The Fallacy of the Trans Identity

A female in the unremitting state of transition has taken a NYC health department to court because they questioned the changing of her birth certificate.

It it has been moves such as these along with identity politics from the trans community that completely disprove their reasoning (feeling comfortable in their own bodies) for transitioning! Changing names, pronouns and the little F to an M on their ID's has zero to do with the body, which they claim is where all their problems lie.

From the article: "After having sex-change surgery in (her) late 60s in 2009, Birney applied to change (her) birth certificate. (She) enclosed a doctor's letter saying the operation had been completed successfully".

There currently are no drugs or cosmetic surgeries that can change a persons sex and until there is name changes, pronoun changes and ID changes should not be legally altered. If you hear of a person claiming to be trans because they desperately needed to FEEL better with their bodies, then insist upon changing non body issues, you can be sure they are not truly trans and most certainly not doing anything remotely transgressive!

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The Gender Straight Jacket-A Historic Reach

This famous American author, for a time, crew cut her hair and called herself "Willie".

Thoughts? Opinions?


Edit to add:

Willa Cather would mature and go on to embrace her femalehood and re-embrace her given name Willa.

I first became aware of Cather when I was fifteen, from a tenth grade english class in which we were assigned to read her short story Paul's Case. The story dealt with a loner, lonely teenage boy whose primary happiness was derived from the symphony at Carnegie Hall where he was an usher. Being a lonely loner myself whose chief bit of happiness also derived from words and music, I was immediately drawn to and moved by Cather's story. This later lead me to be equally drawn and moved to Cather herself as well as many of her perfect novels.

It is clear from her pictures that Cather too (for a spell at least) suffered from the taut Gender Straight Jacket of her day. It is also clear that somewhere between her life and her work, she found a way to love herself in spite of that stringent straight jacket society tried saddling her with.

Hyper Femininity and Female Self Harm and Hatred

How do you think the rise and dominance of hyper femininity has been harmful to females and went on to shape the conditions for Trans Trending?


The Gender Straight Jacket and Misogyny begin at Birth

I was recently made aware of this video, within it contains a question I would like to answer. See question below:

You have a very naive understanding of the child mind and its workings. Literally from day one the child brain begins taking in all that is around it. The child mind, being a cross between a tabula rasa and a sponge; absorbs, absorbs and absorbs some more. Which is why we so often hear it is much easier for a child to learn another language than it is an adult.

That being said, many children, myself included, refused total conformity to the GSJ, usually around age two which is when we first become aware of ourselves as individuals. One a personal note I ceased wearing dresses at age two. That refusal clearly indicates that I had already ingested the GSJ and resisted being the "girl" outlined by the GSJ and instead chose the be the girl I was. But in doing so, by age three, my sex began being questioned or mistaken by strangers (are you a boy or a girl?).

Around this time children start making friends and comparing themselves to their peers. Again, on a personal note, my peers were males, therefore that is who I compared myself. I may not have known the mechanics of male, but I knew they were "boys" while I was a "girl". Dress, play, the toys I liked etc would all be labeled "boy" per the GSJ. All went to help alienate me from the girl I was, because of the boy I was not. When we cannot be the "girl" we're supposed to be and are separated from the girl we are, we soon begin feeling like we're not girls at all. The simple truth is, as females EVERYTHING we feel IS female, simply because we're female.

I'll leave with this link for further reading, it might go to explain a bit more if I wasnt completely clear in my post.

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Lesbian Books

What are some of your favourite lesbian reads? And what do you think of the current state of lesbian fiction?


Unraveling Butch

Upon first coming out, my first reaction (besides relief) was to find out everything I could about lesbianism. Considering this was 25 years ago, long before Wiki or Google (thank god as both are filled with misinfo), I sought out my local library and read everything I could find written by lesbians. I also delved into "Women's Music" learning about that as well and learning all about Michfest too in the process.

Much of what I read rang true with my own long held feelings, but where confusion entered in was in the few books specifically dealing with Butch/Femme. Clearly I was Butch, no confusion there. Clearly I was attracted to Femmes, no confusion there. But where I was confused was in the coupling portrayed in these books of Butch/Femme, especially the sexual coupling of the two. The Butch was again and again placed in a scene of what could only be sexual frustration while the Femme had the time of her life. The Butch I learned gained all their sexual pleasure from pleasuring their Femme, while the Femme received theirs from being pleasured alone.

Now being one who has always questioned beyond the surface, this whole Butch/Femme scenario seemed hopelessly a pale version of heterosexuality to me only with the Butch not getting hers. But again, always going beyond the surface, I too thought, thinking about what I desired to do to another woman (being lesbian and all) surely the Femme lesbian would have similar desires. I later learned not only did Femme lesbians have similar desires, those books claiming to be experts on Butch/Femme were written by women who later went back to men and now identified as straight!

Realizing that Femme lesbians desired my body as much as I desired theirs, while in the beginning was terrifying due to many Butch Shame issues, it was ultimately their desire that helped to unpack and put away some of that shame. In discussing and trying to dismantle dysphoria here I cannot fail to thank Femme lesbians, lovers as well as friends in helping me to work through the worst of my own dysphoria and the myriad of ways that body shame had negatively affected me and hurt some of the Femmes who loved me.

Regardless of whether or not you are a Butch who desires Femmes, if dealing with dysphoric issues, putting yourself into the hands of your lover can and will do wonders. Let yourself be loved and let go of the shame imprisoning your body. You may just wake up with a smile on your face.


Unpacking Butch Video
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They be the Woolgathers-a Slice of Patti Smith

Patti Smith has been and remains one of the most influential persons in my life, a truly beautiful and constant inspiration, in both life and spirit. I ran across this reading of hers on YT yesterday, a must see. She reads from her newly issued Woolgathering. I purchased it in its original back in 1992 and have read it probably a hundred times since. The newly issued contains new material, of which she shares in this reading.

please enjoy

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Challenging Dysphoria-A series of Talks

What are some of the unhealthy/harmful things you have done to yourself in order to try and battle body dysphoria?

What are some of the positive/healthy things you have utilized to battle body dysphoria?


Transition: The Cure for being Female?

Through centuries of patriarchal structuring the Male Medical Machine has told females through a multitude of fixes too numerous to name, that female is a disease in need of curing. Transition aims to be the ultimate fix, the total cure-all, where breast implants, starvation, botox, face lifts, tummy tucks, lipo, foot binding, breast binding etc have all failed.

Female is NOT a fucking disease!

Female is not something we need to be cured from!

Female is wholly human! She is NOT sub human, anti human or less than human!

Female is not a fucking malady, and transition is surely NOT a cure for her.


Questions for Dirt

Please use this space for any questions you may have posed to me in comments I missed during last weeks absence. Also, if there is a topic you feel that should be written about/discussed here, please suggest it.

Thanks again to those who supported this space when I wasnt able to.


Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning (age 19) (age 14) (age 19) (age 19) (age 19) (age 24) (age 24) (age 19) (age 17) (age 18) 21)

If you do anything at all in your life, please set an example for the young women and girls around you. So that they do not wind up like these horrible self hating young women. Patriarchy may want you to believe we are nothing but objects for their masturbatory gaze, but WE know we're fully human and MUST work to let our female youth know and feel that!


FtM-Not just Co-opting Lesbian Spaces but Lesbian Identity

This tumblr account was sent to me the other night, featuring an "adorable lesbian couple", one of which claims to be an ftM  who still identifies as "lesbian".

I'm not sure which is the ftM as clearly neither appear to be taking testosterone yet, but regardless, relinquishing female for male excludes continuing to claim lesbian.


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A Heads Up

Due to a very personal loss in my family I will be somewhat vacant for the next few days. I appreciate any and all help in dealing with any trolldom in order to keep with this spaces integrity.


Transmen and Women's Spaces

Why do you feel transmen in the majority so often try remaining in and/or seek out women's spaces? Clearly it isnt a social issue if as the trans community claims their "brains" are opposite sexed, they would naturally have cultivated male bonds in childhood, similar to Butch women or some gay men. Or is this more indication that this is in fact a social disorder being treated to maintain the Gender Straight Jacket by the male medical machine and a fearful society?


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Girl Scouts hire TransMAN as Ccounselor

See full article here.

From the article:
“The Girl Scouts do not promote homosexuality—they promote diversity,” says Loew. “In the Girl Scout law we promise to be a sister to every Girl Scout. Not allowing a transgender girl into the Girl Scouts is not very sister like. If a person is biologically a female or identifies as female, they have every right to be apart of the Girl Scouts.”

I don't know whether it is just this particular chapter of GS's or GS in general, but clearly they are quite ignorant of the misogyny that informs the trans disorder and how that level of misogyny would clearly be harmful to any impressionable young female who encounters it. We can assume that this "transman", like all those Trans Trenders we encounter on YT is going to promote GID and the harmful drugs and mutilative surgeries the Male Medical Machine utilizes to "cure" GID. Thereby legitimizing this social disorder as a real identity, rather than the identity DISORDER that it in fact is.

To make matters worse, this particular counselor identifies as male which opens up the flood gates for real males (pedophiles) to legitimately join GS. Clearly she has no issue using her biology to coerce her way into GS, all the while identifying as male. We see similar issues cropping up all the time now with transmen and Women's Colleges and other women only spaces. Transmen using the biology they deny to declare a right of presence in those spaces. 

We need to really begin a serious legal battle within each of our states to cease and desist LEGALLY changing the SEX of a person based on Gender Identity. If a person pathologically falls prey to the Gender Straight Jacket and decides to alter their appearance based that pathology, so be it for now. But there is ZERO need for that person to LEGALLY change their SEX. Their sex NEVER changes, merely their appearance. Tens of thousands of women have gotten face lifts and used various drugs and other surgeries so that they appear younger than their age. It remains illegal for them to change their age on their legal documents to reflect the change in their more youthful appearance. So cosmetically changing ones appearance to appear opposite sexed,  should be no different. 

I am going to start asking these very questions in my state to proper state authorities, I suggest you do the same in your states. Together we can change this nonsense of legal sex vs sex, and we can also undo these legal marriages between women whereby one woman is a legal male in states that do not support legal marriage between same sex couples.

I also suggest a boycott of GS cookies/products going forward, as this clearly violates any positiveness about being a female that GS supposedly promotes to our young girls.

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Dysphoria-A Discussion

This will be a first in a series of posts on dysphoria.

When did you first begin feeling dysphoric about your body? What area's of your body have you had the most dysphoria around? Has dysphoria hurt the intimacy in your relationships? Has anything helped to minimize your dysphoria? Such as maturing, working out, a good partner?

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Missing Person Kristin Snyder: Lost in a Sea of Myths Pt 2

The next part in our forensic postmortem of the mockumentary The Lost Women of NXIVM will consist of dissecting the major proponents surrou...