The Gender Straight Jacketed Reality of Reality TV

Since their inception I have yet to see any redeemable value in Reality TV, but which do you feel are the worst offenders of misogyny and adherence to the GSJ? And why?



  1. It's just one of the many evils brought upon us by the idiot box...

    the box that tells us how to dress,
    the box that tells us what to buy,
    the box that tells us how to live,
    the box that tells us what to think.

  2. Toddlers & Tiaras. Even if there's no obvious or direct male gaze,sexism and rape culture going on (but I say it's still there on other levels)with males/females like high school and college age shows, these girl-children are surely so utterly doomed by drowning them in our typical femininity self-esteem conditioning on all levels and at that age no less. You can easily see their future and the one they wont be having.

  3. Anon, SO true @ that train wreck horror show Toddlers & Tiaras; doomed indeed (though hopefully some of those girls will have a breakthrough and/or reclaim their mined minds at some point in their lives). You CAN see their limited future, in their vacant little eyes, empty porcelain smiles (I think they call the fake teeth flippers?), princess attitudes, and gradual embodiment of the message that looks are their only value. It’s heart-breaking & disturbing to watch the slow murder of these girls’ humanness and intelligence.

    Those mothers are a whole 'nother bucket of crazy, desperately & obsessively trying to live out their own beauty pageant myth through their daughters. The competitiveness of the beauty culture is another layer of devastation; these girls learning so early on to view their fellow little sisters as competition, distancing and aggressive-izing themselves from & against eachother rather than engaging in play together (you can see the tension and confusion in their faces as they grapple with the desire to know and play with the other girls versus keeping a distance and knowing they're not supposed to get too close, but not fully understanding why). Females schooled so early to divide and compete with eachother for the prize of patriarchal ownership & enslavement. It’s child abuse.

  4. Abby Lee Miller - Dance Moms

    This, I believe is number one as far as abusive and raising children inside the gender straight jacket.. just sayin


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