Which objects are feminine and which are masculine? After listing which are masculine/feminine, please explain what makes each object masculine/feminine?

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Being a man 101-Copy Real Men, Dont shave your Pits and wear boot!

Something quite frightening sent to me from a reader, I am not sure of their origins, but clearly written by a young lady.

I must say I find it incredibly sad at just how bound and gaged by the Gender Straight Jacket and completely ignorant of masculinity and femininity so many of these young women wanting not to be women are. Similar posts have been littering the internet since the early 90's from young women i.e. post Queer Theory. All such posts have been participatory towards Trans Trending. All such posts are also indicative that the desire to transition is socially based and NOT biologically based like the disordered and the MMM would have us/the public believe.

As the Gender Straight Jacket continues to narrow for females, and girls/young women in greater and greater numbers are pathologizing that narrowness, it is imperative we reprise feminism. And not this current feminist replacement (feminism=females doing whatever women want, whatever they want to themselves/anyone else and each of their actions existing purely in a vacuum) issued per the backlash against feminism, but a true feminism! Feminism created to dismantle the Gender Straight Jacket, dismantle misogyny and all patriarchal structures built with misogyny! Because if we do not, thousands and thousands of our female children are going to have the female murdered from them.

We are in need of a feminist collective built by individual women, women taking our cue from Hillel the Elder perhaps: "If I am not for myself, who will be? And when I am for myself, what am 'I'? And if not now, when?"


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A Grown Up Lesson in the Consequences of One's Actions

Hey Dirt I came across my photo and ftm intro video on your website. I would like them removed as I have not given you permission to use them. I believe you are a good person even though we have very strong different views on ftms. So I don't want to fight with you or call you out of your name about this issue. I would just appreciate my video link and pictures removeale. 

I received this message yesterday and wanted to respond to it here.

First let me answer the young lady's request to removing her pic/vid link. The answer is a polite NO.

I can only assume because her videos are public, that she has a desire for her videos to be seen and heard, that she cannot control all platforms in which those videos are seen and heard is a consequence of posting (public or private) videos on the internet. There seems to be an ignorance of many (trans side) who posts pics/videos on the net. Quite simply, if you do not wish to have other platforms use/link your pics/vids then do NOT post pics/vids on the world wide web.

Granted, some may argue copyright protections, but others, can equally argue (including legally) Fair Use, and in my case Fair Use for the purpose of education.

Needless to say to all those posting Trans Trending videos, like transition itself, there are serious consequences to your actions and total control isnt one of them.


Q&A with Dirt

Through the blur of comments received, I frequently get asked various questions. Some I catch and answer, while others get lost in the mix. I'm going to try and start a weekly Q&A post to recoup any questions I might have missed from the last week of posts and give readers an opportunity to ask any general question they may have.

Ask and I'll answer.



As gender has been redefined through post modernism/queer theorist from sex indication to indicating mental sex (gender is not whats between your legs, its whats between your ears), what are the characteristics of those who are "male gendered" and how do those characteristics completely differentiate from those "female gendered"??

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Dysphoria Does NOT Equal Trans-A Reminder

Reminding readers, feeling dysphoria about your body, parts of your body, in no way, shape or form is any indication that you are trans. It is impossible NOT to feel unhappy or dysphoric about your body in some way in our female hating society which solely measures females on how our bodies arose men's genitals.

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More Demands for Silencing From the Angry Trans Community

Its pretty sad the lengths the trans community will go to try and silence any sound voice, especially when that voice is female and worse, lesbian! It broadly illustrates just how deep the misogynistic substructure that is the foundation of the trans disorder really is.

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Trans Trending-Who is Transitioning










This is what happens in the absence of a lesbian feminist community. Young women/lesbians are internalizing misogyny at levels never dreamed. Levels burying them in so much self hatred, they're choosing not to be legal women/lesbians altogether!

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Even in the Lesbian Community Misogyny is King

A Femme whom I have known (online/phone) for several years and believed was a good friend, abruptly severed our friendship today, via maturely, unfriending me on FB. I suspect it has been a long time coming. Since I have known her, she has been in/out of an abusive relationship with a self hating Butch. The Butch's self hatred has taken the form of drugs and alcohol abuse to verbal and later physical abuse ("she spit on me, hit me and said nasty things to me") of said Femme. When the Femme was spit on and punched in the face by this abusive Butch, she ended the relationship. The Femme told me in detail what transpired, told snatches of what happened to a few friends, but kept silent otherwise. Being not merely a good friend, but an avid feminist and a Butch to boot, I advised her the best I could, with love but also with harsh truths about abusers.

I told her she could call me day or night, because even if abused, lets face it, breaking up is hard to do! And it plain old fucking sucks. Needless to say after hearing from her frequently, she suddenly stopped writing/phoning. I surmised she went back to her abuser. I was right. Some months later she emailed telling me as much and telling me with much shame. I informed her, that I only hoped for the best and her going back to her g/f was no reason for us not to talk. But clearly whatever friendship we had, it was seriously strained by my knowledge of her abuse. It went beyond shame, to (I suspect) fear of me saying something out loud about the abuse since she was so tight lipped about it (her family knew nothing).

I watched saying nothing when she moved her and her children in with her abuser, watched and said nothing. During this time she took some big steps back from talking to me/commenting on FB updates etc. Some months after this she emailed and phoned me because things werent working out, there was a lot of verbal abuse and she was daily walking on "eggshells". She was worried there would be physical consequences if/when she officially moved out. Thank god there were none (that I know of). She hoped putting some distance back into the relationship would change things for the better. Since then she has stopped emailing/phoning me and has literally become a stranger.

This morning I commented jokingly to her on her FB account, her abuser (who has never spoken to me before) got snide, I made a simple truthful comment back. The Femme at that point unfriended me, which I said earlier I believe she has wanted to since telling me about her being spit on and punched square in the face. The whole situation is incredibly sad to me, not just over losing someone I really thought was a friend, but what it says about misogyny in lesbians and the lesbian community.

I dated a Femme who volunteered for a lesbian abuse center, I have lesbian friends now who do the same. I have long known lesbians can and are physically and emotionally abusive to one another. We're all subject to the constant barrage of misogynistic messages imparted by patriarchy. But as lesbians, we glean deeper insights into patriarchy than our hetero sisters, who swallow those insights for the love of men. As lesbians we do not have to ignore patriarchal realities to couple, and yet far too many of lesbians do.

Whenever a lesbian chooses to be abused by a woman over being loved by one, she ignores every misogynistic insight gleaned from being a lesbian! And whenever other lesbians stand silently by, we too ignore those insights and the patriarchal heteroistic status quo of abuse continues, even in our lesbian community. A community that has not only lapsed into the same silence lesbian abuse victims are living in this very minute, but a community that if we're being honest, no longer exist.

How are we to teach young lesbians to love themselves when many lesbians are ignoring their own abuse and worse, removing any person around them who might remind them of the abuse they're in?If you are a lesbian in an abusive relationship or know of one, please feel free to email me if you want to talk. I am ALWAYS here to help a lesbian sister.

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Transmen and the Male Brain

If you are a transman and truly believe you are born in the wrong body, would you be willing to finding out truly, if you have a "male brain"? Looking for at least 200 participants. Answer only if you seriously are interested in taking part of a university medical study which will prove 100% with out a doubt whether your brain is male and you are not merely suffering from a mental disorder.


A Visual in Female Self Hatred

Make no bones about it, the foundation for every image shown IS misogyny, coupled with the Gender Straight Jacket and performance for the Male Gaze. These images are painful to look at, the pain of each female is so blatant. A warning, to those of you who love women when viewing. Each picture was found through a blue of tears and leaves me to wonder, can female pride exist under patriarchy?

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To What Degree of Trans?

This was emailed to me yesterday from a female transitioner. As Trans Trending is reaching more and more girls and young women on the net, a serious jealousy is arising in the ftM community among those already in the throes of transition. A jealousy that is creating a division between the girls/women who appear more manly than those female transitioners who do not.

In the email alone, we can clearly see how the female who sent this message utilizes patriarchal lingo in typical gender straight jacketed ways to place herself in a higher category of manliness than those females found on the tumblr account she linked. She tries to emasculate them by calling them "boys" and claiming they have no "balls", completely ignoring that she isnt a man and as a woman, she too has no balls, i.e. testicles.

This line of ignorance and jealousy is fast becoming a regular topic on and in ftM groups all over the world. Rather than embracing these girls/young women and welcoming them into the ftM community, females already on T and/or who've had some cosmetic surgeries, they are treating the newly converted with suspicion, jealously, and in some cases out right anger! Apparently the ftM community isnt big enough to house the freshly reborn.

It seems there is a real fear among female transitioners that other female transitioners may become the real men their disorder has set them dreaming they were. There is a constant watching and comparing themselves to each female in transition, praying that she doesnt appear more manly than they do. And when and if she does, look out! Testosterone induced anger to ensue!

No female is more male than any other, because she's a female period. And in truth, no male is any more male than another (and I'm not going into double YY's). That some males carry their maleness differently than the majority in no way makes him any more or less manly than any other male. That those females with the trans disorder cannot grasp that simple common sense truth only illustrates just how truly they have ingested the Gender Straight Jacket.


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