but by this I mean, my brain knows what parts of my body should be there. I believe that’s why when I think of myself in my head or when I have dreams, I am always male. Even when I was attempting to live as female identified, I still did this.

    “Acting like a boy” or “Acting like a girl” is nonsense. No behavior or dress sense is male or female. Clothes and activities are not gendered.
    “Doing boy things” is also not clear cut in any sense.
    If you identify as female then everything you do whether it is watching football or shaving your face, is a female act. Not saying that a female identified person could not deem their activities as something else if they so choose.
    In my opinion, if I am wearing a dress lets say. I am a guy in a dress. I am not cross-dressing or any of that. I am a man in a dress and therefore the dress is male because it is on me .
    The idea that a man wearing a dress is somehow demeaning is ridiculous anyway.

    I don’t completely believe in gender anyway. Even as a Transperson. I believe gender to be nearly wholy a construct.
    The intense feeling that my body should look a certain way would not go away in this scenario though. It would still exist but it would be a nicer world if men and women were treated the same and “masculine” and “feminine” behavior was not a well accepted norm.

  2. Does the brain 'know' you're male or 'think' you're male? Is the brain an inhabitant of the body or some kind of outside force operating on a higher level than your (or more accurately the rest of your) body? More of a religious belief than anything it seems.

  3. a religion based on theories of children usually too 'i thought this when i was 5 therefore it's true'

  4. or rather if the Brain thinks you should have other body parts, isn't it the brain that is defective, not the rest pf the body?

  5. e.

    Less than 50 years ago straight men said the exact precise verbatim same words that you have just uttered towards lesbians and gays...

    Please don't try to differentiate it. It is the same type of ignorance, to be honest.

    It is much more complicated and internal than that. The thought of such a trivial conclusion/mindset is pure folly.

    I can't say it any other way, I'm sorry.

  6. "The reason I transitioned was because of body dysphoria. I am aware you don’t believe in brain gender but by this I mean, my brain knows what parts of my body should be there."

    Can I ask how transition helped you, given that you stil don't have testicles, prostate, sperm ducts? Or is it more to do with getting rid of the dysphoric parts?

  7. 3:37
    lesbians and gays do not require the rest of society to accept them as something they are NOT, but instead as what they ARE (if they care at all). quite the opposite thing! transsexualism is all about image over reality. homosexuality does not require 'treatment.' homosexuality is not about making others believe one's personal fiction.

  8. my brain knows what parts of my body should be there
    how is this in any way related to being gay?

  9. The first poster summed it up exactly as I would. I don't believe in gender but that does not erase the facts of the body. There are fairly major physical differences and physiological differences that go along with hormones. You may pick apart social aspects until they disintegrate, but you won't change the tangible aspects of transitioning that are required by some. The fact that so many people here are confused by what boils down to a simple issue speaks more about their own lack of connection to their bodies. Don't be so quick to discount other's experience of mind-body connection even if you don't experience it yourself.

  10. Lesbians and gays do require society to accept them as having a valid lifestyle choice, though...and biology's intent strictly negates reproduction there. I mean, if ya want to get all literal about it, there is nothing productive about gay and lesbian relationships for society. I would err on the side of tolerance if I were you.

  11. personally, i am unable to grasp the concept of gendered cognition, but this doesn't mean that i deny that other experience it.

    although, your questions can also be applied to cis folk too.

    p.s you're conflating sex and gender.

  12. To me, feeling 'like a boy' was a superstition that I was part- male or I would become part- male. Its clear to me now why I had these thoughts.

    Jamie, to answer the question as someone who is no longer trans ID'd - I do not 'feel' like a woman/female. No more than I 'feel' like a brown eyed person. I have no magical awareness of these things, only what my 5 senses tell me.

  13. "but you won't change the tangible aspects of transitioning that are required by some"
    the only question there is no answer to is WHY do people think this is REQUIRED?
    this is where religious/magical belief comes in
    'my brain is in the wrong body' (as if the body's organs all operate independently of each other)
    or simply 'because i say so'
    (yes we all know how much people like testosterone, it's a powerful drug, they're dependent on drugs for identity- hardly an act of courage)
    as a lesbian i have no concern what people think-
    if someone thinks me a straight woman or even a boy (it happens), it means NOTHING to me, it doesn't shatter any illusion of myself, my life is not based around how i am percieved by others

  14. is biology's only intent for people to reproduce? i've never used that as an argument against the theory of transsexualism, i just do not believe in gender reassignment- i find it extraordinarily regressive, and the fact that it is being touted as some kind of forward-thinking drives me up a wall!
    and i do not 'require' society to accept anything i do as valid or not (i'm not looking to get married or anything)

  15. I can ofcourse not speak for everyone, but to feel male simply means that the body I identify as mine is male.
    This is really simple actually,
    In all my thoughts and dreams I do have a male body and this is how it's been all my life.
    Also always had male rolemodels, now i do not mean family or such, but when i found people I wanted to grow up to be, they were always males, so was my idea how i would look when I got older.
    I think masculine and feminim is bullshit, there is no behavior that should naturally go with one gender.
    I'm a man, I'm a singer,
    I do theather, sewing, cooking, painting, dancing, fashion, sports, cars, physical work, training, play videogames...
    Also my general behaviors are a mix, as for everyone.
    So the only thing i put in to beeing a man is the fact that the body I am supposed to have is male.

    nothing more, nothing less.

  16. Okay, putting this in another light or something.
    If one loses an arm, or even get's born without it, One will most likely experince reflexes linked to that arm, and in the persons own mind have it.
    The brain is programmed to controll the body it should have to work with.

    The reason people who are not trans do not expeince this is simply cause there is nothing wrong, just like i do not have to identify a lost arm- since i do have both of them.

    and in fact, doctors have found that transpeople have the brain of the gender they identify as.

    Nothing weird, just a part of beeing human, a random mix, sometimes good, sometimes not completly right

  17. Just like women who've lost a breast, they can still experience breast sensations where their breasts were.


  18. Anon@2:30am. That isnt feeling like a boy, thats wishing you were one and of course why you would wish such a thing is all explained here in various posts. The short of it of course begins with misogyny.


  19. "The brain is programmed to controll the body it should have to work with."

    If there is such a thing as an innate 'brain-map', transition as it stands will not resolve it. Transition would be as unsound and cruel as a lobotomy.

    A 'transitioned' female still does not have a penis, scrotum, testicles, prostate, sperm ducts. A 'transitioned' female will often have a small amount of breast tissue remaining (to give the chest shape.)

    I'm not denying that the brain has some kind of map of the body, hence why amputees have phantom limb for some time after, but you have to admit, its strange that trans claim transition eases dysphoria when technically it doesnt replace the 'missing' organs in any way.

  20. MNDR

    I'm sorry to say this but you are an idiot of tragically epic proportions. So childishly misinformed. I'll pray for you people.

    -Devout Womanist.

  21. DV, please counter my 'misinformation'. As a fan of science, I am a fan of dissent as it weeds out poor theories.

  22. if that 'devout womanist' is praying for us (for questioning the religious theory of Transism) I doubt she or he is a big fan of science...

  23. if that 'devout womanist' is praying for us (for questioning the religious theory of Transism) I doubt she or he is a big fan of science...

  24. I wasnt holding my breath, anon. "What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence."

  25. "The brain is programmed to controll the body it should have to work with"

    Which ignores the way the brain actually develops (for instance, not many people realise that the brain of a newborn looks very different from an adult brain, not just in terms of SIZE, but in terms of the structures present.

    So, seems that brains develop alongside the neural connections you actually HAVE (i.e., what limbs or organs). As phantom limb pain shows, where the key thing is that the brain previously HAD a limb sending and receiving neural signals, and now that has been lost.

    Brains are plastic, we understand that better now. The idea that a brain comes pre-wired for organs it doesn't have -- well, in people born blind, parts of what are the visual cortex in sighted people can be used instead to process language.

    “Your brain is not a prepackaged kind of thing. It doesn’t develop along a fixed trajectory, rather, it’s a self-building toolkit. The building process is profoundly influenced by the experiences you have during your development,”

    So, if you DON'T have a penis, but a vagina, that is the brain wiring you're gonna end up with. And a surgically constructed neo-penis won't have the correct wiring anyway, depending on what was used as the donor site.

    I know there is a phantom penis in transsexuals paper, which says of female transitioners:
    "To our astonishment 18 of the 29 (62%) reported having felt vivid
    phantom penises (including phantom erections) for many years"

    But actually this is hardly surprising, the deep psychological need or conviction that they should have a penis is quite capable of creating such a sensation, or interpreting other sensations as penis-like. Females have erectile tissue after all, more than many realise.


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