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If you do anything at all in your life, please set an example for the young women and girls around you. So that they do not wind up like these horrible self hating young women. Patriarchy may want you to believe we are nothing but objects for their masturbatory gaze, but WE know we're fully human and MUST work to let our female youth know and feel that!



  1. Half of them are my age. I wish this trend would die quickly.

  2. What's new and alarming about this trend is that so many of the young women who claim to be transgender seem to be conventionally feminine. The transgender people in Egypt probably at least had some opposite sex behaviors, while so many youtube ftm kids are so girly, there's almost nothing to their claim that they "feel like a ... inside." If that were true, wouldn't they at least look and act a little bit like conventional boys? So many of them don't, so one has to wonder what's going on with them.

  3. 'opposite sex behaviors'
    and 'girly'
    are just social constructs of current society
    believing in that crap is exactly what these kids are doing

  4. I see you're up to 12 girls from the usual 9
    I bet you could have 50 new kids a week and still have more to spare
    If anybody doesn't think this is a serious epidemic
    among female youth they are ignoring facts in favor of politics- an odd mixture of left- and right-wing politics

  5. "What's new and alarming about this trend is that so many of the young women who claim to be transgender seem to be conventionally feminine."

    I would say the trend you're noticing is actually understandable. Girls who are shepherded into very strict sex roles are likely to both resent their biological sex AND adopt hyper-feminine mannerisms - probably consciously at first, to avoid bullying, and then it becomes subconscious over time.

    "The transgender people in Egypt probably at least had some opposite sex behaviors"

    'Transgender' is your modern interpretation of people who defy their sex role. People have been defying sex roles forever because sex roles are limiting. Its only recently that a variety of personality traits has been classified as a disorder requiring medical intervention.

    Also, consider this, the bar of 'femininity' keeps on raising. In the early 90's women like my mother could walk round in combats, crew cut, no makeup - and still be considered feminine. In 2012, the 17/18 yr olds on my college course think I'm butch for fcks sake, because I wear casual/sporty clothes and tie my long hair in a ponytail! In a world where 'femininity' is 5 inch heels, full face of makeup, brazillian waxing (and as of 5 minutes ago the Hollywood - google it) I'm not surprised these FtM think they are a million miles from feminine. The older generation can see their feminine mannerisms because theyre more removed from it.

  6. "As it have been blatantly explained numerous times, it isn't about receiving a privileged. Nor is it mistaking being "manly" for being a man. There are A LOT of "girly" transmen."

    Do you know what? I partly believe it. Its not about receiving a blatant privelege like a pay rise or whatever. It'd be naive to suggest that.

    The privelege im talking about (specifically for "girly" ftm) is psychological. As a female, performing feminity is loaded with moral judgements which these girls internalise : dumb broad, slut, weak, lazy, conformist what have you. Identifying as MALE flips all the negativity on its head - suddenly they feel subversive, edgy, in control. This load off the MIND outweighs any social penalities for being seen as an effeminate man. Of course, initially they aren't seen as effeminate men anyway - because most look like the average 'scene' girls.

  7. MNDR, you're right about the bar being raised. I'm from an older generation, and I'm shocked when I read The L Chat, where young lesbians and bicurious girls rant about "butches," and post pictures of girls I would consider feminine, but according to the L Chat girls, they're not high femme enough to be considered attractive.

    My point about Egypt was only in response to the commenter above who cited Egypt to counter the "trend" many here are concerned about.

    Regardless of whether or how much gender is a social construct, my point is similar to yours, that the bar has been raised, and this was probably not the case in ancient cultures. I'll assume the transgenders in ancient cultures took on characteristics of the opposite sex or gender, even if those were a social construct. How can we know what caused men and women in ancient Egypt to act one way or another? We can't know what it meant...the important point here is that something has changed, that in all other cultures, the trans behavior was more expected, you wouldn't have some really "feminine" girl saying she felt like a boy, or at least not in the numbers we're seeing today.

    So many of these girls are false positives, who wouldn't have had any concerns about gender if they'd grown up when I did, in the '50s, a supposedly conservative time when I and everyone else I knew was a tomboy and no one cared. We were seen as normal, it was assumed we'd grow out of it. Many did! I didn't, but I never would have wanted to mutilate myself for it. We were comfortable with being tomboys, and so were our parents and teachers.

    This added pressure on today's girls is the problem, not "born this way" or not. No one knows, so why make that the basis of any non-academic discussion? Sometimes, in these online discussions, I see people getting sidetracked with this pro or anti essentialism thing, and even though it's important for its own sake and has some bearing on real life, it's a red herring where these youtube girls are concerned, because whether or not it can be shown to what degree males and females are different, the youtube videos show that something is happening that wasn't happening before.

    So the short version of the problem would be, if gender is partly or completely a social construct, it's more severe now than we've seen in our lifetime.

  8. My first realization of my being anti-elective-surgery also was seeing my lovely female Jewish friends in high school all getting nose jobs (this was in the late 80's). The gender thing happening now is definitely similar in its quest for conformity but none of the girls I knew were claiming to actually BE non-Jewish 'inside!'

  9. (and that would have made, to me, as much sense as these girls claiming they're something else 'inside')
    actually, the first ftm i knew was an orthodox jew who longed to take part in the males-only aspects of her religion... now she's a 'gay man' with a bushy beard (she was a dyke prior, we had the same ex)
    that also reminds me of the recent study that said women don't find beards attractive but men do (they see them as a sign of power)- this made me wonder if that's a reason so many ftm's turn to men or 'men' for love and sex, since facial hair seems almost essential for effective 'passing' by many

  10. "No, MNDR, there are documents of TRANS people from thousands of years ago. Not just people defying sex roles"

    Before SRS existed how is it clear that they were 'trans' and not just defying their sex role/choosing the opposite sex's role? If you're talking about people who had body mods, like eunuchs, this is NOT the ancient equivalent of TG/TS.

  11. "since facial hair seems almost essential for effective 'passing' by many"

    Or this could be seen as a symptom of the fact that naturaly-occuring facial hair on women is seen as SUCH a big no-no. A female colleague of mine, a respected academic, just happens to have a lot of facial hair. Yet the reaction she gets from other females is very revealing -- an enormous YUCK reaction, and an almost total misunderstanding as to why she doesn't just REMOVE it. The bearded lady was an apocryphal circus exhibit after all..........

    Hence, given this repression, gaining facial hair is since as one of the most obvious signs and signifiers of 'true' manhood. It's right there in/on your face after all.

    Interestingly enough, I found that someone has written an entire Masters thesis on how facial hair effects women on a day-to-day basis:

    And agrees with the above -- having a beard means these women get mistaken for male almost all the time. If the prohibitions were relaxed, and enough women felt free enough to be as hairy as they naturally are, then the social meaning of a bearded person would change.

    (BadDyke with a slight mustache, but no beard........)

  12. Dirt

    Thank you from the lesbian community for doing some heavy lifting on this subject.

    These scenarios could have been me some 35 years ago if circumstances were just a few degrees off of center. I was a tomboy, kicked some boy ass in all sports, kicked some boy ass academically as well.

    Could not stand to have budding breasts,or to have boys or men looking at them.

    I'm sure you have posted about what molestion's part may have to with young women wanting to deny their female bodies.

    Once again, thanks for staying on this very important message, you ARE reaching young women.

  13. I do not understand why you use the word "horrible". That seems to be a word of opinion. These people are doing nothing to harm y'all personally. "when we lose the right to be different, we lose the right to be free." -Charles Evan Hughes- they are living their life the way that makes them happy. They aren't destroying femininity. It is a personal decision these people have made. Trying to turn people away from what makes them happy seems wrong. What ever floats their boat. I amend them for pursuing their happiness. You may not care but these people are strong and courageous.

  14. i don't think it's wrong to wonder why this specific thing, which is more a type of conformity than of being 'different,' is what SO many young women 'need' to be happy

  15. to me it looks like the oppsite of courage

  16. "These people are doing nothing to harm y'all personally."

    But the ideas about gender that lie behind this trend DO harm us all.

    It's the ideology, NOT the people!

    Hence we need to understand WHY these ideas have generated and spread, and WHY women and girls have accepted them, to the extent that thay are prepared to surgically and hormonally mutilate their bodies, even if they think that doing so will make them happy.................

  17. Baddyke, stop with the victim card. If you truly believe that trans people have only existed for 100 years, then gender isn't the problem between men and women, because those stem back from ages ago. Transpeople aren't hurting you and you know it.

  18. I don't see how BadDyke is at all playing the victim card. It doesn't look like she's saying (not that I am trying to speak for you, BD, this is just a way for me to work out my feelings on this topic) that she is being individually harmed by specific transpeople, but that the whole belief system which transism requires is harmful to society in general- ?

  19. Ann@6:48pm, Transition was created via homophobic means and remains in many instances so today. Therefore the notion of "transition" IS harmful to gays and lesbians and clearly undermines the naturalness of homosexuality.

    Any person who ignorantly supports "transition", supports homophobia, and more specifically since misogyny is the foundation of "transition", supports the pathological hatred of females created and maintained by patriarchy.


  20. "If you truly believe that trans people have only existed for 100 years, then gender isn't the problem between men and women, because those stem back from ages ago. Transpeople aren't hurting you and you know it."

    I never said individual transpeople are hurting me -- I said the ideology is. But like many ideologies (or religious cults), those that subscribe to it (i.e. people who transition), are thereby helping to propogate that ideology, whether they intend to or not. By transitioning in the sense in which many of these videos see transition, you are lending support to the same dangerous ideology.

    Gender has been around for as long as society, or so it seems. Transition hasn't, as a concept, although people who DIDN'T agree with the gender roles or ideas about gender/sex that were around in their time have existed for a long time. The problem is when you take a historical figure (i.e. some ancient egyptian) and assume that since they seem to have rejected their contemporary gender roles etc, that they are doing that for the SAME reason as todays transgender people.

    So, IF you believe the trans ideology about innate gender in the brain, then since humans haven't changed that much biologically over thousands of years, then you'd expect there to be trans ancient egyptians, hence no surprise that if you go looking, you find them. But that in itself DOESN'T prove that the trans ideology IS CORRECT. Because an alternative view (trans is a reaction to all this gender nonsense), also then predicts that in any society where you have gender roles you will have some people who kick back against them -- hence ancient egyptians who may appear 'trans' to current eyes.

    Women have lived and passed as men in many cultures, you DON'T need to assume they had 'male brains', just dissatisfaction with the options for women at the time will do perfectly well.

  21. As regards the gene article:

    "44% of FtM transsexuals carried it, compared with 31% of non-transsexual women. While there are many women with the variant who are not transsexual and many FtM transsexuals who lack it...."

    ""It may increase the likelihood that people will become transsexual," says Tempfer. But he stresses that their cultural environment is also important."

    All this really says is that (like many others things), there may be some element of genetic predisposition, but really it is those genes and the biological and social context in which they are expressed.

    But 31% versus 44%? If those figures hold up, and given that there are many more non-trans women than trans, finding the gene in a random woman without any other information just tells you that on the grounds of probability, she will be non-trans (that's Bayes theorem for you!).

    Even if you think someone is trans, finding the gene doesn't tell you much either, since 56% of the people they identified as F2T DIDN'T have the gene............

    Hence rather than a 'trans-gene', we just have a gene that occurs slightly more frequently in F2T compared to non-trans women. Not diagnostic, or even very useful, just indicates that whatever effects this gene haves might have SOME slight influence on whatever 'being trans' means. Hence that 'being trans' in itself (whatever that DOES mean), might have a genetic component.

    And what 'being trans' might mean in this context, if we're being picky, is a tendency, say, to get really dysphoric about your body, or to be particularly unwilling to transgress societal rules about gender, NOT an 'I've got a male brain' gene...................

    So, trans might have a genetic component -- no shit sherlock, to be totally frank! Because all that may mean (like anything else complicated), is that a certain set of genes might slightly increase your predisposition to be trans, but that doesn't say that genes alone cause it, they might just make you in particular more sensitive to other causes (such as society). It's not like blue eyes or brown hair, where if you've got the gene, that's what you get.

    Finally, see what Ben Goldacre has to say about a similar genetics story:

  22. Genes do not make people "trans", the male medical machine does. And yes, it is that simple.


  23. there is no "male medical machine." what fantasy land do you live in?

  24. Women are really men? What fantasy land is that!

  25. I spy with my little eye a "tuber" that is a male and not a ftm. This is a bit alarming since it seems that males are now co-opting "trans" space but with every new fad comes people who will do anything for the spotlight. Just letting you know my opinion Dirt.


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