"Gay" Transmen

Seeing how I receive many hits here for those seeking info about "gay transmen", let me dare to pose some common sense and reason to those seekers: THERE ARE NO GAY TRANSMEN!

Transmen are female's who legally only change there sex. It is impossible to literally, by that I mean biologically, change one's sex. Posing and passing as a man does not in any way shape or form make you a man.

Given that the "man" in transman is legal status only and not true sex, a female who dates/is sexually attracted to males would in fact be a heterosexual female. 

Hope that helps with any confusion.



  1. I was looking at this article from 2006, where a gay mens leather contest was having problems because of a policy to NOT admit transmen. No penis, seemed to be part of the argument, except then we have the argument that a hormonally-enlarged clit counts as a penis..............

    I guess just another part of the saga of the trans crowd trying to redefine homosexual in terms of gender, not biological sex. Although the UK gay men I know are pretty clear that they know what they want from a man, and that doesn't include female genitalia, or a surgically-constructed simulacrum of a penis. I don't see why that is such a PROBLEM, or why it should be labelled anything-phobic. The power of naming and defining ourselves is being taken away from us. For me, being a lesbian is being attracted to women, which includes being attracted to a female body, not a surgical substitute. 'Cos however advanced the surgery gets, there is always going to be a difference for me between someone who was born and raised in a female body, and someone who wasn't. That's part of the attraction, the commonality of experience, of being raised as a female and living as a female, with the commonality of experience as a result of our common sex. Someone who's had their penis removed doesn't have that, however 'female' they claim their brain is!

    It's wishy-washy imaginary internal femaleness compared to the actual life-experience of women born women. Silicone implants aren't breasts, a surgically-constructed fuck-hole isn't a vagina. Being raised waiting and dreading your first period and knowing that you probably have the capacity to become pregnant, if gay or straight, is an overwhelming difference of both biology and experience that surgery and hormones doesn't encompass. It's not that biology is destiny, but that biology so shapes our experience in the patriarchy, and our experience as human beings.

    A few years ago, I'd have thought it was mad that we've ever have to be defending these simple truths. I rejected transwomen claiming to be women, because surgery can't change your sex, and some internal supposed sense of femaleness had no relation I could see to real women and our actual experience as female-bodied individuals. Even if the patriarchy were removed tomorrow, that would still remain, the essential difference between having an actual female body, and a surgically-mutilated male body, however well you thought that body approximated the female form.

    And same goes for females who think they have a male brain, or who think they can become a man (or always were a man) whatever their body says.

    What's wrong with simple biology? Bodies are predominantly either male or female (no disrespect to intersex folk intended), that is clear. Brains may have differences between the sexes, but the mind we have that inhabits that brain also inhabits the body. Having a mind that feels a profound sense of disconnection with the body it inhabits doesn't make it a male brain.

    All over YouTube, you see the same male brain in a female body birth-defect claims, and it's all nonsense.

  2. seems like transmen often conveniently turn 'gay' once women stop being interested in them
    or the testosterone just increases their already immense worship of the male (it makes them want dick)

  3. Hey dirt I am a gay guy and I know that although this is a blog that mainly deals with the female side of the trans issue I feel I deserve to comment because I have a close female friend who now calls herself a trans "man" so this issue does affect me.

    I personally know alot of FTM trans who although they start off as well basically lesbians after all the hormones they then identify as gay. Speaking as a gay male I know that I could just never be with a FTM because Im simply not attracted to women. I know alot of other gay men who share my sentiments on the issue and I think that there is this pressure for straight girls to assign themselves gueer points so to speak because they feel they cannot have an identity without being a part of the LGB community.


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